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About All33 Chair

All33 Chair Review

All33 Chair is an American company that has created their own unique office chair, the All33 BackStrong Chair. This ergonomic chair is designed to provide back support in a whole new way. Their patented moving seat keeps your spine mobile, aligned and supported as you work at your desk. 

By helping improve your posture, their All33 BackStrong Chair wants to end the irritating neck, back, and shoulder pain we all get from being seated for hours at a time. Our All33 Chair review will introduce you to the brand and take a closer look at their groundbreaking approach to how we sit. 

All33 has over 12k followers on facebook and has been featured by ABC, Shark Tank, Billboard, Men’s Journal. To date, the brand has sold over 29,000 units of their All33 BackStrong Chair – named the “Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain” by Popular Science in 2021. They’ve also gained celebrity following from stars such as Justin Beiber and Cindy Crawford. 

All33 continues to grow and attract customers who want to find a way to. Our All33 Chair review will explore their history and best-selling product, and explore All 33 reviews from working professionals who’ve tried it for themselves, so you can make an informed decision about investing in this new office invention!

Overview of All33 Chair

All33 Chair Review

The story of the All33 Chair begins back in 2014, when Dr. Dennis Colonello collaborated with industrial designer Jim Groves to create the first model of the BackStrong Chair. 

Dr. Colonello is a veteran chiropractor with a background in injury rehabilitation and decades of experience treating high-profile clients with back pain. A trusted practitioner amongst L.A. clients such as Lewis Hamilton and Elon Musk, Dr. Colonello was also the dedicated team chiro for the L.A. Clippers. 

Dr. Colonello was inspired to invent the All33 chair after observing how prolonged sitting and poor posture caused his clients immense discomfort, whether they were business people or professional athletes!

Dr. Colonello wanted to create a chair that allowed the body to mimic what it does when we stand up, while sitting down. To do it, he teamed up with Grove, the founder and former head of Designworks USA – the industrial design firm behind BMW

Why “All33”? Because this chair keeps all 33 of your spine’s vertebrae in constant motion with a seat that gently moves underneath you, keeping your posture straight and strong. 

This “pivot function” keeps your core engaged and your pelvis and spine mobile. This prevents your back and other joints, muscles, and bones from becoming stiff and achy.

Once they had a successful proto-type, Dennis and Jim launched their product with a Kickstarter campaign in 2017. The company got their website up and running in 2019, and then created buzz with an appearance on Shark Tank in 2021. 

The All33 Shark Tank appearance was a success, and they now have two products on the market: The Fabric BackStrong Chair and the Vegan Leather BackStrong Chair. All33 promises that even more new products will become available in 2022.

Now that we know more about their approach to healthy sitting, our All33 Chair review will take a look at the highlights of buying from this wellness-focused brand!


  • Ergonomic chairs designed to reduce back pain through motion
  • Product designed by a reputable chiropractor and an industrial designer
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Helps office workers stay comfortable even while seated for long periods
  • Expert-approved to maintain back and spinal health
  • Popular product with celebrity endorsements 

All33 Chair Review

Our All33 Chair review will now dig into this company’s best-selling products! Both of these chairs will help you sit safely and comfortably whether you’re working hard from home or the office (or maybe just enjoying a long gaming session!). 

All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather Review

This ergonomic chair is designed to help you sit up straight and reduce pain by enabling your body to move the way it needs to! 

The All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather chair has the All33 signature “Sit in Motion” pivoting seat technology, which allows the base of the seat to move slightly in a rocking motion, aligning your back properly with the top of the chair.

At first glance, All33 BackStrong Chairs looks like a pretty typical office chair. However, when you look closer, you’ll notice that the seat sits slightly forward from the rest of the chair. It’s this key piece that allows your vertebrae to move and fall into alignment. Because the seat is suspended above the frame, this chair’s structure has a modern, futuristic look

According to this company, their All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather will provide crucial support to your lower back, which can help you in the following ways:

  • Give you more flexibility to make natural movements
  • Decrease tiredness by boosting your circulation 
  • Better blood flow means more oxygen is delivered to your muscles!
  • Reduce aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, and back
  • Keep you comfortable during long work days at your desk

This chair has a host of other features for your comfort and convenience. You can flip the armrests up or down, swivel around in a 360° circle, and roll the chair on its wheels. You can also adjust the height of the chair to suit your exact needs. 

