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Parker Clay Review

When shopping for clothing, handbags, shoes, and other accessories, do you ever stop to think, “where is this made?” or “are these materials ethically sourced?” Many people look past the process and just focus on the item they desire. But being mindful of your purchases can make a big difference, both environmentally and ethically. 

Parker Clay is a brand that designs and creates premium leather bags that are made with sustainable materials and methods, which is good in and of itself. But what this Parker Clay review discovered was that each purchase from the company helps provide at-risk Ethiopian women with proper employment and puts an end to their victimization

With over 60K followers on Instagram, the brand has helped raise awareness about the exploitation of women in Ethiopia. More importantly, it has also provided Ethiopian women with over 577K hours of secure employment to help them establish a more stable foothold in their society. 

This Parker Clay review will go over the brand’s process, products, pricing, discounts and promotions, customer feedback, and more to help you decide if this socially conscious company truly lives up to its mission. 

Overview of Parker Clay

Parker Clay Review

After a family trip to Ethiopia, Ian and Brittany Bentley were inspired not only by the ready availability of high-quality materials in the country, but also by the spirit of local women who were striving to keep their heads above water in the face of poverty and exploitation. 

Determined to create an ethical business that could help supply jobs to women in need, the Bentleys named the new venture after their sons and set up shop in Santa Barbara, California in 2013. The brand sources its sustainable leather from Ethiopian providers who treat their animals with respect and care, and offers top fair-trade prices to local farmers

These sourcing methods make for a low environmental impact, and what’s more, Parker Clay has made a policy of hiring at-risk women, providing them with dignified positions that allow them to pay their living wages. The company ensures skills training, career development, and financial opportunities to all of its employees.

Parker Clay has further advanced its social mission by partnering with Ellilta Women at Risk (EWAR), an organization that seeks to give women who’ve been exploited by prostitution a chance to gain back their independence through training and employment. So far, they’ve been successful in helping over 90% of their graduates remain free from prostitution.

The company has also sought to create a community that supports its mission. It has partnered with actor and activist Mary-Louise Parker to design two items, the Nyala Foldover Pouch and the Caroline Tote, the latter named after Parker’s mother. The Parker Clay Ashley Streicher collaboration has also brought the brand’s mission to the upscale beauty industry.

Before getting any further into this Parker Clay review, let’s take a look at some of the company’s highlights. 


  • Handmade, high-quality leather goods created with sustainable materials and ethical sourcing and manufacturing methods
  • Wide variety of Parker Clay mens and women’s items available
  • Classified as a certified B Corporation
  • Brand provides jobs for at-risk women in Ethiopia 
  • Instalment payment plans available via Afterpay
  • International shipping available 
  • Free shipping on orders of $150 and above
  • Free returns and exchanges within 30 days

The brand makes leather goods for both women and men that have a social impact even as they make a fashion statement. This Parker Clay review will now take you through an overview of some of the bestselling products.

Parker Clay Women’s Purses Review

Parker Clay Review

Parker Clay offers a wide selection of ethically made handbags for women, from hobo shoulder bags to sophisticated Parker Clay totes bags. Each bag provides two or more hours of employment for at-risk Ethiopian women, and some larger items, such as the Parker Clay Eden Carryall, provide up to five hours.

We will now review some of the bestselling Parker Clay womens options, so you can decide which bag best suits your style.

Parker Clay Makeda Crossbody Review 

If you’re on a hunt for the ideal crossbody bag, look no further than the Makeda Crossbody. Handcrafted from ethically sourced goat leather or premium suede, this bag has a removable leather strap, a zipper closure, and an attractive tassel detail on the zip.

Available in rust brown, black, and desert suede, this bag is a perfect everyday carry-all. Get the Makeda Crossbody for $148.

Parker Clay Desta Belt Bag Review

One of several Parker Clay ethically made handbags, the versatile Desta Belt Bag was made to stick with you wherever you want to go. With the belt attachment, you can wear it around your waist and rest it artfully over your hip; with the crossbody strap attached, it becomes a cute and functional purse that you can take anywhere.

Lined with goat leather and equipped with both interior and exterior pockets, the Desta Belt Bag is available in black or rust brown for $188. Even better, each bag provides 10 hours of paid employment for the Parker Clay manufacturing team in Ethiopia.

Parker Clay Nyala Foldover Clutch Review 

Made in collaboration with actor and activist Mary-Louise Parker, the Nyala Foldover Clutch mixes cosmopolitan high style with a nod to traditional Ethiophian jewelry craftsmanship in the large brass ring. Each bag provides 5 hours of work for Parker Clay’s workers.

You can use this Parker Clay foldover clutch bag as a mini-tote during the day, or as a classic clutch for a night out. Get it in either red, black, off-white, or sand for $138

Parker Clay Liya Pouch Review 

The Liya Pouch is tad deceptive, as it looks a lot smaller than it actually is. Dainty but containing hidden depths, this pouch can easily fit Parker Clay handmade leather wallets, sunglasses, and your phone all together.

