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Mommesilk Review

Mommesilk sells sleepwear, bedding, accessories, and clothing made from high-quality 100% silk. My Mommesilk review will introduce you to this home decor and casualwear brand, who are helping a wider customer base experience real silk products

Mommesilk seeks to make the luxury of silk more accessible through their factory-to-household business model, removing the high retail costs of being sold through traditional retail stores. 

Mommesilk’s product lines include items such as pajamas, comforters, and sheets, with new products launching on the 15th of every month.. They also sell smaller items like individual pillowcases, sleep eye masks, and even scrunchies

Mommesilk pride themselves on being certified non-toxic and pesticide-free by Oeko-Tex (a textile certification standard), with all of their products made from 100% pure, natural mulberry silk.

Mommesilk’s site also educates the public about how silk is made, how to understand, assess, and take care of silk products, and why this material can be so helpful for having a restful and healthy sleep

My Mommesilk review will cover the highlights of buying from this brand, and take a look at their best-selling products and customer reviews to help you decide if lounging in luxe Mommesilk style is right for you!

Overview of Mommesilk

Mommesilk Review

Mommesilk launched in 2014. Their website shares that the company was founded “by women for women,” with the intention of bringing “simpler but better” home decor and home-wear into more womens’ living spaces

From the start, Mommesilk has prioritized women’s empowerment within their organization, by hiring a staff that is 80% women.

Mommesilk also reports that they support women’s organizations, such as the Southern California Downtown Women’s Center, with bedding donations. 

The brand are named for momme, a Japanese term for the weight (and therefore quality) of silk. Mommesilk uses 100% mulberry silk, thought of as one of, if not the best quality silk in the world, derived from captive-raised silkworms who feed on mulberry plants. 

This brand’s mission is to educate the public about the benefits of silk and provide a beautiful and affordable source of silk sleepwear, accessories and bedding to customers around the world. 

Now that you know a bit more about the company’s background, my Mommesilk review will take a look at the highlights of shopping with the brand:


  • Beautiful products that are certified pesticide free by Oeko-Tex 
  • 100% pure and natural silk
  • Huge range of products, with new stock added monthly
  • Sells pajamas and daywear as well as home decor
  • Thoughtful products like sleep caps, scrunchies, and couples’ sleep sets
  • Buy pillowcases individually without committing to full sleep sets
  • Regular flash sales and promo codes
  • Free domestic and international shipping on purchases over $40

Mommesilk Review

My Mommesilk review will now shop through some of this brand’s best-selling products. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable eye mask, a set of sheets, or a new blouse, Mommesilk has beautiful options for you and your home

Mommesilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Eye Mask Set + Free Silk Bag Review

Mommesilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Eye Mask Set + Free Silk Bag Review
Mommesilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Eye Mask Set + Free Silk Bag

This sleep set is a brilliant chance to include some silk in your bedtime routine. The 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Eye Mask Set + Free Silk Bag will come with the following items

  • One 22 Momme (mm) silk pillowcase in Standard, Queen, or King sizes
  • One 1-size-fits-all silk sleep eye mask
  • One free silk drawstring carrying bag

This Silk Pillowcase has a hidden zippered closure and is made of 100% 6a grade mulberry silk. The Sleep Eye Mask has a silk-lined elastic strap so it will fit snugly to your head as you sleep. 

This set is a great way to bring a touch of silk to your home, but it’s also ideal for travel. Just store your items in the Free Silk Bag and bring a bit of familiar comfort wherever you stay.

Mommesilk explains these products have a 600 thread count, which is the equivalent to the strength of a 1000 thread count for cotton. The entire set is certified by Oeko-Tex to be “safe, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.”

You can purchase this set in eight color options: Bright coffee, white, black, silver blue, rosy pink, silver gray, peach, or lilac. 

Buy the 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase & Sleep Eye Mask Set + Free Silk Bag, on sale for $65 (down from $100).

At the time of writing our Mommesilk review, this set was also part of the brand’s pillowcase sale – use the code SILK10 for an additional 10% off

Mommesilk Piped Silk Pajamas Set For Women Review

Mommesilk Piped Silk Pajamas Set For Women Review
Mommesilk Piped Silk Pajamas Set For Women

If you love a traditional two-piece pajama, take a look at the Mommesilk Piped Silk Pajamas Set for Women

This beautiful silk PJ is made to surround you with the sumptuous comfort of 100% mulberry silk as you sleep. Mommesilk says this material is “buttery soft” and kind to your skin.

