Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentines day is fast approaching and this year we want to make it easy to find a gift they’ll love.

We curated a list of brands from different categories to help you find the best Valentine’s Day gift this year.

Plus, get special deals exclusively available for our community! Enjoy!


Valentines Day Gift Guide 1

Bombas is a direct-to-consumer premium basics brand with a mission to help those in need. Bombas launched in 2013 after learning that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters. Today, the brand sells high quality, socks, underwear, and t-shirts while also keeping true its mission of donating a pair for every pair sold.

Bombas Deals:

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Brilliant Earth

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2

If you’re planning on performing a grand gesture for someone you love, Brilliant Earth is here to supply you with some of the most beautiful, ethically sourced fine jewelry around.

Brilliant Earth sells Beyond Conflict-Free™ diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry that can also be customized through an easy-to-use interface online.

There is no cutting corners with this company—they even incorporate recycled materials into their designs to keep things eco-friendly.

Brilliant Earth Deals:

Get Complimentary Diamond Earrings on purchases Over $1,000. Deal runs through 2/4 – 2/11


Valentines Day Gift Guide 3

Minimalist, practical, and tasteful, Cariuma is a sustainable sneaker company offering environmentally conscious products for both women and men. They’ve got a pretty stellar variety of both low- and high-cut sneakers that are easy to pair with any casual look.

Cariuma Deals:

Get free insoles, free shipping and extended returns!

Ritual Vitamins

Valentines Day Gift Guide 4

If you or a loved one is keen on tracking down all the best in health and wellness, Ritual is next on the menu.

Specializing in multivitamins and prenatals for women 18+ and 50+, Ritual stresses the importance of traceability and sustainability in their products. Every supplement is vegan certified, gluten and allergen free, non-GMO, with no colorants or synthetic fillers.

Ritual Vitamins Deals:

Save $10 on bundles on your next order.


Valentines Day Gift Guide 5

Beli prenatals are based on the latest scientific research for fertility, prenatal, and postpartum health. And with separate formulas specifically designed to support men and women, these vitamins are game changers. Research shows the importance of key nutrients before conception, so Beli makes a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for anyone planning a baby in 2022.

Beli Deals:

Use HB15 at checkout for 15% off your order.


Valentines Day Gift Guide 6

Premature hair loss will get anyone down, but Keeps promises to provide a stress-free, affordable, and discreet way to help you guard or regrow that crowning glory on your head. As a subscription-based telehealth company, Keeps provides affordable hair loss prevention and treatment for men.

Keeps Deals:

You can get started today for as low as $8!


Valentines Day Gift Guide 7

Taking care of your personal health can be overwhelming, but Persona Nutrition is here to help.

Persona is an online vitamin and supplement brand that focuses on creating individualized lifestyle programs based on nutritional needs. They pride themselves on their quick and easy nutrition evaluations and supplement deliveries.

Persona Nutrition Deals:

Get 50% off your first month!


Valentines Day Gift Guide 8

Honeylove is a brand that sells shapewear for women, helping to empower confidence. The company specializes in what they term “sculptwear“.

With their innovative line of targeted-compression sculptwear, each piece was specially designed to ensure they compress, shape, and lift targeted areas, all while staying in place.

Honeylove Deals

Get 20% OFF site wide. This deal ends Monday.


Valentines Day Gift Guide 9

LIVELY is a lingerie brand that applied over 60 years of experience in the industry to styles that women want today.

With a wide selection of bras, underwear, loungewear, fragrances, and self-care items, their products blur the lines between activewear, lingerie, and swimwear to provide the utmost comfort to whoever’s wearing them.


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