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About Rugs.com

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com is an e-commerce home furnishings business based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This company sells a huge selection of rugs and floor coverings to customers in the continental US.

Their styles range from traditional classics like ornate Persian rugs to casual shag rugs, and even outdoor patio rugs, too!

Rugs.com specializes in making rug shopping a convenient and personalized experience. Their website lets you easily browse their wide selection of rugs to find the right one for your home – but this is no ordinary search.

This Rugs.com review found that the company’s retail platform goes above and beyond to help shoppers select the perfect pick.

You can filter your search by color, size, and category – such as Persian, modern, or outdoor – and then further refine your search by things like pattern, aesthetic, shape, and fabrication, to further narrow down their over 1000 rugs to your tastes.

The brand even lets you narrow down their best-selling rugs by state and by weekly sales popularity!

Rugs.com also has two unique search functions: Room and Visual. Room offers their suggestions for specific rooms in your home, like options to suit an office or kitchen.

Visual works like a Pinterest board, letting you filter and scroll a collage of rugs until you see one that speaks to you. Then, you can click it to be directed to other rugs with a similar visual feel. 

Once you have selected your rug, Rugs.com fills orders within one business day and will ship for free, no matter where you live in the continental US.

If you don’t like your purchase, you can even return standard priced items for free, which makes buying from this company a nearly risk-free experience. 

If you’re considering giving your floors an upgrade, read on! This Rugs.com review will cover this brand’s buying information, customer feedback, and purchasing highlights to help you decide if the web retailer suits your style. 

Overview of Rugs.com

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com’s official website says the company is a family business, and that their employees bring over 35 years of experience working in the home furnishings industry. 

This brand is based in South Carolina, US, and primarily source their rugs from manufacturers in Turkey. They make their rugs from a variety of materials, including polyester, polypropylene, polyester chenille, and micro polyester.

Rugs.com also deals directly with their manufacturers, so the brand has detailed product images and descriptions, and is able to offer a wide variety of customization options when it comes to color and shape.

Many people love their products – since Rugs.com was founded in 2001, they’ve sold over 10 million rugs and have amassed 56k followers on Instagram.

Want to know what the hype is all about? Let’s start this Rugs.com review by looking at the highlights of buying from this established company.


  • Free shipping within continental US, no minimum purchase necessary
  • Easy online shopping experience
  • Huge variety of rugs to choose from
  • You can return your purchase at no cost, within 30 days 
  • Less expensive than many competitors
  • Option to upload a photo and virtually try their rugs in your room

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com sells floor coverings in a variety of patterns, shapes, sizes, and textures. From the Solid Shag Rug to the Runner Rug, Rugs.com has a rug for every style and every room! 

Let’s take a look at some of their best-selling products.

Rugs.com 5′ x 8′ Solid Shag Rug Review

The Solid Shag Rug is bringing back the ’70s-style shag carpet with a modern spin! Its soft, tufted look brings a casual coziness into the room. 

This plush rug is made in Turkey out of 100% polypropylene and has a pile height (thickness) of 1.5 inches. It comes in 21 different colors, including:

  • Lilac
  • Tiger orange
  • Light slate blue
  • Sandy brown
  • Grass green
  • Jet black

Rugs.com offers the Solid Shag Rug in a wide range of cuts so it can fit well in nearly any room. It comes in over 30 different shapes, including a 7’ x 7’ round, a 12’ x 15’ rectangle, and an 8’ x 8’ octagon.

The price of this rug, and every rug on our list, will vary depending on the color you choose. 

All versions of the Solid Shag Rug are on sale now from anywhere from 50-70% off. For example, the 5’ x 8’ in Cloud Gray is regularly $178 and is now on sale for $49.

Rugs.com 4′ x 6′ Lattice Shag Rug Review

The super-soft Lattice Shag Rug is made from micro polyester and has a ¾-inch pile height. 

This rug would be a great addition to your bedroom or living room where you can appreciate its warmth and plush texture

Rugs.com has given their Lattice Shag Rug a sophisticated design by adding a pattern of thin grooves into this luxe rug, creating a beautiful, curvy, all-over lattice design.

The Lattice Shag Rug is available in a rectangular shape in a variety of sizes, including:

  • 4’ x 6’
  • 5’ x 8’
  • 8’ x 10’
  • 9’ x 12’
  • 2’ x 6’7” 

You can buy the Lattice Shag Rug in five colors: Dark gray, green, gray, navy blue, and ivory. 

The 4’ x 6’ Lattice Shag Rug is on sale now for $59 (regularly priced at $118).

