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About Feather Furniture

Feather Furniture Review

Some of us see a piece of furniture, like a desk or a bookshelf, and can envision where it will live in their forever home. On the other hand, some of us can’t even decide what we want for lunch; it’s too much pressure to select something off a menu when there are too many options.

If you’re one of those folks who fears commitment in the long (or even short) term, you’d likely have a hard time spending big money on something like a bed or a couch, for obvious reasons. This is where Feather Furniture comes in.

By offering a furniture rental service that caters to a more temporary audience, this new and unique company has landed features in Forbes, Fast Company, and Architectural Digest. Plus, they have 34.3k followers on Instagram, where they showcase how you can decorate your space with their furniture.

Even though they’re asking for less commitment, Feather Furniture is still asking for customers to sign leases and other detailed agreements to ensure the care and quality of their products. So does this mean you’d want to avoid them at all costs? Read this Feather Furniture review to find out if this sounds right to you.

Overview of Feather Furniture

Feather Furniture Review

Located in San Francisco, California, Feather Furniture is an American home furnishing company that caters to the rental market — only they deal in furniture, rather than cars and homes.

Owner and founder Jay Reno took interest in the concept when he launched the company in 2017, and after he saw how much furniture was thrown out annually.

Not only is the general mission of this company fantastic (sustainability and less waste), but they’ve also hit a market that could work for many people. Before this Feather Furniture review continues, let’s take a look at some of the brand’s highlights: 


  • Carries a wide range of furniture styles
  • Sustainability promise
  • Keeps furniture out of landfills
  • Save 40% on their garage sale items
  • Rent, buy, or rent to buy products
  • Fast delivery times
  • Flexible rental agreements
Feather Furniture Review

If you’ve struggled in the past to figure out how, where, and what you’re going to do about furnishing a space, whether it’s an office or an apartment, we totally get it.

Furniture and accessories are not only expensive, but also a huge commitment. This is why Feather Furniture’s unique offerings stand out from its competitors.

By marketing their services to an untapped market, this company has risen in popularity and demand; their Feather Furniture reviews and general feedback alone are enough to cause curiosity.

Want to know more? Read on to understand the details of what makes this home furnishing company a diamond in the rough.

Feather Furniture Review

Feather Furniture Review

This home furnishing company prides itself not only on its unique furniture rental program (or its bounty of great Feather Furniture reviews), but on its catalog of amazing and distinctive items available for rent or purchase.

Whether you’re looking for the right sofa and rug to stage your next real estate sale, or the perfect lighting and artwork to compliment your ever-changing office space, Feather Furniture can help you add style and charm to a room, without asking you to commit to high prices or long-term responsibility.

With their initiative to create less waste and use furniture to its full potential, Feather Furniture carefully refurbishes its pieces to ensure quality and durability in each piece. They also offer their clients the option to rent furniture or buy — and you don’t even have to decide right away!

For example, among their best-selling options is an Essex Dining chair, currently on sale for $350 (down from $419), which is the price if you’d like to purchase it. But they also let you know that it’s available for $17/month if you’d prefer to rent!

Another great option of Feather Furniture units is their Ludlow Sofa, which is currently available for purchase at the low cost of $750, down from $899. If that doesn’t sound right, then you can temporarily lease it for only $37/month.

How Does Feather Furniture Work?

Feather Furniture Review

Feather Furniture is an intricate and unique furniture rental program that offers its customers the option to buy or rent high quality new and used furniture.

The first step in this company’s routine is sourcing new and gently loved pieces that they then refurbish, polish, or fix to make them good as new. The idea is to reduce waste and ensure units get the attention they deserve.

Once Feather Furniture has tidied and perfected the furniture to its high standard, they place it in their online inventory, so that folks who care to sign up for a rental agreement have the option of selecting each piece with care.

The next step is for customers to get online and choose from over 200 home décor items, including couches, lighting, rugs, and more. Each item has a sale price to purchase the unit outright, or a monthly fee for rentals, if you’d prefer to sign a lease. Each lease comes in 1, 3, or 12 month terms.

