8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

Looking For the Best Organic Diaper Brands

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

Babies can go through 5-6 diapers per day until they are potty trained, which typically takes up to 18-24 months (if you’re lucky). Given the number of babies in the world, we’re probably thinking the same thing: “that’s a lot of diapers.” 

In fact, anywhere between 30-40 billion diapers per year are disposed into landfills in North America alone. In virtue of these staggering facts, people are seeking more environmentally friendly diaper options, including cloth diapers, eco-friendly diapers, and just letting their babies go commando (it’s a thing, we swear). 

Even Dr. Rudolf Probst, a medical doctor specialized in immunology, gynaecology, internal medicine and surgery agrees that “they are eco-friendly and good for your pocket”.

Enter the best organic diapers on the market – a planet-friendly, baby-friendly alternative to regular disposable diapers. 

Why Choose Organic Diapers?

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

Organic diapers are typically made either partly or wholly out of plant-based materials. The top organic diapers that are made of ingredients from the earth tend to be completely biodegradable, which puts them a head above their disposable counterparts. 

If you’re looking for another reason to ditch disposable, regular single-use diapers introduce harmful toxins and pathogens into the environment, ultimately harming the atmosphere or even polluting clean drinking water. 

Yet another planet-friendly plus about organic diapers is that they are more strictly regulated than disposable diapers since to be labeled or certified ‘organic’, certain standards must be met, whereas disposable diapers can vary greatly in terms of composition.  

Along with providing tremendous benefits to the environment, opting for the best of the best organic diapers instead of regular disposable diapers may also benefit your baby. 

Because of the natural ingredients used to make them, and because organic diapers do not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrances, they are less likely to trigger irritation or rashes on your baby’s skin. 

A further benefit is that organic diapers tend to be softer and gentler on a baby’s skin by their very nature and construction. Anecdotally, some even say that organic diapers perform better and minimize leakage. 

Overall, if you’re a health-conscious or environmentally-conscious buyer, organic diapers are the natural choice (pun very much intended). You cannot deny the facts: a regular diaper takes up to hundreds of years to properly decompose, whereas biodegradable diapers take a fraction of that time. 

They are better for the planet, and they are better for your baby. Read on to learn more about some of the best organic diaper brands on the market. 

The 8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

In what follows, we will take you through our picks for the best organic diaper brands currently widely available. On this list, you’ll see trusted and renowned favorites like Pampers or Honest, along with names you may have never heard of like Hello Bello or Dyper. 

Whether you’re looking for a diaper that solely delivers on performance, or you want something that has a little pizzazz, we can almost guarantee that something on our list will catch your eye. 

#1: Honest Clean Organic Diapers

Starting off our list is a brand backed by none other than actress Jessica Alba. She co-founded Honest with Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee, and Sean Kane in 2011 and has been making waves since. 

The American company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and is on a mission to provide ethical, responsible, and safe alternatives to common consumer goods. 

The company produces a wide variety of baby essentials like diapers, specially printed diapers, wipes, creams, bags, and diaper cakes. Their diapers are reportedly composed of eco-friendly materials, providing a stylish and comfortable alternative to regular disposable diapers. 

Made with the planet and your baby in mind, the Honest Diapers are no slouch when it comes to keeping things dry and comfy.  Made with advanced leak protection, these diapers are thinner than your everyday diaper but feature a wetness indicator and absorptive material that just won’t quit.

Here’s the fun part: the ingredients used to make the diapers include various plant-based materials such as plant-based PLA and wood pulp. Opting for spandex instead of latex, the Honest Diapers keep their promise of staying organic while providing supreme mobility and coverage for your little one.

Offered in a variety of lovely and colorful prints, you can get them in newborn sizes, sizes 1 & 2, and sizes 3-6, with each size group having different features to accommodate a developing baby’s needs. 

Delivery & Cost:

The price stays the same for all of the sizing options ($11), but what changes is the amount you get per pack. You can expect to get anywhere between 18-35 diapers per pack – the most in size 1 and the least in size 6. 

Honest ships anywhere within the contiguous US or Canada and shipping costs are calculated at checkout (with all orders over $50 receiving free shipping within the contiguous US). 

If something isn’t quite to your liking, the brand has a generous 90-day return policy. Once everything is squared away, you’ll receive a refund minus the cost of shipping and any duties or taxes that might be incurred along the way. 

Unfortunately, any orders to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO addresses, and Canada are final sale.

#2: Dyper Premium Bamboo Organic Diapers

Sergio Radovcic founded Arizona-based Dyper in 2014 to solve his (and many others’) ongoing parental frustrations. Mountains of used diapers ending up in landfills, not to mention the questionable ingredients in regular diapers led to Radovcic’s movement towards organic nappies.

