Commando Leggings Review

About Commando

Commando Leggings Review

Today, there are many companies trying to be your one-stop shop for all of your clothing needs — and Commando isn’t any different. From high quality, comfortable basics, to innovative and stylish statement pieces, this brand is trying to be your trusted source for everything men’s and women’s clothing. 

Commando has received much attention since their launch, particularly for their luxury leggings and shapewear, even rivaling Spanx! Still, the company has a dedicated and loyal fanbase, even boasting a solid 74.6k followers on Instagram where they share images of models and influencers wearing Commando sweaters, trousers, and undergarments. 

They’re so popular, they’ve even been featured in Forbes, Elle, and Refinery29. The brand is also known for supplying over 30 A-list designers with undergarments during New York Fashion Week — those are some serious accolades!

If you’re on the fence about spending money on clothing from this company, look no further. This Commando leggings review will help you decide if this company really is worth it with a thorough examination of the brand and its products, customer reviews, promotions, and more. 

After all, clothing — especially luxury clothing — is never cheap, and you want to make sure that you are buying something not only stylish, but well-made, high quality, and guaranteed to last season after season. 

Overview of Commando

Commando Leggings Review

Commando is a female-founded and led company. Founder and CEO Kerry O’Brien started the brand in 2003 with no real formal design background, yet she managed to elevate the company to the successful business it is today. 

She is so involved that even to this day, she personally oversees every item sent out to market, using what the company calls the ‘Kerry test’ to fit-test every new design and ensure products are well-fitted in every size and for every body type. 

The company even has a thoughtful sourcing method, ensuring their ecological footprint is minimized, their materials are ethically obtained, and their workers are provided safe work environments and fair wages. In 2020, 85% of the brand’s products were even produced in the US. 

Sounds like a promising company, right? Before jumping in to specific product reviews, this Commando leggings review will weigh several highlights of the brand to find out, including: 


  • Wide range of products and styles
  • Thoughtful and domestic manufacturing processes
  • High quality design 
  • International shipping available 
  • Free 2-day shipping on orders over $100
  • Inclusive size range 
  • Amazing color range 
  • AfterPay payment plans available for certain items

Let’s be honest, it’s great when you’ve got an outfit put together but then your underwear ruins the line. If you’re tired of seeing those panty lines no matter what you wear, it might be time to trade in your old undergarments for some Commando ones. 

Commando Leggings Review

Considered the staple of all of the company’s products, their leggings are the item the company was built on. Available in a wide range of styles, colors, and fits, there is bound to be a style for everyone. This Commando leggings review will focus only on a select few of the brand’s best-selling items.

Commando Faux Leather Leggings Review 

Commando Faux Leather Leggings Review
Commando Faux Leather Leggings

For the ethically conscious shopper, these Commando Faux Leather Leggings will give you all the feel and style of real leather without harming any animals. Plus, this faux leather doesn’t bulk or sag, meaning it’ll fit well and remain stylish over time. 

The Commando leather leggings feature a hidden waistband and use a special type of fabric that can stretch in all sorts of ways without losing its shape. No saggy pants Mcgee here! This product can be thrown in the washer too, making care easy and fast. 

The size range for this pair of leggings, like most of the company’s products, is incredibly inclusive, ranging from XS petite to 3X. This item also comes in four colors: black, white, cooca, and pewter. We’re positive you’ll channel your inner badass whenever you put these bad boys on. 

The Commando Faux Leather Leggings retail for $125. 

Commando Sequin Legging Review 

Commando Sequin Legging Review
Commando Sequin Legging

With the holidays around the corner, you’ll definitely want to get into the mood with these fun pants! For the bold, fashionable woman looking to make a statement, the Commando Sequin Legging is bound to be right up your alley. Embellished with all-over sequins, this pair of leggings is determined to attract attention wherever you go.  

This product is made from polyester and elastane, making these the comfiest, and glittery, pair of pants in your closet. This item does however require a gentle hand wash in cold water and should never be put into the washing machine (for risk of losing all you sparkle!).  

The Commando Sequin Legging is available in US sizes XS to L, coming in two colors: wine and blush. The leggings retail for $253, currently on sale for $202

Commando Velvet Legging Review

Commando Velvet Legging Review
Commando Velvet Legging

If you’re someone who likes to dress at the intersection of style and comfort, the Commando Velvet Leggings are for you. Made from polyester and elastane, this uber-soft garment has a hidden waistband so there are no unsightly bumps. With its ability to stretch in all directions without losing shape, you’ll never want to take them off. 

