Elizabeth Orchard

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Toronto, Canada


BA in English, Creative Writing & Media Studies, University of Toronto


Editor & Fact Checker


I decided I wanted to be a writer ever since I was 12 years old, when my teacher complimented the stories I wrote in the back of my notebook. When pursuing my English degree at UTSC, I was opened up to all the avenues I could take to fulfill my dream. Since then, I've done several part-time freelance gigs in both writing and editing, all while pursuing my personal writing on the side. Accepting a full-time position with HBR is the next big step in a lifelong dream, and I am excited to see where it will lead me next.


I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, majoring in English with minors in Creative Writing and Media Studies. My favorite lessons were always defined by two things: what makes a great story and the context that great stories are made in. No creative work exists in a vacuum. The author's life, the time and place they lived in the social mechanisms they navigated in or rebelled against all give layers and depths to their work. Reading great literature is a free lesson in both writing and social history, and speaks to my heart about how the best stories can bridge any gap in time or culture. The other half of my studies were all about developing my skills in writing, editing, and providing constructive feedback amongst my peers. I was thankful to be able to practice on a variety of literature, from essays to short stories to poetry, and learn about all the different ways I could apply what I've learned across the entire creative industry.

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