Stores Like Macy’s: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Finding Stores Like Macy’s

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Macy’s has a rich history and has become an iconic retail destination for shoppers due to its expansive catalog of clothing, accessories, home goods, beauty products, and more. They’re in the upper echelon of department stores, but they’re not alone up there, which is why I’ve compiled a list of the best stores like Macy’s to satisfy all your shopping needs.

From Nordstrom to Sears, these stores offer a similar shopping experience with a wide range of products. Whether you’re in the market for clothing, home goods, or electronics, these stores have got you covered. Plus, many of them offer online shopping options for added convenience. So, if you’re looking for a change of pace from Macy’s, look no further than these top department stores.

Top 3 Department Stores

When it comes to department stores like Macy’s, there are several options to choose from. In this section, I will highlight a few of the most popular ones.

#1: Nordstrom

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Nordstrom is a well-known department store chain that competes closely with Macy’s. They have both online and brick-and-mortar stores across the country, and they’re known for their high-end fashion offerings and excellent customer service. Nordstrom attracts customers looking for personalized service and unique, upscale offerings.

#2: Bloomingdale’s

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Another popular department store like Macy’s is Bloomingdale’s. They positions themselves as a high-end department store with a focus on designer and luxury fashion, as well as upscale home goods and accessories. As such, their prices are higher than Macy’s, but you’re paying for premium products.

#3: Saks Fifth Avenue

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Saks Fifth Avenue is a department store chain primarily focused on luxury fashion, including designer clothing, accessories, and beauty products. They feature a wide selection of exclusive and high-end brands, making it a preferred destination for luxury shoppers.

Top 3 Discount Stores

Discount stores are awesome for finding great deals nearly all commercial products. Here are a few of my favorite discount stores that are similar to Macy’s.

#1: TJ Maxx

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

TJ Maxx is one of the most popular discount stores out there, and for good reason. They offer a wide selection of brand-name clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods at up to 70% off regular retail prices. You can find everything from designer handbags to high-end skincare products at TJ Maxx. Plus, they are constantly getting new merchandise in, so there’s always something new to discover.

#2: Marshalls

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Marshalls is another discount store that is similar to Macy’s. They offer a similar selection of brand-name clothing, shoes, and home goods at comparable prices. One of the things I love about Marshalls is that their designer handbag selection that’s offered at prices that won’t break the bank. They also have a great inventory of home decor items, so you can spruce up your living space without spending a fortune.

#3: Ross

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Ross is a solid option if you’re looking for even deeper discounts on clothing, shoes, and home goods. They offer a wide selection of merchandise at prices that are often 50-70% off regular retail prices. While they may not have the same selection of designer brands as TJ Maxx or Marshalls, they do offer a great selection of trendy clothing and accessories.

Top 2 Luxury Stores

These following high-end retailers offer an unparalleled shopping experience, featuring designer brands and exclusive collections.

#1: Neiman Marcus

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Neiman Marcus is a luxury department store that carries a wide range of clothes and other high-quality products like jewelry and handbags. While they do have a home section, they tend to offer smaller home accessories and accent pieces, rather than big-ticket home furnishings like tables or appliances. Neiman Marcus is a wonderful alternative to Macy’s and Nordstrom for those looking for high-end fashion and accessories.

#2: Bergdorf Goodman

Stores Like Macy's: Where to Shop for Fashion and Home Goods

Bergdorf Goodman has been a fixture of New York City since 1901. They’re not only known for their curated designer labels but also their personal shopping service, which includes a complimentary consultation with a stylist. Prices are high with them, but the quality is always worth it.

Overall, these are just a few of the best options for stores that can scratch the same itch as Macy’s. They’re worth checking out whether you’re trying to send money and stock up on essentials or splurge on designer pieces.

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