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The process of finding prescription lenses can be expensive and complicated. Fortunately, Ace and Tate makes it a bit easier by offering direct-to-consumer eyewear to customers across Europe, UK, and the US. Their frames are trendy, classy, and designed in-house. 

Since launching, the company has garnered some attention with features in Vogue, The Guardian, Complex, and more. They also have a modest social media following, with about 165k on Instagram and 197k on Facebook. In addition, Ace and Tate has expanded in recent years—opening up brick and mortar stores across Europe. 

Have you been shopping around for some new frames? This Ace and Tate review can help end your search once and for all. Join us as we take a look at the company’s popular specs, customer feedback, discounts, and more so you can decide if they’re worth buying. 

Overview of Ace and Tate

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Ace and Tate was founded in 2013 by Mark de Lange and Camiel de Lange van Bergen. The idea came about while Mark was on a trip to New York and had to purchase a pair of glasses with a hefty price tag.

After becoming frustrated with the cost and ordeal of getting a prescription, he began researching the eyewear market. And so, Ace and Tate was born. 

The company’s frames are designed in Amsterdam, and they follow the process as it moves along—starting from the prototype design to the final product. In addition, they aim to be a “drive of positive change within the eyewear industry” by using only the best materials, including acetate (where the brand gets its name) and suppliers. 

Creating positive change is also rooted in the company’s sustainability efforts. It’s a certified B-Corporation, meaning that it’s meeting high standards of transparency, accountability, and more. Things like ensuring ethical practices through the supply chain and designing eco-friendly eyewear are top priorities for the brand.  

Now that you know more about the origins, we’ll go over some highlights in this Ace and Tate review: 


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  • Wide collection of fashionable eyewear options deliver straight to your door 
  • A B-Corp Certified brand on a sustainability mission 
  • Offers tools on the website to find your perfect frames
  • 2-year guarantee on frames and lenses
  • Free returns and shipping (with a minimum) available for select countries 
  • Well-rated on third-party websites

Choosing a pair of frames or shades that suit you is a daunting task. Ace and Tate gives you several options whether you want to look studious or just plain cool. So, keep reading this Ace and Tate review to learn about the best-selling eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

Ace and Tate Review

Ace and Tate glasses adopt classic designs and add modern twists to them. The brand’s most popular specs will definitely have you seeing and feeling better. So, let’s check them out.  

Ace and Tate Neil Large Review

First up are the Neil Large wide, thin metal frames. These glasses are simple and kind of remind us of grandma’s favorite pair. There’s nothing wrong with that, though! They’re still as stylish as any thin frame. 

These glasses measure 1.9” x 0.82” x 5”, including the nose bridge. They’re made from a high-quality metal, and the super-thin lenses feature an anti-scratch lens coating to prevent any scuffs. These specs also come with a water-based case and cloth to keep ‘em safe and clean. 

The satin gold colorway is bright and versatile. But, if that’s not your thing, the brand offers seven other designs. 

Prices will vary depending on your choice of non-prescription, blue light, single vision, or progressive frames. Single vision Neil Large glasses will run you about $125. They’ll be great for near or far-sighted people. 

Ace and Tate Morris Review

The Morris is another lightweight option if a super-thin frame isn’t your style. The medium frame is rounded and curved slightly at the temples, emphasizing the elegant design. Of course, any pair of eyeglasses might offer an academic look, but these glasses have an artsy vibe to them. 

These specs have similar measurements as the previous ones but are also available in small and large fits. In addition, the overall look can change depending on the design you choose. For example, the concrete jungle design is a bit more eccentric than the clear fizz option. But, regardless of which one you choose, the Morris will look modern and dignified.

If you want a pair of bifocals that does it all, a progressive pair of the Morris will cost $325

Ace and Tate Pierce Review 

The Pierce specs are the last pair of eyeglasses in this Ace and Tate review. These frames are narrow and made from high-quality acetate. They’re also slightly smaller around the lenses, but they have a unique and quirky quality that’ll rule the conference room. 

