Plae Shoes Review

About Plae Shoes

Plae Shoes Review

Plae Shoes is an American shoe brand selling comfortable and eco-friendly casual shoes for kids and adults. This company stands out thanks to their colorful styles and foot-healthy designs, and have inspired magazines like Vogue, Forbes, and People to take notice.

Plae Shoes is all about bringing the spirit of play into your footwear, no matter your age. While that means tons of shine and color, it also means shoes you can move in.

My Plae Shoes review has found that this brand designs their shoes in consultation with podiatrist Dr. Mark Weiss to make sure they promote foot health and comfortable mobility.

This Plae Shoes review will give you a look at the company’s best-selling products, customer feedback, and shopping highlights to help you decide if your family’s shoe wardrobe could use a little more play! 

Keep reading to learn more about Plae Shoes.

Overview of Plae Shoes

Plae Shoes Review

Plae Shoes was founded by entrepreneurs Jonathan Spier and Ryan Ringholz. These dads noticed that kids’ shoes were often a lot flimsier than options for adults, and wanted to create well-constructed, wearable shoes for children that took their mobility and foot health seriously

Using their experience in the business world and partnering with foot expert Dr. Mark Weiss, Spier and Ringholz created Plae Shoes to give kids and parents footwear options that look and feel fantastic, and support kids’ feet as they grow.

With details like rounded edges, flexible soles, reflexive traction, and plenty of options for insole support, all Plae Shoes are “built with biomechanics in mind.” They also developed a thorough method of measuring your child’s foot, to help ensure you’re getting the right fit with every purchase. 

Plae Shoes also wanted to make their products as kind to the planet as they are to feet. They decided to manufacture their shoes in a solar-powered factory in Vietnam, where they use eco-friendly materials like water-based glue, recycled cork, and recycled paper packaging. 

This brand quickly gained traction with customers and partnered with Nordstrom in 2014. Today, the company is still going strong. Plae Shoes’ stylish and high-quality products have earned them a devoted customer following, with 343K followers on Facebook. 

Now that this Plae Shoes review has learned more about their story, let’s check out the highlights of shopping with this popular brand.


  • Cute and comfy footwear for kids and adults
  • Eco-friendly materials like water-based glue, natural leather, and cork
  • Great selection of colors and lace styles
  • Range of styles, from splashy neons to basic school uniform shoes
  • Designed with a professional podiatrist
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Refer a friend promotion: Give 20% off, Get $20

Plae Kids Shoes Review

With bright colors, modern shapes, and tons of clever details, Plae Kids Shoes will make you wish you were a kid again! Their best-sellers will take your tots from school to outdoor adventures to the washing machine – and back again. 

Plae Shoes Ty Navy Steel Review

Plae Shoes describes this sneaker as perfect for the “super active super kid.” These shoes look just like a traditional runner, but have two velcro straps instead of laces to help kids of all ages take them on and off all on their own.

Another neat feature? A little hand tab on the ankle so kids can pull their Ty Navy Steel Shoes on quickly, no fastening required. 

The Ty Navy Steel Shoes have suede and nylon uppers, keeping this shoe soft and flexible for maximum mobility. Plus, this pair comes with Plae Shoes’ Active Traction Sole to prevent slips and falls while your little one is on the go. 

While blue-grey-yellow Navy Steel is the most popular color combo, the Ty sneaker comes in a ton of colors, including:

  • Hyper Blue
  • Metallic Silver
  • Denim/Navy
  • Fuchsia/Purple

Buy the Ty Shoes for $64 in 5 – 13.5 in Tots/Kids sizes or 1 – 4.5 Youth!

Plae Shoes Emme Silver Pink Review

The Emme Silver Pink Shoe is a comfortable everyday shoe for kids who love the ease of slip-on footwear.

These shoes have a high-grip, ridged sole for good traction on different surfaces. Their uppers are soft and will move with your child’s feet as they run, walk, and jump.

These Mary Jane-style Plae Shoes also have a velcro strap across the middle, allowing your child to secure them for as tight or loose a fit as they’d like. 

With a closed toe and thorough foot and ankle coverage, these shoes will protect your child’s feet from the elements as they play. This lightweight shoe is perfect for spring, summer, and autumn outings. 

Check out the Emme Shoes’ features:

  • Machine washable
  • Removable Insoles
  • Flexible, breathable suede/nylon fabric
  • Active Traction Soles

The Emme comes in a variety of styles, all with high shine and bright pink accents. You can choose from silver, glittery navy or black, and even chrome pink.