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The company runs on the pillars of integrity, transparency, and respect, aiming to create baby essentials that are kinder to babies and kinder to the world. The site sells organic diapers, cloth diapers, washes, wipes, creams, and more. 

The brand also carries a cool little gadget called the ‘Sense’, which offers instantaneous tracking of temperature and humidity around the diaper so no one ends up sitting in an uncomfortable, wet mess.

Now, onto the best organic diaper that Dyper has to offer, their certified plant-based Bamboo Diapers. Clinically tested and leak-free, these bad boys promise supreme comfort, especially when paired with the Sense to know when any accidents happen.

When you initiate a purchase, you can choose either regular (sizes XS-XL), extra wide (sizes M-XL), or training pants (M-XXL). The sizes correspond to weights, which are written out right beside the size for easy reference. 

If you choose the regular diapers, for instance, you can then choose to receive either a monthly box (224 diapers), 3 sleeves (168), 2 sleeves (112), or 1 sleeve (56). You then write out your baby’s name, how frequently you want to receive your order, and when you would like to start. 

Delivery & Cost:

Going along with the purchase of regular diapers, a monthly box will cost you $76 on each order. if you select 3 sleeves, the cost is $66, 2 sleeves are $44, and 1 sleeve is $22. 

Shipments can make their way to you every 1-12 weeks (3 months), so it’s safe to say their delivery system is as flexible as their diapers. Monthly boxes ship for free, whereas 3 sleeve packages ship for $7, 2 sleeve packages ship for $6, and 1 sleeve packages ships for $5

Here are a couple of extra little bits of info to note: 

  • You can return your items any time – the company does not have a deadline. 
  • If you are a military, fire, or police member, you can enjoy up to 10% off on your order. 
  • Unfortunately, Dyper does not offer international shipping at the time. 

#3: Hello Bello Organic Diapers

Chances are you have heard about either one or both of the co-founders of Hello Bello, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. If not, then they are both extremely renowned Hollywood actors who apparently pilot their own baby essentials and homeware company (what is it with celebrities and diapers?)

Their brand’s mission is to “eliminate the choice many parents have to make – deciding between what’s best for their kids and best for their budget.

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The Waco-based company sells diapers of various kinds, as well as adult gummies, kids gummies, vitamins for all, home and care essentials, outdoor goods, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. All of this is possible through their partnership with Walmart.

Let’s get to the goodies: their bundles are centered around their diapers, which are hypoallergenic, super soft, eco-friendly, and absolutely adorable.

Carefully crafted from plant-based and traditional materials, these products are the best organic diapers the brand has to offer, free from harmful molecules shortened to three letters, such as TBT, DBT, and MBT. 

You can also get them in a variety of stylish and cute patterns, including lightning bolts, elephants, and crawfish, to name just a few. 

Each bundle includes 7 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes, and sometimes cute little freebies. When you initiate the bundling of the bundle, you can choose what kind you want – diapers, training pants, or diapers and training pants – and which sizes you require – newborn-6 (corresponding weights are written beside the sizes). 

After you get all that out of the way, you choose freebies, extras, then you’re good to go!

Delivery & Cost:

Prices depend on the sizes and the type of diaper you need. For reference, their regular diapers in sizes N-6 cost approximately $66 per shipment, minus extras. You can choose whether you would like to receive your shipment every 3, 4, or 5 weeks. 

The delivery frequency can be changed anytime by signing in to your account and heading to your Subscriptions Tab. From there, click the ‘Edit Frequency’ link and access the drop-down list that lets you choose how often you’d like to get the products shipped. 

Hello Bello only ships within the US currently, but they are partnered with Walmart, which makes the brand a bit more accessible (read: much, much more accessible). Shipping is $6 for all orders under $35 and $2 on orders $35 and over. 

Hello Bello currently charges $31 for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. When it comes to returns, the company accepts unopened products within 60 days of their delivery date

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#4: Parasol Organic Diapers

Jessica Hung is the co-founder and CEO of Parasol Co., a US-based, globally-known brand that aims to shape the future generation through safer, sustainable products, and allowing customers to be their best selves.

Parasol sells products such as diapers, diaper pants, wipes, washes, lotions, hand sanitizers, and face masks (of course, just about every company has hopped onto that trend). Their diapers are purportedly made in China. 

Their subscription is mainly focused on their diapers, which feature a high-rise waist, supreme coverage, and a form-fitting waistband elastic. They are also quite absorbent, breathable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and come with a rash-free guarantee. How’s that for a best organic diaper contender? 

