Prose Hair Giveaway

What makes custom haircare different from products sold off the shelf? Here’s a few facts about how Prose is changing the haircare game, one unique formula at a time:

  1. Hyper-custom formulas for your unique hair
  2. In‑depth online consultation
  3. Made fresh to order in Brooklyn
  4. Natural, clean, proven ingredients
  5. Your feedback creates a cycle of always-improving results
  6. Sustainable, ethical & climate‑neutral
  7. Results you love

Prose Hair Giveaway

Prose has partnered with us to giveaway one free order, valued at up to $150. Enter today for a chance to win! Good luck!

Prose Giveaway

Included in the giveaway:

  • All orders include a custom formula shampoo & conditioner 
  • Plus it can include any of the below depending on your hair & needs
    • Custom Pre Shampoo Hair Mask
    • Custom Pre Shampoo Scalp Mask
    • Custom Hair Oil
    • Custom Dry Shampoo
    • Custom Curl Cream
    • Custom Leave-In Conditioner 
    • Custom Root Source Hair Supplements

About Prose Hair

Prose is a hyper-custom hair care company offering made-to-order products, formulated with natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Prose looks at over 85 different factors to create your custom formula – everything from your environment, lifestyle habits and hair goals etc.
Complete Prose’s thorough consultation to receive your custom haircare products. You can even adjust your consultation at any time to ensure your hair care evolves with you.

Prose Hair Giveaway 1

Prose‘s thorough consultation process ensures the best results are achieved, and customers can make changes to their own formulas as their hair improves. 

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