AYR Jeans Review

About AYR Jeans

AYR Jeans Review

Since she became a household name with her role in Glee, broadway actress Lea Michele has taken on the mantle of a style icon, making even the most casual clothes seem classy. 

But instead of wearing what all the other celebs are wearing, she found her own style, with AYR Jeans as her go-to brand, known for their commitment to sustainable, high-quality denim. 

AYR Jeans gained a large following of 145k on Instagram and got constant coverage in media as one of the world’s top jeans brands. To name but a few, they’ve been featured in the likes of InStyle, Forbes, Town & Country Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

My AYR Jeans review aims to give you a detailed breakdown of the brand using their promotions, products, and customer testimonials so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

Overview of AYR Jeans

AYR Jeans Review

With a vested interest in not going the way of fast fashion, Jac Cameron and Maggie Winters launched AYR Jeans in 2016. AYR Jeans sourced quality denim makers in Italy looking for the best and highest-quality denim for their clothes. The fabric is then shipped to LA, where the clothing is made. 

AYR stands for All Year Round, as these jeans are made to be timeless and don’t follow the constantly changing trends of the fast-fashion world. They are designed and manufactured in LA, but the company’s flagship store is in Soho, Manhattan. 

The brand also has a store in LA and one in The Hamptons. They now design tops, tees, sweats, non-denim pants, and shorts.

Before my AYR Jeans review takes a look at some of these popular luxury jeans, let’s check out some of the things that really sets this brand apart from the competition:


AYR Jeans Review
  • Great fitting, timeless jeans
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Woman-owned and run
  • Made in LA
  • Financing options available with Quadpay

AYR Jeans Review

Starting as a jeans company, AYR added tops, non-denim pants, shorts, tees, and sweats. While I’d love to examine every bit of clothing the brand has to offer, my AYR Jeans review will focus on a few of their best-selling jeans. 

AYR The Pop Jeans Review

AYR The Pop Jeans Review
AYR The Pop Jeans

As possibly AYR Jeans’ most comfortable style, and definitely their most popular, you’ll make a statement in The Pop. Fitted around the hips without getting too tight, they taper slightly to the knee. 

From the knee down, you get a relaxed, wide-legged style, ending in an intended slightly cropped ankle.

You can grab them in one of two colors, including “Laid Back,” an indigo hue with slight whiskering, faded knees, and a finished ankle, and “Bomba,” which is a lighter blue overall and has deep fading from whiskers to knees, with unfinished cuffs.

The Pop jeans are made from 95% cotton, 3% polyester, and 2% elastane for just enough stretch to fit perfectly. Great with any shoes, from heels to sneakers, eyes will pop when they see you in these jeans for $225.

AYR The Riser Jeans Review

AYR The Riser Jeans Review
AYR The Riser Jeans

The Riser jeans are form-fitting, and the stretchy denim helps them mold to your curves over time. Available in one color, Neon Jupiter, they are a medium blue with prominent whiskers and fading to the knee. 

Available in sizes 23 to 34, the inseam can range from 25 to 29 as they are meant to fit tightly to the ankle. You can rise about the fray in these stylish jeans for $225.

AYR The Chiller Jeans Review

AYR The Chiller Jeans Review
AYR The Chiller Jeans

By taking their popular skinny jeans style and giving it a retro look, AYR’s The Chiller jeans are everything people love about the AYR skinny jeans, combined with all we loved about the faded looks of the past. They also come in two iconic color options to boot.

The sunrise color is a medium to dark blue with strategic fading from waist to knee. The eclipse is a slightly faded black color all over with little other fading, making them great for dressing up or down. 

Although any type of shoe can work with these jeans, high-heeled shoes help make your legs look long and shapely and work beautifully with the peach hip style.

Grab a pair of these classy jeans for $195.

Who Is AYR Jeans For? 

AYR Jeans Review

AYR Jeans are for any woman looking for high-quality jeans at a much more affordable price than luxury jeans brands. They sit at a bit above the average cost of jeans, but they are meant to last a long time, so you get what you pay for.

As AYR Jeans are not recommended to be machine washed often, women who love to get messy in their clothes should probably take a pass on these jeans unless you plan to only wear them occasionally for dressing up.

