Overtons Review

About Overton’s

Overtons Review

As the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Watersports and Marine Accessories Dealer,” Overton’s give themselves quite the reputation that they have to live up to. 

But with more than 4k Instagram followers and 100k products in their inventory, it’s worth asking whether they do live up to it.

I’m going to answer that question for you in this Overton’s review by telling you about the following:

  • What the brand carries
  • What their products are like
  • What customers think of them
  • Whether I think they’re worth it or not

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Overview Of Overton’s

Overtons Review

Overton’s began humbly in 1976 as a water ski distributor that operated out of a grocery store in Greenville, North Carolina. They’re a member of Camping World, a massive American corporation that has allowed Overton’s to extend their services across America.

Their profile is rather brief because Overton’s would rather let their products speak for themselves. As such, let’s talk about them after we get through the highlights section of this Overton’s review.


Overtons Review
  • Distributes more than 100,000 water products 
  • Free shipping on all orders over $99
  • Financing payment plans offered
  • Many of their items are not available through other retailers
  • Exclusive deals for Good Sam members

Aside from the products you’ll read about in this Overtones review, the brand also carries products like water sporting goods, docks, anchors, pumps, plumbing, and fishing gear. 

Overton’s Boat Review

The most essential tool when you hit the water is a boat. It’s something you shouldn’t skimp out on from a financial perspective. I’m going to showcase two of the top-selling Overton’s boats in this section of my review. 

Overton’s Aqua Marina 9’9″ A-Deluxe Inflatable Speed Boat with Aluminum Deck Review

Overton's Aqua Marina 9'9" A-Deluxe Inflatable Speed Boat with Aluminum Deck Review
Overton’s Aqua Marina 9’9″ A-Deluxe Inflatable Speed Boat with Aluminum Deck

The Overton’s Aqua Marina 9’9″ A-Deluxe Inflatable Speed Boat with Aluminum Deck is an easy-going boat that’s suited for cruising. It comes together in only a few minutes without the need for additional equipment. It has 3 internal air chambers for robust support. 

You can pick this boat up for $1,329.

Overton’s Bighorn Float Tube Review

Overton's Bighorn Float Tube Review
Overton’s Bighorn Float Tube

If you’re looking to stay comfy on the water then you should look into the Overton’s Bighorn Float Tube. It can hold up to 300 pounds, has a shape that’s phenomenal for steering and overall control, and contains oodles of storage. 

Normally it costs $161, but you can get it on sale for $146.

Overton’s Boat Seats Review

While the previous portion of this Overton’s review spoke about their boats, a boat isn’t worth much if you can’t sit in it. With that in mind, allow me to present you with two attractive Overton’s boat seats.

Overton’s Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat Review 

Overton's Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat Review 
Overton’s Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat

The Overton’s Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat can make you feel like Poseidon sitting on his sea throne. It comes from Overton’s in-house developers who designed it to work alongside human anatomy to follow the curves of our spines. As such, it’s supportive and comfortable in a way that most boat seats aren’t. 

“Bought to replace old boats seats and these are so way more comfortable. Make long boat rides enjoyable again. Thanks,” wrote one buyer.

You can add the Overton’s Overton’s Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat to your boat for $115. That’s 15% less than its regular price of $160.

Overton’s Deluxe Back-to-Back Lounge Boat Seat with 8″ Base Review 

Overton's Deluxe Back-to-Back Lounge Boat Seat with 8" Base Review 
Overton’s Deluxe Back-to-Back Lounge Boat Seat with 8″ Base

The final item in this Overton’s review also comes from the brand’s own designers. The Overton’s Deluxe Back-to-Back Lounge Boat Seat with 8″ Base uses incredibly resilient plastics for durable seats and bases. Underneath those seats is extra storage space. 

One Overton’s review writer said, “Product is excellent. Delivered fast. Looks great in my old boat… Excellent product from an excellent company. They’re comfortable and the bases are easy to setup and seem nice.

