Vanity Planet Review

About Vanity Planet

Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Plant is based in Orlando Florida. Vanity Planet offers skincare, facial brushes, and beauty products for women. Founded in 2016, Vanity Planet has been in business for over two years with a success rate that cannot be determined at this time. There is limited information available on Vanity Planet not only on their website but throughout the Internet.

About Vanity Planet Products

Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Planet offers a wide range of products for women including Oral Care, Teeth Whitening, Facial Brushes, Hair Tools, Manicure/Pedicure, Body Care and Blood Pressure Monitors.

Vanity Planet Design and Manufacturing

Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Planet prices for their long line of beauty and skin care products include, Skincare products from $9.99-$19.99, Makeup Brushes and Accessories from $14.99-$119.99, Hair/makeup Brushes, Dryers and Stylers from $4.99-$79.99, Teeth Whitening from $19.99-$249.99, Body Scales from $39.99-$124.99 and assorted sale items from $19.99-$59.99.

There is no pricing available for Blood Pressure monitors or Manicure or Pedicure products available at this time. The majority of products offered by Vanity Planet are made in China.

Save more with discounts when subscribing to the Vanity Planet monthly subscription service. Sign-up for an mVP monthly subscription service and start collecting points towards additional discounts on the next order. For every 10 mVP points earned your account will receive a $1.00 reward. 1,000 points are equivalent to $100.00 in mVP rewards.

Vanity Planet Shipping

Vanity Planet offers free shipping for mVP (My Vanity Planet) members only. All other shipping charges will be added at check out. All shipments are via the United States Postal Service. There is not information provide where Vanity Planet products are shipped from. Shipping information is vague; however, may be present upon check out.

Vanity Planet Return Policy

Returns are accepted by Vanity Planet up to 45 days from purchase. All returns must be in good condition or slightly-used condition. All returns are to be completed by contacting Vanity Planet at (949) 558-3055, or via email address posted Vanity Planet website. Contact customer service to initiate the return policy.

A prepaid label will be provided once all the return information has been entered into the Vanity Planet system. Returns may take 7-10 business days before posting to your account. There is no provision for email exchanges at this time.

Vanity Planet Reviews

Vanity Planet Review

Vanity Planet is currently rated with an impressive 7.3 out of a possible 10. In star ratings, Vanity Planet, is rated at 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 total. 60% of Vanity Planet consumers remain pleased with the products and quality. Only 17% had some issues with the product or shipping of Vanity Planet products.

Vanity Plant reviews are available throughout the Internet.

Vanity Planet Customer Service Information

Customer service information at Vanity Planet could be better. Customer service is hard to contact even during regular business hours. Leaving messages on multiple occasions has produced no return calls. Email responses are slow and may take anywhere from 3-10 days for a reply.

Vanity Planet Coupon Code

Vanity Planet Review

All vanity Planet products come with a one-year warranty. Save an additional 10% on Vanity Planet purchases with a mVP account. There are other coupon codes for additional discounts but none that are visible on the Vanity Planet website. Contact Vanity Planet customer service center for more information.

Why We Like Vanity Planet

At this time, we offer no formal opinion on Vanity Planet.

What We Think Could Improve

There are many things that Vanity Planet needs to improve on. A well-designed website is not going to bring success when competing against some of the biggest and leading makeup and skincare manufacturers in the world. Overall, Vanity Planet remains somewhat of a mystery with limited information available on many aspects of their company.

When scrolling through Vanity Planets website, many contradicting statements are confusing and misleading. Perhaps someone should take the time to proofread and make changes to Vanity Planet’s website would be a positive step in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

There remains very little and limited information about Vanity Planet other than what is posted on their one website. Reading the published reviews would indicate that Vanity Planet has a strong and loyal consumer following that relies on Vanity Planet products. In a very competitive market, Vanity Planet carries a sense of mystery that is both interesting and concerning.

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Asked by Lisa Dowden (5 months ago) Reply

I ordered on December 7, 2020 2 different transaction. I received conformation on 1 but not the other. I transaction I am looking for is for $59.99. Can you please verify that it was received. Also when was it shipped or has it shipped?!

Asked by CL (4 months ago) Reply


I wish I could give this place ZERO stars. Literally the WORST customer experience I’ve ever experienced.

I tried to return something that has been UNUSED & UNOPENED & they REFUSED to refund me even tho that’s what they say they do. I provided picture proof of the item in its box & sealed and they told me the only thing they can do is provide me a tiny % of what I paid for in store credit.

Why state that you offer returns on unopened items if you aren’t going to follow your own rules.

Unbelievable to think that a company would rather try to keep a few bucks and ruin their relationship and trust with a customer rather than trying to solve their problem and have a loyal customer for life that will potentially spend hundreds more.

Most companies allow you to try a product and provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed otherwise a 100% refund. Especially in the Beauty industry!!

So the fact that this company doesn’t allow that speaks VOLUMES! & Proves that they know their products are shit and that they have no confidence that others will enjoy their products either. That’s why they lie & steal money from other people because that’s the best they can do.

I will forever NOT recommend this company to everyone I know. Awful.

Worst Customer Service Ever
Asked by Angela Marie Corio (2 months ago) Reply

I purchased an item and after opeing it, I read the manuall and realized that they DID NOT recommend this item for certain skin conditions, of which I have three of those listed. I tried to return through their email portal and cannot get through. Itemis unused and in all original packaging. It is IMPOSSIBLE to talk with a customer service representative.

DO NOT purchase anything from this company!

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