DOXA Watches Review

About DOXA Watches 

DOXA Watches Review

Until humankind is able to develop a real-life flux capacitor, it’s important to keep track of the time you have left, especially if you’re doing a deep scuba dive.

And if you want a quality and reliable watch — made by watch experts, the Swiss — then take a look at my DOXA Watches review.

DOXA is a high-end brand that provides quality and exquisite watches to those looking to be fashionable or to go places many other timepieces just can’t handle. The company has a respectable following of 5.3k on Facebook and 29.1k on Instagram, even being featured on Gear Patrol, Esquire, and Hodinkee.

But, what makes these timekeepers so great compared to other brands, and are they worth putting your hard-earned money towards?

Keep reading this DOXA Watches review to find out all the details on the company’s products, policies, and customer feedback. 

Overview of DOXA Watches

DOXA Watches Review

Let’s turn back the clock, shall we?

During the early 1880s, a young boy by the name of Georges Ducommun began an apprenticeship as a watchmaker in Le Locle, a small town in Switzerland.

Through that decade, Georges distinguishes himself as an innovator and reliable watchmaker with an eye for detail and dedication to doing his job to the fullest — both in product quality and customer service.

In 1889, he struck out on his own and opened Georges Ducommun, Fabriques DOXA. In the following years, his creations were featured in the 1905 and 1906 World Fairs, and DOXA timepieces went on to become industry standards in the early 20th century for racecar, ship, and airplane dashboards.

After Georges passed away in 1936, his son-in-law Jacques Nardin continued the legacy, creating timepieces of all shapes and sizes for a variety of customers. In 1957, DOXA began its SUB line for divers who needed more reliable timekeeping on and under the waves.

Today, in the company’s Biel/Bienne, Switzerland home base, all the watches are made to endure the test of time while keeping you on schedule, and their master watchmakers have never stopped innovating.

If you only have a quick second and need the highlights of this DOXA Watches review, you can check out the list below:


  • Historical value, especially for collectors
  • Durable and long-lasting, good for depths from 200 m to 1200 m
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Quality craftsmanship, both fresh out of the box as well as repairs
  • Good customer service
  • Warranties available

This brand has compiled quite an inventory selection over the years, so for this DOXA Watches review, I’ll take a look at a heavy-duty selection from the SUB series of watches before diving deeper into the customer reviews and FAQs. 

DOXA Watches Review

If you truly want to know the true caliber of a watch brand, then look at its timepieces for divers, made for some of the highest pressure environments.

DOXA has had a lot of experience with this, making diving watches since the earliest days of commercial diving in the 1950s.

If you’re new to diving and not sure how this works, the process is simple:

  1. Find the minute hand and the arrow on the bezel.
  2. Twist the bezel counterclockwise until the indicator lines up roughly with the minute hand.
  3. From that point on, you’ll be able to tell how long you’ve been underwater by noting the minute hand.

Today, I’ll look at DOXA Watches that have stood out as best sellers in the SUB series: the Sharkhunter, Sub 600T Pacific, Divingstar, Searambler, and Professional. Let’s dive right in.

DOXA Professional Review

For those reading this DOXA Watches review and learning about diving watches for the first time, it’s not a bad idea to keep your first one simple. Get acquainted with the basics using the SUB 200 Professional.

It keeps things simple with black and white hands that contrast well against its orange face, and a one-direction rotating black bezel encircling it. You even have the option of changing the bracelet as well. 

Of course, this information is easily readable with the luminescent coating, and the light-up feature has a power supply that lasts for 38 hours without external light to recharge.

Don’t worry about the watch’s accuracy either as it relies on 25 jewels to ensure things run smoothly, at a vibration speed of 28,800 per hour.

With seven colors to choose from, including black, turquoise, and white, the watch can handle water pressure up to 200 m. For such good quality, this watch is yours for $990.

DOXA Divingstar Review

When you’re ready to go beyond the 200 m mark, you’ll need a timepiece that stands out in the dark. For those looking to go as deep as 300 m, you’ll want the SUB 300 Carbon Divingstar.

The yellow and black color scheme of this piece will ensure you have maximum visibility of the date, seconds, minutes, and hours on the bezel.

It comes equipped with the standard crown at the side to allow for depths of up to 300 m, and a power supply that lasts 38 hours if you find yourself without sunlight for a while.

All this is encased in a titanium casing with a rubber bracelet that comes in either black or yellow, costing you $3,890.

DOXA Sub 600T Pacific Review

If you ever want to go after the world record of 332 m, you’re going to need a watch that will make it clear how much time you have left to hit that record.

When you’re taking the plunge, get your hands on the SUB 600T Pacific.

This limited edition watch has a titanium case and scratch-resistant sapphire glass that allows a max water resistance depth of 600 m, so you won’t have to worry about things breaking down in the dark.

The rubber strap keeps it all secure while the white hands and numbers shine brightly against the attractive dark blue.

With a 38-hour power supply, rotating bezel, 26 rubies, and a 28,800 vph capability, you’ll want to pull out $1,990 fast if you want to get ahold of one of these 200 watches.

DOXA SUB 300T Searambler Review

If impressing your diving friends with function and form is your goal, you can’t go wrong with the SUB 300T Searambler.

The beefed-up older sibling of the SUB 200 Professional, you’ll find a similar stainless steel case and bracelet paired with a sapphire glass cover. Only difference is this watch can go down about 1200 m. 

