Smart Nora Review

About Smart Nora 

90 million Americans snore, that’s almost a third of the population of the US. It’s a big number, but the only number of snorers that really matter is how many are in your bedroom. If the answer is more than zero, it’s too many. Smart Nora is a contact-free device that claims it is a ‘solution’ to snoring. This Smart Nora review will let you know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Overview of Smart Nora  

Smart Nora Review 1

Smart Nora is actually two devices: one sits above your head and one under your pillow. The device on your headboard listens for the sounds we make before we start snoring loudly. When it does, the device under your pillow gently inflates to stop your snoring before it wakes you—or your partner—up.

Smart Nora is based out of Toronto and boasts a small, but growing, team of engineers, designers, and scientists. They are a tech startup that, unsurprisingly considering their mission, has a focus on employee health and happiness. Their workplace culture has even been featured in the MaRS “Top Startup Series.”

Smart Nora Review: How it Works

What separates Nora from other snoring solutions is movement. Other “stop snoring” apps use quiet sound and music to gently wake the snorer, but Smart Nora physically moves you to bring you out of a snoring state. This sounds annoying, and it is at first if you’re a light sleeper, but after a few nights you get used to it.

Smart Nora was a Kickstarter success. Since then, they have grown quickly and have been featured on multiple news programs and sites— even Oprah loves them! Smart Nora snoring reviews are very positive. Even the occasional one-star Smart Nora review mentions that, though the system didn’t work for them, the customer service was excellent and honored the company’s generous return policy.

For this Smart Nora review, we’ll get explore both the benefits and downsides to the snoring solution:


  • Pleasing design: Smart Nora doesn’t look like a high-tech gadget. The “pebble” looks like a big egg and takes up about as much space as a phone charger. The inflation device and the pump it connects to are covered in a nice grey fabric that looks like wool.
  • Unobtrusive: The pebble can be placed anywhere, as long as it’s close enough to the snorer to hear them. The pump can be hidden under the bed or behind a bedside table.
  • The physical movement element is very different from every other snoring solutions we’ve seen. If you haven’t found a solution for snoring, this could be it! 
  • Travel: the whole system fits inside the box that also holds the pump, so it can easily fit into a suitcase.
  • Non contact: Smart Nora has nothing that physically touches you, unlike other treatments like dental appliances and nose strips. If you don’t want something in your mouth while you sleep, Smart Nora could be for you.


  • No matter how small and nicely designed the device is, it’s still taking up space—and a power outlet—next to your bed.
  • The system isn’t for everyone: the occasional Smart Nora review mentions that the device just doesn’t work for them, for a variety of reasons.
  • It’s pricey: the whole device costs over $300, but like any electronic device, could easily last for years.

How Does Smart Nora Work?

Smart Nora Review 2

Smart Nora comes in three pieces—the pebble, the inflating bag, and the pump—and all three arrive at your house in a nice soft case with a fold-over top wrapped in grey fabric. 

  1. The Pebble is a small device about the same size and shape as a computer mouse. This is how Smart Nora ‘listens’ to your breathing to detect when you’re about to start snoring. The underside of the pebble has a few buttons for adjusting the sensitivity of the microphone: low sensitivity if your room is noisy or you sleep with a white noise machine or sleep aid, high sensitivity if your room is quiet. The pebble has a battery that’s good for 24 hours, or a power cord that connects it to the pump. It has a bluetooth connection to the pump so there’s no need for a data cable. You can mount the Pebble over your head, on your headboard, or lay it on your bedside table.
  2. The Pump is contained in the soft case and can sit anywhere near the pebble, but preferably tucked away under your bed or behind a bedside table. The pump has an AC power adapter that connects to a wall socket, which also powers and charges the Pebble. The pump has a small control panel that lets you set how much the bag inflates, from low to high. This is up to personal preference.
  3. The Inflating Bag fits under your pillow. It is connected to the pump by a thin, clear plastic tube. When the Pebble detects your snoring, it gently inflates the bag to ‘rock’ your pillow and knock you out of a snoring state and into a non-storing sleep stage. The bag inflates into a tube shape. The amount it inflates depends on the setting, from one to four inches for low to high.

Smart Nora Sleep Study

SleepScore Labs conducted a validation study on Sleep Nora to verify how effective the product really was in helping people stop snoring and get better sleep. Over 50 participants helped scientists gather 527 nights worth of data.

