Halloween Gift Guide 2023

Rounding Up The Halloween Gift Guide

Welcome to the Halloween Gift Guide 2023, a collection of items that are curated capture the essence of this enchanting season. As October approaches, it’s time to embrace all things spooky, mysterious, and delightful.

From decorations that transform your space into a haunted wonderland to treats that indulge your senses, costumes that spur your imagination, and activities that add excitement to the festivities, I’ve assembled a variety of options to make this Halloween unforgettable. Keep reading at your own risk!

Halloween Gift Guide 2023

It’s time to celebrate the season of the supernatural with this Halloween gift guide. Below, you’ll find some costume and home decor ideas, as well as cute mugs and other accessories to add to your (or your best friend’s) party planning.

#1 Evergreen Set of 3 Lighted Halloween WitchStakes

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 1

To keep the kids out of your yard (or perhaps, invite them in, just this one night), transform it into a bewitching wonderland with the Evergreen Set of 3 Lighted Halloween Witch Stakes, as seen on QVC.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each witch stake boasts intricate features and a charmingly eerie presence. As night falls, their gentle illumination adds an enchanting ambiance to your surroundings, creating a scene that will delight visitors and passersby alike.


  • On sale for $100, down from $136
  • Comes in a classic black color
  • Six-hour on/18-hour off timer function
  • 9 LR44 batteries are included
  • Easy to clean

#2 Joyseller Halloween Iced Coffee Can Glass

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 2

Let out your inner coffee wizard with the adorable Joyseller Halloween Iced Coffee Can Glass. Made for those who cherish their morning brew as much as they do the Halloween spirit, this glass is a delightful addition to your drinkware collection.

With its hauntingly beautiful design, it transforms your coffee or cocktail into a work of art. It’s a conversation starter and a vessel for your favorite beverages that deserve a touch of spooky elegance.


  • Comes in two variations—cat ($21) or Jack ($19)
  • Made from quality borosilicate glass and bamboo lid
  • Can withstand temperature between -68°F to 340° F(170°C)
  • Sustainable
  • Great for parties

#3 ORIENTAL CHERRY Halloween Decorations – Floating LED Candles with Wand Remote Control 

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 3

Want to recreate the Great Hall of Hogwarts? ORIENTAL CHERRY’s Halloween Decorations – Floating LED Candles can give life to your vision. These ethereal candles take your Halloween decor to a whole new level of mysticism.

Controlled by a wand remote, these candles flicker and dance, casting a hauntingly beautiful glow across your space. Whether they find a home in a decorative cauldron, a spooky centerpiece, or a darkened room, they add an element of magic that will leave everyone under their spell.


  • On sale for just $34, down from $60
  • Convenient remote control design
  • Easy assembly: each LED candle is pre-attached with string
  • Safe for children and pet households (no dripping wax)
  • Accessories included

#4 A Cheerful Giver 34-oz Papa Jar Candle

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 4

If you prefer to stay indoors and shut out all the festivities, I don’t want you to feel left out. Grab your wooliest cardigan, light up the A Cheerful Giver’s 34-oz Papa Jar Candle, and put on your favorite sitcom.

With a generous size and a long-lasting burn time, this candle is the perfect companion for chilly autumn evenings, providing a comforting glow and a balsam fir fragrance to calm your nerves.


  • On sale for $24 on QVC, down from $28.33
  • Available in 25 different shades
  • Burn time of 155 hours
  • Double-wicked
  • Positive customer reviews

#5 4inLoveMe 1oz Fake Blood Spray

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 5

For those who want to take their Halloween costume to the next level of realism and gore, the 4inLoveMe 1oz Fake Blood Spray is an indispensable accessory.

This lifelike spray allows you to transform into a creature of the night with ease, adding an authentic touch to your costume that will send shivers down spines. Whether you’re dressing as a vampire, zombie, or any other spooky character, this fake blood spray provides the finishing touch that makes your look convincing.


  • Priced at just $8 for 30ml
  • Multiple uses (special effects makeup, costumes, haunted house set-ups, etc.)
  • Realistic appearance
  • Safe to use for children
  • Easy to clean off skin with soap and water

#6 Taruzil 1PCS Midnight Skull Large Coffee Mugs with Spoons

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 6

Every morning can be a little more macabre with Taruzil’s Midnight Skull Large Coffee Mugs with Spoons. These mugs not only hold your morning brew but also transform your daily routine into a ritual of elegant spookiness.

Each mug displays a captivating skull design, capturing the essence of Halloween year-round. The included spoons add a touch of practicality and style, making these mugs perfect for both personal enjoyment and entertaining guests.


  • Sold for $19, on sale from $21
  • Each cup holds 630 ml
  • The spoon is good for stirring and shaking off excess sugar
  • Sophisticated design
  • Unisex gift

#7 Goose Creek Candles

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 7

Goose Creek Candles are more than just sources of light; they fill your home with carefully blended fragrance notes that capture the very essence of the season.

From scents such as Poison Punch to Halloween Party, these candles offer a sensory journey that adds an extra layer of witchy-ness to your evening. Bring a jar over to your parents’ home and set the atmosphere as you wait for trick or treaters to start ringing the doorbell.


  • IFRA-approved candles that contain no harmful chemicals or other ingredients
  • Variety of different, fun scents, all of them safe for your home
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • Lead-free
  • 100% cotton wicks

#8 MEAXUR 24pcs Halloween Party Favors Bat Pumpkin Ghost Cat Witch Spider Ghost Pattern Reusable Straws

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 8

Dive into the spirit of Halloween with MEAXUR’s 24pcs Halloween Party Favors Reusable Straws. These fun and festive straws feature an array of whimsical designs that perfectly complement your Halloween table spread.

Whether you’re serving up spooky cocktails, pumpkin spiced beverages, or any other concoctions, these straws add an element of whimsy to your drinks.


  • Prices range from $13 to $16 depending on designs
  • Simple & sustainable option for DIY Halloween parties
  • 8 different colors
  • Comes with cleaning brushes
  • 24 straws included

#9 Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball 

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 9

If you’re hosting your teenage children’s Halloween festivities at home, introduce an element of entertainment with the Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball. This interactive toy can become a source of laughter, curiosity, and intrigue at the party.

Channel your inner mystic and search answers to life’s burning questions as you consult Mr. Predicto. With its silly responses and unpredictable insights, you can avoid any awkward silences around the seance.


  • On sale for $20, down from $23
  • Entertaining for all ages
  • The toy plays music, changes colors, and talks
  • Can be reused at sleepovers year round
  • Sold by a small business

#10 Anditoy 6 Pack Halloween Pumpkin Dig Kit

Halloween Gift Guide 2023 10

On a similar note, if you’ve got younger tots, it’s time to unearth the excitement of Halloween with Anditoy’s 6 Pack Halloween Pumpkin Dig Kit. Designed for little ghouls and goblins, this creative and entertaining activity adds an extra layer of fun to the holiday.

As they embark on the adventure of digging into these pumpkins, they discover mini hidden treasures. Each kit contains all the tools and surprises needed to make Halloween unforgettable for the little ones.


  • Priced at $12
  • Ideal for keeping young children occupied (ages 3+)
  • Encourages patience and stimulates curiosity
  • Great as party favours

Final Thoughts

I hope my Halloween Gift Guide was able to offer a bewitching array of options to elevate your celebrations! Whether you know a diehard horror and gore fan or a homebody who prefers to treat Halloween as any other night, these gifts can lift anyone’s spirits; old or young.

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