Foot Cardigan Review

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About Foot Cardigans

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigans wants your feet to feel fancy and exclusive. With creative and funny designs, DeLuca and his team have revolutionized into one the socks and mail market by offering their customers monthly subscriptions to receive a random pair of wacky, high-quality socks. After 7 years of ups and downs, Foot Cardigans keeps growing, having sold over 2.5 million dollars last year, which can be translated into 7 years of making people dip their feet into fashion while still following the standards of formal dress codes and society rules.

About Foot Cardigans Products

Foot Cardigan Review

The creativity sold to the customers is made in China and Turkey but designed in the United States. You can decide between the following subscriptions depending on your preferences:

  • Crew subscription: $12 monthly. You receive a random and creative pair of regular mid-calf socks specially meant for you. These pairs are made of combed cotton, polyester and elastane. Available for both genders.
  • No show subscription: $12 monthly. Subscribing into this plan will guarantee you a pair of original and super comfortable no show socks with a non-slip silicone on heel. These models are also made of combed cotton, polyester and elastane. Available for both genders.
  • Premium subscription: $14 monthly. This special and luxury Cardigan socks are made of different levels among Peruvian prima cotton, nylon and spandex; the most comfortable combination depending on your preferences. Only available for men.

All of the memberships will offer attractive benefits apart from the fact of receiving socks monthly. The price per subscription guarantees one pair of socks monthly in case of adults and two pairs for the little ones at home.

In the other hand, since 2014 you can also purchase you favorite pairs, finding children, women and men models for you to choose at around $12 each pair. Which is great if you don’t want to have a full membership

Foot Cardigans Shipping Information

Foot Cardigan Review

Foot Cardigan ships directly from the United States with a charge of $3 per pair for domestic shipping. In case you spend a minimum of $40, you will get free shipping. DHL is used to make your package arrive safely to your hands. The shipping charges are subject to  change at any time.

Foot Cardigans Return Policy

Foot Cardigan Review

The Return Policy is extremely fair. They will happily accept your return if it accomplishes the requirements pre-established in their website. Only never worn socks will be accepted to be returned in case they do not fit you or there’s something wrong with them. Foot Cardigan will pay for the return shipping but they will not accept people to return socks because they didn’t like the patterns or colors included, for example.

Foot Cardigan Reviews

Foot Cardigan Review

Being fair, Foot Cardigan produces happy customers, most of the times. It’s a reality that their products are very high quality but most of the complaints about the company are regarding to the shipping process and lost articles. However, the customers support team is very active and careful to follow the cases explained in their negative reviews and giving personal solutions to each one of them. About 20% of the trustpilot reviews are ranked into the “excellent” category, which makes us that their products are actually worth it.

Foot Cardigan Customer Service Information

Foot Cardigan Review

You can find the information to contact them through the ´ayuda´ section located at the bottom of all pages. Apart from this you can also find their information to contact them through email, direct message on their webpage and social media like twitter, facebook and Instagram.

Foot Cardigan Coupon Code

Foot Cardigan Review

There’s a great deal if you subscribe today. By using the promo code WELCOME at checkout after subscribing and you just have to pay for the shipping fees to receive your first pair of socks for free. Apart from this, there’s a giveaway at the bottom of the page by which people can win a pair of world map socks where you can read all the steps and rules to participate.

Why We Like Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan Review

To be honest, this clothing company is very different from other ones I have seen before. The high quality products combined with attractive designs and creative product descriptions give the website a fresh appearance. Apart, of course, from the amazing sense of humor we can find all around the website, including customers service.

What We Think Could Improve

Foot Cardigan Review

There are two main things we think Foot Cardigan can improve in order to get even more customers than the ones they currently have. First, giving customers the option of choosing the pattern style of design before shipping a random pair of socks that they might not like at all, or at least give them the chance of returning them if that’s the case. Second and no less important, follow closely the process after receiving the payment and make sure most of the clients are happy with the service you offer them.

Final Thoughts

Foot Cardigan Review

It’s surprising how Foot Cardigan has grown from the moment they opened their business. Their participation in Shark Tank has really opened the market to their feet. People must know that by buying their products you are not only getting amazing and original socks, but contributing to make a great idea become a greater business. And to keep it in mind that any project can become in your greatest idea if you effort on it.

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