This Parker Clay sustainable leather bag is the perfect small zippered clutch to keep your everyday odds and ends in one spot. You can purchase this pouch for $48 in shades of olive, desert, or navy. Another great clutch style to consider is the Abeba Parker Clay leather envelopes.

Parker Clay Presidio Laptop Sleeve – 13 Inch Review

The Presidio Laptop Sleeve – 13 Inch is a stylish and secure laptop protector for the businessman or -woman on the go. With its soft leather interior and sleek design, it’s an essential and fashionable companion for trips to the office and offsite meetings.

The Parker Clay laptop sleeve 13 inch is designed to fit current MacBook models; the brand recommends sizing up to the slightly larger Sira Laptop Sleeve or the Presidio 15-inch option for older, chunkier computers. The Presidio Laptop Sleeve – 13 inch comes in rust or dark brown for $48.

Parker Clay Sira Laptop Sleeve Review

Slightly larger than the Presidio, the Sira Laptop Sleeve measures 14” x 10” and can easily fit a modern 13” laptop. The leather will also naturally stretch and expand a bit with use, so it could conceivably fit older, larger models as well.

This super-soft laptop cover has a zip close and is equipped with interior pockets to store cords, mouse, and other tech paraphernalia. It comes in light rust brown, which will naturally darken over time and develop unique creases, shading, and accents.

Snatch up the Sira Laptop Sleeve while you can for $79, marked down from $98.

Parker Clay Gebeta Desk Mat Review

You know what they say: when you work in an organized work environment, you’re more inclined to be productive. The Gebeta Desk Mat is the ideal foundation for your workspace: it’s non-slip base is perfect to support your laptop or keyboard, and it can also be used as a desk-protecting writing surface. 

More than that, the full-grain Ethopian leather makes this mat an aesthetically pleasing object that will help your desk (and you) look more organized—and after all, isn’t looking the part half the battle in the workplace? 

Available in rust brown, dark brown, or black, the Gebeta Desk Mat has two sizes and price points: medium (22” x 18”) for $55, marked down from $68; or large (28” x 18”) for $71, regular $88.

Parker Clay Cuyama Coaster Review

Sold in a set of four, the Cuyama Coasters are perfect to use when entertaining guests or simply enjoying some drinks with your household. They also make fabulous and unique gifts that anyone would love to receive.

Deriving their name from a scenic valley that parallels the coastal mountain range near the Parker Clay headquarters in Santa Barbara, these coasters are currently available for $34, down from $42

Parker Clay Waterproof Spray Review

Leather is a beautiful, natural material that needs to be properly taken care of if you want to get the most out of it. Depending on how you treat your leather goods, their lifetime can vary. With this Waterproof Spray, you can add years of usage to your Parker Clay items. 

This spray is made of water-based carnauba wax, which gets dispersed evenly when sprayed onto the leather. Once on the surface, the water will evaporate and leave behind a light film of wax that will help protect the material and give it a waterproofing shield.

Show your leather the love it deserves with the Waterproof Spray for $15.

Where Is Parker Clay Made?

Parker Clay Review

The company produces a range of leather goods, from large Parker Clay backpacks to slim and compact wallets. The brand’s products are designed in California and handmade in Ethiopia, using leather from humane local sources that have been purchased at high fair-trade prices. 

Parker Clay maintains the highest ethical standards in the manufacture of its products, as in the brand’s view sustainability trumps all else. The female employees who create these bags are residents of Addis Ababa, many of whom have been affected by the sex trade. 

Parker Clay considers these artisans a part of their family, and the company seeks to use its sustainable business practices to help build a better Ethiopia together.

Is Parker Clay A B Corp? 

Parker Clay Review

Yes, Parker Clay is a certified B-Corporation. What is a B-Corp, you ask? Basically, this means that Parker Clay is a for-profit business that uses the power of commerce to address social and environmental issues.

To be B-Corp certified, a company undergoes assessments to ensure they’re ethical and maintain a sustainability standard. From their production and shipping processes to their treatment of employees, everything is accounted for. Parker Clay is reassessed and re-evaluated every couple of years to ensure they are still meeting these standards. 

Knowing that the company is a certified B-Corp, you can shop unapologetically and with confidence because your purchase is contributing to better lives for the brand’s workers, and a better world overall thanks to the company’s sustainable sourcing practices. 

How Do You Wash A Parker Clay Bag?

Parker Clay Review

Parker Clay bags come pre-conditioned, so you don’t need to condition them yourself. After a month of usage, you can then condition it on your own. The company recommends keeping your bag protected from excessive sunlight (because they don’t have the luxury of SPF!), and avoid storing it in areas with too much moisture, dryness, or heat. 

When cleaning your Parker Clay bag, use a leather polish or conditioning item that’ll work to extend the leather’s natural characteristics and overall life. If you’re not quite sure which product is best, the brand sells a formulated leather conditioner that is guaranteed to be safe.