The Pierce frames are more rounded and trimmed down than the other eyeglasses, giving them a more eccentric quality. They’re also another simple pair that blends sophistication and versatility. They come with the same perks as the other pairs and are available in large and extra-large fits. 

It’s clear that these specs are fashionable. They can be your new go-to pair, and they won’t just let people know that you might not be able to see them from far away. They’ll also showcase your taste and aesthetic. 

The Pierce comes in six colors. A stylish non-prescription pair will cost you about $125.  

Ace and Tate Benjamin Review

Ace and Tate’s Benjamin design is classic and familiar, with rounded frames and a keyhole bridge. They’re also made from acetate and feature an anti-scratch coating to keep them looking fresh. 

There’s no doubt that these sunglasses will protect you from UV rays. But they also have a modern edge that will suit anyone on vacation. They look clever, sophisticated, sleek, and won’t be too intimidating if you’re looking for a no-fuss pair of sunnies. 

The Benjamin will also look great at formal events; occasions like an outdoor summer wedding will call for a refined pair of shades like these. 

A non-prescription pair of the Benjamin sunglasses will cost $125.  

Ace and Tate Byron Review

Soak up the beach sun with the Byron sunglasses. They may have narrow frames, but the overall design is much thicker than the other shades in our review. Regardless, they’re the ideal shades to wear during a lazy summer day by the lake. 

The Byron frames are round and made from acetate. They measure slightly smaller around the lenses, and that might be daunting, but the look is worth the risk. With multiple different tortoise-like patterns, these will be the shades you reach for as you run out the door in your flip-flops. 

If you’re near or far-sighted, a Single Vision pair of these glasses retail for $175. These glasses only have one prescription running through them.

Ace and Tate Pierce Large Review

Last but not least in this Ace and Tate review are the Pierce Large sunnies. The edgy medium-frame shades mean business, with a rounded design and trimmed-down top. They’re versatile enough to flatter any face shape. 

Of course, they’re also made from the company’s signature high-quality acetate. They are also available in an extra-large fit. The Pierce Large’s shape isn’t totally out there, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for an everyday pair of shades. That being said, your sunny morning commute to work just got a bit more fashionable.

A Varifocal pair of these sunglasses run for $375. Ace and Tate also offers clear vision for both near and far corrections in a single lens. 

Who Is Ace and Tate For? 

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Ace and Tate is excellent for anyone looking to purchase glasses with or without a prescription. But the company really demystifies the process for people who need prescription lenses. Plus, with all of the tools they offer online, it’ll be easy to find the perfect pair. 

In addition, Ace and Tate is a B-Corp-certified company. So, it’s a good fit for those looking for a brand that follows ethical and sustainable practices. 

Ace and Tate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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We can’t finish this Ace and Tate review without looking at some customer feedback. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t publish reviews on their website, but they’ve partnered up with Trustpilot to showcase their ratings. We also found some testimonials on the official Facebook page. 

Here’s how the store rates on both of these pages: 

  • Trustpilot: 4.5/5 stars from 1k ratings
  • Facebook: 4.6/5 stars from 925 ratings 

There’s no doubt that Ace and Tate is doing something right, but there are a few criticisms that we can discuss later. On Trustpilot, consumers are clearly enjoying the brand’s service and products. 

One reviewer writes, “I bought a prescription regular and sunglasses from Ace and Tate. I have a very petite face, and both sets of frames (in their “small” collections) look stylish, beautiful, and great. They’re good quality and usual shapes. The ordering process was easy. Recommend it!” 

How lovely. Another customer says, “I love my new frame and high-quality glasses. Great service in the store and from the optician. Buying new glasses has never been so easy and affordable. Great job!” 

The praise doesn’t stop there. One reviewer says, “I love this company, and this is my second pair of varifocals with sunglasses. I love the styles, the banter, the email updates, and it all feels like a lovely personal service experience. The quality of the glasses and the varifocals are high-quality, and I’m extremely satisfied with them. The fit, comfort, and style are second to none!”

