Strideline Socks Review

About Strideline Socks

Strideline Socks Review

Founded by two friends in 2009, Strideline socks has been producing the most comfortable socks in the World. With over five million pairs of socks sold, Strideline continues to design and produce socks that are nationally recognized for their quality and styling. Focusing on solely producing the most comfortable socks, Strideline continues to make large strides towards the top. Strideline is based in Seattle Washington.

About Strideline Products

Strideline Socks Review

Strideline offers a complete line of socks that are designed and produced to accommodate any given style. Strideline provides an extended range of men’s’, women’s and kids socks available in the traditional black and white contemporary styling from low cut ankle to below the knee heights. Their socks are offered in a combination of packs from one-pack at $10.00, three pack at$30.00 to the eight-pack currently priced at $75.00.

Strideline Socks Review

Strideline socks are made with “memory yarns” that form to the contour of your feet. Composition of materials used in the production of these socks includes 37% Tetron Cotton, 32% Nylon 12% rubber,11%Poly Spandex and 8% Micropoly. The addition of air vents and compression padding provides additional support and breathability for your feet. Many sizes are available to accommodate an extensive range of foot sizes.

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Strideline Socks Design and Manufacturing

Strideline Socks Review

Strideline is also the manufacturer of socks for a wide range of professional athlete teams. From the NFL (National Football League) to the majority of NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Strideline is also associated with National Retail outlets including LIDS, Costco, Nordstrom, Target and Champs sporting goods stores. Embossing of school colors and emblems on their specialized socks has brought national recognition and accreditation.

Strideline socks offer complete customization of all socks to fit a particular sport or individual need. Design your own socks on their website for that one-of-a-kind look. Current custom styles include NCAA Premium Athletic Crew, Patriotic Uncle Sam, Realtree Premium Hunting Crew, Harambee, and Beastmode. Cost per pair of these knee-high socks is currently listed at $20.00 for the standard, non-customized styles.

Strideline Socks Shipping Information

Strideline Socks Review

No shipping information can be found on Strideline’ website at this time. Contact the company directly for further details regarding shipping policies, practices, and procedures.

Strideline Socks Return Policy

Strideline socks are sold through National retail outlets including LIDS, Costco, Nordstrom, Target and Champs sporting goods stores. It remains unclear if returns are to be sent back to the retailer or Strideline directly. With no specific information given by Strideline on return policies, one can assume that all returns go directly to the retailer.

Customized socks including all specialized athletic sports socks are not returnable but may be replaced due to faulty manufacturing or other similar defects. Strideline does offer a no hassle, no questions asked return policy, however, provides no additional pertinent information relating to return other than to contact them via email. All socks manufactured by Strideline are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Strideline Socks Reviews

Strideline Socks Review

Company reviews are limited to non-existent on the Strideline website.  Common problems appear to be with shipping and not the quality of their products. Strong consumer support for Strideline colors, styles and appealing athletic looks.

Strideline Socks Customer Service Information

All consumer questions, comments or issues with any Strideline product should be sent directly to them via their email address. There is no other information available to advocate consumer inquiries at this time.

Strideline Socks Coupon Code

Strideline Socks Review

No discounts or coupon codes are being offered by Strideline at this time.

Why We Like Strideline Socks

We like Strideline products for the unique styling and colorful designs of their specialized socks. The National Accreditation of professional athletic teams is a real and positive accomplishment that proudly displays school colors and emblems.

What We Think Could Improve

Strideline needs to either improve their website or start over. Their current website doesn’t offer the information that most consumers are looking for. Their existing website is lacking critical information that consumers are often looking for such as return policies and refunds. Strolling through the Internet looking or this information is frustrating and not a good business practice. Placing all required information of a newly designed and complete website would drastically increase additional sale potential as well.

Final Thoughts

Not overly impressed with Strideline in general although their styling of athletic socks is excellent. If you are not looking for customized socks for team sports, professional, college or other sporting events, then you are most likely wasting your time on this site.

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Asked by Larry Brewer (1 year ago) Reply

The socks are okay, but not worth the price they charge. Once you buy, they badger you with emails and even text messages from numerous sales people.
They failed to deliver the socks on time for Christmas and avoided my emails begging them to cancel the order and have now ignored my request to return the socks. As they were intended as Christmas presents, I had to buy other items for my friends and am now stuck with 32 pairs of socks here in the new year.

Answered by Jennifer Mahoney (2 months ago) Reply

I agree that they don’t handle issues or returns very well. My husband absolutely loves these socks though. I just bought him a three pack for his birthday in April for $25 (after chatting to get my discount and free shipping) and I go on there the other day and the 3 packs are now $48. This makes me so upset because I am not spending $48 on three pairs of socks. And the rewards program is cool but confusing and it says I have points for $10 off or whatever and says free shipping over $25 and it doesn’t take the shipping off unless it’s $50 or more AFTER coupons OR reward (can’t use them at the same time). I don’t know. It is just sad that they increased their prices so much.

Asked by Bob Bunsen (10 months ago) Reply

The toe seam is pretty unobtrusive, but there are little knots at the ends of the seam that always end up right on the top edge of my little toe, resulting in either a blister or a spot worn raw. I got size small, and they’re a little loose. And after over a year of wear, they haven’t noticeably conformed to my feet. IMHO, they’re just overpriced and overhyped.

Asked by Paul Lucas jr (6 months ago) Reply

I’ve been buying strideline socks for about two years I love them j I have no problems with shipping I get them within 7-10 days ordered some around Christmas of 2019 received them in 6 days my feet have never felt better I’m a beekeeper so I’m out in the weather all day at the end of the day my feet are dry unlike my old socks were my feet were damp and sore do don’t know why anyone would say they are just ok and not overly impressed

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