Regatta Clothing Review

About Regatta

Regatta Clothing Review

Embrace the natural world without fear of the harsh elements with the help of Regatta’s all-impressive products. Including clothing, camping gear, activity wear, and more, this brand is set to be a space for buyers to find whatever they need when it comes to an outdoor lifestyle.

Though smaller in their following and location, this British brand currently has 50k followers on Instagram. The company thrives on returning customers and continual word of mouth to market their business.

This Regatta clothing review will take a good look at reviews, products, prices, and more to determine whether this brand is worth buying from.

Overview of Regatta

Regatta Clothing Review

Opened in 1981, this brand built itself up from the original 12 employees to the millions that now keep the company running. 

Based on a love of outdoor adventures, Regatta got into the marketing world with fun as one of their biggest goals – bringing back the joy that came with venturing into nature.

Focusing on affordable prices and durable products, this business began with the hope of making the outdoors truly accessible. No more worrying over temperature or weather, Regatta aimed to provide products that would conquer any issue Mother Nature could throw. 

Working with casual campers to those who live for the outdoor life, this brand’s mission is to support any external endeavor to make the outdoors outstanding.

Aside from their mission to get people back outside, this company also supports a number of charitable causes and works transparently in their support of colleagues. This means annual reports on gender pay gaps are reported to keep themselves accountable at all times. 

Featuring percentages of gendered workers alongside the payments made each quarter, Regatta focuses on minimizing the gap to emphasize equality.

This brand also steps up for several causes. Supporting Modern Slavery Statement, an organization to end human trafficking, as well as The Honesty Project that works for ethical sourcing, work, trade, and sustainability, this brand speaks up for respectable causes in all that they do.

Sounds pretty good so far, right? Well, this Regatta clothing review will lay out some basic pros and cons to get things in place before moving to the details:


  • Offers a wide range of outdoor/activity apparel and gear for children and adults
  • Positive reviews online
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Durable products
  • Responsive customer service
  • Reasonable prices for lasting gear
  • Financing options available with Klarna
  • Supportive of charitable causes
  • Sustainable practices and products


  • No international shipping
Regatta Clothing Review

Moving from the general points to the specific, it’s time to turn this Regatta clothing review into the products that build the brand. Rather than admiring the whole range of gear, we’re focusing this article on the clothing – specifically some prime men’s and women’s wear that make up a portion of the bestselling pieces from this brand. 

For a full selection of products, head over to the website to see what all is available for camping, gear, and even pets.

Regatta Women’s Review

Launching the products portion of this Regatta clothing review, we’re starting off with women’s wear. These popular products have been highlighted due to their style, build, and beautifully reasonable prices.

Regatta Bertille Lightweight Hooded Waterproof Jacket Grape Leaf Floral Review

Fun, floral, and functional, the Bertille Lightweight Hooded Waterproof Jacket does it all.

Available in a fun Grape Leaf Floral pattern, this gray jacket adds some bursts of color to keep things fun and fresh. Part of the popular Regatta jackets line, this waterproof product keeps customers warm, dry, and comfortable all in one lightweight piece. Secure pockets finish off the jacket with zips and fasteners to keep everything stored tightly during the windiest weather.

Sizes 8 to 20 can casually take on any rainy day, whether out for a stroll or running those endless errands. Adjust the hood and cuffs to keep out any drops and don’t let the rainy day get you down.

This jacket typically goes for $110 but is currently on sale for $28.

Regatta Quinty Short Sleeved Utility Shirt Dress Grape Leaf Review

Lighten up the outdoor look with the Regatta Quinty Short Sleeved Utility Shirt Dress.

Styled after utility shirts, this dress keeps fashion simple and straightforward. Soft and light due to the organic cotton that pieces the dress together, this piece adjusts with the attached belt to fit it to any figure. 

Handy pockets line the chest for both form and function, all in a stunning grape leaf color. This dress is currently on sale for $16, regular price $62.

Regatta Maelie Long Length Half Button Shirt Chambray Review

Look into the stunning line of Regatta shirts, the Maelie Long Length Half Button Shirt Chambray.

Feel the flow of this relaxed fit that naturally slims the waist. The long shirt tale covers any insecurities while providing a beautiful curve that compliments the figure. Perfect for spring and summer, the cooling cotton fabric keeps air moving for a lighter feel while maintaining a heavy, denim appearance.

This piece currently goes for $14 (down from $55).

Regatta Men’s Review

Turning to the Men’s section, we’ve chosen one item each from a range of classic clothing categories. These bestsellers had to be featured to make this a true Regatta clothing review, but be aware there’s so much more out there.

Regatta Bard Coolweave Long Sleeved Shirt Navy Review

Class up a casual look with the Regatta Bard Coolweave Long Sleeved Shirt.

This navy style presents as a traditional button-down that pairs with any pants and jacket for an everyday vibe. The organic cotton and linen blend of this piece keeps air flowing in a relaxed fit, meaning overheating can get lost. Classic, clean, and cool, this shirt suits anyone’s style.