All33 explains that this chair is ideal for people who are 4’ 11” to 6’ 1” tall, and can hold up to 275 lbs.

This chair totals 30 inches in width, and is made from foam, vegan leather, and recyclable plastics. It comes in three colors: black, black and red, or black and tan. 

You can order the All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather on sale for $799 (regularly priced $1,199).

All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric Review

The All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric was designed by chiropractic and chair experts to maximize your comfort and health while you sit. This chair is ideal for people who spend a lot of their time at their desk, or need a comfortable and safe way to sit while they craft, play games, or study. 

All33 invented their unique “Sit in Motion” technology to make this chair “slouch-proof.” As the seat rocks, your back and pelvis will be able to make the natural movements necessary for all 33 of your vertebrae to remain aligned, and for your core to remain engaged in keeping you upright. 

According to All33, this constant motion will help to reduce pain from your lower back all the way up to your neck and shoulders.

Like all All33 products, this chair comes with a 60-day guarantee – if you’re not happy with it, simply contact customer service to send it back. It also has a warranty covering any possible manufacturer’s defects for five years

Our All33 review has learned that when you receive your All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric, it will take you only 10 minutes to assemble before you can start sitting more comfortably.

This chair looks sleek and professional, with a cushioned back, moveable armrests, and five swivel wheels. 

The All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric has a fabric-covered back and seat. It’s available in three color combinations:

  1. Black frame and black fabric
  2. Black frame with red fabric
  3. Black frame with tan fabric

Buy the All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric on sale for $799 (usually $1,199).

Who Is All33 Chair For? 

All33 Chair Review

Our All33 Chair review has found that this product was designed with both professional and everyday use in mind. 

Anyone who has to sit at their computer for hours at a time understands that it can leave your back, neck and shoulders feeling pretty terrible. The All33 Chair aims to help you avoid the chiropractic injuries and discomfort associated with long-term sitting by providing a chair with proper support.

The All33 BackStrong Chair could also be a great fit for seniors whose bodies need excellent support. People with arthritis and other conditions that cause chronic pain may appreciate a chair that will keep their backs aligned and totally supported.

Gamers, crafters, teachers, or people with mobility issues may also appreciate the All33 Chair! Many hobbies and tasks require us to sit and concentrate for long periods, and the All33 Chair is meant to improve blood flow, reduce harmful pressure, and keep your body in movement so you can focus on the task at hand – and not your achy joints!

All33 Chair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

All33 Chair Review

This company shares All33 reviews and testimonials on their official website. Our All33 Chair review read through their feedback, and found that many customers with frequent aches and pains appreciate that their All33 Chairs support their backs properly and improv their posture while working

One woman shares in her All33 Chair review: “After purchasing the BackStrong C1 chair, the pain in my hips cleared up in about 18 days, and I’ve never felt lower back fatigue like I did in other chairs.”

Another customer writes in his All33 Chair review that, “even though it is not plush to relax in, it really helped my back. You cannot help but keep the proper arch in your back or the chair tips forward. Now I am considering getting another for home because I am spoiled but this chair at work and my back hurts again when I am at my home computer.”

The All33 Chair is also reviewed on gadget and tech website While the look of the chair didn’t suit the reviewer’s personal taste, he is glad he gave it a try

He shares in his All33 Chair review: “If you often find yourself fatigued or have back, neck, or shoulder pain at the end of your workday, a good chair can be the solution…The best I can do is tell you that the BackStrong C1 from all33 has been a total gamechanger for me.” 

This reviewer notes that he found the chair quite expensive, but also wrote that it was ultimately a worthwhile investment for him, as it helps him feel far less tired and sore at the end of his workdays

Another reviewer from the site is impressed with how effectively the All33 Chair aligned her back and prevented her from slouching

She explains in her All33 Chair review: “If you try to rotate your pelvis or bend your lower back, the hinges seem to counter your motion using your own weight. The result is near perfect posture, and just about anyone can probably benefit from that (not just those with posture problems or sore backs).” 

She also agrees that All33’s back-friendly chair was a worthwhile addition to her home office.

Overall, most of All33 Chairs’ customers were impressed by the unique technology and design of this ergonomic chair. 