The site first asks you to choose between diaper sizes 1-5: size 1 diapers are for infants 7-14lbs, and size 5 diapers are for infants 26+ lbs. 

Then, you can choose the frequency of your shipment between every 2 weeks to every 10 weeks. Lastly, pick how many packs you want per shipment. For reference, 80 diapers are included in one pack. 

Delivery & Cost:

1 pack of diapers costs $36, 2 packs costs $72, and 3 packs costs $84 (down from $108). 

However, if you subscribe, you can get free wipes, free gift packs, and more awesome perks with every shipment. The brand only ships within the contiguous US, but shipping is free. It can take anywhere between 3-8 business days to receive your order. 

Any product that is unused, in its original packaging, and is within 30 days from the delivery date is eligible for return. On a not-so-positive note, any and all shipping costs will not be refunded. All gifts purchased through the site are final sale.

#5: Abby & Finn Organic Diapers

In 2017, Abby & Finn was founded by Amanda and Lance Little and Kyle and Matt Anderson. The Denver, Colorado-based brand seeks to improve the lives of the families their products go to by providing safe, reasonably priced, eco-friendly alternatives to common market essentials. 

The company sells bath essentials, bibs, wipes, balm, sanitizers, and, of course, diapers. Not only are their products pretty great, but they also have a whole host of feel-good vibes to go along with them. 

Abby & Finn is a family-owned business, two families to be exact, so you know they have the hands-on experience to create useful products. They also donate 30 diapers to families in need with every purchase of a subscription box. Absolutely lovely.

As for the diapers themselves, depending on the size you are getting 36-66 per pack. Speaking of size, you can choose from within the range of 1-7, and you can also choose from among 6 different colorways. 

The diapers are made of safe and gentle ingredients such as wood pulp, absorbent polymer, 100% polypropylene fibers, polyester, and polyurethane. That’s nothing new from what we’ve seen so far, but they’ve become standards for a reason. 

They also contain no chlorine, heavy metals, latex, fragrances, lotions or moisturizers, allergens, dyes, or toxins. Also a great plus.

Delivery & Cost:

Straight from the company’s mouth (their FAQ page, actually), a diaper and wipes subscription is $60/month, and a diaper-only subscription is $50/month

You can also purchase products without a subscription, but shipping prices for non-subscription orders will change based on weight and location. Subscription shipping is very much free

Currently, the company only ships within the contiguous US, but they hope to add Alaska and Hawaii to the mix soon.

The company uses FedEx Home Delivery and is happy to issue returns to all unopened packages with no return time limit. In order to initiate a return, reach out to [email protected] to receive an RMA# for your return.

#6: Happy Little Camper Organic Diapers

Many of us grew up listening to Hilary Duff sing and watching her act on shows like Lizzie McGuire. Little did we know that in 2019, she partnered up with Naturalena Brands and its subsidiary lines, Happy Little Camper, an eco-friendly, organic diaper and baby essentials brand. 

Happy Little Camper is based in Irvine, California, and sells products like diapers, wipes, and various gifts. The company is on a mission to produce quality, safe, non-toxic, baby and earth-friendly baby care. 

Their Subscribe and Save bundle includes a 1 month supply of diapers (36 diapers multiplied by 7 packages) made with high-quality, non-genetically modified cotton. The nappies are dermatologically tested and proven hypoallergenic, so they are safe for your baby’s skin.  

You can buy the diapers in sizes ranging between 1-5. Along with the diapers, you get 2 free (optional) packs of wipes with each order, either flushable or made of cotton. 

Delivery & Cost:

The Subscribe and Save monthly supply costs $80/order, which may seem steep, but when you consider the free wipes, along with the fact that you are getting free shipping to the US and Canada, then it doesn’t seem so bad. 

Shipping can take anywhere between 5-7 business days. The company does not mention anything on their site about international shipping, nor is it easily accessible elsewhere online, so we can only say with certainty that they ship within the US and Canada. 

As for the return policy, you have 60 days from the purchase date. In order to do so, call the company at 1-800-927-8260 or email at [email protected].  

#7: Bambo Nature Dream Organic Diapers

Bambo Nature, founded by the Terp-Nielsen family of Abena fame, is a family-owned manufacturer and wholesale retailer of health and personal care products. The company has been headquartered in Denmark since 1953. 

Bambo Nature’s aim is to provide products that are safe, effective, and gentle for parents, babies, and the world alike.

Their diapers, which contain no chlorine, chemical compounds, or other harmful substances, are manufactured in Denmark, their training pants in Greece, and their wipes in Sweden. The site also sells skincare, gifts, and accessories for mothers. 