At the time of this Regatta clothing review, this shirt is $14 (rather than the regular $55 price).

Regatta Matt Waterproof Jacket Moonlight Denim Navy Review

Whether out for a hike, an event, or just a walk in the woods, the Regatta Matt Waterproof Jacket keeps the day dry no matter how heavy the storm.

Part of the Hydrafort Waterproof collection, this shell is made to withstand water and wind, leaving the wearer warm and dry. Keeping style in mind, the jacket conceals its adjustable hood until needed, removing the typically bulky piece from the line of sight. 

Bundle up in a soft shell and wait out the storm with the multiple pockets that can hold a variety of items to keep you entertained while waiting for the worst of it to pass.

This jacket is regularly $90 but is currently on sale for $45.

Regatta Highton Mid Length Walking Shorts Dark Denim Review

We’re ending this Regatta clothing review with the always stylish Highton Mid Length Walking Shorts.

Perfect for spring and summer days, these above-the-knee shorts are made to handle the heat and storm. Water-resistant Isoflex material helps these shorts maintain stretch and comfort while battling and water and winds that may come your way. 

Light, cool, and comfy, these shorts also include a built-in UPF protection to shield off the harsh sun.

These shorts typically go for $70 but are currently on sale for $18.

Who Is Regatta For? 

Regatta Clothing Review

Anyone looking to embrace nature and add some activity into their life can look to Regatta for a head start. Covering products for children, adults, and even dogs, this brand features fine fits for all ages. 

Whether new to nature walks or a classic camper, this company has it all for fighting the elements in order to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world.

How Does Regatta’s Waterproof Rating Work? 

Regatta Clothing Review

When it comes to battling nature, you want to know that equipment and apparel can hold up against the worst of it. Regatta has a Waterproof Rating System in place to let customers know exactly how well each product holds up.

The rating system is divided into three symbols that showcase what each product can do in a stormy situation. All waterproof products are designed for comfort, style, and durability with fabrics that provide stretch, breathing room, and moisture-wicking technologies.

The ranks of waterproofing are:

  • Waterproof – these pieces hold up against water and wind
  • Water repellent stretch – quick to dry, these items repel water while maintaining stretch
  • Waterproof breathable – holding up against water and wind, these products are breathable, light, quick-drying, stretchy, and comfortable (probably our top choice)

While there’s a range in price according to the rating, these products are designed for maximum protection against the elements.

Regatta Clothing Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Regatta Clothing Review

This is an honest review, so we can’t openly recommend anything without seeing the real side of it. The best way to do that? Find a Regatta clothing review or two (or a couple thousand) from verified customers.

The easiest place to look for any buyer ratings is the original site, and Regatta is no different. According to the review section, Regatta sits at 4.5/5 stars based on over 660 customer ratings. These ratings cover everything from the business and site navigation to the individual products.

Customers find this brand simple and straightforward when it comes to purchasing. Offering such a wide variety of products, this business works from a place of communication and keeps all channels always open with customers.

One five-star Regatta clothing review stated, “The website was easy to navigate, and I was kept up to date with the shipping process (which was very fast!) when I had ordered etc. I liked the range of products for sale and the images were very clear which helped me to make my purchases.

Customers also made it a point to note “Ordering was a simple, straightforward process and communication was very good. My items were delivered well packaged and very quickly too. I would buy with complete confidence from Regatta again and most definitely recommend it to others. A professional service all around, a pleasure to buy from.

While Regatta holds a higher status on their own site, TrustPilot doesn’t rate them as strongly. The rating platform places this brand at 1.9/5 stars based on 440 ratings. Despite the lower number, the top and most recent reviews are excellent, and praise the company for their quick shipping and service.

One Regatta clothing review commented, “I just ordered a tent and needed it promptly. I was concerned about all the reviews saying that they take ages to send out the orders, so I contacted them first asking about it and I was told Hermes have been having issues. So, I paid for express delivery using DPD and my order arrived the next day. All good from my end.

It seems most of the low-end reviews on TrustPilot concern shipping times rather than the service and products. While shipping is always important for purchases, it’s important to remember that the company doesn’t have any say in how third-party companies deliver items. Delays are natural when it comes to orders, frustrating as they may be.

Turning more towards products, Amazon has a variety of Regatta pieces that are quite well-received. The Regatta Pack-It Over Trousers alone have 4.5/5 stars based on over 4,840 ratings. That’s thousands of customers praising just one of their products.

Outdoor enthusiasts absolutely love the waterproof elements of the apparel and miscellaneous products. Perfect for travel and surviving any storm, these trousers are durable, stylish, and fit to battle Mother Nature.

Great waterproof to save your trousers getting soaked and quick to dry. They came with a great little pouch which fit into my suitcase and hardly took any room. These are nice and quiet, not like some waterproof trousers which make that annoying noise every time you move.