When something spills on your bag, wipe it down ASAP with a damp cloth to avoid lasting damage. Once the product dries, apply a leather polish or conditioner to re-shine and restore it.

Life happens, and so do stains. Luckily leather is pliable enough that a soft pencil eraser, suede brush, or fine sandpaper can help remove stains from it. 

Heavy-duty canvas products, such as Parker Clay tote bags, can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap. It’s not suggested to machine wash canvas products because of their leather detailing.

Parker Clay Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Parker Clay Review

This Parker Clay review wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at what customers have been saying about their purchases. We sourced reviews from the brand’s own website, Reddit, and Yelp. Take a look.

On the Parker Clay website, there are a total of 5,247 reviews of the brand’s products, producing an average 5/5-star rating

Writing of the Topa Mini Bucket Bag, one customer complimented its durability, attractive packaging, and the personal touch the company provides with the order.

 “First, the packaging is great! I love the handwritten thank you note from this company! It made me feel special and good supporting a good and honest company,” the reviewer began. Second, the straps are durable and strong. I tend to put a lot of things in this little purse, [including] my heavy wallet, phone, and a small water bottle.”

Another commenter was equally pleased with the quality of the product and the knowledge that she was contributing to the company’s social mission. “Absolutely LOVE this bag! Beautiful, soft, excellent quality leather and craftsmanship!! Can’t wait to buy another one! […] It’s good to know that when I am buying from Parker Clay I am helping other women.”

While browsing on Reddit, this Parker Clay review came across limited discussion on the brand, but what we did find was positive. A commenter who owns multiple items from the brand had high praise for the unique qualities of the full-grain leather that the company uses in its products.

“Their bags are lovely and good quality, however they are not super polished looking if that’s your style. Because they use natural leather, the leather will change over time which I love and I think is beautiful,” she writes.

We only came across three reviews of Parker Clay on Yelp, but they were some of the most moving testimonials to the brand’s social goals. One customer was so impressed with the company’s products that she became further invested in their mission: 

“After spotting an adorable backpack at a coffee shop[,] I knew I had to have one of my own. From the minute I walked in Cassie made me feel welcomed, [and] left me feeling connected to the women in Ethiopia and The amazing Bentley Family. I went in for a backpack and left with a wallet too. […] I am honored to wear your products and speak of your company.”

It’s safe to say customers are thoroughly content with their Parker Clay purchases and are happy to support such a good cause.

Is Parker Clay Worth It?

Parker Clay Review

Is Parker Clay a good brand? Based on its status as a certified B-Corporation, along with several positive reviews online, this Parker Clay review is going to vote yes. For those looking to support sustainable and ethical fashion brands, you can add it to your list.

Not only is the brand socially and environmentally proactive, but its products are also made of high-quality materials that are designed to endure the test of time. Additionally, the minimalist designs of the products are classically beautiful, and the properties of the full-grain leather make every item age in its own unique way.

The brand’s international shipping makes its products more attainable, and its mission more achievable. Along with shipping perks, the company’s returns and exchange policy is flexible and hassle-free.

All in all, Parker Clay is a great company to invest in, as you’ll receive beautiful items while doing your part by supporting its laudable mission. This Parker Clay review deems the brand to be 100 % worth it.

Parker Clay Promotions & Discounts 

Parker Clay Review

If you sign up for the company’s online newsletter, you’ll receive 15% off your first order. There is also a promotion going on at the time of this Parker Clay review which offers US shoppers complimentary delivery on orders over $250.

Where to Buy Parker Clay

Parker Clay Review

This Parker Clay review found that purchases can be made exclusively through The brand has not yet branched out to other retailers.


Parker Clay Review

Who owns Parker Clay?

Ian Bentley is the founder and CEO of Parker Clay. He created the company with his wife Brittany, and they named it by joining together the first names of their two sons.

Where does Parker Clay ship from?

This Parker Clay review discovered that the brand designs their products in California, and has them handcrafted in Ethiopia. The company’s headquarters and flagship store is located in Santa Barbara, CA.

What is Parker Clay’s Shipping Policy?

When ordering from Parker Clay, you will receive free standard shipping on US orders of $250 and over. Orders under that amount will be charged a $5 flat rate.

The company also offers international shipping options. Parker Clay will inform you of all shipping and customs fees at checkout, so you don’t have to anticipate additional costs when receiving your delivery. 

International orders typically ship in 1-2 business days. Shipping times will vary depending on your location. 

What is Parker Clay’s Return Policy?

This Parker Clay review found that the company offers free returns and exchanges on unused orders within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will be issued to your original method of payment, or you can opt for store credit.

All returned items must be unused and in their original packaging to be eligible for a refund or exchange. Final sale and personalized items, as well as international orders, are not eligible for return.

How to Contact Parker Clay

To contact Parker Clay, you can use the following methods:

If you reside in the area, you can also visit the Parker Clay flagship store in Santa Barbara, CA. Store hours are:

  • Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm on Monday to Saturday 
  • Sunday: 11am-3pm on Sunday

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