Their Dream Organic Diapers are packed with three protective layers for extra comfort and absorbency. Not to mention they feature a wetness indicator and a flexible waistband to make sure your baby is always feeling their best.

Like many of the best organic diaper brands we’ve looked at, these diapers are made from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polyacrylate (SAP), and cellulose (TCF fluff).

They are only available in standard white, so while there are no fun patterns like many of the other brands, you can buy them in a good amount of sizes ranging from 1-6. You can also choose whether you would like a one-time purchase, or to subscribe and save. 

Delivery & Cost:

Regardless of whether you subscribe or opt for a one-time purchase, you have a few choices to make in terms of quantity:

  • 36 diapers or 1 bag ($11)
  • 216 diapers or 6 bags ($64)
  • 432 diapers or 12 bags ($122)

If you choose to subscribe, you can get your shipment every 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days. Bambo Nature exclusively ships within the US via standard shipping – there is no option for expedited shipping at the moment. 

More good news! The brand also offers free shipping for orders over $50, and for orders under $50, shipping only costs $8

The company graciously accepts returns up to 90 days from date of shipment on new and unused items. Return shipping is free, but Bambo Naturals charges a $7 restocking fee for all items ($10 if you are returning a bundle). 

#8: Pampers Pure Organic Diapers

Pampers is one of the first names that comes to mind when diapers are mentioned. A little-known fact about the iconic brand, the founder of Pampers, Victor Mills, revolutionized the industry by creating the modern disposable diaper in 1950 during his time as a chemical engineer for Procter & Gamble. 

As time went by, the diaper underwent several changes: in the 70s, the pin was replaced with tape for easy access, and now, we have organic Pampers diapers. 

Pampers Pure Protection diapers are made with premium cotton, plant-based liners, and they are enriched with shea butter. 

Like many quality diapers on the market today, they do not contain any harsh chemicals and materials such as chlorine and parabens and don’t even include latex. The diapers depicted are white, but the organic diapers can be bought in a variety of patterns. You can purchase them in the following sizes and quantities:

  • Size 0 (30 count) 
  • Size 1 (32 count) 
  • Size 2 (29 count)
  • Size 3 (26 count)
  • Size 4 (22 count)
  • Size 5 (19 count)

Delivery & Cost:

The prices as they appear on Amazon are between $22-$29 based on the size and quantity purchased. Shipping costs also vary widely depending on the size you choose and the location the diapers are being shipped from. A few options seem to display $16-$17 shipping costs for speedy delivery in the US. 

Amazon states that eligible baby items and toys can be returned if they are unopened and in their original condition within 90 days of delivery via the Returns Center. If you wish to seek the Pampers Pure Diapers in person, check any retailers that carry Pampers items – they may have them, or at least be able to point you in the right direction. 

Why Should You Buy Organic Diapers?

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

So there you have it, the 8 best organic diaper brands around. You know what they’re all about, but why should you make the switch from conventional disposable diapers? 

The first reason why you should buy organic diapers is that they are better for the environment. Full stop. 

According to Parent Circle, disposable diapers are ranked third in the world in occupying landfills, and they take 200-300 years on average to decompose

On average, a baby requires 5-8 diapers a day, and 90% of babies who use diapers use disposable diapers. Switching to organic diapers will minimize these numbers, which is a huge step in the right direction to showing our world some more love. 

Organic diapers are also great because they are better for your baby. Harmful chemical ingredients like fragrances and dyes are usually included in disposable diapers, and if they are left in contact with your baby’s skin for too long, they can cause a host of issues that can leave your baby feeling uncomfortable at best. 

Also, because of the way disposable diapers are made, they are typically not very breathable. This means that they tend to trap babies’ skins in humid environments for long periods of time, which may lead to rashes and other unsightly skin conditions. 

The last reason, but certainly not the least given how compelling it is, is that diapers are expensive. It costs anywhere between $80-$100 or more to provide diapers to ONE baby PER MONTH. Multiply that by the number of months it typically takes a child to be potty trained (18-24), and you have yourself a hefty wad of cash. 

Couple this with the research that shows that babies who use organic or cloth diapers typically spend less time in diapers and are potty trained faster, and you have yourself a pretty convincing reason to make the swap. 

Are Bioplastics Really Biodegradable and Compostable?

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

It’s no secret that plastic is harmful to our environment. According to National Geographic, more than 5 trillion plastic bags are floating around in our oceans, 73% of beach litter tends to be plastic or plastic-derived, and as of 2015, 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste has been generated, only 9% of which was recycled. 