This product is also available for sale. You can pick it up for $170 instead of $270.

Who Is Overton’s For? 

Overtons Review

The people who will most enjoy Overton’s are boating enthusiasts who want to save some money.

Overton’s Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Overtons Review

Here are some aggregate Overton’s review scores I found:

  • Bizrate Surveys: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 15,000 ratings
  • Overton’s: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 180,000 ratings
  • Overton’s Torsa Pro Elite Boat Seat: 3.9/5 stars based on more than 30 ratings
  • Overton’s Deluxe Back-to-Back Lounge Boat Seat with 8″ Base: 3.6/5 stars based on more than 50 ratings

Based on these numbers, most shoppers seemed pleased with their experience with Overton’s. One buyer praised them by writing,  

They have pretty much everything you need in one place with multiple options of items. I bought a junky used boat with a trailer that looked like it went 4-wheeling (bent parts, and twisted). After installing the Overton parts, my neighbor said, “It’s starting to look like a real boat!”

Overton’s’ product selection was heralded by customers as being one of the best in the industry. Buyers found products on Overton’s that they couldn’t find on other major distributors. 

For some people, Overton’s became their first resource when they had to order boating parts and utensils.

I’d heard of Overton’s in the past. It was tied to outdoor products. I was looking for a boat cover that wasn’t going to cost a much as my boat… Not only did I find a quality boat cover, I also found several products to winterize my I/O motor and engine and fix up things around the boat. The prices were good and the shipping was, paid. Thumbs up to Overton’s.

Despite all this, not all was fine and dandy in the land of Overton’s reviews. Some customers experienced poor service from the company, dealing with missing inventory, delayed orders, damaged products, and less-than-stellar customer service, among other mishaps. This wasn’t the case with every order, but it did crop up a bit. 

However, that wasn’t the case with every customer testimonial. There were a sizable number of Overton’s reviews that read like this next one, 

I was trying to find a special item to help my pets get back in the boat after swimming. I found it at Overton’s. The website was very easy to use and ordering was simple. I received my order within days and didn’t have to pay for shipping due to the cost of my order. So happy with all my Overton’s purchases within last several years.

Is Overton’s Legit?

Overtons Review

The negative experiences that some buyers reported came with a whiff of drop shipping. Though I wasn’t able to find much in the way of official evidence, some customers said that their products were drop shipped from vendors rather than from Overton’s themselves. 

This explains many of the disputes that some people had with the brand but, as I said, I can’t confirm this with certainty. I’ll leave it like this – not everyone was happy with how Overton’s handled their business but the overall majority were satisfied.

Is Overton’s Worth It?

Overtons Review

I’ll conclude this Overton’s review like this, they’re worth checking out, though potentially with a touch of caution. The negative customer reviews cannot be ignored, but neither can their huge product selection nor their agreeable prices. 

Overton’s Promotions & Discounts 

Overtons Review

Some of the items I mentioned in this Overton’s review are available for sale as the brand is in the middle of their fall promotion. You won’t need an Overton’s promo code to earn a discount through this promotion.

However, if you miss out on that deal, then you can still save money by joining the Good Sam club. Joining it will net you prices that are only available to members.

Where To Buy Overton’s

Overtons Review

You can purchase through Overton’s via their website,


Overtons Review

Who owns Overton’s?

Camping World owns Overton’s.

Does Overton’s ship internationally?

Overton’s only ships to Canada and the United States.

What is Overton’s’ Shipping Policy?

They offer economy, standard ground, and 2nd-day air express shipping. Their shipping estimates are 2 to 7 business days depending on which option you choose and can cost as much as $25.

What is Overton’s’ Return Policy?

You can return an unused item up to 90 days after receiving it to get a refund minus the cost of shipping. 

How To Contact Overton’s

Overtons Review

If you have any questions after reading this Overton’s review, you can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

  1. Call them at 1-800-334-6541
  2. Use the chat function on their website
  3. Contact them through a customer service form 

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