Day Owl Backpack Review

About Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack Review

Day Owl is an American brand selling sustainable backpacks, totes, and pouches to customers all around the world through their online shop. 

This company is passionate about solving the world’s waste problem. Instead of making new materials, they create functional, water-resistant textiles from a huge polluter – plastic bottles!

Our Day Owl Backpack review will window-shop through the brand’s best-selling items, break down their buying highlights, and explore their customer’s feedback to help you decide if this eco-friendly line of accessories is right for you. 

Keep reading to learn more about Day Owl’s unique backstory and manufacturing process.

Overview of Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack Review

Day Owl was founded by entrepreneur Ian Rosenberger in 2011. Rosenberger wanted his company to be as ecologically and socially conscious as possible, so he called his backpack “The Better Backpack.” It was designed with the explicit purpose of turning waste into something useful, and helping people achieve economic stability in the process. 

Inspired by textiles made entirely of used plastics, Rosenberger wanted to design a product everyone could use that could be part of the circular economy. Instead of creating waste, Day Owl Backpacks would collect it, and use their product to create jobs.

Rosenberger began his business on Kickstarter, where he successfully raised funding to begin to produce Day Owl’s first backpacks. 

So far, the brand has helped recycle over 96 million plastic bottles which would otherwise have ended up in landfills (or worse, the ocean) and put them to use as fabrics for Day Owl backpacks and bags. 

They also employ people around the world who redirect plastic waste and assist with manufacturing. Due to their responsible approach, they are a Certified B Corporation.

Fast forward to 2022, and this company has been featured in Fast Company, Gear Patrol, Carryology, and Today. Day Owl also has over 60k followers on Facebook and over 18k followers on Instagram. 

In this Day Owl Backpack review I’ve covered a few of them, but let’s a closer look at the highlights of buying with this responsible brand:


Day Owl Backpack Review
  • Sells backpacks, grocery totes and pouches made from recycled materials
  • Removes plastic from the environment and puts it to good use!
  • Highly functional design with useful compartments
  • Discount codes available for savings
  • Ships throughout the US and worldwide
  • Positively featured in the media
  • Certified B Corporation – verified socially and ecologically responsible

Day Owl Backpack Review

Day Owl’s Backpack is their best-known product and I can see why! 

Want for a reliable, comfortable way to carry your books or make your daily commute better? In my Day Owl backpack review I will shop through this brand’s best-selling backpacks for a closer look at what they have to offer.

Day Owl The Backpack Review

Day Owl Backpack Review
Day Owl The Backpack

If you love a sleek and simple design, this backpack will make your heart (and back, and shoulders) sing! 

The Backpack is a versatile, all-purpose bag with a flat bottom and sides, a gently curved top, two shoulder straps, and two attached carry handles.

While writing this Day Owl Backpack review I’ve found that this bag is refreshingly easy on the eyes – there’s no zippers, mesh compartments or color changes here. Instead, Day Owl has opted to give this backpack a simple, monochrome look with subtle covered zippers. While it does have one external compartment, it blends in nicely with the rest of the backpack.

I also love that the bottle compartment was incorporated into this sleek design. The Backpack has a zippered side pocket that lets you tuck your bottle or thermos completely out of sight, so it isn’t hanging off the side of your bag.

Opening up The Backpack, you’ll find all of these features inside:

  • 16-inch laptop pocket with zipper
  • Leak-proof water bottle compartment
  • Separate top pocket
  • Two sleeve pockets
  • Cord straps for your tech items

The brand’s recycled waxed canvas material is designed to resist stains and water damage

This bag weighs about 2.4 lbs altogether and comes in ten different colors including pink, green and navy.

Buy Day Owl’s The Backpack for $149

Day Owl Slim Backpack Review

Day Owl Backpack Review
Day Owl Slim Backpack

If you love the idea of the Day Owl Backpack but feel like it might be a little big for you, don’t worry! You can always opt for their smaller version, the Slim Backpack.

This bag is made using the same responsible manufacturing of The Backpack, just designed to be a little more compact. This will make it appealing to teens, kids, or the more petite people among us!