These numbers are also trending in the wrong direction, given that world plastic production is increasing exponentially decade-by-decade, and plastic takes an indeterminate amount of time to break down naturally. Bioplastics may be the solution.

Bioplastics are biodegradable materials that come from natural and renewable sources such as oil, wood, feathers, algae, beans, canola, natural gas, corn, and even potato starch. They are 100% degradable, versatile, and incredibly durable and resistant. 

If incorporated into diapers, which are the cause of a significant amount of waste and harm in the environment, they can help reduce the carbon footprint and reverse some of the damage that regular disposable diapers have caused over the years. 

The outer layer of a disposable diaper is typically made of polypropylene or polyethylene, and the super absorbent component is a polymer called sodium polyacrylate. Although they are generally safe and non-toxic, these ingredients (especially the superabsorbent polymers) can cause excessive drying and irritation. 

The entire makeup of the diaper is not the best to promote airflow, which may lead to infections. Disposable diapers also tend to contain dyes, fragrances, and phthalates (to make the plastic softer), which are harmful to the skin. 

Replacing these toxic, harmful ingredients with biodegradable, natural ingredients may help to alleviate some of the issues that come with their use. 

Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diapers

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

Cloth diapers, although an environmentally-friendly choice all-around, do carry their own pros and cons. On the one hand, with cloth diapers you save money, you leave less of a negative impact on the environment, you decrease your baby’s chances of developing irritations or rashes.

On the negative side, you will have to be cleaning human waste regularly, doing laundry more frequently, which will result in higher electricity/hydro bills, you are faced with a higher up-front cost, and you are looking at less absorbency, due to the fact that they do not feature the same ultra-absorbent materials that standard disposable diapers do. 

“Cloth diapers are often cheaper, good for the environment, and use better materials against the baby’s delicate skin,” Dr. Probst said. “Cloth diapers don’t contain chemicals in disposable diapers that may have allergenic consequences.”

Disposable diapers have the following upsides: they are convenient, quicker and easier to use, cheaper up-front, and accessible, as they are found in pretty much every department store, grocery store, home essentials retailer, etc. 

They are also much more absorbent and can be hypoallergenic. Their cons have been established extensively throughout this review: they are terrible for the environment in virtue of their plastic composition and fossil-fuel production method, and they are not the best for your baby’s skin, as they typically contain harsh chemicals, dyes, lotions, and fragrances that can irritate the skin. 

How to Choose from the Best Organic Diaper Brands

8 Best Organic Diaper Brands

When it comes to choosing the best organic diaper brand for your baby, you will want to have thought of the following: materials, reusability, compostability, price point, and popularity. 


One recurring ingredient found in the best organic diapers is bamboo. Bamboo has been shown to grow quicker than most other trees, and it can survive without chemicals or pesticides. It’s also quite soft on the skin, less likely to cause allergy rashes (hypoallergenic), breathable, and very absorbent

These are just a few benefits you want to look out for when you are looking through the materials in your organic diaper. 


If you want your baby’s diaper to be reusable (which we don’t blame you for because the cost of putting diapers on babies per month alone is capable of making even the most sturdy person faint), you may want to look at cloth diapers. 

Cloth diapers can be made of all kinds of materials, including bamboo, cotton, hemp, modal, polyester, fleece, wool, and other moisture-wicking fabrics. 

The great thing about cloth diapers is that you can wash them after use, meaning less waste and less diaper money set aside to purchase heaps and heaps of disposable nappies. 


Have you settled on whether you want your diaper to be disposable or compostable? If it’s the former, you have pretty much the entire mass market of diapers to choose from, as the majority of diapers currently available in retail locations are disposable diapers.

If you want your diaper to be compostable, look for ingredients like wood pulp, plant-based gels, or other plant-based materials. Check to see whether your organic diaper brand guarantees complete biodegradability or compostability

Price Point

Pricing is where a lot of parents turn their heads away from organic diapers because they tend to be more expensive than your regular disposable diaper. However, given the statistics that babies in organic diapers tend to spend less time in diapers in general, you may be saving money. 

Also, when you buy organic, you are investing in a better experience for your little one and the planet as a whole, so the price increase is for good cause. With that being said, some parents may be tight on cash, and no amount of flowery reassurance will alleviate that. The most cost-effective option is a cloth diaper, which you can wash and reuse multiple times. 


Popularity was left for last because, ultimately, it doesn’t matter about which brand is getting the most attention, unless that attention is for good things like quality and responsible business practices. 

If that is the case, then yes, by all means, follow the crowd! However, if you notice that the crowd is flocking to a brand just because of its name, then never mind it. Do your research and find the diaper that is best for your baby and aligns best with your priorities and values.

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