AYR Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AYR Jeans Review

I’d be remiss not to include what the brand’s customers have to say about the brand in this Ayr Jeans review. To start things off, let’s see how AYR Jeans’ products sit with their customers on their official site:

  • AYR The Pop: 4.7/5 stars out of 1056 reviews 
  • AYR The Riser: 4.8/5 stars out of 209 reviews 
  • AYR The Chiller: 4.7/5 stars out of 304 reviews

Comfort and fit are essential to looking good. When we’re uncomfortable, everyone knows it; when things don’t fit right, they aren’t going to be flattering. This AYR Jeans review on their website about The Pop also compares these jeans to other brands:

“The fit on these is amazing! I have jeans in a similar cut from a different brand that I will be donating now, because the AYR is so much more flattering. They’re also very soft and hold you in at the same time! Love them.”

Perhaps it is the materials they use, or maybe they found the ideal way to tweak the styles just enough, but this brand’s customers find the fit and comfort above average. 

This next AYR Jeans review about The Riser had just about enough of skinny jeans until they found the timeless designs and superb fit that these jeans offer: 

“These are such great flattering jeans. I carry extra weight in my mid section but have thinner legs making jeans a hard buy – either too loose in the legs or cutting into my mid section. These have just the right amount of stretch making them comfortable and flattering all over. I’m a huge fan.”

This 5/5 stars AYR Jeans review on ShopBop is from a customer thrilled with The Arrow jeans. The pants earns a 4/5-star rating overall from 6 reviews, but this comment best sums it up:

“I ordered these pants in a size 8 (my regular pant size is 6) based on the sizing recommendation by Ayr. They have a little bit of stretch but not too much. I love them, they fit so well!”

The option to choose the inseam length is pretty unique in jeans and helps customers find their perfect fit without needing alterations. 

Those are impressive ratings, with very few people not absolutely loving them. The brand does have a limited presence on Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau, but the upside of that is there are no complaints there, either.

Is AYR Jeans Legit?

AYR Jeans Review

There were no red flags when I scoured the internet for information on this brand. Their shipping is free, even on returns, so you are pretty covered if you decide they aren’t for you.

Is AYR Jeans Worth It?

AYR Jeans Review

So let’s get to the reason you checked out this article in the first place: are these jeans worth your money? To conclude this AYR Jeans review, I believe that they most certainly are worth every penny. 

This brand offers superior, comfortable, quality, and amazing-fitting jeans for mid to high-end prices.

The only thing that I’d suggest that you keep in mind with these jeans is that they cannot be thrown in the washing machine regularly without fading. If you must clean them more than spot cleaning, try to:

  1. Turn them inside out
  2. Wash in cold water
  3. Hang to dry

AYR Jeans suggest the freezer trick between washes but scientists found that hanging jeans outside or by a fan helps with odors and bacteria far more effectively. You can also try a diluted vinegar spray or a fabric freshening spray.

AYR Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

AYR Jeans Review

At the time of this AYR Jeans review, I found a few ways for you to save money on the brand’s website. They are:

  • 10% off the first order when you sign up for notifications
  • Spin the wheel promo
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Financing options available with Quadpay

Where to Buy AYR Jeans

AYR Jeans Review

Did something in the AYR Jeans review catch your eye? The best place to shop the brand is through their website,, as they offer free shipping, free returns, and other money-saving promotions. 

They also have three brick-and-mortar stores, one in The Hamptons, one in LA, and the flagship store in Soho, Manhattan. You may find AYR jeans through department stores or Amazon, but the selections there are limited.


AYR Jeans Review

Who owns AYR Jeans?

Co-founders Jac Cameron and Maggie Winters still own and run AYR Jeans.

Do AYR Jeans stretch out?

According to AYR Jeans, their pants are made to not get baggy or stretch out.

Does AYR Jeans ship internationally?

Unfortunately, AYR Jeans does not ship internationally, only domestically to the United States.

What is AYR Jeans’ Shipping Policy?

AYR Jeans offer free shipping in the US. They send you a confirmation email when your order ships so that you can track it. That’s pretty much all the information that the brand readily offers up.

What is AYR Jeans’ Return Policy?

AYR Jeans gives you 30 days from the date of your purchase to return your order. Returns and exchanges are free, as they pay for the return shipping, and there is no restocking fee. 

Typically, you can expect your money back in 5-10 business days, but due to COVD-19, it may be up to 14-21 days.

How to Contact AYR Jeans

AYR Jeans Review

If you have any questions that my AYR Jeans review didn’t cover, feel free to reach out to them through the following methods of contact:

  1. Phone: 888-414-9496
  2. Email: [email protected] 

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