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About Cynthia Rowley

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Colorful, fun, and flirty—those are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the design aesthetic of Cynthia Rowley clothing, accessories, eyewear, and lifestyle products

The New York based brand has been named by Vogue as the “pioneer of surf leisure,” due to their sustainably-made, fashionable wetsuits. This fashion and lifestyle label has also garnered a loyal and strong social media following over the years, and they have 217k followers on Instagram. 

Looking to delve into the Cynthia Rowley fashion closet and really explore this brand? Well, keep reading because my Cynthia Rowley dresses review will take an in-depth look at the company, including its clothing, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Cynthia Rowley

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Designer Cynthia Rowley brought her first fashion collection into the world in the late 1980s after she made the switch from studying fine arts to fashion at the Art Institute of Chicago. She started her own fashion label right after college and then made the big move to New York City. 

At the core of her fashion, accessories, and lifestyle brand, the designer has an important vision. She hopes to bring a sense of adventure and free spiritedness to the fashion line, and help women “everywhere to take risks and live life fearlessly.” 

The label is continuously striving to become more and more sustainable. That’s why their designer pieces are made in limited quantities, so they don’t add to the mass production problem in fashion. The Cynthia Rowley wetsuits are also made with green technology and fashioned out of recycled materials. 

All Cynthia Rowley clothing is designed in-house in their studio in New York City. 

Now that you’ve learned some background info on this New York based label, let’s take this Cynthia Rowley dresses review to the next step. I’ll check out a list of highlights about the high-end.  


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  • Designer women’s clothing that’s fun, flirty, feminine, and sometimes sporty 
  • A loyalty rewards program to earn points for extra savings 
  • International shipping is available 
  • A sale section with items up to 50% off 
  • Lots of positive reviews about the beautiful patterns, materials, and fits 
  • Sold at retail partners (such as Neiman Marcus and Saks)
  • Lifestyle and home items available 
  • Subscribe with your email address for a discount coupon 

By now, you should have a basic idea of what this brand is all about. But maybe you’re ready to learn more. So, let’s delve into the really good stuff — the glorious statement dresses and other stylish apparel. For this Cynthia Rowley dresses review, I’ve put together a list of the brand’s finest items.

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review

Whether you’re shopping for the uber popular Cynthia Rowley maxi dresses, or something more form-fitting and mini, my Cynthia Rowley dresses review will take a close look at the brand’s bestselling dresses.

These pieces are designed to make women feel beautiful and inspired every time they put one on. Let’s open the closet and get started! 

Cynthia Rowley Bonded Dress Review

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Simple with a splash of sporty attitude. That’s how one might describe the Cynthia Rowley Bonded Dress

Available in four different colors, this sleeveless dress has a square neckline, and thick shoulder straps that nicely frame the upper body. 

It’s a flattering mini dress with a hemline that falls in the upper thigh area. There’s also an exposed, zipper panel in the back that adds a sense of casualness and whimsy to the dress. 

Available in sizes 0 – 10, the Cynthia Rowley Bonded Dress is priced at $277 (down from $445). 

Cynthia Rowley Ombre Floral Mini Dress Review 

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Some dresses have it all— big puff sleeves, floral, ombre, and a gathered tier. The Cynthia Rowley Ombre Floral Mini Dress fits that criteria perfectly. 

If you’re feeling flirty, the deep v-neck on this dress will suit your mood perfectly. Also, the puffed sleeves and unique floral, ombre print adds a dramatic flair to the dress. And the gathered tier mini is all about exuding a sense of confidence and playfulness. 

The Cynthia Rowley Ombre Floral Mini Dress is priced at $355 (down from $509).

Cynthia Rowley Wetsuits Review

Have you ever wanted a designer wetsuit? Well, you might want one after viewing these designer options. Cynthia Rowley wetsuits are stylish, fun, and made in a sustainable fashion using green technology and recycled materials. Let’s dive into the deep end and take a look at some of the top-selling Cynthia Rowley wetsuits. 