The Slim Backpack weighs in at just 2 lbs and can fit a 14-inch laptop inside its computer pocket. 

When you opt for the Slim Backpack you won’t miss a thing – this bag has all the same features as the standard version! You’ll enjoy a tiny top pocket, a zippered, spill-proof water bottle compartment, a discreet external pocket, and interior sleeves to organize your little things.

You’ll find the Slim Backpack in these subtle color options:

  1. Dawn Grey
  2. Slate Grey
  3. Pale Olive
  4. Clay Orange
  5. Lavender
  6. Nocturnal Black
  7. Mustard Yellow
  8. Desert Pink

Buy the Slim Backpack for $129.  

Day Owl Bags Review

If you’re in the market for a simple tote or packing pouch, Day Owl has dedicated some of their design magic to these essentials, too. Take a look at their best selling More Bag and Cord Pouch.

Day Owl The Møre Bag Review 

Day Owl Backpack Review
Day Owl The Møre Bag

This foldable satchel will be your constant companion for grocery runs or taking the kids’ toys to the park. The More Bag is made from 7 recycled bottles, making this another sustainable addition to the Day Owl line.

You can fit 18 L of stuff – about 2-3 plastic grocery bag’s worth – into the More Bag, and when you’re done, simply fold it up into its little built-in pocket. You can pop this lightweight accessory in your coat or purse for the next time you need it.

The More Bag has longer, wider straps than some similar reusable bags, making it easy to carry, and suitable for holding in your hand or wearing over your shoulder. It’s also water-resistant and machine washable. 

The More Bag comes in a wide range of colors, including:

  • Tan
  • Orange
  • Green 
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Sage

Some versions of this tote were also designed by artists, with prints ranging from muted ombres to lively animals.

Buy the More Bag for $18.

Day Owl The Cord Pouch Review 

Day Owl Backpack Review
Day Owl The Cord Pouch

This cute pouch could have many uses, but it’s designed to keep your electronics cords safely stowed away

The Cord Pouch is 7 inches in height and 5 inches wide. Like all Day Owl bags, this pouch is made from 100% recycled products – a responsible, guilt-free purchase.

When you unzip The Cord Pouch, you’ll find a small pocket on the left and four elastic loops on the right where you can tuck your earphones, charging cables, or any other bits and bobs you need!

You can coordinate your Cord Pouch with your Day Own backpack or purse, since it’s available in nine matching colors including black, dandelion yellow, sky blue and leaf green. 

Buy The Cord Pouch for $29.

Who Is Day Owl Backpack For? 

Day Owl Backpack Review

Day Owl caters to teens and adults who need functional bags and have a classic sense of style. Their backpacks have a “less is more” approach to aesthetics. Instead of piling on external compartments, zippers, and color changes, these bags are sleek and minimalist. 

These design choices give the Day Owl Backpack a more grown-up appearance, making it a perfectly respectable choice to bring to the office, or any work or school function. Office workers will love that they don’t have to put up with the discomfort of briefcases and shoulder bags, and can travel in comfort and style with their laptops and extras safely stowed away.

Conscientious customers will also go totally gaga for this brand, and for good reason too: Day Owl’s explicit purpose is to eliminate waste and pollution, and they contribute to the health of our planet in many ways.

Firstly they successfully remove disposable plastics from landfills where they take up space (and take forever to decompose), and create work and economic stability for people in the process. 

They also work to keep their products from contributing to waste down the line. Day Owl’s products are manufactured to last, and offer repairs so you are sure to get a ton of use out of your investment.

Finally, they guarantee that when your bag is at the end of its life, they will take it back and ensure its materials are not wasted. A wholly circular product, this backpack is ideal for people who want to make purchases that put the planet first. 

Day Owl Backpack Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Day Owl Backpack Review

This company shares Day Owl Backpack reviews on their official website. These reviews generally reflect a satisfied customer, with buyers expressing how much they love this brand’s sophisticated design and fantastic functionality.