Rugs.com 2′ x 5′ Sisu Washable Runner Rug Review

This decorative, low-maintenance rug has a very convenient feature – it’s washable! When your Sisu Washable Runner Rug gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine. 

Made out of polyester chenille and with a pile height of only half an inch, this is a light, thin, durable rug that would work well in an entryway or mudroom.

This rug has a faded, vintage look that would suit a relaxed, bohemian home. The Sisu Washable Runner Rug has a worn-in pattern with abstract shapes and a colored border that give it an organic, antique feel.

You can buy the Sisu Washable Runner Rug in 21 different sizes, ranging from a 2’ x 5’ runner to a 9’ x 12’ rectangle.

It comes in the following color choices:

  1. Rust red and beige
  2. Sandy and ivory
  3. Multi (a mix of red, blues, and browns)

Purchase the Sisu Washable Runner Rug, starting at a sale price of $59 for a 2’ by 5’ size (regularly priced $118). 

Rugs.com 5′ x 8′ Lattice Trellis Rug Review

The unique Lattice Trellis Rug is sure to be a conversation starter. This rug has a beautiful geometric print of parallelograms, diamonds, and dots covering the whole carpet. 

While you can buy the Lattice Trellis Rug in many sizes and shapes, its bold pattern would be perfect as a large feature in a living room, family room, or playroom!

This rug is 100% polyester and was made in Turkey. It has a half-inch pile height, making it a thin, light rug that’s easy to lift and roll up when needed. 

You can purchase the Lattice Trellis Rug in 16 different sizes and shapes, and the following color combinations:

  1. Blue (with white lattice)
  2. Multicolor (white base with multicolored blue, maroon, and golden lattice)
  3. Gray (with white lattice)

The 5’ x 8’ Lattice Trellis Rug is on sale for $89 (regularly $178).

Rugs.com 5′ 3 x 8′ Jill Zarin Outdoor Rug Review

The Jill Zarin Outdoor Rug is a bright and modern addition for your porch or patio. This rug has a bold design with a large triangular pattern. Each colorful triangle is shadowed by a white one, giving this rug depth and a fun zigzag effect.

Like all Rugs.com products, this rug comes in a host of color choices. You can buy the Jill Zarin Outdoor Rug in yellow, beige, blue, teal, charcoal gray, rust red, and green. 

Conveniently, you can use this rug both inside and outside. It comes in a range of sizes and shape options, too. You could choose to make this rug a long runner, a square, a round rug, or a classic rectangle.

Add some dimension to your space with the 5’3” x 8’ Jill Zarin Outdoor Rug for $139 (on sale from $278).

Rugs.com 5′ x 8′ Lattice Shag Rug Review

This cute rug lets you combine a classic lattice pattern with the cozy feel of a shag rug. This rug is made of plush 100% micro polyester for maximum softness under your feet

This casual piece would be a great addition to a living room, and would add a warm surface to bedrooms, home offices, and even playrooms.

The subtle Lattice Shag Rug comes in classic colors that are easy to pair with the existing color scheme and textures in your home. You can pick from gray, ivory, light blue, or navy blue. 

Rugs.com offers this item in four sizes, so you can order it in a long, narrow runner or a compact rectangular area rug. 

Made in Turkey, the Lattice Shag Rug has a ¾-inch pile height, so while the surface is soft, this has a sleeker, more contemporary profile than your standard shag rug. 

Pick up a 5’ x 8’ version of this cozy rug, on sale for $109 (regularly priced $218).

Who Is Rugs.com For? 

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com caters to customers who have a flair for design and know what they like – or need help figuring it out! With so many colors, patterns, and sizing options to pick from, Rugs.com will appeal to people with style who love to customize their home.

It’s also perfect for anyone searching for something very specific, or who wants to browse an endless array of options.

Whether you’re looking for a deal on a low-profile doormat or want to invest in an opulent, statement-making area rug for your living room, Rugs.com has something for nearly every taste and every home.

This online market takes pride in offering a huge range of rugs that are accessible to an equally wide range of shoppers. While Rugs.com does offer some more expensive options, many of their rugs are very affordably priced compared to competitors, without sacrificing visual appeal or customization.

People who are looking for a good deal will also love that this website has a dedicated sales section, making it easy for customers to find discounted products. For this reason, Rugs.com is a particularly great option for young people who are furnishing their first home and need to do so on a budget.

People who love the convenience of online shopping will also appreciate how simple it is to browse and order from Rugs.com. The company makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, pledge to fulfill orders within a day, and never charge shipping or return fees.