Cynthia Rowley Watercamo Wetsuit Review 

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Is it one of your dreams to ride a wave and surf in the ocean? Or perhaps you’d like to dive into the deep sea. To scratch these off your bucket list, check out the Cynthia Rowley Watercamo Wetsuit

Available in sizes XS – L, this long-sleeve wetsuit features snug shorts that land just below the hips, which makes it super comfy for swimming or surfing. The beautiful water and rainbow print is also completely mesmerizing. And, this wetsuit comes with SPF 50+ protection and a cool zip pocket in the back for storage on-the-go. 

This Cynthia Rowley Wetsuit – Watercamo is priced at $380

Cynthia Rowley Ryder Wetsuit Review 

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Color blocking isn’t just cool on clothing. It also looks great on other apparel, such as wetsuits, so you can make a statement while you’re in the water too! If you’re unsure what we mean, check out the Cynthia Rowley Ryder Wetsuit

This wetsuit is the perfect blending of modern meets vintage with its vibrant, asymmetrical color blocking. One thing that’s completely contemporary though is the way it’s made: it’s fashioned through green technology using recycled materials. That’s pretty cool, right? 

You can easily unzip the wetsuit in the back with the easy nylon pull string, and go from the beach to the beach club in a moment’s notice. 

The Cynthia Rowley Wetsuit – Ryder is priced at $355

Cynthia Rowley Pajamas Review

Shopping for pajamas can be a really fun treat, especially if they’re Cynthia Rowley pajamas. One thing that these designer pj’s possess across the board is a sense of luxury and extreme comfort. Let’s take a look at the top-selling Cynthia Rowley pajamas. 

Cynthia Rowley Silk Pajama Pants Review

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If you’ve never indulged in a pair of luxurious, silk pajama pants then the Cynthia Rowley Silk Pajama Pants are a great way to start your collection. 

Available in two playful prints, these Cynthia Rowley pajama pants have a relaxed fit, an elastic waist, and an easy drawstring, so you can lounge around all day long in these babies. 

They also feature side pockets, which is perfect if these become your go-to pajama pants. And they’re made from 100% silk, so they’re ultra sumptuous and lavish. 

These Cynthia Rowley Silk Pajama Pants are priced at $380

Cynthia Rowley Cotton Pajama Shirt Review 

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There’s something so sexy yet relaxed about a solid, button-up pajama shirt and the Cynthia Rowley Cotton Pajama Shirt fits that criteria ten-fold. 

Available in sizes XS – L, this pajama shirt is made of 100% cotton, which means it’s super airy and breathable for sleep time. Plus, it has a relaxed, comfy fit with buttons down the front, and a lovely piping around the collar and front panels. 

If you want to complete this look, you can also buy the matching, dark teal, cotton pajama pants here

The Cynthia Rowley Cotton Pajama Shirt is priced at $136 (down from $252). 

Cynthia Rowley Skirts Review

Another item of clothing that’s a staple from this label are the Cynthia Rowley skirts. There are so many great options that make sense for both work or a fun night on the town. Let’s take these skirts for a whirl around the dance floor, and check out a few of the brand’s bestsellers. 

Cynthia Rowley Silk Bow Skirt Review 

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 10

There’s just something empowering about the Cynthia Rowley Silk Bow Skirt. Maybe it’s because, with the “high-low hem” and elegant bow detail in the front, it simply refuses to fit into one single category. 

Available in bold and playful colors, like bright pink, blue, and yellow, this luxe skirt is also 100% silk, so just imagine how great it would feel flouncing around your legs all day long. It also sits high on the waist, so it’s perfect for tucking in a variety of dress shirts. And there’s an invisible zipper as well to keep the integrity of the skirt completely intact. 

Pair this beauty with a Cynthia Rowley shirt of your choice for the ultimate power combo. 

The Cynthia Rowley Silk Bow Skirt is priced at $445

Cynthia Rowley Tulle Skirt Review 

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 11

Whether your style icon is Carrie Bradshaw or you’ve always looked up to professional ballerinas growing up, the Cynthia Rowley Tulle Skirt will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Made in black, white, and traditional pink, this beautiful, lined tulle skirt features a comfortable elastic waistband. And the flowy, layered tulle falls at midi length, so this skirt can be paired with a form-fitting Cynthia Rowley tank top or stylish blouse. You get to choose your ultimate ballerina-inspired look! 

The Cynthia Rowley Tulle Skirt is available in sizes S – L and is priced at $316

Who is Cynthia Rowley for? 

