Dr. Strains CBD Review

About Dr. Strains CBD 

Dr. Strains CBD Review

Dr. Strains CBD sells hemp flowers and products at competitive prices. Their hemp buds are rich in CBD and can be smoked, vaporized, or ingested.

In 2019, the brand won the award for Best Hemp Flower at the CBD East Expo and the Dr. Strains CBD Facebook page boasts 1,700 followers where helpful tips and information are distributed about hemp recipes. 

This Dr. Strains CBD review will check out the brand and available products, what customers’ experiences have been with their hemp and ordering process, plus more, to help you decide if these buds are worth the buy. 

Overview of Dr. Strains CBD 

Dr. Strains CBD Review

In 2019, founder and CEO of Dr. Strains CBD, Kyle Scott launched with a mission to carry quality hemp products that are 100% lab tested. Since the brand was founded, it has become a “number 1 source for organically grown affordable hemp flower.”

Dr. Strains CBD sells directly to customers and wholesale retailers, but above all Dr. Strains puts the customer first with very affordable hemp products priced as low as $4. To ensure high-quality bud, Dr. Strains CBD hemp products are always 100% organic

Dr Strains CBD Review

Before we show you some of their amazing products, this Dr. Strains CBD review will go through the initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • High-quality products ranging from flower, capsules, vapes, topicals, and hardware
  • 100% organic, owner-grown hemp
  • Low prices compared to other CBD brands
  • Many customers applaud the quality and customer service
  • Discreet, reliable packaging
  • Easy shipping and returns


  • Some customer feedback about poor product quality and bad customer service

Dr. Strains Review

Dr Strains CBD Review

Dr. Strains CBD provides products that take the edge off including hemp flowers, vaporizers, rolling papers, and other CBD products. You can take your CBD and chill out however you want.

Whether you’re looking for pain relief, relaxation, or other medical benefits like appetite increase, CBD may the solution. This Dr.Strains CBD review will feature the brand’s bestselling products

Dr. Strains CBD Cherry Blossom Hemp Flowers Review

These potent Cherry Blossom Hemp Flowers are double trimmed with small to medium-sized buds with light seeding. Great for those new to the CBD game, these buds are fruity and complex, with floral undertones

The Cherry Blossom Hemp Flowers contain 14% CBD and weigh in at 0.01lbs. One happy customer wrote, “Great product! The effects of this were very potent, with an immediate effect to the body. This worked wonders this morning for my Nausea.”

Enjoy this beautiful strain that’s currently on sale for $15, regularly $30. 

Dr. Strains CBD Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower Review

The Hawaiin Haze Hemp Flower features a floral scent accentuated by tropical notes and a fruity taste. Vibrant green buds, red hairs, and white crystals adorn this hand-trimmed bud that provides a happy and uplifting feeling.

These flowers smoke smoothly and contain 0.18% THC (delta 9 <0.03) and 17.25% CBD. You can get the daydream-inducing Hawaiin Haze Hemp Flower as a ¼ oz for $18, a ½ oz for $30, or 1 oz for $50. 

Dr. Strains CBD High Hemp Wraps Review

For the perfect CBD experience, it’s important to have a perfect roll. The brand’s High Hemp Wraps are grown from industrial hemp that contains naturally occurring CBDs.

Available in 10 delicious flavors like Dutch Cream and Blazin Cherry, there are 2 wraps per pack that are 100% pesticide-free. The High Hemp Wraps are priced between $2-$4.

Dr. Strains CBD Raw Organic Papers Review

Raw Organic Papers are the all-natural, portable way to enjoy your bud. They provide a clean smoking experience with each draw to let you focus on the taste of the bud itself. 

A customer wrote of the Raw Organic Papers as, “Good papers! Nice size and easy to roll.” There are 32 papers per pack for just $1.39.

Dr. Strains CBD 500mg CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Review

If you’re hesitant to smoke your CBD for pain relief, this product is tailored for you. The 500mg CBD Pain Relief Roll-On provides supreme pain relief for muscle soreness and tenderness with a no-mess roll-on applicator.

One reviewer says, “Having aches and pains after games or even throughout the week during practice I used this and relieved the pain of aches and little bruises I have.” Purchase the 500mg CBD Pain Relief Roll-On for only $19. 

Dr. Strains CBD 500MG CBD Capsules Review

Each of the 500mg CBD Capsules contains 25mg of CBD with 20 servings per tube. They’re portable, easy-to-take, and can help you achieve a light, relaxed state without the cerebral effects of inhalation.

Made from the same organic hemp you know and love from Mr. Strains CBD, these are organically extracted into capsule form. You can purchase these 500mg CBD Capsules for $20, regularly $30. 

Dr. Strains CBD Yocan Vaporizers Review

Vaping is virtually odorless, so if you need to smoke discreetly, Yocan Vaporizers have you covered. By vaporizing your dried bud, you extract the essence of the CBD and what’s left in the chamber can be used further in edibles or oil extraction.