The silver face and bezel make this watch noteworthy when you look at it above water, and the luminous coating and 38-hour light source will make sure you see the distinctive orange and white hands to count the seconds, minutes, and hours.

For a timepiece with 25 jewels that can do the standard 28,800 vph at such deep depths — with the option of six different colors and bracelets — you can grab this watch for $1,890.

DOXA Sharkhunter Review

The very pinnacle of dive watches, the SUB 4000T Sharkhunter is another limited edition you’ll want in your collection.

Like the other watches that can go down 1200 m, it has the stainless steel case and bracelet, anti-reflection coating on the sapphire glass, luminous coating on the hands and digits, a little window for indicating the date, and a bezel that gives you the depth measurements.

Available in three colors, what sets the Sharkhunter apart are the additional features on top of the standards. It’s got a gauge built into the face to keep track of the 42-hour power supply and a hydrogen decompression valve. 

There’s also some division between the 500 watches being made — 300 have your standard stainless steel bezel, while the other 200 are made from sapphire.

Sure, it might cost you a pretty penny at $3,690, but it’s worth it for a great look and even better functionality.

Who Is DOXA Watches For? 

DOXA Watches Review

Based on the features of the high-end underwater timepieces in this DOXA Watches review and their price tags, the brand is for those who go diving regularly. The durability and safety features will ensure they get their money’s worth for some time.

Of course, diving watches aren’t strictly for those who use them functionally — some people like the aesthetic for their daily lives. If this is you, the only rationalization for the price will be if you can afford one of these watches.

They’re definitely not for those who are on a budget and want to look like 007.

DOXA Watches Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DOXA Watches Review

Unfortunately, I could not find any star ratings on any of the sites that sell these watches for this DOXA Watches review. However, many watch aficionados on several forums did have good things to say about the brand.

While some noted that the bezels on certain models have a tendency to scratch sometimes, customers generally agree the watches are very good.

In comparing the SUB 200 series to another brand, a reviewer on the forum said, “I have to say the DOXA is a better tool watch as it is built more ruggedly and feels like it can take more abuse without damage.

A reviewer of the SUB 300T series on mentioned the repairability of the item:

Had to replace the crystal. Another heavy DOXA collector told me a trick that my watchmaker was willing to try: you get different size crystals glue them together. Now the glue was a problem — ultraviolet crystal glue was the trick, no bubbles clear bond between the two and a perfect fit.

And, speaking of repairs, while it is not often mentioned, there are customers who praise the brand’s customer service and craftsmanship with regard to watch repairs. 

A buyer posted on said, “They quickly and expertly serviced my watch, correcting the issue under warranty. There are no fingerprints or dust on the dial or under the crystal as you hear from other companies providing watch repairs. There were also no new marks, tool or otherwise, on the case, bezel, or crystal. I appreciate the excellent job.

Granted, some have commented that more advanced models like those in the SUB 4000T series are too expensive, but that’s more a matter of opinion and depends on your reason for buying the watch in the first place.

Is DOXA Watches Worth It?

DOXA Watches Review

Definitely. Whether you’re a diver, a collector, or you just want a watch that makes you look like a spy, and you’re looking for a fair-priced luxury dive watch, then DOXA is the brand to go to.

These watches are functional, durable, stylish, ooze scuba history, and are reasonably priced compared to some other $4000+ luxury watches on the market.

DOXA Watches Promotions & Discounts 

DOXA Watches Review

Aside from the recent limited edition release of watch models featured in this DOXA Watches review, the brand does not have any other discounts or promotions. However, you can sign up for the email newsletter to stay in the loop on future deals.

Where to Buy DOXA Watches

DOXA Watches Review

You can get these amazing watches on the brand’s site or in its physical stores. They are also found on Red Bubble, Joyce Jewelry, Chrono24, and Watches of Switzerland.


DOXA Watches Review

Who owns DOXA Watches?

The fad of being privately owned couldn’t last forever. The Jenny family bought DOXA in 1997 and are the current owners as of 2021.

Does DOXA Watches ship internationally?

Yes, DOXA does ship internationally. The brand primarily ships to Switzerland, Europe, and the US.

What is DOXA Watches’ Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, while conducting the research for this DOXA Watches review, I could not find evidence of a proper shipping policy on the brand website.

However, based on what could be pieced together from customer experiences on the forums, delivery can take anywhere from 3-10 business days to 6 months depending if the item is in stock, limited edition, and/or if you pre-ordered it.

Orders from the DOXA website can be sent to the US, Switzerland, and Europe, although when you do go to checkout, it only preloads Canada, the US, and Switzerland as options (even in incognito mode).  

What is DOXA Watches’ Return Policy?

DOXA employs a 30-day return policy once you receive your watch.

After contacting customer service, you must send back your watch in its original condition and packaging. If an item is returned and it shows any wear and tear through usage in any way, DOXA reserves the right to charge a 50% restocking fee.

You will be responsible for any return shipping charges unless DOXA sent you the wrong product or a defective product, in which the company will not only pay for your return shipping but also offer a replacement item.

In these instances, the company will send you a prepaid return shipping label.

In any case, you need to make sure you have the original receipt on hand, as well as any proof you have shipped the item(s) back.

How to Contact DOXA Watches

Want to reach out to the customer service team after reading this DOXA Watches review? You can get in touch through the following methods of contact:

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