A truly classic sleepwear design, the Piped Silk Pajamas Set for Women has the following features:

  1. Classic folded, notched collar
  2. Mother of Pearl-style buttons
  3. Elasticized waistband
  4. Pajama pant pockets and chest pocket
  5. Stylish white piping on the collar, button line, and cuffs

You can buy this set in ivory, black, claret, navy blue, rosy pink, pea green, or lilac. 

It is available in sizes XS to XXL. Mommesilk also allows you to customize your sizing for an additional $30 – just fill out the size customization request box on the product page with your measurements.

The Piped Silk Pajamas Set for Women is currently on sale for $175 (regularly $298).

Mommesilk Smooth Silk Robe For Men Review

Mommesilk Smooth Silk Robe For Men Review
Mommesilk Smooth Silk Robe For Men

This silk wardrobe staple will be the first thing you put on in the morning – and you probably won’t want to take it off, either! 

Mommesilk created the Smooth Silk Robe For Men with all the classic features of a comfortable house robe. It has a wide collar, slightly flared arms, and a matching waist belt.

Like all Mommesilk products, the Smooth Silk Robe for Men is made from 100% mulberry silk and is certified safe and non-toxic by Oeko-Tex. 

This Smooth Silk Robe for Men is available in sizes XS to XXXL and comes in the following color choices: Navy blue, claret, black, or silver gray. 

To care for this robe, hand wash it or have it dry cleaned if you can. If you must use your washing machine, use only warm water on a gentle cycle and do not put it in your dryer

If you want to purchase this robe as a gift, simply select the Gift Packaging option as you check out. Mommesilk will package it in their chic robin’s egg blue branded box and include a note if you choose, for an additional $15.

Buy the Smooth Silk Robe for Men on sale for $185 (regularly $290).

Mommesilk Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter Review

Mommesilk Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter Review
Mommesilk Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter

This all-white silk and cotton comforter is made to provide a light and breathable covering while you sleep. 

Ideal for warm summer nights, the Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter has an outer shell made of durable long-staple cotton wrapped around a thin insert made of 100% Grade 6a silk.

The insert is made by stacking layers of “natural long-strand silk floss” until they reach a certain weight. The Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter is available in standard sizes, from Twin to Cal King, with the Twin comforter weighing 0.5 kg and the Cal King weighing 1.25 kg.  

According to Mommesilk, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and will not cause any irritation to people with allergic conditions, or sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. That’s why Mommesilk promises you a “sneeze free” night with the Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter!

Conveniently, you can wash this whole comforter on a gentle cycle with warm water and then hang to dry.

Buy the Washable Cotton Covered Silk Comforter on sale for $169 for a Cal King size (regularly $319).

Mommesilk 22 Mommesilk Flat Sheet Review

Mommesilk 22 Mommesilk Flat Sheet Review
Mommesilk 22 Mommesilk Flat Sheet

Finally a sheet that will never wrinkle! This 22 Mommesilk Flat Sheet drapes over your bed and gives you a 100% hypoallergenic silk foundation to dream on. 

The “Momme” in the name of this product refers to the density of the silk. According to Mommesilk, a 22 momme produces a high-quality silk that is not too heavy to sleep in.

Mommesilk shares that this sheet won’t trigger dust allergies, and should be more breathable than other materials and help you keep a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

This 600 thread count sheet is made from 100% Grade 6A long strand mulberry silk, giving you not only the softness of a silk, but the strength and integrity of a well-made 1000 thread count cotton

Like all of Mommesilk’s products, this sheet is Oeko-Tex certified as safe and non-toxic. 

You can buy this sheet in white, black, bright coffee, rosy pink, silver blue, or silver gray, in standard bedding sizes from Twin to Cal King

Purchase the 22 Mommesilk Flat Sheet, starting at $299 (regularly $598) for a Twin.

Mommesilk Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse Review

Mommesilk Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse Review
Mommesilk Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse

If you’re all stocked up on silk nightwear and want to add a bit of the same comfortable luxe to your daytime look, check out the Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse. 

This classic blouse has a timeless dress shirt shape with a vintage touch from the exaggerated buttoned cuffs. It has a V-neck and subtle collar, long sleeves, a curved hem, and a 5-button front closure. 

The Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse would work equally well for a professional event as it would for a romantic dinner date. You can dress up this blouse by wearing it tucked into a formal skirt or dress pants, or keep it more casual and let it hang over your favorite jeans! 

Made from 100% Grade 6A mulberry silk, this blouse is soft, light and breathable, making it an easygoing piece you can wear in any season.

To take care of this special blouse, hand wash it in warm water. If you prefer to use a washing machine (possible because of Mommesilk’s high quality though not ideal), make sure it’s on the gentle cycle.

Use a neutral or silk-specific detergent and lukewarm water – never wash your silk top in extreme temperatures. Hang flat to dry it out safely.

This blouse is available in sizes XS to XXL and comes in navy blue, ivory, pale pink, and camel. 

You can purchase the Retro French Long Sleeve Silk Blouse for $115 (on sale from $198).

Who Is Mommesilk For? 

Mommesilk Review

Mommesilk is a great brand for anyone who would like to try a silk pillowcase, comforter or sleepwear item

The brand uses high-end material and offers a wide range of products suitable for an equally broad range of tastes and design preferences. They’re also consistently releasing new items, keeping their product line fresh and interesting

This brand really caters to customers who may be new to wearing or using silk products. On their website, they explain in great detail the different types of silks, how it’s produced and sold, and the advantages of silk compared to other materials, so you can really understand what you’re buying.

Because their prices are comparably affordable, this company is well-suited to customers who may be on a budget or simply aren’t sure if silk is the choice for them, but want to try out their first pillowcase or sleep shirt.

This brand also has a dedicated Sales section and a homepage banner for Flash Sales, so you can easily shop deals as they come up!

This company is also a good choice for people who know they love high-quality silk fabrics and want to invest in some more sleepwear options

Mommesilk has a great variety of color and cut options so customers can choose if they want a traditional silk nightgown or a comfy two-piece pajama set. They have items for both men and women, and offer His-and-Hers sets. They even let you customize the sizing on some of their pajama options. 

Mommesilk will also appeal to people who struggle with skin conditions or allergies since this silk is natural and hypo-allergenic, and has been certified free of pesticides and chemicals by Oeko-TEX

If you are looking for a special silk gift for someone, the brand has great options – you might want to take a look at Mommesilk’s Pure Silk Beauty Set or their silk pajamas. Mommesilk offers a gift wrap service as well, making it easy to send a friend or family member a beautiful present to their door.  

Mommesilk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mommesilk Review

This brand shares some reviews on their official website. Customers write in their Mommesilk reviews that they’re happy with how smooth and comfortable their bedding products feel. Others particularly liked the effect of the brand’s silk on their skin and hair

One shopper shares in their Mommesilk review, This pillowcase is so nice for hair and skin. Keeps my face nice and cool. Would definitely purchase again!”

Another customer also loved the look and feel of their new silk pillowcase, sharing in their Mommesilk review, “This pillowcase is good quality, feels nice on my face, washes well, and dries amazingly fast. It has a well-constructed pocket that holds the pillow nicely inside.”

Customers who purchased the Piped Silk Pajama Set for Women love the cool comfort these pajamas gave them. They also appreciate the good quality and functionality of these luxury PJs, with one shopper’s Mommesilk review saying this item, “Feels good. Arrived on time. Doesn’t shrink in the wash. Finally, some good pajamas!”

Another customer commented on how they enjoy the fit of these pajamas, which allows for a lot of movement. They share in their Mommesilk review: “I love the slouchy comfort of these…I could have worn my size small but the mediums look so much more chic and felt so very cozy.”

Mommesilk has also been reviewed on TrustPilot, where they have a 3.7 out of 5 star rating. Mommesilk reviews on TrustPilot are generally positive, as customers have enjoyed trying silk products for the first time and report good customer service from the company. 

One buyer writes in their TrustPilot Mommesilk review: “Every time I asked for information, the customer service replied immediately. They were super nice to follow me in the purchase.”

Another shares a positive impression of the brand’s bedding in her Mommesilk review: “I got 2 pillowcases from momme silk and it feels great to sleep on it. My hair and skin are much better!”

This company also has some customer feedback on the website On this website they have a high 4.48 out of 5 star rating with 86% of Mommesilk customers recommending their products to others

Most people on this site comment on this brand’s soft material and comfortable fit. Others note that Mommesilk puts a lot of thought and care into packaging and presentation, too.