They even have 24-hour phone and email service to help with every step of the ordering process.

Rugs.com Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com invites customers to leave feedback on their purchases on the brand’s official website. This Rugs.com review noted that many of their buyers comment on how soft and warm their rugs were, and like how their new rugs complement their living spaces.

One customer who purchased the Lattice Shag Rug shared this sentiment in their Rugs.com review: “Bought this for our cabin home and it’s great. Soft and cozy material which is what we were looking for.”

Another customer’s Rugs.com review expressed satisfaction with another top-selling rug, the Outdoor Botanical Rug in a 9’ x 12’:

“Had our rug for about a month now. Couldn’t be happier. Perfect size and it has done amazing. Love having a rug under our feet while we are enjoying our deck.”

On the review site SiteJabber.com, there are some very positive Rugs.com reviews from customers who appreciate how easy it was to place their orders. Multiple customers also mention Rugs.com’s free shipping and helpful return policy

One shopper loved the selection Rugs.com offered, writing in their SiteJabber Rugs.com review: “Wonderful experience from the time I logged on. Looking for something after putting down new floors in the entire upstairs. Great choices of everything to pick from. Multiple sizes, wonderful colors and huge selections. Very easy to find anything you wanted by size, color, rug description, etc.”

On TrustPilot, this company has a very high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. Most customers on their site report that they enjoyed their purchasing experience and love the style options, too!

One Rugs.com review on TrustPilot had a very complimentary complaint: “The only issue I have with Rugs.com is that there are TOO MANY to choose from! What a gorgeous selection and incredibly well rounded variety. There really is something for every taste, and then some.”

Overall, our Rugs.com review finds that customers rate Rugs.com very highly for their convenient services, free shipping, excellent selection, and fair prices.

Is Rugs.com Worth It?

Rugs.com Review

If you are looking for a new rug and want to shop online, Rugs.com is definitely worth your business! This company understands that modern consumers want to be able to customize their home furnishings to express their personal tastes and suit their families’ needs. ‘

They have a beautiful selection of rugs that will appeal to a wide range of styles. They also understand that online shoppers are looking for convenience.

Customers report that Rugs.com is easy to navigate and order from, and I understand why. With their top notch user experience, a traditional retail shopper looking for a traditional hallway runner can find what they’re looking for just as easily as a tech-savvy student looking for modern dorm decor. 

This company has gained customers’ trust by offering a variety of beautiful and well-made rugs at affordable prices. People have shared many positive experiences of buying from this brand, which delivers on its promises of free shipping and easy returns.

Plus, their sales section will help families on a budget find a new rug for a bargain.

Whether you have classic tastes and want an oversized, rectangular floral or Persian tapestry, or would love to experiment with more contemporary, graphic designs in funky octagon shapes, Rugs.com is a great option for anyone looking for a beautiful new rug!

Rugs.com Promotions & Discounts 

Rugs.com Review

Rugs.com currently has many products on sale. Check out the Clearance tab on their official website to see all of their latest sales as well as Rugs.com coupons.

One great deal this Rugs.com review found is the Black Legacy Runner Rug, originally $158 and is now discounted to just $49.

And this deep discount is more the rule than the exception – all of the bestsellers covered in this review are also on sale now!

Where to Buy Rugs.com

Rugs.com Review

All Rugs.com products can be purchased through their official website.


Rugs.com Review

Who owns Rugs.com?

According to Rugs.com, this company is a family business, though no other details are available.

Does Rugs.com ship internationally?

No, Rugs.com ships out of their California warehouse to the continental US.

What is Rugs.com’s Shipping Policy?

No matter how much you spend at Rugs.com, your order will ship for free as long as you live in their shipping area. 

Rugs.com will fulfill your order within 1 business day of receiving it, and will ship it to you using FedEx Ground delivery service. 

What is Rugs.com’s Return Policy?

If you aren’t happy with your Rugs.com purchase, you can return it within 30 days of delivery. To start the returns process, get in touch with their customer service by phone or through their website’s contact page.

Returns are free. Rugs.com will send you the postage after you start the process.

There are a few exceptions: you cannot return sale items, rug pads, or rug cleaners, and your returned product must still be in its original condition.

How to Contact Rugs.com

You can contact Rugs.com in the following ways:

  • Phone: 1-800-818-4097 
  • Email: use the Contact Form on their website
  • Mail: 3425 Hwy 21 Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715 U.S.A.
  • Fax: 803-802-5947

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