Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Searching For The Best Mothers Day Gifts 2023

Moms are difficult to shop for. It’s a lot of pressure to give something meaningful that conveys just how much you appreciate her. You know she deserves the best, but when it comes down to the gift, you draw a blank. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together this list of the Best Mothers Day Gifts 2023.

It’s full of creative, special ideas to help her feel like the magnificent woman she is. Don’t get us wrong, flowers and a card are always a good idea, but if you’re looking to elevate your yearly gift, any of these stand-out brands can help.

#1 Relax and Radiate

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Moms have a lot on their plates. To give her the gift of relaxation and self-care, Relax and Radiate delivers a curated box of goodies to her doorstep seasonally, each one packed with fun, useful items.

The brand is geared toward those in their 40s. Paired with an online community that can connect her with other 40+ women, this lifestyle brand offers so much more than just another subscription box.

The Relax and Radiate Crate piles home, entertaining, and gardening products into a beautifully packaged box each season. The items are hand-picked by The Girlfriend team members, and you’ll get 7-12 items per box with an overall value of up to $200. Subscribe seasonally for $50/crate or annually for $45/crate.


  • Lifestyle subscription box catered to women aged 40+
  • Online community to stay connected
  • Seasonally-curated boxes
  • 7-12 quality products per box
  • $200 value
  • Quarterly & Annual subscriptions
  • Free shipping

#2 Blue Nile

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Really want to wow her? Shop with Blue Nile. With dazzling diamonds, precious gemstone jewelry, and values that shine bright, this jaw-dropping brand makes the perfect gift for mom.

If you’re looking for something super unique, use the Build Your Own feature to create a custom piece you know your mom will love. Choose from ethical daimonds, pearls, sapphires, and more, and then set them in gold or sterling silver.

Any time you feel stumped in the process, consult their experts. They’re here to help 24/7. Already know what you’re looking for? Shop their collection of timeless fine jewelry instead. Diamond studs start at $275, sterling silver heart-shaped pendants are $150.


  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Build Your Own Ring feature 
  • Ethically sourced diamonds
  • Quadruple-checked for quality
  • Maximum sparkle always


  • Enjoy up to 50% off jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Use code BLUE2023

#3 Juice Beauty

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

What mom doesn’t want clinically validated, results-proven skincare in their beauty bag? Juice Beauty is known for their organic, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty products like the Stem Cellular and Green Apple lines. 

If your mom needs some advice, hook her up with a live video consultation with one of their skincare experts or cue up the quiz to help you find her perfect regimen. Already know what she wants? Shop an impressive selection of skincare, makeup, and haircare products used by celebs like Lauren Conrad, Gweneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson. 

Gift her a Stem Cellular Anti Wrinkle Booster Serum for $80 or Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer for $52.


  • Organic beauty products
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gives back
  • Video consults & quiz
  • Clinically validated & proven

#4 Athleta

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023 1

Everyone knows that moms are always on the go. Between running errands and hitting the pilates studio, she’s going to need an outfit that keeps her feeling confident and able to move easily.

Founded in 1988 in California, Athleta offers extremely versatile athletic clothing for all types of activities. So, whether your mom plans on dropping off your siblings at school and surfing some waves at the beach later, or she’s the kind of person to lounge around the house in a comfy pair of joggers, you can find something at Athleta.

With all clothing made with a focus on sustainable practices and size inclusivity, the brand has even curated a Mother’s Day Gift Guide on their website to make gift giving easier!

Browse their selection of wraps, tanks, jumpsuits, tees, pants, and everything in between. Or, pick up a thoughtful accessory such as the Coffee Run Wallet if you think it’ll brighten up her day.


  • High-quality athletic wear and accessories for women
  • Specially curated gift guides and outfit suggestions
  • Reputable brand in business for over 30 years
  • Covers a range of activities, from yoga to swimwear
  • Engages in sustainability initiatives
  • Offers a rewards program

#5 QVC Shark Steam & Scrub Steam Mop

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023 2

Simplify your mom’s cleaning routine with the Shark Steam & Scrub Steam Mop. Priced at $139.98, this innovative steam mop features powerful steam blast technology for tackling tough messes and comes with six reusable pads for continuous cleaning.

Safe for all sealed floor types, this lightweight and easy-to-maneuver steam mop provides a chemical-free cleaning solution for a healthier home.

With quick setup and elimination of 99.9% of common household bacteria and germs, this steam mop is a practical and valuable Mother’s Day gift that will save your mom time and effort while keeping her home sparkling clean.


  • Powerful steam blast technology for tough messes.
  • Comes with six reusable pads for continuous cleaning.
  • Safe for all sealed floor types.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver for convenient cleaning.
  • Provides a chemical-free cleaning solution.
  • Quick setup and eliminates 99.9% of common household bacteria and germs.
  • Priced at $139.98, making it a practical and valuable Mother’s Day gift.

#6 Bombas

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

She filled your dresser with them year after year, now it’s time to return the favor. But don’t just gift her any socks, Bombas makes socks that moms actually want to receive and ones they can truly feel good about wearing.

For every pair purchased, Bombas will donate a pair to someone in need. These aren’t you’re average, run-of-the-mill socks though. Designed with their signature honeycomb technology, they provide support and compression in all the right places. Choose from no-show, ankle, calf, quarter, and knee-high lengths in smart materials that wick away sweat to keep your feet cool and comfy.

Love the heart but looking for something different? Bombas also makes slippers, underwear, and t-shirts with similarly smart designs. A pair of socks is about $13, underwear is $20, and tees are $40.


