10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

Looking for the Best Smart Hula Hoops

10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

As a kid, there were few things more entertaining than using a hula hoop. The activity was challenging but fun and if you’ve ever revisited it as an adult, you know what a great workout it can be. 

This list of the best smart hula hoops rounds up the top models from well-known brands like Swiss Activa+, Lean L!fe, and Heybee to help you get fit and have fun. 

Studies suggest that choosing forms of exercise we enjoy means we are more likely to keep them up. Hula hooping merges cardio, toning, and entertainment, providing a heart-pounding workout we can look forward to.

So where does the whole “smart” part come in? Smart hula hoops use a track design to simulate the act of hula hooping without requiring you to keep the hoop up on your own. 

Made from premium materials, slightly weighted, and designed to be comfortable, this contrasts with normal hula hoops which are quite weightless, hollow, and made from cheap plastic.

The hula hoop as we know it today was invented in 1957 by a toy company called Wham-O. After inventors learned that Australian kids used bamboo hoops in gym class, they developed the modern hula hoop from a type of plastic called Marlex.

The 10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

Though hula hooping can be traced back to as far as 500 BC, the use of weighted hoops for fitness is much more modern. Ready to get moving? Our top picks for the best 10 hoops are just a few twirls away.

1. Swiss Activa+ S5 Smart Hula Hoop

Our top pick on this list of the best smart hula hoops is the Swiss Activa+ S5 Smart Hula Hoop. It takes on a more modern look than the traditional weighted hoop, featuring a hoop that never falls. One look and you can tell it was made for results. 

You’ll find a 30-minute workout with this pretty pink hoop challenging, and by the end, notice you’ve burned the same amount of calories you would when going for a jog. 

The Swiss Activa+ S5 Smart Hula Hoop is made with premium quality materials and is comfortable for long workouts. It comes with a 7-day video training program, as well as thorough instruction and set-up guides. 

Expanding from 22” to 42”, this smart hoop weighs 1 lb and costs $39.95.


  • Never falls
  • Adjustable hip circumference 22-44”
  • Size extension available
  • Massage & Trains the waist
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 7-day training program

2. YaLila Infinity Hoop

The YaLila Infinity Hoop is super easy to use and comes equipped with a timer to help you keep track of your workout. 

In one 30-minute workout, YaLila says you’ll burn as many calories as a 1-hour jog, and thanks to its comfortable massage contacts, this pick on our list of the best smart hula hoops might just give you the most enjoyable workout of your life.

The YaLila Infinity Hoop is made with stainless steel rollers, making it a better choice than those that use plastic. Coupled with stainless steel connection, this premium hoop was made to last.

Take your YaLila Hoop with you anywhere as long as you use it in an open space. Get it for $57.


  • For waists under 40”
  • Comfortable massage contact points
  • Premium materials
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Convenient travel case

3. Swiss Activa+ S4.S Silent Smart Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is one of those activities you can do while watching your favorite show, so their noise level is important. 

This Swiss Activa S4.S Silent Smart Hula Hoop produces 40% less noise than regular smart hula hoops do. Is one of the brand’s newest releases on this list of the best smart hula hoops, made to help you enjoy your workout every more.

The S4.S Silent Smart Hula Hoop is made from high-quality materials, and like other Swiss Activa+ Hoops, comes with 7-day training videos, and a lifetime guarantee.

It’s super easy to assemble, use, and store, expanding from 22” to 42” to accommodate a range of waist sizes. Made in a cute purple color, this effective, smart hoop is $55.


  • Never falls
  • For waists 24-44”
  • Size extension sets available
  • 40% quieter
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 7-day training program

4. Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

Looking for something a little heavier? The Duyomi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop can help. It weighs 3 lbs and uses a 360-degree shock-absorbing massage ring to help you get a great workout and relieve back pain. 

Made from hard ABS plastic, it’s both safe and durable and will last you a very long time. 

The Duyomi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop is made up of 24 detachable parts that measure 43” at maximum. You can detach the hoop by pushing a button, helping you modify or store the hoop easily. 

Available in a wide range of pretty colors, the blue model is currently on sale for $30, while all other models are $40.


  • 360-degree shock absorbing massage ring
  • Made from hard plastic
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Extendable up to 43”
  • Easy to detach & store
  • Range of pretty colors

5. Swiss Activa+ S6+ Smart Hula Hoop with Digital Counter

Counting your workout time, revolutions, and calories, the S6+ Smart Hula Hoop with Digital Counter uses an upgraded digital counter to help bring more clarity to your workout. Making it easy to keep track of your sessions, this genius pick on our list of the best smart hula hoops is an awesome choice for longer workouts. 

Adjustable to fit waists from 22-42”, extensions up to 51” are available for S6+, but you’ll need to order them separately. 