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Do you love indulging in designer clothing that includes lots of pretty and flirty designs, but also has some more sophisticated, sporty pieces? If so, Cynthia Rowley clothing could very well have your name on it. 

You’ll truly find a little bit of everything with this designer brand. Whether it’s a coquettish Cynthia Rowley black dress or even the Cynthia Rowley wetsuits that help make a day at the beach super memorable, this brand is for women who truly love fashion and are looking to feel empowered. 

Comparison: Cynthia Rowley vs. Cult Gaia

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Calling all high-end fashion lovers. There are lots of great designer fashion brands out there, so how do you decide which one is best for you? This Cynthia Rowley dresses review is here to help. I’ll scope out the competition and see how Cynthia Rowley compares with a similar brand.

Cult Gaia is a designer fashion label that was founded in 2012. It originally made a splash with its hair turbans, flower crowns, and its iconic Ark handbag, but the brand quickly expanded it’s line to include a variety of clothes, shoes, and other accessories. 

Let’s take a look at the similarities between these two fashion labels: 

  • Both cater to women who love designer fashion collections with an assortment of dresses, tops, pants, footwear, accessories, and other apparel
  • Both labels offer international shipping from their websites 
  • Shop for their designer clothing at partner luxury retailers around the globe 

There are a few ways these two brands differ:

  • Cynthia Rowley offers a more affordable designer label price point, while Cult Gaia is substantially pricier 
  • Both brands offer a swimwear collection, but only Cynthia Rowley designs fashion wetsuits 
  • Cult Gaia offers free shipping at a lower price point, since you only have to spend $150 to qualify 

Both of these designer brands have a distinctive style, and their own unique aesthetic. 

Cynthia Rowley Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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What are designer labels without the loyal fashion lovers that shop for their items? They simply wouldn’t exist.

That’s why, next up, my Cynthia Rowley dresses review will check out some consumer feedback. Let’s see what the customers have to say about this fashion line that’s been around for over 30 years now. 

First, let’s head over to Amazon. We’ll take a look at some of the brand’s most popular pieces, and see how shoppers are rating them. 

  • Cynthia Rowley Bleached Paisley Tank Dress: an average of 3.3/5 stars based on 22 reviews, with one person stating “this is a stunning dress”
  • Cynthia Rowley Color Block Mini Dress: has a 4/5 star rating based on one review 
  • Cynthia Rowley Bree Combo T-Shirt Dress: has a 4/5 star rating based on one review 

Overall, most customers appear to be quite happy with their purchases, and appreciate the unique design aesthetic from this fashion label. Lots of reviewers discuss how Cynthia Rowley dresses are super easy to throw on and feel confident and special in— which is exactly what you want in a designer dress! 

One shopper left a positive review on ShopBop about the Cynthia Rowley Textured Jacquard Fit and Flare Mock Dress

This is a very beautiful dress, the fabric is a little bit thick, that makes it have a very good shape. Very satisfied with this purchase.”

For those who like to shop for clothing in person, there are a few Cynthia Rowley stores to be found around the U.S. Plus, you can find the label’s clothing and accessories at Saks and Neiman Marcus as well. 

One person left a 5/5 star review on Yelp about their wonderful experience shopping at the West Village store in Manhattan: 

“Gorgeous spacious store with lovely staff and fabulous selection of impeccable Cynthia Rowley. Love it. Sample sales to die for here.”

Another thing that many reviewers note is how each season features something a little bit different, but every collection still stays faithful to the brand’s overall aesthetic. 

A happy customer left a comment on the brand’s Facebook page after their 2020 Spring/Summer collection made its debut at Fashion Week. Their remark was short and sweet:

“Truly beautiful stuff this year.” 

One thing to note about this designer brand is that on TrustPilot, Yelp, and Sitejabber, there were numerous reviews from customers discussing that they had a difficult time reaching the brand’s customer support team.

Yet, I found a tremendous amount of positive feedback from satisfied customers. So many shoppers are thrilled with this designer label and what they have to offer. 

Is Cynthia Rowley Worth It?