The study found the following:

For SnorersFor Partners
20% increased ability to sleep through the night31% increased ability to sleep through the night
30% felt more rested when they woke up33% felt more rested
38% woke up less30% felt their sleep was less disrupted
52% got out of bed less for any reason

How Much is Smart Nora?

Smart Nora Review 3

The Smart Nora snoring solution isn’t cheap—the unit costs $359.99. At the time of this review, there is a discounted price of $329.99. Smart Nora calls this discount their “Winter Savings.” 

They have a financing plan available through Afirm that offers monthly payment plans:

  • $113.32 a month for 3 months
  • $58.09 a month for 6 months
  • $30.51 a month for 12 months

All payment plans are at 20% APR. 

They also offer a 30-day, risk-free trial. Many customer reviews mention this free trial period as a positive: even if the product doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily.

Smart Nora Review: What Customers Think 

Smart Nora Review 4

Customers can leave a Smart Nora review on the company website. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with over 800 5-star reviews. Many of the reviews mention they were initially skeptical of the product and that it exceeded their expectations. Lots of reviewers say they have tried many different types of snoring aids and none have worked until Smart Nora.

The less-glowing reviews say that the product just didn’t work for them, but have nothing bad to say about its build quality. Many of these low-star reviews, even most of the 1-star reviews, emphasize the excellent customer service and how easy it was for the customers to get their money back, due to Smart Nora’s 30-day guarantee.

Some reviewers mention there is a learning curve to get used to the movement of the pillow, but almost all report that it gets better. One Smart Nora review mentions they had a faulty base, but that the company sent them a new one quickly. An Australian customer reports their unit didn’t come with an Australian power adapter, though other common power adapters are packaged in the box.

One negative Smart Nora Amazon review has an interesting issue: the customer can’t keep the inflation device under their pillow. This is something to consider if you have smaller pillows, are a “pillow hugger”, or move around a lot in your sleep.

External reviews are positive, too, with professional reviews and bloggers praising the effectiveness of the unit, the quality of the build, and the excellent customer service. The common negative aspect of in each positive Smart Nora review is the price.

Is Smart Nora Worth It? 

Smart Nora Review 5

If you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, there is truly no price to put on relief. Lack of sleep can lead to a great number of health problems at any age. If you’ve tried other stop snoring aids that haven’t worked for you, the Smart Nora snoring solution could be what you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re suffering from more serious sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, you should see a doctor. There is no Smart Nora sleep apnea setting or treatment

The feedback on the system has been very positive and, even if the system doesn’t work for everyone, almost every review we read discussed how great Smart Nora’s customer service is and how easy it was to get a refund. If you’re struggling with snoring, or sleep with someone who does, we can’t see a reason not to at least try Smart Nora out.

Smart Nora Promotions & Discounts 

As we mentioned earlier, the current (as of the time of this review in February 2020) Smart Nora coupon is a “Winter Deal” of $30 off the usual price, bringing the total to $329.99. There is no Smart Nora discount code at the moment.

Where to Buy Smart Nora   

The Smart Nora website has a buy option right on the front page. This is also where the $30 Winter Deal is applicable, as well as the financing options that are available at 20% APR.

Smart Nora has a product page on Amazon but is listed as “currently unavailable” at the time of this review. 


Shipping Policy

Smart Nora offers free shipping internationally, 3-5 days after you place your order.

They do not ship to PO boxes.

Return Policy

As we’ve stated many times in this Smart Nora review, the company has an excellent 30-day, risk-free return policy. Many reviewers mention the company’s exceptional customer service and the ease with which dissatisfied customers were able to secure refunds.

Should you need to send your Smart Nora back to the company, shipping is free for that, too.

Contact Smart Nora  

Smart Nora has a live chat feature on their website. You can submit an email request by filling out an online form. They also have an active social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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For a more affordable anti-snoring option, learn all about Vitalsleep.

Accessories Reviews

Ridge Wallet Review

About Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet Review 6

Ridge Wallet is a Kickstarter success story that has grown into a worldwide brand phenomenon. This Ridge Wallet review will get into how and why this father and son team is redefining the wallet and bringing the money clip into the 21st century.

Overview of Ridge Wallet

Daniel and Paul Kane took to Kickstarter with a modest goal of $12,000 to redefine the wallet for the modern era. They ended up raising over $200,000, a major mandate from both men and women to make a better wallet for everyone. The father and son duo used that money to recruit a small team to do more with less, not just with wallets, but with backpacks, phone cases, power chargers—even pocket knives! 