A big plus for this Commando leggings review is that this design won’t pill, something any lover of leggings knows is a constant struggle. Not to mention this product is washer-friendly — who doesn’t want an easy pair of pants to take care of? 

The Commando Velvet Legging comes only in black. It is also available in US sizes XS to 3X, though certain sizes are currently out of stock. This garment normally retails for $126. AfterPay is available with payment plans.   

Commando Velvet Neoprene Legging Review 

Commando Velvet Neoprene Legging Review
Commando Velvet Neoprene Legging

The final pair of leggings included in this Commando leggings review is the Velvet Neoprene Legging

When you want a pair of leggings that won’t lose shape after multiple wears, then you’ll want to take a look at this garment. Thanks to the neoprene fabric, it holds its shape perfectly while hugging your body in all the right places. 

This pair of leggings features a higher waist, won’t pill on you, and the inner waistband won’t give you those unattractive bumps. This pair of leggings is ideal for cold weather, and the fabric is warm and cozy (think ice skating and other winter activities!). 

The Neoprene Legging comes in US sizes XS to XL. Available only in a black, this Commando design retails for $164.

Commando Underwear Review

Yet another company staple is the Commando underwear. Like the name suggests, this brand’s undergarments are so comfortable that it’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Though there is a wide selection of men’s and women’s underwear for sale on the company’s website, this Commando leggings review will instead focus on only a select few best-selling products. 

Commando Classic Solid Thong Review 

Commando Classic Solid Thong Review
Commando Classic Solid Thong

The famous undergarment that’s included in a lot of kits for A-list designers during New York Fashion Week. If models are in love with this thong, why wouldn’t you be too? 

The Commando Classic Solid Thong is undeniably high quality and well-made. After all, this is the brand’s original (and still well-beloved) design. No raw edges which means zero elastic digging into your body or leaving any unnecessary bumps. 

This thong is made from nylon and elastane and stretches nicely without losing its shape. The Commando Classic Solid Thong is washer-friendly and available in five colors: 

  • Beige
  • Caramel
  • Mocha
  • White
  • Black

The size range for this product is XS/S to L/XL. The thong retails for $29

Commando Cotton Bikini Review

Commando Cotton Bikini Review
Commando Cotton Bikini

This Commando leggings review knows that every woman needs a pair of reliable cotton bikini underwear in her arsenal — and the company’s Cotton Bikini is just that. 

Made from cotton and elastane, this pair of panties is uber-soft against your skin and won’t lose its shape after you’ve worn it multiple times. Like the aforementioned product, this design also does not use any elastic to prevent those annoying panty lines. 

Best thing about it? It won’t pill on you and washer-friendly. The Commando Cotton Bikini comes in US sizes XS/S to L/XL, and is available in two colors:

  • Black
  • Beige

This pair of underwear retails for $36. AfterPay is available with payment plans.  

Commando Classic Solid Girl Short Review 

Commando Classic Solid Girl Short Review
Commando Classic Solid Girl Short

This Commando leggings review wouldn’t be complete without a proper pair of Classic Solid Girl Shorts. With a bit more length than a standard bikini, this girl short offers more coverage and comfort. The cut in the back really gives your backside a bit of a cheeky omph! 

Made from nylon and elastane, this product won’t leave you sweating or pill on you. No one has time for that. It also features a stretch that won’t lose its shape while being washer-friendly. If you’ve been looking for a pair that can do all that, then you’ve definitely found the right pair. 

The Commando Classic Solid Girl Short is available in four colors: 

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Caramel
  • Mocha

It also runs in US sizes XS/S to L/XL. This product retails for $36. AfterPay is also available with payment plans. 

Who Is Commando For? 

Commando Leggings Review

Commando is an inclusive brand that does not design their products with one specific customer in mind. Regardless of age, gender, ethnic background, or sexual orientation, this company will have something for everyone. 

Also, many of the brand’s products are available in a wide range of sizes, often up to a 3X. Any fashion-lover looking for both comfort and style is bound to love the Commando products. 

Comparison: Commando vs. Varley

Commando Leggings Review

Commando is far from being alone in the clothing industry, particularly in the high quality, luxury basics and leggings realm. In fact, other companies like Varley are also competing for your attention in this space. There are, however, several key differences between the two brands, including: 

  • Product offerings 
  • Cost 
  • Size inclusivity  
  • Manufacturing processes 

First and foremost, Commando has a much larger product range than Varley. Where Varely only designs women’s clothing, Commando has products for both men and women. Not to mention the actual items sold by Commando are more diverse, carrying everything from bodysuits to coordinated sets. 

