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Furniture Work Review

With the average worker in the United Kingdom clocking in around 33 hours per week, it’s worth making your office into your home away from home. Although working from home has risen in prominence in the past two years, people are returning to office spaces now that lockdowns and restrictions have eased up. 

As such, it’s helpful—if not outright crucial—to make your office feel like home. The best way to do that is to personalize it with furniture, tables, chairs, and maybe even a nice plant of your own. Furniture Work, also known as Furniture@Work, carries everything but the plants.

The UK-based brand sells items to businesses and individual customers, meaning that its product selection is as diverse as Anthony Fantano’s music taste. So, if you have an office and it needs furniture, upholstery, or just a tad bit of life, then you may want to check out the UK-based brand with over 600 Instagram followers.

This Furniture Work review will give you the lowdown on what you need to know so you can make an informed decision before you shop with them. 

Coming up, I’ll cover these topics:

  • Products
  • Prices
  • Customer reviews
  • Savings and discounts

Plus, I’ll answer a few frequently asked questions to cap off this article.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview Of Furniture Work

Furniture Work Review

The crux of Furniture Work’s mission is that it’s a go-between for customers and brands. The company caters specifically to buyers in the United Kingdom and distributes products from British businesses. 

This broad mission allows it to serve customers of all types—from freelance writers working from home to major business offices. As such, you already know that its catalog is nothing to scoff at. In fact, it currently distributes more than one million items.

In addition, its connections to local businesses allow Furniture Work to secure prices that other companies wish they could match. And in the event that a competitor does find some way to offer a better price, then Furniture Work will match it. It will drop its prices on the same product if you supply its team with a receipt.

The next portion of this Furniture Work review will cover a couple of the brand’s brightest features so you can learn what you absolutely need to know about them. 


Furniture Work Review
  • Carry products from dozens of different brands
  • Free delivery on all orders to the UK mainland
  • Warranty available on certain products
  • Monthly discounts
  • Can deliver to locations outside of mainland UK

Aside from the products featured in this Furniture Work review, you’ll also find items like these on the company’s website.

  1. Office storage units
  2. Desk chairs
  3. Reclining chairs
  4. Filing cabinets
  5. Folding tables
  6. Reception desks

Furniture Work Review

Now that I’ve given you the necessary background info, I can steer your attention towards the products section of this Furniture Work review.

Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk (Silver Leg) Review

The first item in this Furniture Work review is like an upgraded version of your standard desk. While the Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk (Silver Leg) may not have all the bells and whistles of some state-of-the-art desks you see nowadays, its value lies in its simplicity.

It’s a basic desk set up with drawers that you can align to either the left or the right side. It also has two cable holes at the back through which you can snake your cords so that you don’t create a fire hazard beneath its feet. 

Speaking of feet, the Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk (Silver Leg) has adjustable level feet so that you can make your work surface flat and smooth.

This desk starts for as little as $172.

Furniture Work Admiral Executive Leather Faced Chair Review

Much like how good relationships require a firm base, a good office worker needs a firm support system to be productive—hence the necessity of a high-quality office chair. On that note, allow me to introduce you to the Furniture Work Admiral Executive Leather Faced Chair.

It’s designed as an all-killer, no-filler type of chair. It uses a gas pump to raise and lower itself height-wise, can lock in place for optimal posture, and has an internal weight-balancing system to keep you afloat.

The Furniture Work Admiral Executive Leather Faced Chair comes with a year-long warranty and can be yours for $61.

Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk 3 Drawers (Graphite Leg) Review 

This desk may look similar to the first one I featured in this Furniture Work review, and in fairness, they do come from the same manufacturer. But what sets the Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk 3 Drawers (Graphite Leg) apart is its graphite frame.

In addition, graphite comes with a few benefits that may attract those reading this Furniture Work review. For instance, it’s both heat and stain-resistant, meaning it should survive the worst coffee spills you’ve ever had.

The Furniture Work Value Line Classic+ Rectangular H-Leg Desk 3 Drawers (Graphite Leg) price starts at $172.

Furniture Work Economy Filing Cabinet Review 

You can personalize your office with a rainbow spectrum of colors with the Furniture Work Economy Filing Cabinet. It comes in these colors and other paler hues.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Coffee/cream
  • Orange
  • Red

Plus, every drawer can be locked with a key to keep your files safe. They can also individually hold up to 35kg.

You can choose to have either two, three, or four drawers in the Furniture Work Economy Filing Cabinet set. The price for the least expensive option (two drawers) starts at $162.

Who Is Furniture Work For? 

Businesses both big and small that reside in the United Kingdom would benefit the most from Furniture Work.

Furniture Work Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Furniture Work Review

While there wasn’t a customer review on Furniture Work’s website, I did find a collection of scores on other websites. I put those numbers into this upcoming list.

  • Trust Pilot: 3.3/5 stars based on more than 6,300 customer reviews
  • Reviews Bird: 3.3/5 stars based on two customer reviews

These scores demonstrate that Furniture Work reviews ranged from mixed to positive. I’m going to mention the latter scores first. Those that had good experiences with the company complimented Furniture Work’s prices and quality.

Purchased a home desk and mesh chair from Furniture@Work, and they are the absolute best with outstanding quality, great pricing, and prompt delivery! I’m pleased!” is what one buyer wrote on Trust Pilot.

Another customer wrote a positive Furniture Work review that praised the easy assembly of their purchase. “I bought a two-drawer filing cabinet for use at home. In walnut, it matches my other office furniture perfectly. Easy to put the handles on and the keys were in a packet taped to the back.

I cannot continue this segment without bringing up the negative customer Furniture Work reviews. People mentioned that the company didn’t respond to their questions, shipped products much later than the agreed-upon date, and delivered damaged items.

On the other hand, there were some customers who said that the company was able to rectify any issues with its products. I’ve included one such customer review below.

Chairs purchased are great value for money. Customer services were a little slow to respond, but were good when they eventually did. Slight issues with arranging the delivery, it would be better if you were given a date and the option to change this if not suitable, and given time slot or tracking on the day would be really useful.

Is Furniture Work Legit?

Furniture Work Review

While it definitely seems to be legit, many customers complained about the brand’s delivery and customer service, leading me to suggest that you tread with some hesitancy. 

Is Furniture Work Worth It?

Furniture Work Review

I think that unless you find a product that you absolutely need or at a price that you cannot find anywhere else, then you may want to proceed cautiously with Furniture Work. The negative customer reviews reveal that the company isn’t always the most reliable.

Furniture Work Promotions & Discounts 

Furniture Work Review

Furniture Work frequently runs sales and discounts that rotate on a monthly basis. You can find discounted products under the specific product category on the company’s website.

Where To Buy Furniture Work’s Products

Furniture Work Review

You can purchase products from this company through its website:


Furniture Work Review

Who owns Furniture Work?

I wasn’t able to find out who owns Furniture Work.

Does Furniture Work ship internationally?

Although the company can ship to UK locations that aren’t on the mainland, it can’t send items outside of the UK’s borders.

What is Furniture Work’s shipping policy?

It offers free ground delivery by default to all addresses within the mainland UK. You can also opt for Furniture Work’s express delivery or assembly and installation services for an added fee.

What is Furniture Work’s return policy?

You can request a return up to five business days after you receive a product from Furniture Work.

How To Contact Furniture Work

Furniture Work Review

Here are all the ways you can contact Furniture Work.

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