Ridge Wallet Review: The Mechanics

They use aluminum, carbon fiber, forged carbon, and full grain leather for their products, with manufacturing partners both domestic and abroad. Traditional wallets are these big leather monsters that bulge out of your back pocket and can even mess up your spine! And let’s be honest, how many cards do you really need to be carrying around with you? 

The Ridge Wallet is designed to be a front pocket wallet, not a back pocket one, to keep you more organized. It helps that they look cool, too, and feature some awesome customization options.


  • Made with metal, not leather, so they’ll hold up after years of daily use
  • Built-in RFID blockers protect your banking and other personal information from RFID skimmers who can steal your credit card info right out of your pocket
  • Lots of color and patterns options, including a rad burnt titanium finish that you’ve got to see!
  • You can choose either a money clip or an elastic cash strap. The money clip can even be removed to transform the Ridge into a pure card holder


  • They’re pricey – the cheapest Ridge Wallet is $75
  • The Ridge Wallets are slimmed down to carry credit and debit cards, so business cards will bend
  • Not much design variation if you’re not into the industrial riveted metal look, though the aluminum wallet does have some fun Tiki and tropical patterns

Ridge Wallet Review: The Ridge

Ridge Wallet Review 7
The Ridge Wallet Aluminum – Black With Cash Strap

The Ridge Wallet is their flagship product and the item that got them Kickstarted in the first place. The Ridge Wallet comes in three different metals, carbon fiber, titanium, and the original aluminum. The Ridge Wallet is designed to be minimalist without being limiting: to keep you from overloading your wallet with tons of faded receipts and old business cards.

The price range is from $75 for the Ridge Wallet Aluminum, $105 for Ridge Wallet Titanium, and $115 for Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon.

I really like the tropical pattern for the Ridge Wallet Aluminum, but I have to give the edge to the Ridge Wallet Titanium – Burnt. I just love that scored metal look—it brings a really unique vibe that a traditional leather wallet can’t match.

Ridge Wallet Review: Carbon Fiber

Ridge Wallet Review 8
The Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber With Cash Strap

The Ridge Wallet Aluminum is already designed to be lighter and thinner than any wallet you’ve ever had, but the Ridge Wallet Carbon Fiber is lighter and thinner still. The Aluminum weighs 2oz while the Carbon Fiber comes in at an astonishingly light 1.6oz—that’s the weight of a golf ball! 

All Ridge Wallets measure 86 x 54 x 6mm and hold between 1 to 12 cards with a replaceable elastic. They block RFID signals to protect against identity theft and have two options: a money clip or cash strap. 

The Ridge Carbon Fiber actually comes in two varieties, Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon, and each has a distinct look. Carbon fiber is made from sheets filled with resin and has a ‘weaved’ look, while the forged carbon is squeezed to form any shape. The forged carbon Ridge Wallet features a neat pattern that looks like brush strokes.

Ridge Wallet Review: Titanium

Ridge Wallet Review 9
Ridge Wallet Titanium – Burnt With Money Clip

If you’re looking for a slightly heftier metal, the Ridge Wallet Titanium fits the bill. A little heftier at 2.5oz, the titanium comes with all the features of the aluminum and carbon fibre, but made with hand torched and hardened Grade 5v titanium.

While I like the Titanium – Burnt option, there are also gunmetal, matte black, and matte cobalt colors.

Other Ridge Wallets

Ridge Wallet Review 10
The Ridge Wallet Aluminum – Tropical

Each Ridge Wallet type comes in a few different colour and pattern options, and the Ridge Wallet Aluminum has the most variety:

  1. Black
  2. Gunmetal
  3. OD Green (Olive drab, think U.S. Army)
  4. Navy (Team Favorite)
  5. Desert Tan
  6. White
  7. Raw (Looks like plain metal)
  8. Gold
  9. Rose Gold
  10. Celeste
  11. Tropical (Pictured Above)
  12. Tiki

Ridge Wallet Money Clip Review

Every Ridge Wallet has two options for carrying bills: A cash strap and a money clip. Of the two, the money clip is the sleeker, more practical option. You can add a money clip to your order or purchase an additional one for $12. All Ridge Wallets have slots on the front and back and the money clip can be put in either one—or you can add a second and have two! You can convert a cash strap wallet to a money clip wallet by purchasing an elastic.

Ridge Wallet Review 11
The Ridge Wallet Money Clip

Is the Ridge Wallet Worth It?  

Ridge Wallet Review 12

You can leave a Ridge Wallet review on the website, and the customer ratings there are overwhelmingly positive. Many users say the Ridge Wallet is the best wallet they’ve ever owned. You can find many a Ridge Wallet review by both men and women, with women commenting the Ridge Wallet significantly reduced the amount of bulk in their purse.

