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Area52 Review

THC and CBD edibles are becoming as popular as TikTok, both of which have less causal links to lung disease and cancer than smoking THC. 

Area52’s products offer an example of why that’s the case. Their lab-tested gummies produce euphoric sensations in the body rather than getting consumers high. They contain little to no fillers or toxic ingredients that can dampen other THC gummies. 

The Las Vegas-based company has been around since 2020 when founder Adam Wathen created the brand as a way to unlock CBD’s potential. As such, much of the brand’s catalog is focused on relaxation or increasing productivity. They strive to help customers unlock their peak potential.

This Area52 review will key you into everything you need to know about the brand, including the following:

  1. Their pros and cons
  2. Their ingredients
  3. How to take their products
  4. Benefits 
  5. Customer feedback

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

How To Take Area52 Products 

Area52 Review

Though I’ll only cover three of the brand’s most popular products in this Area52 review, they offer more than what you’ll read. There weren’t any Area52 vapes available at the time of writing (they may have been sold out), but there are CBD oil, tinctures, and gummies

You should not exceed the suggested serving of any Area52 D8 products. Instead, take only the recommended dose. Area 52 THC gummies should be taken one at a time orally, while the tinctures and oils should be taken under the tongue, one single drop at a time. 

What Studies Have Been Done About CBD? 

Area52 Review

Here are some studies on CBD and its potential health benefits along with their associated links:

  1. Pain relief: A 2020 review of clinical studies found that CBD can be effective in reducing chronic pain, including neuropathic pain, arthritis pain, and cancer pain. 
  2. Anxiety and depression: Several studies have found that CBD may have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antidepressant effects. For example, a 2019 study found that CBD improved anxiety and sleep in patients with anxiety-related disorders. 
  3. Epilepsy: In 2018, the FDA approved the use of CBD for the treatment of two rare forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Clinical trials have shown that CBD can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in patients with these conditions. 
  4. Addiction: Some studies have suggested that CBD may be helpful in treating substance abuse disorders. For example, a 2019 review found that CBD may have potential in reducing opioid use disorder.

It’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of CBD, and how it interacts with other medications.

Pros and Cons 


  • Hemp-extracted THC tinctures and oils
  • CBD and CBC gummies
  • Orders over $110 receive free priority shipping
  • Preservative- and filler-free
  • Vegan-friendly gummies


  • Slightly more expensive than other CBD gummy brands

Area52 Features

Area52 Review

Area52 is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality Delta-8 THC products. Here are some of the features of their products:

  1. High-quality ingredients: Area52 products are made using only the highest quality ingredients, including organic hemp extracts.
  2. Third-party lab tested: All Area52 products are third-party lab tested to ensure purity and potency. Certificates of analysis are available on their website.
  3. Wide range of products: Area52 offers a wide range of Delta-8 THC products, including gummies, tinctures, and vapes, so customers can find the product that works best for them.
  4. Legal: Delta-8 THC is legal in many states where traditional THC is not, so Area52 products offer a legal alternative for those who want to experience the benefits of THC.
  5. Customer support: Area52 offers excellent customer support and has a responsive and helpful team available to answer any questions customers may have about their products.
  6. Subscription program: Customers can sign up for a subscription program to receive regular shipments of their favorite Area52 products and save money.
  7. Affordable pricing: Area52 products are priced competitively, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

Overall, Area52 products are known for their high quality, purity, and effectiveness, as well as their excellent customer support and affordable pricing.

3 Bestselling Area52 Products 

Area52 Delta-8 Tincture 

These Area52 THC drops can help you relax, focus, or increase productivity. The key ingredient is delta 8 THC, which has a different molecular structure than delta 9 THC and thus doesn’t get you high in the traditional sense. The best way to take these drops is to apply one under the bottom of your tongue and wait half a minute before swallowing. 

The Area52 Delta-8 Tincture also contains MCT oil to help transport THC into the system, as well as fruit extracts and stevia to improve the taste. You shouldn’t use Area52 Delta-8 Tincture if you have to take a drug test in the near future (for a sporting event) or if you’re driving because it can technically impair your performance and your results will reflect the fact that you’re not sober. 

You can pick up 30mL of Area52 Delta-8 Tincture 

Customers say:Very nice. Nice taste, smooth build. Relaxing in the evenings. The Delta 8 doesn’t give me the nervous effect the way Delta 9 used to. It is a little pricy, but it is a quality product that takes only a few drops to experience a lovely effect.

Area52 Mars Energy Gummies (CBG)

  • Mention ingredients, benefits, side effects, how to consume the products, and price. 

The next item in my Area52 review is a bag of energy-producing gummies that should give you a subtle boost to performance without sending your head through the roof. The Area52 Mars Energy Gummies (CBG) contain the following ingredients:

  • Hemp extract
  • Organic caffeine
  • L-theanine
  • Vitamin B12

As for non-active ingredients, there are glucose, syrup, pectin, and natural flavors. You should take one gummy twice a day to feel its full effects, though they may take an hour to kick in. 