Buy the Emme Shoes for $58 in Kids/Tots sizes 5 – 13.5 or Youth sizes 1 – 3.

Plae Shoes Mimo Hyper Blue Review

You won’t want to save these water shoes for beach days – and you don’t have to! The Mimo Hyper Blue are versatile shoes made to stand up to water use and can be enjoyed on dry land, too.

These cute shoes are a bit of a Crocs-meet-sneakers hybrid. They have a foam plastic exterior with plenty of holes on the sides and tops for water to move through, but also feature a running shoe shape with two velcro straps across the top for security. 

Plae Shoes describes the Mimo Hyper Blue as:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Vegan

The brand also suggests sizing up if your kid’s feet are in-between sizes – this shoe isn’t made to stretch and doesn’t come in half sizes.

The Hyper Blue color is a swirl of baby and navy blue that perfectly fits this shoe’s water theme, but you can also find them in orange and marbleized rainbow shades.

Buy the Mimo Hyper Blue shoe in sizes Kids sizes 8 – 13 and Youth sizes 1 – 4 for $46!

Plae Shoes Sam 2.0 Living Coral Review

These light, bendy shoes are perfect for kids getting ready to have some summer fun! The Sam 2.0 Living Coral shoe has the breathability of a sandal, but with more protection for kids as they move around.

The Sam has a closed toe and full ankle so there’s no danger of them falling off mid-adventure. Their velcro strap can be adjusted for the perfect fit, and let kids manage the on-off process more independently.

My Plae Shoes review found that this pair comes with removable insoles if your kids’ feet need a bit more room or if you’d like to add your own pair. 

This easygoing shoe totally vegan and made of water-friendly material, perfect for days at the pool or beach. They’re also machine washable for easy cleaning.

The all-pink Living Coral is the brand’s best seller, but you can also pick up the Sam in Navy with mint and bright blue accents, and Steel, a sporty grey with yellow and blue trim.

Buy the Sam 2.0 Living Coral Shoe in sizes 6 – 13.5 in Tots/Kids and 1 – 4 Youth for $58

Who Is Plae Shoes For? 

Plae Shoes Review

While the best-sellers in our Plae Shoes review are for the playground set, Plae Shoes caters to shoe wearers of all ages, from toddlers to seniors! 

This shoe brand’s product line has teeny tiny first-shoes-ever to comfy flats and sneakers for adults of all ages. They also keep their shoes unisex and offer a wide range of size options, with child sizes starting at 5 and ending at 13.5, and adult sizes ranging from 6 – 15.5 Women’s/4.5 – 14 Mens.

Families of young children will particularly like Plae Shoes, since their kids’ styles are vibrant and have a reputation for comfort and wearability (not to mention washability!). It’s also pretty handy that you can order a new pair of sneaks for yourself as you update your child’s footwear wardrobe, easily outfitting your whole family in the same high quality shoes.

Plae Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Plae Shoes Review

My Plae Shoes review wanted to check out what real customers had to say about this brand’s novel approach to footwear. Luckily, I found plenty of Plae Shoes review on their official website product pages. Most of the kids’ shoes reviews are written by happy parents who loved their easy-to-wear styles

One mom writes in her Plae Shoes review of the Sam Shoes, My 3 year old son is very picky with footwear and he loves it! He kept it on the whole time. We packed it on our trip to Jamaica & he wears it over his swim shorts, casual clothes…Colors goes on almost all of his outfits.”

A dad loves the Ty Shoes for their sturdy design and tough velcro straps, which help his son take care of his shoe routine by himself

He shares in his Plae Shoes review:I bought these shoes for my 7yr old son who has mild Cerebral Palsey. The double velcro straps are very helpful to him. He can be independent and the straps have alot of durability. The neutral balance of the shoe helps with his stability while playing. Overall he say’s “They are excellent!”

This brand also has a few customer Plae Shoes reviews on their official Facebook page, with customers sharing good impressions of the brand. While I didn’t find much about the brand’s adult shoes, I did note one shopper saying, “Loving my hematite Martens!”

When it came to their kid’s options, Facebook customers were pleased with the quality of the brand’s shoes. One customer was particularly impressed by this brand’s durability, especially considering how much wear kids’ shoes get. 

