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About HVMN 

HVMN Review

HVMN is a cutting-edge keto nutrition brand for elite athletes and busy moms alike. Their range of high-performance supplements supports your health goals with their scientifically proven formulations.

This HVMN review was blown away by the number of features this brand has had in magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph, Gear Patrol, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and so many more. They have a solid 40k followers on Instagram and 28k on Facebook.

In the following sections, we’ll take an in-depth look at the brand and their best selling products, customer reviews, promotions, and more to help you decide if their health-boosting supplements are the right choice for you. 

Overview of HVMN

HVMN Review

The brand was founded by Michael Brandt and Geoffrey Woo in 2014. The HVMN biohacking products were originally created as a way to elevate the performance of elite athletes and military soldiers. 

The company believes that “what you put in your body today is the foundation for who you become tomorrow,” and puts a strong emphasis on creating quality nutrition products that are scientifically proven to deliver results[1].

Vitamins and minerals are essential to maintaining ideal conditions in your body, but not everyone is able to meet those demands due to poor diet, lack of time, or one of many other reasons. Although there are many supplements on the market, this review[2] suggests that supplements continue to be used by an increasing number of the population, so their effects on health and disease need to be monitored.

During the HVMN manufacturing process, there are at least 3 quality and purity audits[3] to ensure “world-class” standards are met. Based in Miami, Florida, the brand continues to research revolutionary ways to maximize performance, boost metabolism, and help you to lead a longer, happier life.

Before we take a look at the brand’s best selling products, here’s a quick overview of its highlights:


  • World-class operation & supply chain
  • Complete transparency with their FDA & WADA approved ingredients
  • Shares knowledge of the results others have experienced with their products
  • Ketones Ester helps individuals reap the benefits of ketosis without cutting back on carbs
  • Wide range of snacks to help customers meet health goals
  • Customers report products are very effective
  • Discounts available: sign up for the newsletter to get 10% off, and subscribe to any other their products to save 10%
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Easy 60-Day returns

HVMN Products Review

HVMN helps you push past your natural limit. The brand has a range of products specifically designed to enter and stay in ketosis, where the body uses fats as its primary energy source. Next, we’ll give you a rundown of some of their best selling items. 

HVMN Ketone Ester Review 

For those new to the keto concept, ketones are produced in our bodies after other energy forms (carbs) are exhausted. Ketones convert body fat into fuel for the body and mind, helping us lose weight. 

Ketone Ester is made from D-betahydroxybutyrate, a ketone that’s naturally produced in the human body. Consuming this potent molecule aids your body in entering and staying in ketosis without having to limit carbohydrate intake or fasting. 

D-beta-hydroxybutyrate[4] supplement that is taken orally has been studied and is said to be rapidly absorbed and metabolized in humans and increases blood ketones to millimolar levels. Essentially, it is a chemical that is made by the body to provide energy in times when not enough carbohydrates or sugars have been consumed.

As you may imagine, this is extremely useful for athletes who want the benefits of staying in ketosis[5] (increased energy, mental clarity, quick recovery) but need to consume a high amount of carbohydrates to fuel their body during long physical activities.

This product is scientifically proven to improve metabolic performance and has received a ton of attention for its ability to boost athletic results. 

This HVMN caffeine free drink can be consumed 30 minutes prior to an activity, or any time you want a boost of energy. Ramp up your body’s natural ketone process with the following quantities,

3-pack: $99

12-pack: $389

36-pack: $1149

HVMN MTC Oil Powder Review 

MCT, short for medium-chain triglycerides, are helpful fats that aid in weight loss and can lower cholesterol levels[6]

MCTs are partially man-made fats with their name referring to the way the carbon atoms are arranged. They are used to treat issues such as obesity or seizures. However, there is no solid scientific evidence yet to support this as mentioned in this study[7]. Mainly, it found that MCT oil can be incorporated into a weight loss program without affecting metabolic risk factors.

They also provide a mental boost by supplying our brains with a healthy fat source for fuel. The MCT Oil Powder comes in 6 delicious flavors that can be mixed into smoothies, keto-friendly baked goods, or simply with milk. 

This powder blends smoothly to create a luscious, creamy treat that will keep you satisfied for hours. Plus it has no sugars or preservatives whatsoever! Enjoy a new healthy way to benefit your body and brain for $30, or subscribe and save 10% on that 9.7 oz order. 

Make sure to check out the HVMN podcast for more information on these keto heroes.

HVMN Kado Review 

An omega-3 fatty acid is something our bodies can’t produce naturally but is required to operate at maximum capacity. 

Omega-3s[8] are naturally found in fish, algae, and other plant foods, but you’d need to eat a ton to get the brain and body benefits that one Kado pill provides. This product also contains astaxanthin, vitamin D, K1, and K2 to feed your brain the essential vitamins it needs to function.

When we keep the brain healthy and feed it properly, we increase cognitive function, improving memory and reducing the risk for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Vitamin D is also proven to elevate your mood, potentially helping alleviate the heavy feeling of depression and anxiety when combined with a healthy lifestyle. 

Protect your brain and body with 60 antioxidant-packed capsules for $35, or subscribe and pay only $32.