Silent material combined with a quality build makes these trousers a top choice for individuals. These aren’t alone on Amazon as there are numerous popular Regatta products to be found. A few of the top choices available are as follows:

  • Regatta Men’s Trail Walking Shoe: 4.5/5 stars based over 1,535 ratings
  • Regatta Men’s New Action Shorts: 4.1/5 stars based on over 1,480 ratings
  • Regatta Pack-It Waterproof Women’s Jacket: 4.3/5 stars based on over 1,790 ratings
  • Regatta Unisex Kids High Rise Hiking Boots: 4.7/5 stars based on over 250 ratings
  • Regatta Great Outdoors Santa Cruz Open Toe Sandals: 4.4/5 stars based on over 140 ratings  

For customers unable to order from the direct company, Amazon offers a variety of Regatta supplies for comparable pricing. While the full selection isn’t available, there’s still a solid range of pieces to choose from for apparel, gear, and more.

Is Regatta Worth It?

Regatta Clothing Review

It all comes down to this – the final recommendation of this Regatta clothing review. While there are some mixed ratings online, we’re comfortable saying that this brand is worth buying

Despite some comments on slow shipping, many are quick to say service and communication are excellent and the products hold up against time, weather, and nature.

Although shipping isn’t available everywhere, for those able to order, we’re satisfied saying this purchase is safe to make. It’s not simply buying a product, it’s investing in apparel that’s made to last.

Regatta Promotions & Discounts 

Regatta Clothing Review

Regatta has all the options when it comes to promotions to cut those costs. While the brand isn’t crazy expensive in their own right, their discounts continue to pop up throughout the year to bring down prices even more. 

We’ve looked through the options and picked a few of the best discounts to keep in mind:

  • Student discount for 12% off
  • Seasonal Sales
  • The Outlet for up to 75% off
  • Email registration for 10% off

Where to Buy Regatta 

Regatta Clothing Review

For those searching for a place to purchase, the best option out there is at We will be honest though, this source doesn’t work for those outside of the UK and Ireland, so we’ve got a few other options for customers outside of the original site range to look at:

  • SportsDirect
  • Amazon
  • Walmart


Regatta Clothing Review

How long has Regatta been around?

Regatta first entered the market in 1981. Beginning with only 12 individuals, this company has since grown to support millions of workers and customers every day.

Where can I find Sizing Information?

When it comes to finding the right size, this company is all about helping customers get the right fit. Regatta has a sizing chart page available for customers as well as a link on each product page to make sure clients get the right size from the first order.

Does Regatta have Items for Dogs?

Have some pups you want to treat? Regatta has toys and apparel for dogs in addition to their other product categories.

What is Regatta’s Shipping Policy?

Find something worth buying while perusing this Regatta clothing review? We’ve got all the shipping info to make that purchase possible.

We have to start off with the most important information – Regatta doesn’t currently ship internationally. In fact, they’re a UK business that only ships within the UK and Ireland. Sorry to North American readers, but this section isn’t for you.

To those eligible to order from the company, there are four shipping services available.

  • Standard Shipping
    • 3 – 5 business days
    • $6 or free on orders over $76
  • Express Next Day Delivery
    • By 7 pm next day
    • $10
  • Premium Next Day Delivery
    • By noon next day
    • $14
  • Hermes Parcel Shop
    • Within 4 days
    • $7

Not all services are available at all times. Upon reaching the checkout, customers will be able to see what shipping options are available for that time and location. 

Should anything occur that will delay shipments, the company will be in contact every step of the way to keep customers updated on when to expect their order.

What is Regatta’s Return Policy?

We have to respect Regatta for knowing that not every purchase will measure up to high expectations. Some people will want to return items and they’re happy to help customers along. Customers have 28 days to return items for a full refund.

The only things required for a return are:

  • Unused products with the original labels
  • Original packaging
  • Proof of purchase (included in the parcel – don’t throw away the form!)

Have all of that in order? Aside from masks and swimsuits, pretty much everything else can be returned once these items are in order. The return itself is only three simple steps:

  1. Fill out the info required on the return section of your delivery note (it was included in the box, so don’t throw any paperwork away)
  2. Package the item in original packaging with the delivery note inside
  3. Once the original address has been covered, send it off at myHermes addressed to:

Regatta Ltd,
Pioneer Point,
Poole Hall Road,
Ellesmere Port,
CH66 1ST

Once it’s been received by Regatta, a refund will be issued to the original account within the next few weeks. If you don’t see it appear in the account within 3 weeks, reach out to the company for more information.

How to Contact Regatta

Hopefully, we’ve answered every question in this Regatta clothing review, but for those searching for more answers, we’ve got some simple ways to reach out to the brand. They don’t have any available phone numbers, but the company does offer two ways to get in touch:

  • Online: Contact Form
  • Mail: Customer Services,

Regatta Limited,
Basecamp, Mercury Way,
Urmston, Manchester,
M41 7RR

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