One customer who purchased The Backpack in Jam Red is thrilled with the quality and design of her choice. She shares in her Day Owl Backpack review: “I ADORE this backpack! Super quality materials (I especially love that the interior is a cotton-y fabric, not cheap nylon or poly) and it has pockets in all the right places… Thank you Day Owl!!!”

Another customer also loves how much she can comfortably carry in her Day Owl Backpack, and notes that it has stood up well to a year of use! 

She shares in her Day Owl Backpack review: I’ve had this backpack for over a year, and could not be happier with it. I managed to fit everything I needed plus a hard hat (!) one day last year, but I think I topped that record today…Pretty sure this is the only cool-looking backpack on the market that could do that! One million stars.”

This brand also shares customer feedback on their official Facebook page, where they have an awesome 4.8/5 star rating, based on 20 reviews so far. 

Buyers leaving Day Owl Backpack reviews on Facebook have generally loved trying this company’s products, and their socially and environmentally responsible approach to doing business is a big hit, too.

One shopper shares in her Day Owl Backpack review, “An amazing company that is honest and transparent about the good work that they do to create jobs and help the environment internationally and at home! On top of that, their stuff is fashionable and functional! Could not recommend enough!”

Day Owl’s signature The Backpack was also reviewed by the writer at, who loved its convenient compartments and ability to adapt from an everyday school tote to a piece of carry-on luggage.

This blogger writes in their Day Owl Backpack review, “Cute yet functional, this eco-groovy backpack is perfect for everything from school to outdoor activities. A travel companion also, this carry-on sized bag has a minimalistic design that blends in well in any setting as well as a luggage sleeve you can attach to your roller for a smooth transit.”

Overall, this brand is getting equal buzz from happy customers for their eco-friendly business model as they are their ability to deliver comfortable, durable, functional bags.

Is Day Owl Backpack Legit?

Day Owl Backpack Review

Absolutely! This backpack company has made some real waves in the accessory industry and is reliably serving customers around the world. While doing my research for this Day Owl Backpack review, I didn’t pick up on any red flags. 

Is Day Owl Backpack Worth It?

Day Owl Backpack Review

This brand makes it easy to justify a purchase from their company. While writing this Day Owl Backpack review I found that they are ethically producing high-quality accessories by transforming landfill recyclables into beautiful bags and pouches.

While it’s commendable that this brand is doing accessories right, it’s also fantastic to see the enthusiastic customer responses, which show that their designs are convenient and functional investments for everyday buyers.

As such, to conclude my Day Owl backpack review I’m happy to recommend this new eco brand to anyone, from kids to adults, in need of a stylish, useful bag. 

Day Owl Backpack Promotions & Discounts 

Day Owl Backpack Review

Use the Day Owl Backpack discount code Recycle15 to receive $15 off your order!

Where to Buy Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack Review

Purchase all Day Owl Backpack products from their official website.


Day Owl Backpack Review

Who owns Day Owl Backpack?

Founding entrepreneur Ian Rosenberger owns Day Owl.

Does Day Owl Backpack ship internationally?

If you live internationally, you can certainly make a Day Owl Backpack purchase! Just keep in mind that you will have to pay any necessary duties and fees for your buy.

What is Day Owl Backpack’s Shipping Policy?

This brand ships to the US and internationally. Just enter your destination at checkout for information about their shipping fees and options. 

Orders will receive a tracking number so you can check the status of your order. 

Some US orders qualify for free shipping. If you select this option, you can expect your order to arrive within 4-6 days. You can also pay more to have your shipping expedited if you wish.

What is Day Owl Backpack’s Return Policy?

You can return your Day Owl Backpack within 30 days of purchase if it hasn’t lived up to your expectations.

In fact, this brand makes it easy for customers to request an exchange, and you will receive an extra $10 if you exchange instead of return! You can even exchange an item you received as a gift.

At the time of this Day Owl Backpack review, you’ll pay a $7 return shipping fee. 

To start a return or exchange, visit their Return Portal and follow the directions. 

How to Contact Day Owl Backpack

Day Owl Backpack Review

I hope you enjoyed this Send Day Owl backpacks review! For any other questions, send an email at their customer service address [email protected]

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