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 15

If you’ve been following the career of designer Cynthia Rowley for some time now, you likely won’t be surprised at this fashion label’s success. They have a solid track record for designing effortlessly chic fashion items that are contemporary and wearable every season

And that’s why there are lots of happy shoppers that have left glowing reviews online about the Cynthia Rowley collection. So many reviewers express the sheer love and confidence they have for the label.

If you don’t mind the high price tag, the quality and design of the label’s dresses and other apparel really speak for themselves. Which means that shopping for the brand’s clothing and accessories is truly an investment worth making.

And, it’s also why for the purpose of this Cynthia Rowley dresses review I’ve decided that the brand is definitely worth it.

Cynthia Rowley Promotions & Discounts 

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 16

Feeling the urge to splurge as you scroll through the Cynthia Rowley website? It may be time to shop! Luckily, at the time of this Cynthia Rowley dresses review, I’ve found a few different discounts and promos for you. 

  1. Sign up to be an email subscriber and save an extra 10% off your next order
  2. There’s a sale section on the website with items up to 50% off
  3. Sign up for their Loyalty Club (a points program available to shoppers worldwide), build up points, and exchange them for extra discounts on your purchases online or in-store 

Where to Buy Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 17

Does your closet need some more designer clothes? If you’d like to buy a bold, statement dress, or some classy Cynthia Rowley shirts, you need to know where to shop. 

You can buy Cynthia Rowley apparel and accessories exclusively on their website: There are four retail stores located in the United States (in New York City, Montauk, and Newport Beach, California). 

You can also find Cynthia Rowley clothing at various retail partners, like Neiman Marcus, Farfetch, Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macys.


Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 18

Where is Cynthia Rowley made? 

All Cynthia Rowley clothing, accessories, swimwear, and home items are designed in-house at their studio in New York City. The production and manufacturing of products takes place domestically, and sustainable, green technology is used for a lot of items. 

Does Cynthia Rowley fit true to size? 

Cynthia Rowley tends to fit fairly true to size. If you have any speculation about what size you should choose, there is a size chart available for every item on the website. You can also email their customer support team ([email protected]), and they’ll help you choose your correct size. 

What is Cynthia Rowley’s Shipping Policy?

Cynthia Rowley offers free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $300. Expedited shipping options are available, but extra fees may apply, depending on where you live and which delivery option you choose. All of these fees will be calculated at checkout. 

It will take the Cynthia Rowley team 1 – 2 business days to process your order and ship it out. If you place your order prior to 3 p.m., Monday – Friday, it’ll be processed that same day. Orders placed after 3 p.m. will be processed the next business day. The company does not ship to P.O. boxes. 

Cynthia Rowley provides international shipping to 224 different countries worldwide. The delivery time will be determined at checkout. On average, delivery takes place  2 – 4 days after processing. 

Any custom charges, duties, or taxes are not included at checkout. Should any charges be incurred upon delivery or while crossing borders, these fees are the responsibility of the customer. 

If you’re looking for an estimate of what your duty and customs charges may be, you can contact the Cynthia Rowley team at [email protected]

Once your order has been shipped, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. If your purchase is shipped out in multiple packages, you’ll receive a separate email and tracking number for each individual package. 

What is Cynthia Rowley’s Return Policy?

Cynthia Rowley has a 14-day return policy from the date that you receive your order. To be eligible for a full refund, all items must be unworn, unwashed, without stains, and in their original condition with the tags attached. 

Products that were purchased at full price or with a discount less than 30% off qualify for a return or exchange. Items that were purchased from the Cynthia Rowley website or at a Cynthia Rowley store qualify for a return. All other items must be returned to their original place of purchase. 

Any swimwear, face or eye masks, headwear, blankets, or candles are all final sale. Any items that are 30% off or more are also considered final sale. 

To begin the return process, you must reach out to the customer service team via email at [email protected]. They’ll tell you the steps necessary to return or exchange your order. 

Please be aware of this: the Cynthia Rowley team asks that you only mail your return orders using their return shipping label, so they can track the package. 

All refunds will be made in the original payment form with a $10 restocking fee deducted. 

International returns will follow the same process above: you must reach out via email to begin the return process. 

How to Contact Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley Dresses Review 19

Need to speak to Cynthia Rowley customer support? There are a few different ways to contact them. 

  1. Phone: 212-242-0847, ext. 111 (between the hours of 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday) 
  2. Email: [email protected]

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