One customer shares in their Mommesilk review: “Some of the pillowcases I ordered were for gifts and some were for me. They have all been a big hit! They were so elegantly packaged and deliver what they advertise. I have received so many positive reactions from those I gifted  and I have truly enjoyed sleeping on them.”

Overall, this company’s customers are very happy with their purchases. They feel that their sleepwear and bedding were just as the company had promised, and they love being able to purchase beautifully wrapped silk gifts for loved ones.

Mommesilk reviews show their clientele appreciate their pure silk fabric and friendly customer service, too.

Is Mommesilk Worth It?

Mommesilk Review

This brand has shown a commitment to quality. Mommesilk uses some of the best silk available and does not use any cheap polyester fillers in their products – their silk is 100% the real deal. 

They also back their product with an Oeko-Tex certification. Oeko-Tex is an independent certification body helping to regulate the textile industry, and their approval means these products are completely safe and non-toxic.

Better yet, according to Mommesilk this material is inherently hypoallergenic, making it a great option for people with sensitivities.

As this Mommesilk review discovered, the brand carries a beautiful assortment of silk products. Whether you just want to try a pillowcase or eye mask, or if you’re ready to invest in a complete bedding set, Mommesilk has an option for you that can suit your style and your home. 

Customers’ Mommesilk reviews are also largely positive and have a lot of love for this company’s products and customer service, indicating Mommesilk lives up to expectations.

This Mommesilk review has particularly appreciated the brand’s careful explanations about silk and how to take care of it. Their Silk 101 page and Silk Guide are great resources for people purchasing their first silks! 

For these reasons, this Mommesilk review can confidently recommend giving this company’s products a try for yourself! 

Mommesilk Promotions & Discounts 

Mommesilk Review

Mommesilk is currently having a sale on sleepwear! Shop their sale and use the codes WOMEN10, WOMEN25, or WOMEN40 to take $10-$40 off on orders over $100-$300.  

If you are a new customer, you can also sign up for Mommesilk’s newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase. 

You can also take advantage of their Refer-a-Friend program. If you let a friend know about Mommesilk, they will receive $20 off their order and you can get $20 off, too!

Mommesilk also has a Rewards program, where you can create an account and earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for various bonuses. 

Where to Buy Mommesilk

Mommesilk Review

You can purchase all Mommesilk products through their official website.


Mommesilk Review

Who owns Mommesilk?

There is limited information about who owns Mommesilk. Their terms of service indicates the brand is affiliated with the Hong Kong FuJinAn Trading Co. 

Can you personalize Mommesilk?

Yes, get in touch with Mommesilk if you would like to order a custom sized item. 

Some of their pajamas also allow you to request customized measurements directly from the product page, from overall sizing to sleeve and pant length, when you order. 

Does Mommesilk ship internationally?

Yes, Mommesilk says they ship to most international destinations. If your order cannot be delivered to your destination, it will be indicated when you try to place your order. .

What is Mommesilk’s Shipping Policy?

US and Canadian customers qualify for free shipping on any order over $50. 

Mommesilk will deliver packages to US and Canadian residents with FedEx, DHL, or USPS. Your order should arrive 2-5 days after being shipped out, and will cost you a flat rate of $8 if your order is below $50

If you live outside of Canada or the US, your under-$60 order will cost a flat rate of $15 to ship. However if your purchase is over $60 it will still ship for free! You can expect to wait a little longer for your order too, it should arrive about 5-7 days after it ships.

What is Mommesilk’s Return Policy?

Mommesilk gives customers a 100-Night Trial on their Pillowcases and Eye masks to make sure they love their purchase! 

If you’ve bought bedding, hair accessories or sleepwear you have 60 days to start your return. 

If you aren’t happy with your order, let Mommesilk know within these time frames and follow these steps to make your return:

  • Contact Mommesilk and by email or phone to begin your return
  • Make sure your item has its tags and is unwashed and unused 
  • Pay for return postage and send your product to the return shipping address
  • You will get your refund within one week of Mommesilk receiving your item

According to Mommesilk, there are a few kinds of products that they will not refund. These include monogrammed products, clearance buys, customized items, and purchases that do not have their original packaging or that have been altered or used in any way.

How to Contact Mommesilk

You can contact Mommesilk by email at [email protected] or call +1 (551) 226-6167.

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