Some Ridge Wallet Amazon reviews complain about the rigidity of the wallet, especially if you’re used to a soft leather wallet, but mention the wallet’s elastic will get more pliable in time. A common concern is how hard it is to take just one card out of the wallet without pulling out the entire stack. Other customers have concerns about the price—$75 for the cheapest option (Aluminum) is a lot pricier than a cheap nylon wallet.

Reviews are generally very positive, both from customers and professional product reviewers. Concerns about price are offset by the sheer quality of the product and the lifetime guarantee that goes with it. Customer service is listed as a highlight as well—speedy responses and fast shipping especially.

I’ve come to acknowledge in this Ridge Wallet review, that the product is absolutely worth it—as long as you know what you’re getting! If you want a sleek, solid, functional wallet that holds only exactly what you need day-to-day, it’s the best possible option.

How to Use Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet Review 13

A lot of the comments I came across when researching this Ridge Wallet review mentioned that the wallet comes with a bit of a learning curve before it is comfortable to use. I can understand this: going from a soft, pliable, folding leather wallet to a rigid metal credit card sandwich will take some getting used to. More than one Ridge Wallet review mentions that it’s easier to remove all of your cards at once, in one big stack, than to try and get one card in particular.

You could argue with this Ridge Wallet review that this is the entire point of the product: the stated mission of the company is the streamline wallets. To ensure you’re only carrying exactly what you need when you need it, to reduce how much clutter you’re bringing with you along with your cards and cash.

Each Ridge Wallet comes with either a money clip, for carrying a few bills, or a money elastic for a slimmer profile. You can switch them out at will to customize your wallet the way you like. The RFID blocking is handy, but you’ll need to remove any cards you need to be scanned, like a transit or gym pass. A small price to pay for protection from identity theft!

Ridge Wallet Alternatives

If you’re looking for a Ridge Wallet alternative, Here’s a quick overview of some similar wallets on the market:

Fantom Wallet

  • Super thin and light – weighs less than 1oz
  • Cool card fanning feature: hit a button and all your cards pop out in a fan shape for easy access
  • Money clip is sold separately, not included in the purchase price
  • $54 for the basic Fantom, $94 for the new Fantom R
  • Coin slot for small objects, though many reviews mention the coins rattle around which sounds annoying

Andar Pilot

  • Leather and aluminum design is very handsome
  • Only carries 6 cards to Ridge Wallet’s 12
  • Optional money clip
  • Sliding wheel displays your cards in an easy-to-access stack
  • Currently sold out on their website

Trayvax Contour

  • Extremely expensive! $139.99!
  • Sourced and made in the US
  • Weird metal and leather design isn’t for everyone

Ekster Parliament

  • $69
  • Quick card access button
  • Leather build
  • RFID blocker
  • Stores 10 or more cards and has a cash strap
  • Optional tracking card makes the wallet “unlosable”

Ridge Wallet Promotions & Discounts 

The only Ridge Wallet promo code we found is this pretty cool refer-a-friend deal. If a friend you refer to Ridge Wallet makes a purchase, they get 10% off their first purchase, and you get $15 off your next purchase. You get another $15 for every friend you refer through this same Ridge Wallet coupon code that makes a purchase—up to $75 for five friends!

Where to Buy Ridge Wallet

Ridge Wallet Review 14

You can buy Ridge Wallets directly from their website, or from stores all over the US. Their website has a handy map to help you find a store near you.

There are a few other online stores that stock the Ridge Wallet, but the most interesting one is Huckberry. Huckberry sells a special Navy Blue aluminum Ridge Wallet and 5% of proceeds are donated to the Navy SEAL foundation.

You can, of course, also get the Ridge Wallet on Amazon.


Shipping Policy

Ridge Wallet offers standard domestic shipping (2-5 days) for $3, or free standard domestic shipping on orders over $40. 1-3 days priority shipping is available for only $5 and next day air is available for $25.

International shipping (7 – 14 days) is available for $5, but again is free on orders over $40, which easily covers the price of one wallet. Tracking is provided by DHL eCommerce. DHL Express shipping (2-4 days) is $20. The website says there are rarely any import or customs fees, but they vary from country to country and Ridge Wallet can’t guarantee what they’ll be.

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, except on holidays.