If you’ve decided to sign a lease, keep in mind that at the end of the lease, you’ll have the option to pay the remaining balance on the item in order to keep it, or have Feather Furniture pick it back up as easily as you had it dropped off. And that’s it!

Who Is Feather Furniture For? 

Feather Furniture Review

First and foremost, Feather Furniture is for folks who love style without commitment. If you know you’ll be moving spaces frequently, need to furnish an ever-changing office environment, or just need to temporarily stage a space, this company is for you.

Not only do they have an array of different pieces for respective needs, but their purchase options are flexible too.

Maybe you’re the type that likes to test drive something before you know you want to buy it. Well then, this company might appeal to you with their rent to own furniture option.

Or, if you know your style changes every few months, Feather Furniture’s rental subscriptions would be a perfect fit. You might even be the type that only likes to buy — they’ve got you covered too! 

No matter the space, budget, or timeline, Feather Furniture was designed to cater to your needs so you don’t have to think so far into the future. If you’d rather live by the month or year, then renting a couch to fit your temporary space is the smart thing to do.

Feather Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Feather Furniture Review

With so many home furniture and décor items in this world, it can be beyond overwhelming to find the right location, price, and one that delivers promptly with no red tape. But, from what we’ve discovered so far about Feather Furniture, much of those concerns can be avoided by renting or buying from them. 

Yet even in our thorough research of this company, we still want to make sure we know exactly what customers are getting. Sometimes there’s a big difference between what the company claims and what Feather Furniture reviews might say,  which is why we dug up the feedback on their overall operations. 

By giving you a breakdown of their ratings, reviews, and recent feedback, we’ll know for sure whether their program really is the best option for low commitment furnishings in today’s market. 

To start, we found a total of 592 Feather Furniture reviews on the brand’s website, all with a 5-star rating.

And assorted Feather Furniture reviews can be found on the popular forum Trustpilot, where the company has collected a total of 42 ratings and a 3.6/5 star rating. That includes this recent client, who claims her experience was life changing:

“My experience with Feather was nothing short of revolutionary! Moving in NYC can be one of the worst experiences ever and Feather went above and BEYOND to alleviate many of these stressors. The team is intuitive in scheduling and operations, while passionate about making sure every need was met.”

She continues: “My apartment is a fifth floor walk-up and Feather was able to deliver with ease. Their furniture options are aesthetically pleasing and have lifted the design of my space to a level that would not be possible without them. This subscription has truly changed my life for the better and I am incredibly grateful for all of their hard work. Would definitely recommend!”

Meanwhile, to show you what it’s like on average for their customers to visit their online store, we found some feedback on Yelp, where 39 consumers had firsthand experience with the company’s service team, rating them 4.5/5 stars. One happy customer wrote:

“My Feather experience was great. Everything was prompt. The delivery guy, Angel, and his partner were both so kind and careful. Getting this couch through my apartment building’s heavy elevator door and narrow hallway is no small task, but they handled it incredibly well.”

The same customer went on to compliment the value of the furniture they received:

“Plus, the sofa is beautiful — I got the Kinglet sofa in a lovely green velvet. It’s a placeholder while I wait for another couch to be delivered, but I’m a little worried I’m going to fall in love with this one before the new couch arrives.”

Last but not least, we took a peek at a recent feature done by a reviewer at Hunker, where they often take up and coming interior décor and home furniture stores for a personal spin so they can give honest feedback. The Feather Furniture review they gave turned out to be exceptional:

“I have been loving my new balcony bistro set. It’s not only stylish, but also super comfortable and allows me to enjoy coffees, afternoon reading sessions, and cocktails with friends outside with such a cute setup.”

They continue: “I would 10/10 recommend this service for anyone who is looking for an easier and more budget-friendly option for furnishing their space. Especially as Feather continues to grow its collection and line of products, I think this is going to be the future of furniture shopping.”

The general consensus for Feather Furniture reviews was awesome and inspiring. Those who prefer the idea of trading in their furniture frequently for fresh new looks, or get rid of their furniture once their house lease is up, absolutely adore the program — it just makes so much sense!