Each vaporizer comes with:

  • A vaporizer
  • A pokey tool/cleaning instrument
  • A USB charging chord
  • A coil

The vaporizers come in 12 different colors to suit your personal preference, in a Regular or Plus model. The waste-free Yocan Vaporizer retails from $24-$30

Dr. Strains CBD Rolled Green Disposable Pen Review

The Rolled Green Disposable Pen is great for those who are constantly on-the-go and may not have the time to roll a joint.  Because these pens are disposable, you can safely discard the pen after use.

The Rolling Green CBD Disposable Pen contains 50mg of CBD and you can choose from 5 different flavors including Lychee Dank, Apple Krush, Pineapple Express, Mango Tango, or Lemonade. Each disposable pen will cost you $13. 

Dr. Strains CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dr. Strains CBD Hawaiian Haze

This Dr.Strains CBD review will take a look at customer testimonials on the company website, Google, Reddit, and Leafly. Most products on the Dr. Strains website have near-perfect ratings, especially the flowers.

One Google reviewer wrote of the helpful nature of the employees, and the good quality of their products. She said, “my experience here was very nice and pleasant…So gracious, so pleasant we will be returning in the near future. I highly recommend this place and not to mention the CBD here is great quality.”

In terms of the brand’s CBD flowers’ quality, a review on Dr.StrainsCBD.com said of the Sour Space Candy Smalls, “so far, this is the most effective strain that I have tried in the world of CBD/CBG flowers, great for pre-bedtime relaxation.” 

We found highly positive reviews on Reddit as well. A Dr. Strains CBD Reddit thread praised the Lifter CBD: “I got 2 oz of the Lifter and it’s good definitely uplifting and energetic feeling.”

But, not all of the brand’s products were received well by some reviewers. A negative review from Leafly spoke of the brand’s unappealing seed-filled flowers and unhelpful customer service:

OK prices but after 2 orders I can honestly say – it’s not worth it. It is a gamble if you are going to get nuggets filled with seeds…Unhelpful customer service.”

Additionally, the CBD Moon Rock Asteroids were not well received: “buds looked and smelled great but some buds had a lot of seeds (very disappointing). It sucks that I have to break it up really fine and get all the keef on my fingers instead of smoking it.

Is Dr. Strains CBD Worth It?

Dr. Strains CBD Review

This Dr. Strains CBD review has come across mixed reviews about the brand. There are so many reviews that note positive experiences dealing with the company, as well as receiving delightful buds for the price.

Shipping appears to be straightforward and fast, and most customer service interactions were helpful. Although some customers experienced customer service that did not take responsibility for inconsistencies, this Dr. Strains CBD review found that this is not always the case and that the brand does supply many customers with quality CBD products

The brand also offers products other than CBD flowers, which reviewers praise. This Dr. Strains CBD review thinks that the brand is worth a try. After all, if you can get buds, CBD oil alternatives, and hemp accessories offered at such affordable price points, it’s more than worth the money.

Dr. Strains CBD Promotions & Discounts 

Dr. Strains CBD Review

Dr. Strains CBD has a Products under $20 section on the website, where they feature deals on CBD buds and other inexpensive products that the brand carries.

Where to Buy Dr. Strains CBD

Dr. Strains CBD Review

You can buy this brand directly from Dr.StrainsCBD.com, or visit their shop and headquarters in Azaelea, Florida. You can also buy Dr.Strains CBD buds from Leafly. 


What is Dr. Strains CBD’s Shipping Policy?

Dr. Strains CBD shipping fees are calculated at checkout and vary by your delivery address. Along with shipping fees, some products have a processing fee as well. Once you confirm your order, Dr. Strains CBD will send you a confirmation email with your order reference number or will take you to a confirmation page.

This Dr. Strains CBD review must note that it is your order confirmation number is your responsibility. If you do not see one, your order is not placed. Dr. Strains CBD is not responsible for any losses if you are not provided with an order number. 

Dr. Strains CBD only offers to ship within the US. After your order is confirmed, Dr. Strains CBD requires 2 business days to process and additional 5-7 days to arrive. Wait the full 7 days before contacting the company about your order. 

When your order ships, Dr. Strains will send you a tracking number. If you did not receive a tracking number, the brand is not liable for any orders that are not delivered. The brand is also not responsible for your delivery once it reaches the carrier. If you have not received your package, you must follow up with the carrier, and not the brand.

Your order will be packaged in a heat-sealed resealable Mylar bag that’s inside of a commercial-grade sealed bag, which is also inside of a tan bubble envelope or box. This Dr. Strains CBD review will state that the packages have ‘Notice to Law Enforcement’ and a copy of the third parties’ lab test results of your order’s batch. 

What is Dr. Strains CBD’s Return Policy?

Dr. Strains offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all products. They will refund or replace your order if you are not happy with your purchase. This refund amount does not include any shipping or processing fees.

The items must be unopened and in their original condition to warrant a refund or exchange. For more information on Dr. Strains CBD return policy, contact customer service. 

How to Contact Dr. Strains CBD

If you need any other information about the company that this Dr. Strains CBD review did not include, you can reach their customer service team from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm by calling 1-407-203-8468. 

If you are interested in buying wholesale from Dr. Strains, please email [email protected].

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