Return Policy

All Ridge Wallet products have a lifetime guarantee due to their military-grade materials, though it doesn’t cover cosmetic damage like scratches, or unauthorized modifications. To make a claim, you simply take a picture of the damage and send it in through a form on their website.

You can return your Ridge Wallet for an exchange or a refund within 45 days of your purchase. Ridge Wallet will send a USPS label so you don’t have to pay the shipping cost on the return. Just like the lifetime guarantee, there’s a form you can fill out on the website to request a return.

Contact Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet website has a live chat feature available during business hours, and you can send them an email if it’s not online when you need it. You can fill out a form or email them directly at [email protected]


Kane 11 Socks Review

About Kane 11 

Kane 11 socks is a made in the USA company that promises to fix the biggest problem with socks: that sock sizes don’t make any sense! Kane 11 makes socks with high quality, natural yarns made to the highest environmental standards. They only sell online through their own store but accept all majors form of payment.

This Kane 11 socks review will go over what makes the brand different from generic shoe stuffers you’re used to, and why you deserve a decent-fitting sock!

Overview of Kane 11

Ever wonder why shoes come in all these different sizes (1, 2, 3, etc.) but socks come in small, medium, and large? How many times have you bought socks that fit in the heel but are too tight in the toes? Kane 11 has socks in 11 sizes for men and 7 sizes for women, one sock size for each shoe size. 

Their secret is in understanding all the different ways to measure a foot:

  1. Toe to Heel Length
  2. Toe Box
  3. Foot Circumference
  4. Heel Pocket
  5. Sock Height
  6. Leg Circumference
  7. Diameter
Kane 11 Socks Review 15

Kane 11 has assembled a crack team of engineers, textile experts, and factory partners to make the highest quality socks and keep prices affordable.


  • By sticking to shoe sizes, Kane 11 makes it easy to find a sock that fits your foot the way you’re expecting it to
  • High quality materials mean no more holes after only a week’s worth of wear and tear
  • A generous return policy means you can get exactly what you want


  • You can only buy them online through their online store; not very convenient if you’re a brick-and-mortar shopper
  • Color profile is pretty limited; you won’t see any wacky patterns or fun co lours, especially in the men’s collection 
  • All socks have some kind of pattern or logo on them
  • These socks ain’t cheap: the least costly pair is $10.50

Men’s Kane 11 Socks Review 

Kane 11 men’s socks come in sizes 7 to 11 and have a variety of different styles, from ankle socks all the way to over the calf, and even ski/snowboard styles made with Merino wool. The prices are dependent on how much wool was used in their construction so, naturally, the teeny little ankle socks will be a lot cheaper than the big Merino wool snowboard socks. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 16
Juno Merino Wool Socks

No-show Laylo socks will run you $10.50 a pair, formal dress socks $21.50 per pair, and the ski/snowboard socks are $25.50 per pair. The average price appears to be around the $19/$20 range. You can also buy packs of 4 or 8 in each style at a discount. A pack of 8 Harry ankle socks will run you $112.20, almost $20 cheaper than buying 8 pairs individually.

Kane 11 Socks Review 17
Harry Ankle Socks

I like that the men’s socks come in simple, refined colors like black, grey, and navy blue. I’m not a fan of loud patterns and bright colors in my socks — they should complement an outfit, not distract from one. I especially like that the Merino wool socks have a subtle pattern running up the calf, with only a strip of darker color at the top. Very classy!

If you are looking for socks with a bit more pizazz, check out our review of Soxy Socks — they have all the crazy cool sock designs you’ll need, with the same great manufacturing standards as Kane.

Women’s Kane 11 Socks Review 

Kane 11’s women’s socks have similar features to their men’s line, though they have quite a bit more variety in color and pattern options. Each sock type is priced based on how much wool was used in its construction, so your no-show Laylo socks are going to run you $10.50, while the larger Treeline are $25.50 a pair. Each Kane 11 sock is made from the same blend of materials: mostly Merino wool, with some nylon, a bit of spandex for stretchiness. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 19
Treeline Merino Wool Socks

I like that the sportier socks in this line, like the Madison, have strategic mesh panels on the top for breathability and to keep your feet fresh throughout the day (Or, at least, as fresh as possible!) The Meadow, another sport sock, has reinforced heel and toe construction to keep up with you when you’re working out. 

Kane 11 Socks Review 20
Madison Ankle Socks

The women’s socks can also be ordered in solo pairs, or in packs of 4 and 8 at a discount. While the women’s socks do have more color variety than the men’s, they are still quite simple aesthetically. If you’re looking for bolder options, you should head over to our review of Soxy Socks.