  • Great range of athletic & everyday socks
  • Made from soft long-staple yarns
  • Donates a pair for every pair purchased
  • Sock finder quiz
  • Certified B Corporation
  • 100% happiness guarantee
  • Free shipping over $50

#7 Honeylove

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Shapewear is all about boosting confidence. Sculptwear is even more so. If you know a mom who could use a pick-me-up, Honeylove has best become known for their sculptwear. Each piece is specially designed to ensure it compressesshapes, and lifts targeted areas, all while staying in place.

To ensure quality, Honeylove tests every design. They come in a variety of cuts, including capris, briefs, shorts, and thongs. If your best friend has been complaining about always feeling awkward in a dress, you can bond over exploring the brand together.

No matter what your outfit looks like, the brand aims to have a comfortable solution that will work for you! The brand provides a convenient Size Quiz to help you to find the size for your body type before you purchase.


  • A variety of high-quality shapewear & style options 
  • Gives back to its industry & community 
  • Smart compression panels to ensure comfort and a seamless fit
  • Size inclusive line ranges from XS to 3X
  • Many positive reviews found online from reputable sources 
  • 30-day fit guarantee, free returns

#8 Nood

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

“I love shaving!” said literally no woman, ever. Moms have even less time to dedicate to personal care, so products that pull their weight–and quickly–are essential.

The Nood Flasher 2.0 is the latest model of this brand’s hair removal device. It has the highest intensity lamp that won’t damage sensitive skin while still being effective. With a wide treatment window, sessions are just 10 minutes long and since the lens has a UV filter, you won’t have to worry about harmful UV damage to your skin.

Accompanied by a 90-day hair-free guarantee, if you aren’t hairless where you want to be in 90 days, they’ll give you your money back.

You can get The Flasher 2.0 for $298 (normally $385) or nab it with the No Grow Membership for $265. Your membership will include a personalized treatment plan, concierge support, and free replacement lenses.


  • Protects against UV damage
  • Wide treatment window
  • 10 minutes per session
  • 90-day hair-free guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

#9 Rimowa

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Thinking of sending your mom on that trip she’s always dreamed of? Make sure she arrives in style. Rimowa‘s chic and incredibly durable luggage gets you there without the fuss, helping you stay organized and looking good from gate to gate.

Made from high-end anodized aluminum, Rimowa’s unmistakably iconic suitcases feature classic grooves and a design that was created to last. From hard-working luggage to travel-friendly bags, this brand will keep you organized and your things protected.

One of their Original Cabin suitcases is $1,400, an Essential Cabin bag is $875.


  • Made from high-end anodized aluminum
  • Iconic design
  • Incredibly durable
  • Lightweight options
  • Customization available
  • Quality Tested
  • Lifetime Guarantee

#10 Prose

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Who doesn’t want their needs met? Moms deserve personal pampering the most, so custom hair care is a no-brainer. It’s a super thoughtful gift that takes her hair’s unique needs into account.

Between stress, over-bleaching, and hard water, breakage and frizz are at an all-time high. Prose takes your life and environment into account when creating your custom line of hair care products.

From pre-shampoo masks to curl creams, they get to the root of your hair issues and help emphasize your hair’s strengths (think: curls, volume, etc.) Their ingredients are just as fantastic as their service. Everything they use is high quality and effective, researched by their world-class R&D team, and sourced sustainably.

There’s a reason they have 400k 5-star reviews. Prices start at $24 per product.


  • Totally custom haircare
  • Naturally effective & clean ingredients
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Climate Neutral
  • Offers free reformulations

#11 Cariuma

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Moms like to look fresh too. We’ve been rocking Cariuma shoes for a while now and have nothing but awesome things to say about them. With a casual-cool design and durable materials and their sustainable mission, if your mom is an eco-warrior, look no further than these cute, casual kicks.

Cariuma has a few different styles of shoes to choose from. Their OCA Lows (which had a 34k waitlist by the way) are fun and an easy everyday pair while their SALVAS take on a more classic skate shoe style. Made from cleaner leather and premium natural materials, Cariuma also offers carbon-neutral shipping and recycled/recyclable packaging.

A pair of OCAs is $79, the SALVAS are $129.


  • Everyday casual & skate shoe styles
  • Tons of patterns & colors
  • Ethical factories
  • Handmade for comfort
  • Plants 2 trees for every pair of shoes bought
  • Premium natural materials
  • Certified B Corporation

#12 Calista AirGlide Multi Tasking Cool Breeze Styler

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

Is your mom constantly styling her hair? Make her life easier with a multifunctional tool.

The Calista AirGlide Multi Tasking Cool Breeze Styler releases a cooling breeze as your style your hair. It can straighten, wave, or curl all lengths of hair, setting the style in place as you go.

With 1″ floating plates that won’t snag, you won’t get any of the clamping or creasing you normally experience with hot tools. Available in 3 pretty colorways, you can pick up this genius tool for $79 (normally $99).


  • Won’t crease hair
  • Styes & sets at the same time
  • Reduces styling time
  • For short to long hair
  • Made in gorgeous colors

#13 Dr. Denese HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2023

If your mom is a skincare fanatic, then beauty products make the perfect gift. Formulated with clean ingredients, the Dr. Denese HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream is made with ceramides and retinol to lift and firm sagging skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Delivering noticeable results, this 7oz jar of cream can be used in the AM and PM. Customers call it an “anti-wrinkle expert” and those who buy it use it for years. Suggested for anyone over the age of 35, HydroSheild comes from the collection of anti-aging products offered by renowned skin care specialist Dr. Adrienne Denese.

You can pick up a jumbo-size jar for $62 (normally $89).


  • Clean & powerful ingredients
  • Doctor developed
  • Clinically tested
  • Visible results
  • Reduces wrinkles & dry lines 
  • Jumbo size deal

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