Abbyson Furniture Review

About Abbyson Furniture

Abbyson Furniture Review

There’s only so much space where we live. If we could fill it with as much furniture as we wanted then wouldn’t we all be as happy as clams? Sadly, we have to be picky with our furniture so that we don’t hoard pieces we don’t need[1]. The best way to cut down on that clutter is by shopping with the right distributors, and Abbyson Furniture may be one of them.

The LA-based company has been pushing the furniture industry forward for the past three decades through their products and their business decisions. They hold a strong customer following too, garnering more than 32k followers on Instagram.

In this Abbyson Furniture review, you’ll learn about the brand’s history, their products, their prices, what customers have to say about them, and their discounts so that you can decide whether or not they’re worth your money.

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Overview of Abbyson Furniture

Abbyson Furniture Review

Abbyson Furniture‘s founder Abby Rafieha’s life changed when he met the Dalai Lama in 1987. The meeting inspired him to travel around the world and learn more about rugs and furniture. He returned to America in 1991 and established Abbyson as an e-commerce site specializing in selling imported Tibetan rugs.

And what would you know, they caught on. Soon, they were able to expand to retail spaces and develop relationships with distributors, forming their own distribution network across the US. 15 years after their founding, Abbyson expanded their products to include all forms of furniture.

In 2008, they evolved again, turning into a dropshipping giant. However, they were able to use that success and become a direct-to-consumer furniture supplier only a decade later.

What helped them maintain their momentum over those years? Well, part of it was the quality of their products, which you’ll read more about later in this Abbyson Furniture review. The other part was that they were always ahead of the curve. They always saw trends before they even began and found ways to cater to customer demands.

With all that being said, let’s look at some of Abbyson Furniture’s highlights.


Abbyson Furniture Review
  • Affordable and widely available line of furniture 
  • Free delivery
  • 30-day return policy
  • Products are available through Costco and Amazon
  • Financing payment plans are available through Shop Pay

Abbyson Furniture carries nearly every furniture item you could want. They have pieces for the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the home office, and more.

Abbyson Furniture Sofa Review

The first product I’m going to look at in this Abbyson Furniture review is one of their most attractive sofas currently available.

Abbyson Furniture Beverly Fabric Sectional Review 

This Abbyson Furniture sofa does what every good sofa should do, it invites you to take a seat and stay a while. It’s a lowkey couch that puts comfort first. That much is true from the highly resilient fillings and fabrics.

The Abbyson Furniture Beverly Fabric Sectional has cushions that provide you with enough support to remain attentive while relaxing a bit when you put pressure on them. They won’t impose on you but they will keep you from sinking into the sofa.

The other great thing about the Abbyson Furniture Beverly Fabric Sectional is that it’s currently on sale. Normally it costs $1,200 but you can grab it for a huge discount, coming in at only $800.

Abbyson Furniture Recliner Review

I think that deep down everyone has a desire to own a reclining chair. It’s in our nature just as much as we want human connection and intimacy. That’s why I’m going to tell you about one of the Abbyson Furniture recliners that you can pick up to fill the hole in your heart.

Abbyson Furniture Henderson Reclining Loveseat Review 

The Abbyson Furniture Henderson Reclining Loveseat has enough room for two people to lean back and shake off the day’s stresses independently of one another. What I mean is that each half of this loveseat reclines separately. Nobody has to compromise on their comfort. You and your loved one, buddy, or stepdad can sit together and lean back as much as you’d like.

This seat also doubles down on comfort and convenience by equipping two USB ports on either side of the chair. That way you can keep your phone or tablet charging beside you while you kick back. 

So if you want a smooth reclining chair with a timeless design but modern quality-of-life touches, then the Abbyson Furniture Henderson Reclining Loveseat is for you. It’s also on sale, coming in at 12% less expensive than its retail price. It normally costs $2,500 but you can grab it now for only $2,200.

Abbyson Furniture Review

Now that I’ve covered two of the more specific items, let’s talk about some of the more general pieces in this Abbyson Furniture review. Remember, every room in your house needs furniture, so it’s important to think about them all individually. You wouldn’t put a couch in your washroom, would you?

Abbyson Furniture Theodore 8-piece Counter Dining Set with Buffet Review 

The dining room is a place where family and friends come together for relaxing evenings with food and drinks. They’re the perfect stage for stress-free gatherings. The Abbyson Furniture Theodore 8-piece Counter Dining Set with Buffet encapsulates this feeling perfectly.