As we mentioned, the company’s Facebook page also gets a lot of positive attention. One customer writes, “Today, I got my new glasses, and I’m super happy! Really good quality modern frames. Lightweight yet solid. Super thin lenses and the blue filter do make a difference for me! Totally recommend Ace & Tate, the best service ever for a glasses wearer!” 

Of course, buyers can’t stop raving about the brand. Another user says, “Frames and lenses are very chic and worth it. The only thing I had issues with was the blue filter, which I could not get used to and they changed for new lenses without any qualms. Nice team of people who care for you a lot and would recommend them anytime!” 

Despite the glowing testimonials, while researching for this Ace and Tate review we did find a few criticisms about customers’ in-store and online experiences. For example, online consumers were having trouble with delivery and quality issues. 

Additionally, there were gripes about in-person customer service. Luckily, the company’s representatives quickly respond to any negative feedback with personal greetings and potential solutions. Plus, these situations seem pretty rare among the glowing Ace and Tate reviews.   

Is Ace and Tate Worth It?

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Any spec-wearing person knows the struggle of finding the right frames for their tastes and face shape. Unfortunately, getting prescriptions filled for sunglasses can be even more stressful. Ace and Tate simplifies and personalizes the process by delivering shades right to your door. 

Based on this Ace and Tate review, we think checking out the brand is a no-brainer, especially if you’re shopping around for a new pair of glasses. It’s clear that the products are designed with the customer in mind. Plus, they’re working towards being a sustainable company, which is pretty commendable in our books. 

Criticisms are floating around, but they’re pretty rare, and it seems like the Ace and Tate team is on top of these issues on the external sites we looked at. 

Ace and Tate Promotions & Discounts 

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Everyone loves a good deal. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any promo codes or discounts for our featured brand. We recommend signing up to receive Ace and Tate’s emails to stay up to date on exclusive deals and the latest drops. 

Where to Buy Ace and Tate

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Are you trying to score a pair of Benjamin sunglasses? You can grab them at The company also has several retail locations across Europe and the UK. 


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Who owns Ace and Tate?

The co-founder of Ace and Tate, Mark de Lange, is the brand’s current owner. 

Is Ace and Tate Dutch?

Yep! Ace and Tate is a Dutch company. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Do Ace and Tate do eye tests?

Ace and Tate offers free eye tests that you can book online or in-store. If there’s no store near you, the company offers other tools to help you find the perfect pair of specs. 

Does Ace and Tate ship internationally?

Besides European countries and the UK, Ace and Tate only ships to the continental US. They are looking to expand in the future. We’ll get into more detail in the following section.  

What is Ace and Tate’s Shipping Policy?

Ace and Tate offers free shipping if your order totals $100 or more. Delivery times vary depending on the product and the prescription. Here are the estimates for each prescription: 

  • Non-prescription (sun)glasses: 1–5 business days 
  • Single vision (sun)glasses: 4–10 business days 
  • Screen glasses: 4–10 business days 
  • Single vision, high prescription: 8–14 business days 
  • Varifocal (sun)glasses: 8–14 business days 

The company ships contacts within 1-5 business days. Note that if you miss your delivery, the carrier will take it to a local pick-up point. You’ll find the location on the postal note or email. You’ll also see how long the location will hold your package. 

If you don’t pick up your order, it will be returned to the company, and a refund will be issued. Unfortunately, Ace and Tate is not able to re-ship orders that are returned to them by carriers, so you’ll have to place a new order. 

What is Ace and Tate’s Return Policy?

If you’re not 100% happy with your specs, Ace and Tate has a 30-day return policy. This applies to non-prescription and prescription frames and any additional accessories. 

To initiate a return, you’ll have to contact the customer experience team to receive a return label. It’s important to note that returns are only free if you live in the following countries: 

  • The UK 
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • The US 
  • Switzerland 

Customers from any other location are responsible for covering return fees. Once Ace and Tate receives your order, they’ll process it and issue a full refund. You’re also able to return online orders in-store. Unfortunately, there’s no information about when your refund will appear on your account.

How to Contact Ace and Tate

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Do you have questions beyond this Ace and Tate review? You can contact their customer service team via the following channels: 

The company’s office hours are from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM, CET.

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