However, this smart hula hoop does come with a 7-day video training program to teach you the ropes and build confidence. Assembly is super easy and instructions are available in 9 languages. 

Get the Smart Activa S6+ for $59.95 along with a lifetime guarantee


  • Enhanced digital tracker
  • Counts calories, revolutions & time
  • 7-day video program
  • For waists 22-42” (extension available)
  • Lifetime guarantee

6. aimaker 40dBA Smart Hula Exercise Hoop

As the name states, this smart hula hoop is super quiet. 40 decibels is about the noise level you’ll find in a library, meaning you’re free to watch a show or listen to tunes while you get a great workout. 

With a total of 338 massage points, this improved hoop boasts 60% more comfortable wear than previous models, stimulating your muscles 30% more too. 

Designed to protect your abs and not bruise them, the Smart Hula Exercise Hoop has a tighter construction to ensure smooth movement. 

Your Aimaker Hoop will arrive with 26 detachable parts that when assembled, measure from 27” to 52” depending on how many you connect. Pick up this new and improved smart hula hoop for $28.


  • 12-month money-back guarantee
  • 27”-52”
  • Detachable parts
  • 338 massage points
  • 60% more comfortable & 30% more stimulating
  • Protective

7. Fit on Form Smart Hula Fit Hoop

This Smart Hula Fit Hoop is one of Amazon’s top choices, and for good reason. Not only is it affordable, but it delivers excellent calorie burn. 

Fit on Form says their Smart Hula Fit Hoop can help you burn up to 800 calories in a week of 30-minute sessions, and while that number depends on how hard you work out and how much you weigh, there are a lot of great things going for this particular hoop. 

Composed of 24 detachable knots, it accommodates waist sizes up to 47” and uses three sets of 360-degree silent, shock-absorbing massage rollers for a smooth and silent workout. 

Featuring soft silicone balls enclosed with iron sand, this well-made, durable smart hula hoop is yours for $20 (normally $60).


  • Great calorie burn
  • Quiet
  • Accommodates waist sizes up to 47”
  • Detachable knots
  • Shock-absorbing massage rollers

8. Lean L!fe Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

The Lean L!fe Smart Weighted Hula Hoop was designed around the premise that using fewer knots equates to having a smoother flow and a better workout. 

With just 13 knots, the brand recommends using the 11-knot setting for waist sizes up to 36”, while leaving the other two off unless they’re needed initially. 

With a hard ABS plastic exterior with soft silicone massage heads on the interior, this high-quality smart weighted hula hoop will last a long time. Its innovative designs will give you a heart-pumping workout, and thanks to the included tracker, it’s one you can visibly see thanks to the calorie count feature. 

Accompanied by a lifetime warranty, this smart hoop weighs just over 1kg and costs $25.


  • Fewer knots
  • Waist sizes up to 36”
  • Durable, long-lasting materials
  • Soft silicone massage heads
  • Digital tracker
  • Lifetime warranty

9. HELMDY Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

If you’re a fan of pretty colors and innovative designs, then you’ll love the HELMY Smart Weighted Hula Hoop. Made in soothing green, pink, and purple, it uses 8 massage magnets to deeply stimulate and accelerate fat burn. 

The Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is made from 13 detachable parts that are adjustable up to 43”. Made from hard ABS plastic and soft rubber massage points, HELMDY promises a comfortable, non-damaging workout you’ll love. They even throw in a stylish sweatband.

Easy to adjust to fit your waist size and exercise preference, the hula hoop is equipped with a counter that measures your calories burned, exercise time, and the number of rotations. Get yours for $36.


  • 8 massage magnets to accelerate fat burn
  • Safe & comfortable
  • Premium materials
  • Accommodates waist sizes up to 43”
  • Free sweatband
  • digital counter

10. Heybee Smart Weighted Hula Hoop

The first thing that stood out about the Heybee Smart Weighted Hula Hoop was its integrated LED digital counter

This pick is a little more advanced than others on this list of the best smart hula hoops, offering 3 vibration modes to speed up fat loss. Vibration lasts up to 30 minutes, and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully recharge your hoop.

Made from premium PC plastic, it’s durable and is equipped with shock-absorbing massage rings to ensure it’s safe too. 

Its 360-degree silent rollers are quieter and smoother than some competitors while the 13 detachable knots make for smooth rotations on waists from 30”-48”. The rope ranges from 9”-18” for adjusting intensity.

Order the Heybee Smart Weighted Hula Hoop for $30 (previously $40), and get a sweat-absorbent towel, a soft measuring tape, and a fitness band for free. 


  • For waists 30”-48”
  • Adjustable rope from 9”-18”
  • 3 vibration modes
  • Integrated LED digital counter
  • 3 free gifts

What Is A Smart Hula Hoop?