HVMN Keto Collagen+ Review 

Collagen is important to maintain our bones, hair, skin, and nails. But as we age, our ability to make this helpful substance decreases, resulting in loose skin, brittle hair, and painful joints. 

Keto Collagen+ contains collagen peptides and C8 MCT Oil Powder to support joint health while boosting brain function. This creamy, guilt-free powder comes in 6 dessert-inspired flavors like Coconut Cream and Hazelnut. 

Collagen peptides are an easily digestible source of protein that helps smooth wrinkles and boost the health of the skin. In this study[9], the digestibility of collagen is tested and it is concluded that collagen is a source of active peptides and amino acids that have the potential to optimize health and address physiological needs posed by aging and exercise.

With only 80 calories per serving, this product delivers a whopping 10 grams of collagen peptides to where they’re needed most. Benefit your entire body with a 15.9 oz size of delicious powder for $40, or pay only $36 with a monthly subscription.

HVMN Rise Review 

Nootropics have been called “smart drugs” or “brain enhancers” for their ability to enhance cognitive function. Rise is a capsule that contains CDP Choline, Ashwagandha, and Bacopa Monnieri, a potent blend of ingredients that have been proven to help with memory recall, improving mood, and keeping brain tissue healthy.

CDP Choline activates the synthesis of phospholipids with structural benefits in the neuronal membrane and it also increases cerebral metabolism which means it acts on the levels of various neurotransmitters. In this review[10], data from human and animal studies show the importance of choline intake. It’s been shown to improve cognition, neurodevelopment, and placental functioning.

CDP Choline strengthens your brain’s neurons, aiding in recalling memories more easily. Ashwagandha is a powerful plant used in traditional medicine that helps to alleviate anxiety and boost your mood

Get cracking on those deadlines for work or school with 60 of these brain-boosting capsules for $35, or $32 when subscribing.

HVMN Sprint Review 

In this hectic 21st-century life, keeping up can be tough. We have deadlines to meet, goals to crush, and families to care for. Sprint was created to help with those days when it feels as if we just can’t do all that we need to do.  This product helps boost energy and increase focus so that you can get the most out of life. 

These capsules aren’t like harsh energy drinks that can cause crashes or jitters. Sprint also calms your anxiety so you can focus up and finish off that daily to-do list. 

All 60 servings are packed with health-beneficial L-Theanine to reduce blood pressure, calming ginseng, and good ol’ caffeine for a familiar kick in the butt. This is a great alternative to HVMN Go Cubes that have been discontinued. 

L-theanine helps you foster a state of calm, attentive wakefulness, and it has positive effects on both the mental and physical symptoms of stress such as lowering heart rate and blood pressure. This study[11] suggests that L-theanine also has the potential to promote mental health in the general population with cognitive impairments.

Ginseng has many beneficial properties, such as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It can be used to help regulate blood sugar levels and has shown benefits in cancer treatment. According to this article[12], ginseng has been widely used as a folk medicine in East Asia for thousands of years. Ginseng and ginsenosides seem to be beneficial for immunity, cancer, diabetes, CNS functions, and other conditions. 

Zero in on your goals with the Sprint capsules for $25, or subscribe and save 10%.

HVMN Yawn Review

It seems like the older we get, the harder it is to stay awake in the day and get to sleep at night. Nighttime is supposed to be a time we relax and recuperate, but even as our bodies wind down, our minds can kick into overdrive. Yawn was designed to help you catch those much-needed Z’s without the addictive nature that prescription sleep pills can have. 

This product comes with 30 capsules, but all you need is one to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. This sleep-aid supplement uses L-Glycine, magnesium, L-Theanine, and melatonin to calm your body and mind for a higher quality sleep followed by increased productivity. Improve your day with a good night’s rest for $25, or only $23 with a subscription. 

 Improve your day with a good night’s rest for $25, or only $23 with a subscription.

HVMN Keto Food Bar – 12 Pack Review 

Food bars can be an easy way to get nutrients on the go, but so many are often bloated with sugar and aren’t as healthy as you think. The Keto Food Bar – 12 Pack keeps you stocked up on your favorite flavors of energy-boosting snacks. Choose from a mix of sweet and savory varieties like Mexican Hot Chocolate, Everything Bagel, or get a mixed box and try them all. 

Don’t worry, these bars pack 12g of protein and only contain 1g of sugar per serving, so they won’t increase your glucose levels. This HVMN review notes that eating one will break your fast, so be sure to have one (or two, or three of this delicious product, who are we to judge) during your eating window.

Enjoy these organic, non-GMO, gluten-free bars for $40, or $36 when subscribed.

HVMN Nootrobox Review

The ultimate in improving the function of your brains and body, the Nootrobox contains Rise, Kado, Sprint, and Yawn to improve your health from dawn ‘til dusk. You should take each of these supplements daily to reap all their amazing benefits. It’s recommended to take the first three in the morning and then, of course, Yawn at night. 

