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Colonial Candle Review

Whether you’re setting the mood in the dining room, bathroom, or bedroom, a candle is a must for creating that ‘oh so desired’ warm, relaxing, and inviting vibe. With Colonial Candle, you’ll find an endless selection of options and maybe even a new signature scent for your home.

The brand’s selection consists of exactly what the name suggests: sleek and stylish, fragranced (or fragrance-free) candles in all different forms and sizes. The impressive range is backed by the company’s 161k likes on Facebook and over 8k followers on Instagram. Plus, the brand has been mentioned by publications like Forbes for its soothing, mood setting quality.

If you’re ready to add a little extra light into your life, stay tuned for the rest of this Colonial Candle review. We’ll uncover all the details of the brand, including a list of highlights, in-depth product reviews, customer testimonials, and more, to help you decide if it is the right candle brand for you!

Overview of Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle Review

The origin story of Colonial Candle is quite an interesting one. It was actually the first candle brand founded, owned, and operated by a woman — Mabel Baker. Before the brand launched in 1909, Baker actually hand crafted taper candles as gifts, selling them in Cape Cod. 

While those same candles are still available on the website today, you’ll also find plenty of other candles and waxes, crafted in the US and made from the highest quality materials. 

All this being said, the brand has one clear mission in mind: “upholding over a century of high standards of candle craftsmanship, while sharing our passion for ever-evolving fragrance and style.” Also, since scents are tied to memories, the brand believes lighting candles during the most special moments will enhance it. 

You might have also heard of Colonial Candle of Cape Cod, which was the brand’s original name. Today, the name has shortened, but it still believes in and produces candles inspired by the four C’s of its emblem which represents creative, courageous, confident, and colorful

Now that we know a little more about where the brand came from, let’s take a look at some highlights before lighting the way through some of their bestsellers!


  • Wide selection of US-made, high quality candles
  • Plenty of scents and colors to choose from
  • Fragrance-free options
  • Wooden wicks and soy wax blends available 
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Gift set options
  • AfterPay available 
Colonial Candle Review

You might not know it, but there are actually tons of different candles to choose from. Get ready to expand your horizons, because this Colonial Candle review found that the brand offers more than just your classic single, two, and three-wick candles. 

You’ll also find candlesticks in trendy shades, wax melts, pillars, essential oils, accessories, and more. When you’re looking to turn a space into a feeling, using a scent and shining light in the darkness is definitely the way to go. 

To help you determine which option is best for you, this Colonial Candle review will take a look at some of the top sellers down below!

Colonial Candle Review

When it comes down to it, there are plenty of ways to deck your house out in this brand’s fragrances. Whether you’re filling your fancy wax warmer with delicious scents, donning your mantle with pillar candles, or sprinkling a few tapers throughout your holiday spread, you’ve got options.

In our review, we’ll take a look at the brand’s most popular items, including jars, pillars, and taper candlesticks, to help you narrow down your choices. Once you’ve got a few in mind, you can peruse the website for specific colors, scents, and shapes!

Colonial Candle Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle Signature Collection Dark Forest Review

If you’ve got a thing for earthy notes of oak, balsam, and fresh cedarwood, mixed with light and refreshing scents of lavender and patchouli, opt for the Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle Signature Collection Dark Forest. 

With a 60 hour burn time, you’ll be entranced by the deep fragrance of a trek through the forest. Basically, imagine the sweet silence you find when you’re deep in the woods, with only trees surrounding you, the scent of fresh air, pine needles, and crunching leaves filling your lungs, all from the comfort of your own home. 

The tinted blue glass jar and wooden lid have a masculine touch, doubling the candle as decor for your space. And when you light it, you’ll find the perfect woodsy getaway without having to step foot outside. The Manly Indulgence Scented Jar Candle Signature Collection Dark Forest comes in two different sizes:

  • 15 ounces: $10 on sale from $22
  • 20 ounces: $15 on sale from $30

Colonial Candle Classic Cylinder Scented Jar Candle Holiday Sparkle Review

If you catch yourself feeling more like Ebenezer Scrooge than Tiny Tim as the holidays are quickly approaching, it might be time to light a match, bringing a little joy and brightness into your life with the Classic Cylinder Scented Jar Candle Holiday Sparkle.

The candle features fruity notes of apple, melon, and pineapple, with a woodsy base of pine, sandalwood, cedar, and musk. The fragrances tie together memories, reminiscent of holiday cooking and classic holiday delights.