They report in their All33 Chair reviews that this product delivers on the promise of good posture and enhanced comfort. Many customers are happy with the results of their purchase and would recommend the All33 Chair to others.

Is All33 Chair Worth It?

All33 Chair Review

The All33 Chair is tackling a problem more and more prevalent in our society – back and neck pain. With more and more of the workforce engaged in sedentary work, many people are experiencing aches and pains from furniture and office configurations that keep them restricted to unnatural positions in stiff chairs for way too long. 

As our All33 review has learned, the best part of this brand’s chair seems to be the fact that while sitting in it, it’s almost impossible for you to slouch or leave your lower back unsupported

This means that you don’t have to try to build new posture habits or restrict your movement in any way to improve your back health. To reduce discomfort with the All33 Chair, you simply sit in the seat and let it align your vertebrae and support you from your lower back to your shoulders.

It’s also fantastic to know that a chiropractor with decades of experience designed this chair after years of treating clients who had back problems due to prolonged sitting.

Unfortunately, the All33 Chair’s high price point will be a barrier to some customers. However, if you have it in your budget and you want to invest in preserving your back and hip health, the All33 Chair can be a very worthwhile purchase. 

Developing chronic pain or having to regularly see health care professionals is not something anyone wants out of their job. So while this chair certainly has a high price tag, if it helps you stay comfortable and avoid more visits to the chiro or physiotherapy, it could pay for itself in the long run.

Our All33 Chair review has found that this cutting-edge, chiropractor-designed product has some rave reviews from customers across the US. 

People appreciate its thoughtful features, strong back support, and comfortable materials. They also comment on their reduced pain, improved energy, and better concentration at work.

Taking all of this into account, our All33 Chair review can confidently recommend outfitting your home or office with their products. 

All33 Chair Promotions & Discounts 

All33 Chair Review

Both of All33 Chair’s flagship products are currently on sale! 

Buy the All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Fabric for $799 – hundreds of dollars off its regular price of $1,199.

You can also purchase the All33 Chair BackStrong C1 Vegan Leather for $799 (regularly priced at over a thousand dollars).

All33 Chair also gives you the option to pay for your purchase in monthly installments with affirm, with payments starting at $67 per month.

Where to Buy All33 Chair

All33 Chair Review

You can purchase the All33 Chair through their official website. You may also be able to find their chairs on Amazon, though they are currently out of stock.

Some Staples stores also carry the All33 BackStrong Chair. If you would like to try out the All33 Chair for yourself before you commit to buying it, get in touch with your local Staples for more info.


All33 Chair Review

Who owns All33 Chair?

Founders Dr. Dennis Colonello and Jim Grove own All33 Chair.

Does All33 Chair ship internationally?

Yes, All33 Chair will ship to Canada for a fee, determined at checkout based on your exact location.

Does All33 Chair offer a Guarantee?

Yes, the All33 Chair comes with a 60-day guarantee! If you have used your All33 Chair and tried out all of its features and are not happy with it, you can contact the company’s customer service team to begin your return process. 

When customer service lets you know they are ready to accept your return, you have 10 days to ship the chair back to the company. Shipping charges will be your responsibility. 

When the company receives your chair, it will refund you on the same card you used to make your purchase. They will only accept returns in original boxes, so keep your packaging until you know for sure that you want to keep your new All33 Chair.

The All33 Chair also comes with a 5-year warranty. If you think your chair has a manufacturer defect, get in touch with customer service and they will help to replace your chair if needed.

What is All33 Chair’s Shipping Policy?

Our All33 Chair review learned that this company will ship your order for free if you live in the contiguous United States. 

If you reside in Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, or other United States territories, All33 will ship your order for a shipping fee determined by destination. 

This shipping fee will also apply if you are making your purchase from Canada. Place your item in your cart and begin the checkout process to see your exact shipping fee.

What is All33 Chair’s Return Policy?

If you are not happy with your All33 Chair, you can begin your return process by contacting the company’s customer service team, and they will instruct you on when to ship back your purchase. As with their 60-day guarantee, you’ll have 10 days to return it and your return shipping fee won’t be refunded.

When the company gets your order back, it will make sure it is in good condition and in the original packaging. Then the company will refund your purchase to your original method of payment.

How to Contact All33 Chair

You can contact All33 Chair in the following ways:

You can also visit their Help Center to track your order, or check out their FAQs about chair assembly and maintenance.

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