Some side effects may include a loss of appetite and an unintentionally powerful energy spike.

30 Area52 Mars Energy Gummies (CBG) are available for $69

Customers say:Loved the energy gummies. I was happy and relaxed. Will buy again.

Area52 Moon Calm Gummies (CBD + CBC)  

  • Mention ingredients, benefits, side effects, how to consume the products, and price. 

The final product in my Area52 review uses CBD and CBC to relax our minds and improve our adaptability to the environment. These strains are collected in a broad spectrum hemp extract along with typical gummy ingredients like tapioca starch, sugar, pectin, water, l-theanine, and natural colors and flavors. 

The Area52 Moon Calm Gummies (CBD + CBC) should be taken one at a time, as much as twice a day. They won’t get you high but rather help you mellow out. However, they may be too mild or powerful for you depending on your tolerance. 

You can grab 30 gummies for $69

Customers say:These gummies are wonderful! I work in stock markets so it can get tense.

I’ve been using CBD oil until now but these gummies are even better. Helps with both mental and physical tension. Definitely worth the money!”

What Do Experts Say?

In a study of 14 participants, experts found that subjects reported similar effects but potentially fewer side effects when using delta 8 THC compared to delta 9 THC. Though this study wasn’t conducted on Area52’s products, most of the brand’s goods contain this THC strand.

Does Area52 Work?

Area52 Review

All signs point to Area52 products working as intended, but the real proof is what customers report about them. I’ll get to that a bit later in this Area52 review, but first I should tell you who should and shouldn’t use these products. 

Who would I recommend Area52 to? 

People who want subtler and more sustainable increases in their productivity or who have trouble relaxing even in calm environments should give Area52’s products a shot.

Who wouldn’t I recommend Area52 to? 

I wouldn’t recommend CBD or THC products like Area52’s to anyone with liver problems or on medication for depression or seizures without first consulting a doctor because these compounds can interact in less-than-ideal ways. 

Alternatives To Area52

Area52 Review

Area52 isn’t the only company making strides in the CBD world. Here are three others you may want to check out: 

  • Dr. Strains CBD: affordable CBD flowers, capsules, and hardware. All hemp is 100% organically grown
  • Joy Organics CBD: a huge roster of CBD products including energy drinks and topicals
  • Just Live CBD: CBD products developed by athletes for sport-related purposes like performance and recovery

Area52 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Area52 Review

Area52 reviews from shoppers on their website are highly positive, as you can see from this list of average customer scores below:

  • Area52 Delta-8 Tincture: 5/5 stars based on close to 200 ratings
  • Area52 Mars Energy Gummies (CBG): 5/5 stars based on more than 50 ratings
  • Area52 Moon Calm Gummies (CBD + CBC): 5/5 stars based on more than 25 ratings

Other websites had equally high Area52 review scores, including TrustSpot. Most customers shared positive experiences with the products, whether they were intended to help them relax, focus, or enjoy themselves. 

Here’s what one customer wrote about the Area52 Delta-8 Gummies, “Not a big gummies fan for the most part, but these are very effective and a lot higher quality than any other I’ve tried. Excellent customer service. No need to buy anywhere else. Area 52 is where it’s at!

Many shoppers favorably compared Area52 to other brands, saying that although the prices were higher, the overall product quality was worth it

Another customer wrote, “I previously used delta-8 gummies from another vendor, but felt that the quality of the product was diminishing from order to order. I decided to do some research to find another vendor and it pointed me to Area 52. I ordered delta-8 gummies and they were far superior in taste, delivery time, and effectiveness to my former vendor.

The only complaints I read in some Area52 reviews were that the products didn’t taste great, but this wasn’t a universal negative. Some customers loved the flavor of Area52’s products, with one saying, “We needed some major stress reduction after a huge project was completed. These gummies really gave our nerves a break. And the taste is great!

Is Area52 Worth It?

Area52 Review

Since you receive free shipping on orders over $110 and it’s easy to go over that amount if you purchase more than one item, I think that Area52’s high-quality, filler-free, and vegan products are worth checking out. 

Area52 Promotions & Discounts 

Here’s a reward for reading this far into my Area52 review; use the code SAWUFO to earn a 10% discount on all items plus free priority shipping

Where To Buy Area52 

You can shop on Area52’s website,


Area52 Review

Who owns Area52?

Adam Wathen is the CEO and founder of Area52.

Where are Area52 headquarters?

Area52’s headquarters is not located right next to Area 51. Instead, the company set up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada

What is Area52’s Shipping Policy?

Due to the tricky legal nature of delta-8-THC, Area52 can’t ship to every state. The best way to find out if they ship to you is by emailing them. 

Besides that, Area52 provides free shipping on all orders over $110.

What is Area52’s Returns Policy?

Area52 offers refunds on products that are at least half full. They’ll confirm the return and refund once you’ve contacted them. 

How To Contact Area52

If you reached the end of this Area52 review and have questions about shipping, Area52 HHC products, or anything else by filling out a contact form or emailing them at [email protected].

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