The clear jar allows the sugarplum color of the wax to shine through, which is also ideal for reusing the jar when the candle is finished. The soy wax blend is completed with two cotton wicks for an even and lengthy burn, ideal for lighting during holiday events and on Christmas morning! 

You’ll be humming along to holiday tunes in no time with the scent of this candle filling the air when you have two size options to choose from:

  • 11 ounces: $17 on sale from $22
  • 19 ounces: $20 on sale from $27

Colonial Candle Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle Sandalwood Bonfire Review

There’s nothing quite like the warm and inviting scent of a bonfire. Marshmallows roasting on an open flame, bare feet in the sand, light sweaters draped over your shoulders on warm summer nights… Bring the sweet memories into your home all year round with the Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle Sandalwood Bonfire

Oud, a scent retrieved from the wood of Southeast Asian trees, supplies the deep, earthy wood fragrance that brings this candle to life. The sandalwood and tobacco deepen the fiery notes, while the three cotton wicks allow the dancing flames to replicate that fireside feeling. 

The sleek, minimalist jar and shiny gold lid add an elevated, elegant touch to any space. Available in a 14.5 ounce size, the Pop of Color Scented Jar Candle Sandalwood Bonfire retails for $24, but is currently on sale for $18.

Colonial Candle Pillar Candle Unscented Review

If you’re into that minimalist Parisian touch, farmhouse vibes, or Scandinavian color palettes, a few pillar candles are a must. The Pillar Candle Unscented is easy to decorate with, staggered along shelves or coffee tables, adding depth and visual interest with such a simple cylindrical shape.

You can also rest them atop unique stands and wide pedestals for a little more depth, drawing the eye across your tablescape or home decor accents. This pillar comes in 5 different shades to match your scheme, including a classic white and a bold cherry red. It’s available in multiple sizes, too:

  • Small (3” x 4”): $11 on sale from $14
  • Medium (3” x 6”): $14 on sale from $18
  • Large (3” x 9”): $17 on sale from $22

Colonial Candle 10″ Classic Colonial Candle Taper Unscented Evergreen Review

For a layered look or a romantic dining experience, dress your table, whether that’s in the entryway or atop your holiday spread, with some 10” Classic Colonial Candle Taper Unscented Evergreen Candles.

The sleek and elegant shape allows the rest of your space to do all the talking, adding a little height and a warm glow to any occasion. There are 10 unique shades to choose from, all of which are unscented, including an earthy forest green and a deep plum. 

For a staggered look, purchase a couple of these 12 packs in different heights:

  • 8” (6 hour burn time): $40 on sale from $54
  • 10” (8 hour burn time): $42 on sale from $57
  • 12” (10 hour burn time): $47 on sale from $63

Colonial Candle Colonial Luxe Scented Jar Candle Indigo Springs Review

Have you ever been in the middle of crafting an at-home spa day, cucumbers on your eyes, fresh pedi on your toes, and a bubble bath running, only to realize something was missing? Perhaps fresh scents of rain combined with the depths of sandalwood and amber, alongside fruity notes of apple, rose, and peach? 

Enter the Colonial Luxe Scented Jar Candle Indigo Springs. This little jar will add a refresh to your day with its 3 dancing flames and 60 hour burn time. The royal blue color of the glass jar and shiny gold lid add a luxurious touch, completing that tranquil spa vibe.

Available in a 14.5 oz jar, this candle retails for $16 but is currently on sale for $12.

Who Is Colonial Candle For? 

Colonial Candle Review

It’s pretty hard not to love the comfortable ambience and attractive aromas that candles provide. But sometimes the burn time doesn’t really last, the price is too high, or the style simply doesn’t match your décor. 

With Colonial Candles, shoppers can choose from many different scents, shapes, styles, and colors to suit their own specific preferences. This means there’s literally something for everyone, whether you prefer spicy fragrances and moody designs or classic whites and fragrance-free options. 

Also, is there seriously a better gift than a candle? It’s something people will actually use, making those warm and fuzzy feelings into something tangible that they can smell in the air. 

With the holidays coming up, it only makes sense to send the gift of light to someone you love, even if that person is yourself! Plus, we like the idea of bringing things back to the brand’s roots: it all started with a simple present.

Colonial Candle Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Colonial Candle Review

We’ve covered the details of the top sellers, but is the brand worth the buy? To help determine what the quality is truly like, this Colonial Candle review has sourced comments from the brand’s website, Amazon, Wayfair, and Candlefind.

