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About Sock Club

Sock Club Reviews

Sock Club was established in 2012 and is based in Austin, Texas. Sock club works in partnership with several other American factories to produce their products entirely in the United States. Sock Club founders Dane Jensen and Noah Lee began creating their long line of products in 2014 and today ship to over 230 countries where shipping is available.

Sock Club products are for both men and women.

Sock Club Products

Sock Club Reviews

Sock Club is a monthly subscription service. Catering to the younger generation, Sock Club offers socks that are made from cotton grown in the southern United States, subsequently spinning cotton into usable yarn. Sock Club partners dye the cotton, knit and finish the socks into a variety of color combination, patterns, and styles.

Design and Manufacturing

Sock Club Reviews

All Sock Club products are made in North Carolina and designed in Austin Texas.

Sock Club features the latest in styles starting at $14.00/pair with some styles reduced to $9.00/pair. Sock Club also features a “Starter Pack” for new members in 3 pairs for $29.00, Sock Club Mystery pack also offers 6-pair of assorted styles colors and patterns for $54.00 and $95.00 for 12 pairs.

Sock Club subscription is a 12-month membership. You can cancel any time. Members receive one pair of socks per month unless otherwise stated or noted.

Sock Club subscription memberships are based on a “Pay-As-You-Go program.

Subscription lengths are based on monthly, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Monthly memberships are $12.00 for one month, $36.00 for 3 months, $72.00 for 6 months, and $132 for 12 months.


Sock Club Reviews

All Sock Club shipments are included in the price of their products.

Sock Club charges a flat fee of $1.00 per pair of socks shipped to international addresses. Shipping charges are assumed to be included in the monthly subscription service which includes: $12.00/month for delivery within the United States. $13.00 per month for International members, 6 months at $72.00 and $78.00 for prepaid 6 -month subscription.

Return Policy

There are no Sock Club return policies available at this time.


Sock Club Reviews

Sock club reviews remain mixed although support of Sock Club products in general remains high. As is the case with any company, there remain some disgruntled customers that either did not receive their shipments or the wrong products were sent. Consumer supportive base remains active with a high overall satisfaction rating.

Customer Service Information

Sock Club customer service information remains adequate however needs to be more supportive of all incoming calls. The contact information listed on the Sock Club website is vague with the minimal contact information provided. The majority of Sock Club customer service is conducted online leaving out the “personal touch” of an actual human voice.

Coupon Code

Sock Club Reviews

Sock Club offers no coupon codes or discounts at this time.

Why We Like Sock Club

Sock Club Reviews

We like Sock Club for their ingenuity in creating a company that does not rely on overseas outsourcing. Keeping all manufacturing, growing of cotton used in the manufacturing within the United States and providing work for American employees is admirable. In reality, Sock Club profits could be significantly increased if their products were outsourced overseas.

What We Think Could Improve

Sock Club needs to pay additional attention to their website. There is much information missing from their website as in return policies and a confusing shipping policy that requires some restructuring and clarification. Prices for subscription services are almost double of their competitors. Higher subscription prices may well be related to all of the Sock Club manufacturing process completed within the United States.

Final Thoughts

Competition remains very high in the online clothing apparel subscription services niche. 100% American made is lacking in this country. Perhaps more American companies can learn something from the Sock Club keeping production, manufacturing and American workers united towards one eventual goal.

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