10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

A smart hula hoop looks just a bit different than a regular hula hoop, made from detachable links that fit comfortably around your waist. The hoop features a track that a weighted ball rotates around as you move your hips. Smart hoopla hoops can vary in size and weight from 22”-52” and 1-5 lbs. 

Smart hula hoops usually have additional features such as digital counters or timers so you know exactly how long each of your workouts is. 

People looking to burn belly fat and tone their abdominal muscles use smart hula hoops as they have been linked to weight loss and fat loss thanks to the cardio workout and toning they provide. 

Smart Hula Hoop Benefits

There are many benefits to using one of the best smart hula hoops. Here are a few:

  • A smart hula hoop serves as a toning workout for your belly and legs. You’ll use your abs to control the hula hoop and keep it spinning while your legs will keep you stabilized. For those reasons, you may see a loss in belly fat, strengthening in your abs and legs, and some weight loss when using a smart hula hoop consistently. 
  • Smart hula hooping is considered a low-impact toning cardio exercise. This means it’s a great option for those with joint pain or seniors. 
  • Some companies suggest that smart hula hooping can improve your mind-brain connection, leading to clearer thinking, lower stress, and improved blood flow.

Who Is A Smart Hula Hoop For?

The best smart hula hoops are ideal for anyone that wants to do fitness differently. They are proven to help reduce stomach fat (when compared to walking). 

If you are interested in reducing your belly fat, are tired of boring cardio, and aren’t looking for anything too strenuous, a smart hula hoop may be the perfect choice.

How To Choose The Best Smart Hula Hoop

You’re ready to start your fitness journey, but first, you need to actually buy one of the best smart hula hoops. It’s tough when there are so many different options on the market, but considering the following points can help narrow down your options.

  • Size: It’s important to choose the right size hula hoop for your body to ensure you’re getting the right workout. One that is too small or too big means you may not get the workout you hoped for. Some of the best smart hula hoops on this list are adjustable so you’ll always get the right size.
  • Weight: Using a smart hula hoop that is too heavy for you may cause injuries. Be sure to stick to the recommended weight for your body and fitness level. A 5 lb hoop is usually a good place to start, but to take it slow, look for something lighter. 
  • Materials: You want to be comfortable while you hula hoop, and the material of the hoop you use can either help or hinder that. Hard plastic will not be as kind to your body as something coated in a softer material will.  
  • Features: The word “smart” insinuates that an item will have techy features, and in the case of brands like Swiss Activa, that means a digital counter. Their hoops also come with a 7-day fitness program and a lifetime guarantee.


10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

Do smart weighted hula hoops actually work?

So while a weighted hula hoop is still a large ring that you spin around your waist – only with weight to make it harder for better fitness results – a smart hula hoop works totally differently. 

It promises to help tighten up your midsection, while also aiming to be a fun, low-impact way to exercise.

Can you lose weight with a smart hula hoop?

Any activity that gets your heart rate up will naturally burn more calories than activities that don’t (ie. sitting). 

The simple act of adding hula hooping to your routine will naturally help you burn calories. Using a weighted hoop is shown to burn 2-3 times the calories that using a normal hula hoop can, meaning you will burn more calories by using one. 

Weight loss happens when you burn more calories than you consume, so by default, if you introduce smart hula hooping to your routine and do not increase your calorie consumption, you should see weight loss.  

Does a smart hula hoop help lose belly fat?

In a randomized controlled study on the fat-burning ability of weighted hula hoops compared to walking, researchers found that fat in the android region (belly) decreased more with the hula hoops. 

They also said trunk muscle mass increased in the hula hooping group, and overall waist circumference decreased for them as well. Those in the walking group saw lower levels of blood pressure and HDL cholesterol. 

In almost every way, weighted hula hoops trumped the results of walking for exercise

What is the drawback of a hula hoop?

While there are many benefits of using a weight hula hoop, there are a few drawbacks as well. As you can imagine, using a heavy hoop that weighs more than 5 lbs improperly may cause bruising around your ribs, abs, or back. 

Because of the motion required to use one properly, it’s also possible to pinch a nerve or cause internal bruising. Following the instructions and suggested use times is a smart way to prevent injury. 

Final Thoughts

10 Best Smart Hula Hoops

There are many benefits to using a smart hula hoop, just remember to follow the instructions clearly before starting. As long as you avoid over-training with a too-heavy weight, you should begin to see a more defined abdomen and feel the positive effects of this low-impact exercise. 

Since you’ve finished this list of the best smart hula hoops, what comes next? I hope you’ve found the right hula hoop for your needs and preference. Now, the only thing left to do is get moving. 

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