This Nootrobox is the perfect combination of long-term health boosters. Rise and Kado improve your joints, skin, hair, and nails with omega-3s while aiding in memory and brain function with CDP Choline

You’ll also get the short-term, immediate benefits of Sprint and Yawn, the former using caffeine and L-Theanine to increase energy and alertness during the day, then the latter calms and improves the sleep experience with melatonin at night. Completely rebuild your day with this set for $110, or subscribe and pay only $99.

HVMN Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

HVMN Review

To give you a better understanding of the brand and its products, this HVMN review combed the web to find comprehensive customer reviews. Below you’ll find a few ratings and comments sourced from the brand’s website, as well external sites for the full picture.

The Ketone Ester is rated 4.6/5 stars by 243 customers on the brand’s official website. Customers love this product for its boost of energy and improved mental clarity.

One busy office mom wrote, “it gives me the brain and [energy] boost that allows me to accomplish all that I need to do. There is also no crash with the product.” The few reported negatives about this product are the taste and price. One customer said it “tastes like gack,” while others say that the price is just too high to keep buying this product regularly. 

Other ratings for popular products on the company’s website and Amazon include,

  • MCT Oil Powder: 4.6/5 stars out of over 2,500 reviews
  • Keto Collagen+: 4.3/5 stars out of 1,578 reviews
  • Sprint: 3.9/5 stars out of over 360 Amazon reviews
  • Yawn: 4/5 stars out of over 154 Amazon reviews

On Amazon, one HVMN review is a long-term lover of Sprint and similar products: “I use this and the Other HVMN products every day (Rise, Kado, and Yawn). I have been for two years. I am 62 and I feel great. Since I started on these products I have lost weight, increased alertness, slept better, and seen significant improvement in overall health.”

A review for the MCT Oil Powder and the Keto Collagen+ Powder by a popular health and fitness blogger gave an honest account of the two products. The reviewer, Sabrina the minimalist[ish] coffee mom, wrote of the Keto Collagen+

“Since taking the collagen powder, I noticed a difference in my joints the next day after an intense workout. I don’t feel as much pain and I found that I have been able to lift heavier as well.” 

As for the MCT Oil Powder, Sabrina wrote that “It did keep [me] full when I took it – for hours.” The only negatives about both powders were their oiliness when mixed into liquids. However, she found that it worked great when mixed into smoothies or oatmeal. 

From busy mothers to athletes, to older folks looking to stay healthy, HVMN products seem to be a hit! Customers love being able to feel the effects in their daily lives and workout routines, despite some of the issues with price and taste noted by a small minority of reviewers.

Is HVMN Worth It?

HVMN Review

HVMN has some seriously powerful products. It appears that they do work quite effectively, and customers reportedly feel the effects from each of the brand’s creations. This isn’t surprising, because the company conducts rigorous research and testing across the board. 

The brand has received a ton of attention for their Ketones Ester. Despite the amount of praise that this first-of-its-kind supplement received, many normal (read: not elite athletes) customers can’t justify spending that amount of money ($33 per serving) on boosting their recreational performance. 

On the plus side, many of their other products are less expensive, especially with the subscription plan.

Don’t fret about their website only shipping within the US, as customers can find their products on other websites that offer international shipping. The brand also has discounts available and a free shipping option. 

All in all, this HVMN review highly recommends the company and believes their products are worth the buy for anyone who follows a keto diet and wants nutritionally balanced supplements to help them enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest. 

HVMN Promotions & Discounts 

HVMN Review

This HVMN review found several ways to save on the official website:

  • Sign up for the newsletter to get 10% off
  • Subscribe to any other their product to save 10%
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

Where to Buy HVMN 

HVMN Review

You can buy the brand’s products directly from HVMN.com or select online retailers:

  • The Feed
  • NineLife
  • Amazon


HVMN Review

What does HVMN stand for?

HVMN stands for Health via Modern Nutrition. The brand used to be called Nootrobox. 

Are Ketone Esters safe?

Ketones Esters are said to be “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA. However, they can produce negative side effects like extreme stomach upset. 

What do Ketone Esters do?

The main purpose of ketone esters is to raise your blood D-Betahydroxybutyrate levels that will keep you in ketosis without the need to reduce carbs or fast. They can also boost physical and mental performance, and aid in recovery. 

How do you use HVMN?

Drink one serving of the HVMN Ketone Esters 30 minutes before engaging in an activity. You can also take them throughout the day any time you want a boost in energy or mental focus. 

What is HVMN’s Shipping Policy?

HVMN only ships within the US. Standard shipping is free for orders over $75. Costs for their other shipping options will be listed at checkout. The shipping options are as follows:

  • Standard Shipping: 3-5 business days
  • 3-Day Shipping: 3 business days 
  • 2-Day Shipping: 2 business days 
  • Overnight Shipping: 1 business day 

What is HVMN’s Return Policy?

You can return your HVMN order up to 60 days from when you placed it. To start a return, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Include your name, order number, and reason for return
  3. HVMN will send you a prepaid return label
  4. Print the return label and attach it to the outside of your return package
  5. Drop off at local post office 

How to Contact HVMN 

HVMN Review

If you need any other information that this HVMN review did not provide, you can use the following methods to get in touch with their customer service team Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM PST:

  • Call 1-833-415-4866

Email [email protected]

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