Though both companies are similar in price range, on average, an item from Varley will be slightly cheaper. For example, a pair of Varley leggings generally sell between $88-$100, while a pair of Commando leggings range from $130 to $380.  

Commando also carries a wider size range than Varley. While Varley’s products are mostly offered in standard XS to XL sizing, many Commando products can even be purchased in XS petite sizes or 3X sizing. If you do not fit into XS – XL, Commando is likely to be the better brand for you. 

Finally, the manufacturing processes of these two companies are also different. Commando uses sustainable production and supply methods, and creates most of their products domestically in the US. On the other hand, Varley sources materials and creates their products in Italy. 

Commando Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Commando Leggings Review

All in all, customers love their Commando products. The following reviews have been collected from the company’s official website and a number of other third-party retailers. 

  • Faux Leather Legging: 4.6/5 stars from 187 reviews 
  • Sequin Legging: 3.2/5 stars from 15 reviews 
  • Velvet Legging: 5/5 stars from 14 reviews 
  • Velvet Neoprene Legging: 4.3/5 stars from 37 reviews 
  • Classic Solid Thong: 4.6/5 stars from 72 reviews 
  • Cotton Bikini: 3.7/5 stars from 37 reviews 
  • Classic Solid Girl Short: 4.2/5 stars from 33 reviews 

On the official Commando website, a happy customer from New York praised the Faux Leather Leggings, writing, “The material is expensive looking but stretchy! They get hot and are very high waisted (about 3 inches above belly button) but that’s what I like!

Again on Amazon this time, one customer left feedback for the Cotton Bikini, sharing, “These are the only cotton panties that show no panty lines! They are way overpriced at $28, BUT they are the best cotton panties I’ve ever owned and the only ones to show no panty lines even in thin yoga pants.”

Commando does not have a Better Business Bureau page, and is therefore unaccredited. On TrustPilot though, customers rave about their products. One buyer even praised their leggings, writing “Full Commando makes excellent leggings and shorts for women who workout. The sizing is accurate and the material they use feels like a second skin.”

The positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to Commando products. The large majority of customers are loving this brand. 

Is Commando Worth It?

Commando Leggings Review

According to this Commando leggings review, the company is absolutely worth it. Made from high quality material, very stylish, and guaranteed to be durable for years to come, this company’s products — be it leggings, underwear, or otherwise — are guaranteed to be a new favorite in your wardrobe. 

Commando Promotions & Discounts 

Commando Leggings Review

Commando will sometimes offer sales on their website. To be notified of any promotions or discounts, you are encouraged to sign up for the company’s newsletter. This way, you will be notified of any sales as they occur. 

Where to Buy Commando

Commando Leggings Review

You can buy Commando products from a number of locations, including: 

  1. The official Commando website 
  2. Amazon
  3. Revolve 
  4. Nordstrom

There are also other places that stock Commando. To find a place near you, check out their store locator here.


Commando Leggings Review

Where is Commando made? 

Most Commando products are made domestically across their seven factories within the US. There are a rare few products that are manufactured abroad. 

Does Commando fit true to size?

Yes, Commando fits true to size. When buying from the brand, you can be assured that the garment should fit as the size intends. 

What is Commando’s Shipping Policy?

Items that are in stock will ship within 1-3 business days once they receive the order. Should you run into any issues with your order, you can contact them at 1-802-802-2846. 

For the US:

  • Orders over $100: Free shipping
  • Orders under $100: Shipping is $10 (standard shipping)

The brand also offers internationship shipping to Canada, Australia, and the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland), with charges being:


  • Standard shipping: $20 (about 2-5 business days)
  • Priority shipping: $25 (about 1-3 business days)


  • Standard shipping: $25 (about 2-5 business days)
  • Priority shipping: $30 (about 1-3 business days)

The UK:

  • Standard shipping: $22 (about 2-5 business days)
  • Priority shipping: $25 (about 1-3 business days)

What is Commando’s Return Policy?

For domestic and international returns, Commando will only accept returns of items that were purchased from the official website. For returns, you have a 30-day window to send back the unused and unworn item with the original tags attached. For all returns, you will be charged $7 for the shipping label. 

To start your return process, you will need to go here.  

How to Contact Commando

Commando Leggings Review

Should you need to contact Commando, you can do so a number of ways, including: 

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 800-506-6880
  • Live chat (available Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm EST)

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