The entire set possesses a barn style that’s slightly antiquated but always welcome. The deep brown colors are a perfect match for any kitchen or dining room as they go with nearly every color.

Included in the Abbyson Furniture Theodore 8-piece Counter Dining Set with Buffet are:

  1. a buffet to keep unnecessary dishes out of sight from the rest of the table
  2. A table that can seat six people
  3. Six chairs with padded seats

This dining set is simple and tasteful, just as your meals should be (unless you’re a professional home chef). You can add it to your life for $1,950, which is less than its regular asking price of $2,600.

Abbyson Furniture Darren 6-piece Bedroom Set Review

Have you ever walked into someone’s bedroom and thought, “this person has no sense of harmony?” If you’ve ever had a college fling then you’ll know what I’m talking about – people are notoriously lazy with coordinating their bedroom furniture. 

Maybe that wouldn’t be the case if they purchased the Abbyson Furniture Darren 6-piece Bedroom Set. Solid wood is the main material in every piece, which includes a bed frame, two nightstands, one chest, one dresser, and a mirror.

Is there anything else you need in a bedroom besides those items? It helps that the pieces have a simple assembly scheme because they use a minimal knock system. There are also hints of bronze across the pieces to add a little flair.

The Abbyson Furniture Darren 6-piece Bedroom Set is currently available for a 10% discount. If you buy the set that includes a queen-size bed then you’re looking at a $7,600 price tag rather than paying the full $8,400 charge.

Abbyson Furniture Sayner Mesh Office Chair Review

Do you want to know the secret behind most start-ups’ success? It’s all about keeping good posture, something that an office chair like the Abbyson Furniture Sayner Mesh Office Chair can help you do.

It has a mesh back to promote airflow so that you can sit longer and more comfortably. There shouldn’t be any sweat building up underneath your shirt as you type away.

This chair also has an adjustable back so you can angle it. You can lean it back if you want to take an on-the-job nap, or keep it upright to keep working away. 

Like the other items I’ve mentioned in this Abbyson Furniture review, this chair is available for a discount. You can pick up the Abbyson Furniture Sayner Mesh Office Chair for $188. Normally, it costs $250.

Abbyson Furniture Santino 20pc Set – Outdoor Estate Collection Review

The last item in my Abbyson Furniture review is, well, a lot. I mean that literally. This set includes 20 pieces of outdoor furniture like two chaise loungers, four swivel armchairs, one fireside table, two regular armchairs, one coffee table, one sofa, two side tables, six dining chairs, and one dining table.

With all that furniture, you may as well just move outside. I wouldn’t blame you to be honest. Nearly all of the items in the Abbyson Furniture Santino 20pc Set – Outdoor Estate Collection are protected by Sunbrella-wrapped cushions and powder-coated aluminum.

The white and black colors are perfect for summer nights outside. Whether it’s a barbeque, a bonfire, or a romantic evening outdoors, the Abbyson Furniture Santino 20pc Set – Outdoor Estate Collection includes all the pieces you need.

This set usually comes in at $14,000 but you can buy it now for $12,500.

Who Is Abbyson Furniture For? 

Abbyson Furniture Review

Abbyson Furniture doesn’t have a specific target demographic, which is actually a good thing. It means that anyone who’s looking for furniture can find something they like, and because the brand has agreeable prices and discounts, even people looking for furniture on the cheaper side can shop with them.

Abbyson Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Abbyson Furniture Review

There are the scores for the most popular Abbyson Furniture products on Costco, which is where most customers pick up their products.

  • Abbyson Furniture Quinton Top Grain Leather Sectional with Adjustable Headrests: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 640 pieces of customer feedback
  • Abbyson Furniture Nadine Leather Sofa: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 10 pieces of customer feedback
  • Abbyson Furniture Austin Top Grain Leather Sectional With Ottoman: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 1,200 pieces of customer feedback 
  • Abbyson Furniture Keegan 3-piece Leather Power Reclining Set with Power Headrests: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 90 pieces of customer feedback
  • Abbyson Furniture Palermo Leather Power Swivel Glider Recliner: 4/5 stars based on more than 650 pieces of customer feedback

As you can see, most of the brand’s products earned stellar reviews. However, only consulting with one review source is like only flavoring your food with hot sauce – it’s simply not enough. That’s why I looked at Abbyson Furniture review scores on a few other websites. Here’s what I found.