Before we delve into customer testimonials, let’s take a look at overall ratings for the brand:

  • Colonial Candle website: 5/5 stars out of 3452 reviews
  • Amazon: 4.3/5 stars out of 56 reviews
  • Wayfair: 4.6/5 stars
  • Candlefind: 3/5 stars 

On the brand’s website, one shopper explains how the winter scents always add a little holiday cheer to their space, writing, “I always try to have Holiday Sparkle and Winter Woods in the house for Christmas. You can actually smell Colonial Candles-much more than the usual candles in the price range.”

On Amazon, a customer rates the brand 5/5 stars and describes how they have continuously come back for more, discovering that every candle is high quality and well made: 

“One thing that makes Colonial Candles great is that the wax is very dense and not filled with air like some other candles. The fragrances are many. The glass container is heavy and well made. The wicks are thick and the burn time is long.”

Shoppers on Wayfair have plenty of good things to say about the brand, too. A couple buyers appreciate the selection of unique shapes and colors, writing: They are “beautiful candles. I had a lot of trouble finding blue candles. These are well made, excellent packaging and fast service.” 

On Candlefind, the shopper reports only docking stars because they weren’t a fan of the scent they ended up buying, which is of course something that can happen. Plus, the brand offers a pretty great return policy, which this Colonial Candle review will cover soon. 

Overall, it’s pretty clear that the brand offers exactly what customers are looking to find: plenty of different candles to choose from, all of which come in different colors and scents to suit the vibe of your home.

The customer service is pretty great, too, as many buyers describe problem-free encounters and quick solutions to any issues.

Is Colonial Candle Worth It?

Colonial Candle Review

With a wide selection of unique scents, interesting color options to match decor, and different sizes and shapes, it’s clear to this Colonial Candle review that the brand is worth the buy! We also admire the simplicity of its origins and the path it has gone down to offer its vast selection of US-made candles.

Also, the Colonial Candle reviews make a lot of things clear: these candles have a great burn time, burn evenly, and also have a decently strong smell. Seriously, what’s not to love? Chances are if you’re into a nice smelling home and ambient lighting, you’ll find what you’re on the hunt for here, and at an affordable price, too. 

Colonial Candle Promotions & Discounts 

Colonial Candle Review

Looking for a Colonial Candle coupon to use on your order? Here’s what we found:

  • Up to 50% off with 12 Days of Deals
  • Free shipping on orders over $75

Where to Buy Colonial Candle

Colonial Candle Review

Customers can shop directly from the website or popular retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart.


Colonial Candle Review

Who owns Colonial Candle?

This Colonial Candle review found that the brand is currently owned by MVP Group International, a company built on “rich heritage, family roots, and strong values.”

It is also a leader in home fragrance, so it only makes sense for it to have adopted a brand that remains so true to the same values.

Does Colonial Candle ship internationally?

At the moment, the brand only ships within the US. This Colonial Candle review hopes the brand will start selling on a global scale so shoppers everywhere can have access to these amazing home fragrances!

What is Colonial Candle’s Shipping Policy?

Anxiously awaiting your order? Luckily, the brand has a clear and speedy shipping policy:

  • Majority of orders ship about 3-5 business days from your order date
  • Shipping times may take between 5-7 days
  • Shipping outside the contiguous US may take up to 4 weeks
  • Orders may be delayed in warmer months to avoid melting that may occur when sitting in warm shipping warehouses

Shipping fees are also straightforward, with a clear list detailing flat rates:

  • Orders less than $30: $7 shipping
  • Orders $30-$75: $10 shipping
  • Orders $75+: free shipping

What is Colonial Candle’s Return Policy?

When it comes to returns, that process is hassle free, too. This Colonial Candle review found that the brand offers clear guidelines for its return policy: 

  • You have a 30-day window (from the date you order) to return the candle 
  • Clearance items can’t be returned
  • Items purchased in-store must be returned to that location
  • Items must be in original packaging and unused
  • Damaged products require photo evidence for return or replacement — there’s no need to send it back

Curious about the return process? To start a return:

  1. Contact the brand (via email or phone).
  2. Fill out the products you’d like to return with an explanation why, or attach photo evidence of defects if necessary.
  3. Confirm all information is correct.
  4. Package items, including original packing slip or all necessary information. 
  5. Shipping costs will fall to you. Send it to:

MVP Brands – Colonial Candle DTC

Attention: Returns Department

600 Sherwood Drive

Union City, TN 38261

After the company has received the package, the refund should be processed within 7-10 business days.

How to Contact Colonial Candle

We hope you enjoyed our Colonial Candle review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, you can contact them using the following methods: 

The brand’s customer service operates weekdays between 8 am to 5 pm EST.

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