Kane 11 Socks: Bestsellers 

The best selling Kane 11 socks are the men’s Sebring dress socks, which sits around the mid calf and is made of Merino wool. The Sebring comes in tons of different solid colors, but my favorite is definitely the Loden which looks like an almost-grey forest green. The Sebring, like all Kane 11’s socks, is purchasable as a pair or in packs of 4 and 8.

Kane 11 Socks Review 21
Sebring Dress Socks in Loden

For a less formal, sportier option, the Harry ankle sock is a popular choice. These have the ventilating mesh panels up top to help your feet breathe, and an extra layer of cushioning on the heel and toe for durability and comfort. I’m not wild about the pattern on the Harry but the whole point is that the sock is barely visible when worn with a shoe so this isn’t a deal breaker by any means.

Sock Sizes 

Here’s the best thing about Kane 11: they reject the super weird standard that socks are sized based on arbitrary sizes like small, medium, large, etc. Instead, Kane 11 uses 7 different measurements to make socks that fit every part of your foot just right, all based on a number you already know–your shoe size. 

They have 11 different sizes for men and 7 for women. They suggest that you size up one size if you wear a wide shoe, but otherwise it should be pretty easy to find a size that works for you. As they say on their website, they want to take the confusion out of buying socks!

Kane 11 Socks Review: What Do Customers Think?

Customer ratings for Kane 11 socks is overwhelmingly positive, with many customers expressing they didn’t realize there was anything wrong with the socks they were used to–until they tried Kane 11. Both men and women say they fit perfectly, and lots of reviews mention they can’t believe it took this long for someone to make socks that fit properly.

Some customers do report that the over the calf socks don’t stay up as well as they’d like and could sit higher on the calf. The deputy editor of The Strategist writes, “I never thought I needed socks in exactly my size, but I guess I do.” Many customer reviews do mention that Kane 11 socks are a bit pricier than the average, but then those same reviews almost always say how worth it the extra cost is.

Kane 11 Socks Promotions & Discounts 

Kane 11 gives you a 20% discount off your first order with them.


Where to Buy Kane 11 Socks  

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of Kane 11 socks is that they can only be purchased directly from their website, This is an advantage if you’re already sold on the brand, but it makes taking a risk on an unknown product a bit of a, well, risk. While they will ship anywhere in the US and its territories, they do not accept international orders.

Shipping Policy

Kane 11 only ships within the United States and territories. Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, except on holidays. They will ship to PO Boxes but only if the USPS is able to deliver to the final destination. That means that only the standard shipping option can be selected if shipping to a PO Box, not the expedited or express options. 

Orders placed before 11am will ship that day. Domestic shipping can take up to 7 days depending on the destination, though this is likely much less in major urban centers. They provide order tracking on their website under My Order and they will also email you a tracking number.

Here’s a breakdown of their shipping options:

Shipping NameDelivery timeCourierCost
Standard / Free5-7 Business DaysDHL USPSFree
USPS Priority2-4 Business DaysUSPS$8.50
Expedited2 Business Days*UPS 2nd Day Air$25
Express1 Business Day*UPS Overnight (by 3pm EST)$30
Alaska and Hawaii7-10 Business DaysUSPS$15
US Territories and APO7-10 Business DaysUSPS$15

Return Policy

Kane 11’s return policy is quite generous. Items purchased within 90 days, and not marked “final sale” or considered to be promotional items, are eligible for a full refund, with shipping paid by Kane 11.

Kane 11 has an interesting return policy specifically for their Laylo “no show” socks. According to their website, the Laylo sock is guaranteed not to stay up and not slip down the foot while being worn. If you find that your Laylo sock is falling when you wear them, you can send a clear video to Kane 11 showing you putting the socks on, putting on a shoe that matches the size of the sock, walking around for a bit, and then removing the shoe and showing that the sock has fallen. 

If the video is accepted by Kane 11, they will send you “double your money back”: a refund for the purchase price of the sock, as well as a check for the additional refund. This is a pretty sweet guarantee for a problem that could be very annoying!

Contact Kane 11 Socks 

You can email Kane 11 directly at [email protected] or fill out a form on their website with your name, email, phone number, and a message. They also have a live chat option, accessible by a little chat bubble button, on their website that is available Monday to Friday, 11am to 3pm MST.

How to Find The Best Socks For Men

It’s important to understand what makes good socks stand out from the rest. We created the ultimate guide that helps you find the best socks for men, and we cover everything from quality all the way to price and value.