We did also find a handful of not-so-awesome Feather Furniture feedback, from those who had trouble contacting customer service, experienced delivery delays, and others who weren’t too stoked on the rental program in general. What can we say — some people prefer to own, and they had to find out the hard way!

Is Feather Furniture Worth It?

Feather Furniture Review

These days, committing to a goldfish can be a big deal, especially if you live a busy lifestyle that’s always changing. Feather Furniture caters to that niche of people who crave the concept of being able to move locations as easily as it might be to order a coffee, which would be really hard to do if you have an apartment full of furniture to bring with you.

But let’s not stop there: what about staging a house for sale? Furnishing an office space? Buying couches and coffee tables for such endeavors seems wasteful and cumbersome. Heck, you might just like to change style every year, and that’s a good enough reason to look into Feather Furniture. If you love low commitment and flexibility, they’re definitely worth it.

Luckily, Feather Furniture doesn’t just cater to folks whose minds change as quickly as the weather. They’ve made their services available to people who like to buy or have the option to rent to buy furniture, rather than shelling out a bunch of cash up front. Having the opportunity to change your mind is a concept entirely worthwhile.

Feather Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Feather Furniture Review

Since Feather Furniture doesn’t operate like your typical furniture retail store, part of their charm ends up being their low prices. Because you’re not purchasing units outright (in most cases), you’re actually paying a rental fee, which in itself is a discount.

And in addition to their cost-effective services is their 40% off garage sale, which is Feather Furniture’s version of your run-of-the-mill clearance sale, where customers can buy their used items outright for a super low price.

Where to Buy Feather Furniture

Feather Furniture Review

The Feather Furniture rental program is an exclusive offer that provides the company’s customers annual and monthly rentals on an exclusive and diverse selection of new or previously loved furniture.

As their products come with subscriptions, the Feather Furniture website is the only place you can locate their units and unique rental program.


Feather Furniture Review

Who owns Feather Furniture?

Jay Reno is the owner and founder of Feather Furniture, with its headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Where does Feather get their furniture?

Feather Furniture bases their program on upcycled, refurbished, or new units that can be bought or rented by customers.

Although a direct location isn’t mentioned, aside from being sourced within the US, Feather works with trusted suppliers and agencies to gather an elite selection of previously loved pieces.

Why rent vs. buy?

Although Feather Furniture primarily offers rent to own, or rental furniture as their greatest draw, they do also sell furniture outright. However, if you’re weighing the options for whether you’d like to rent or buy, the best thing to do is consider your situation before committing to one or the other.

If you choose to rent, then it is a stress free and low-commitment option that suits folks who are uncertain how long they may live in their space, or who simply love the flexibility of style and design. Like leasing a car, renting furniture allows customers to trade in their pieces once they want to upgrade or simply change models, or to extend their lease.

If a customer wants to rent to buy, that is a clause that will come up once the rental period is over, much like leasing the car. The customer has the option to keep the unit once the lease is up and pay off the remaining cost, or switch it out for something else. This allows for flexibility and change, which some people may prefer.

There’s also the buying option, which looks just like any other furniture company. If you don’t like the idea of renting and know you’ll be in your space a long time (which then minimizes the stress of moving furniture or sharing units), then buying is likely for you!

How does Feather determine item damage and repair?

Feather Furniture has an extensive examination process in all facets of their operation. Not only do they intricately inspect all units that come into their supply, but they also refurbish and increase the quality of most pieces to ensure the best quality and durability.

If you are renting a piece, you’re expected to care for your items as though you own them. Minimal damage can often be repaired by Feather, but in some cases, if the damage is extensive, then the company may charge you a cost for repair, although they determine this on a case-to-case basis.

How long does Feather take to deliver?

Depending on your location, Feather can often get you your new and previously loved furniture within 7 days of your order. You’re also welcome to postpone the order of your shipment if you need more time to prepare for the arrival of your exciting units.

How to Contact Feather Furniture

If this Feather Furniture review hasn’t answered all of your pressing questions, feel free to reach out to the brand through the following ways:

  • Chat with them live on their website
  • Fill out the contact form

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