She writes in her Plae Shoes review: “My daughter had these shoes and it’s amazing how well they lasted. My daughter’s foot outgrew them and we were able to pass them to my niece. Thank you for making quality, fashionable, comfortable shoes!”

Another mom wrote a positive Plae Shoes review on the site Sitejabber, echoing other comments about how these appealing shoes are easy for kids to manage

Writing about several of the brand’s styles, she says: “Lovely shoes for kids. I bought 4 pairs for my kid, different styles and colors. They are comfortable, flexible and beautiful. They are supper easy to put on, that my kids dont need help with it. Love them.”

This company also has a few reviews on the website TrustPilot. One mom loved that Plae Shoes creates soft-soled shoes for younger kids that help their feet develop properly

This returning customer writes in her Plae Shoes review, “Once my children outgrew the soft-soled crib shoes, I struggled to find a shoe with a flexible sole so their feet would still grow optimally…We’ve been buying them ever since – and my youngest two have worn them exclusively as sneakers since being able to walk!”

Generally, customers have loved their Plae Shoes, finding them to be as functional and durable as they had hoped. Parents, in particular, have found Plae Shoes to be a great investment, as their kids get a lot of use out of them and enjoy their great fit and feel.

Is Plae Shoes Legit?

Plae Shoes Review

Absolutely! This brand has been featured by countless media outlets from Fast Company to the Los Angeles Times, and has reliably delivered shoes to families for years, both through their own web store and a range of other major retailers.

Is Plae Shoes Worth It?

Plae Shoes Review

This Plae Shoes review thoroughly checked out the brand’s cutest and most functional best-sellers for kids – and the fantastic customer feedback they’ve received!

We love that this brand has developed kids shoes that aren’t going to be worn down and chucked away after only a year of use. The durability of these shoes means that when kids outgrow them, customers can pass them on to family as hand-me-downs, or to charity shops.

The brand has even partnered with Kidizen to re-sell customers’ gently used shoes. 

It’s also great to see that Plae Shoes offers free shipping over $49, and free returns.  Buying for kids isn’t always easy, and this brand makes trying their shoes a straightforward process for kids and grown-ups, too. 

Overall, my Plae Shoes review is happy to recommend this cool family footwear brand!

Plae Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Plae Shoes Review

Get free shipping when you spend over $49 on your Plae Shoes purchase! You can also use their Give 20% Get $20 program, where a friend can get 20% off their first purchase, and you’ll receive a $20 discount on your next one. 

You can also sign up to the brand’s newsletter for a 10% off Plae Shoes coupon for your first purchase, and keep checking the brand’s official site to see their latest Plae Shoes sale prices and promotions.

Where to Buy Plae Shoes

Plae Shoes Review

Shop the full range of Plae Shoes products from their official site, or find them at stockists like Nordstrom.


Plae Shoes Review

Who owns Plae Shoes?

Plae Shoes is co-owned by founders Jonathan Spier and Ryan Ringholz. 

Are Plae Shoes vegan?

While not every pair is vegan, the brand does have a line of vegan footwear, including two of the much-loved shoes in our Plae Shoes review. Check out all of their options on their Vegan Collection page

Where are Plae Shoes made?

All Plae Shoes are manufactured in their solar-powered factory in Vietnam.

Does Plae Shoes ship internationally?

This brand only ships to the US and Australia, from their respective websites. American buyers can use the links in our review to check out their US site. If you live in Australia, access their Aussie site here

In the UK, you can find Plae Shoes at the stockist Happy Little Soles. Other international customers may be able to find their shoes at local stores, or major retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon

What is Plae Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

This brand ships their shoes across the US, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam.

When you buy over $49 worth of Plae Shoes, your order will ship for free! Smaller orders will ship for a flat rate of $6.95. This Plae Shoes review has found that their free shipping promotion can’t always be combined with special sales offers. Return shipping is also free. 

International orders will be subject to the shipping policies of their respective sites and stores. 

What is Plae Shoes’ Return Policy?

My Plae Shoes review has found that this brand strives to make your buying process as easy as can be. That’s why they offer free customer returns within 30 days of your purchase.

Just make sure to only try on your new shoes inside, since Plae Shoes doesn’t accept items that have been worn out of the house. To start the refund process, visit their Returns page and follow the prompts.

How to Contact Plae Shoes

Here’s how to reach out to Plae Shoes:

  1. Email them at [email protected]
  2. Fill out their online Contact Form 
  3. Send them a text at +1 844 295 9112

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