  • Review Meta: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 60 pieces of customer feedback
  • Amazon: 3.9/5 stars based on more than 5 pieces of customer feedback on the Abbyson Living Two-Tone Fabric Upholstered Power Reclining Loveseat with Center Console Storage Compartment and Drink Holders, Camel/Brown
  • Trust Pilot: 2.6/5 stars based on 4 pieces of customer feedback

Many of the brand’s customers commended the quality of Abbyson Furniture’s products. This is how one buyer described their purchase on Amazon.

Once the pieces were delivered, the experience with the furniture was much better. It had some minor assembly to it. Very easy. The look and quality of the product exceeded my expectations. The reclining mechanisms work great and are designed as such to recline by moving slightly forward, thus the back of the sofa/recliner can be placed very close to the wall. Colors of the fabric were great, and really do look as though it is leather.

To harp on that point more, here’s what one buyer wrote about the Abbyson Furniture Austin Top Grain Leather Sectional With Ottoman,

This set screams quality. It’s elegant, well made and comfortable. It’s not very bulky so it fits in smaller living rooms like mine. The leather is soft and the stitches are clean. The cushions are a little on the firm side but I prefer that since I’m tall and it make it easier to sit down and get up. If you like soft cushions that sink in it may not feel right for you, at least when the set is brand new. The frame is very sturdy and feels solid.”

Abbyson’s furniture was reportedly durable and long-lasting according to some customer testimonials like this one, “We purchased a rocker recliner from them over 3 years ago. It’s held up great. We use it everyday. I thought it was one of the most comfortable recliners on the floor at Buy Buy Baby, and I sat in every one of them.” 

The most frequent complaint that came up in Abbyson Furniture reviews concerned the delivery process. Customers complained that the products would show up damaged or that they would arrive much later than the given date. However, that may be more FragilePak’s fault than Abbyson Furniture’s. FragilePak is the company that Abbyson Furniture trusts with delivery. 

More than a few customers pointed out that they were the likely culprit rather than Abbyson Furniture. This is backed up by the positive Abbyson Furniture reviews, like this next one, that praised the brand for their shipping.

Love it. It’s soft, comfortable. elegant and well made. It has good back support. We were apprehensive buying furniture online not knowing how they actually looks like and feel like. Sooo glad we did. It’s awesome, it matches our hard floor as well as our coffee table. The delivery was outstanding, we were notified via email and confirmed via phone when they received the order to the day it was shipped and delivered.

In summary, the overall reception to Abbyson Furniture was mixed. Those that enjoyed the furniture praised it for its value per price point, saying that Abbyson produced goods that were seemingly better than their prices. On the other hand, customers lamented the delivery and customer service of the company.

Is Abbyson Furniture Legit?

Abbyson Furniture Review

The complaints about the brand’s shipping are what caught my eye, though like I said, how much of this is Abbyson Furniture’s fault and how much is the shipping company’s wrong-doing is up for debate.

Is Abbyson Furniture Worth It?

Abbyson Furniture Review

I think if you can find a piece of Abbyson Furniture that’s on sale then you could do much worse than picking it up for yourself. 

Abbyson Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Abbyson Furniture Review

The reason why all of the products in this Abbyson Furniture review were on sale is that the brand is running their Black Friday sales. They have savings of up to 65% on certain items. 

Where to Buy Abbyson Furniture

Abbyson Furniture Review

You can buy their item through their website,, at Costco, or through Amazon.


Abbyson Furniture Review

Who owns Abbyson Furniture?

The Rafieha family still owns Abbyson Furniture.

Does Abbyson Furniture ship internationally?

They only ship to addresses within the lower 48 United States.

What is Abbyson Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

They provide free shipping on all orders. Delivery can take anywhere from 1 to 5 weeks depending on if you select standard shipping or white glove shipping, the latter of which costs $145.

What is Abbyson Furniture’s Return Policy?

You can return your purchase up to 30 days after receiving it. It must be in usable condition to be eligible for a refund. 

How to Contact Abbyson Furniture

Abbyson Furniture Review

You can contact them by filling out a customer service sheet on their website. 

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[1] Martin-Woodhead, A. Limited, considered and sustainable consumption: The (non)consumption practices of UK minimalists SAGE Journals Journal of Consumer Culture, p.146954052110396

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