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Silk Maison Review

It is hard for me to think of a material with a better feel than silk. Synonymous with class and luxury, it has never gone out of style. Instead, I think it’s become even more accessible, making its way out of boudoir wear into the realm of must-have everyday essentials.

Silk Maison is on a mission to deliver high-quality silk clothing that fuses innovative craftsmanship, elegant cuts, and versatile styles. Offering garments for women, the brand prides itself on being more affordable than other retailers—without compromising quality.

Silk is a notoriously expensive material, so it’s no wonder that Silk Maison is praised for its transparent pricing.

The company also has a growing group of online supporters, boasting over 151k followers on Instagram, where it regularly displays its garments on models and influencers from around the globe. If you’re a lover of sophisticated fashion, I highly recommend giving them a follow.

So, are this brand’s garments truly high-quality and affordable? In this Silk Maison review, I plan to answer that question.

In the following sections, I’ll dive deep into the company and its pricing and collection, source customer testimonials, reveal promotions, answer FAQs, and more. By the end, you’ll have all of the information you need to make an informed purchase.

In my attempt to get to know it better, I found that there is an air of mystery that surrounds this brand. According to Narcity, Silk Maison is a “tiny US-based company.” Apart from that information, there isn’t much available online. But, I do know that it was founded pretty recently—its website has only been active since May 2021.

While the brand stays vague about its origins, what it does provide information on are its products.

According to its site, “Silk Maison strives to enhance your life-wear using luxurious silk accompanied with our elegant design, allowing you to look and feel effortlessly glamorous.” As a whole, the company wants to upgrade your staples through fine craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and modern designs.

The company also promises transparency with its prices. Despite its goal to be the most affordable luxury silk retailer on the market, the brand uses “Premium Grade 6A Mulberry Silk” for all of its garments.

I like that Silk Maison provides a guide on the various types of silk, the weave methods, and momme count to help shoppers understand exactly what they’re buying.

Everything about this company is high quality—even its packaging. Every order comes in an embossed box that features Silk Maison’s rose gold logo. I’d say this makes any order perfect for gifting to a loved one. (Or as a gift to yourself—trust me, I’m not judging!)

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Pros & Cons

Before jumping into the brand’s luxurious collection in this Silk Maison review, I’ll give you a peek at their pros and cons:


  • High-Quality Silk: Silk Maison emphasizes the use of high-quality materials, specifically 100% Mulberry silk, which is known for its softness, smoothness, and durability.
  • Affordable Pricing: Silk Maison aims to provide affordable silk clothing options. The brand offers silk dresses and other pieces at a reasonable price point, making them accessible to a wider audience.
  • Elegant Designs: Silk Maison focuses on creating elegant designs that elevate day-to-day wear. The brand offers a variety of silk clothing options, including dresses, camisoles, bralettes, and more, with a focus on combining style and comfort.
  • Luxurious Feel: Silk is renowned for its luxurious feel and association with class and luxury. Silk Maison aims to deliver that luxurious experience through their clothing, allowing customers to enjoy the comfort and elegance of silk in their everyday outfits.


  • Customer Service: Some customers have reported poor customer service experiences with Silk Maison. Complaints include delays in shipping, difficulties with tracking orders, and challenges in contacting customer support.
  • Quality Concerns: A few customers have expressed concerns about the quality of the silk clothing from Silk Maison. These concerns include poor stitching, lower-than-expected fabric quality, and durability issues. It’s worth noting that these experiences might vary from customer to customer.


Silk Maison Review

To get you started, up next in this Silk Maison review, I’ll introduce you to the company’s best-selling items, ranging from comfortable bralettes to elegant dresses.

Most of the brand’s garments are available in sizes S-L or XL. But, there are a handful of products offered in plus sizes—I’ll note which ones below. But for now, let’s take a look at what sets this brand apart from the rest:

  1. Material: Silk Maison uses Grade 6A Premium Mulberry Silk as its key source of material. The brand emphasizes the use of luxurious silk, which is known as the “Queen of Fibers.”
  2. Sustainable Fabrics: Silk Maison uses sustainable fabrics in its clothing. This ensures that the products are environmentally friendly.
  3. Machine Washable: Silk Maison’s clothing is machine washable. This feature adds convenience and ease of care for customers.
  4. Free Shipping: The brand offers free shipping worldwide for purchases over a certain amount, which is stated as $188 in the provided information.
  5. Free Gift: Orders over $300 qualify for a free gift from Silk Maison.
  6. Discounts and Promotions: Silk Maison has sale and discount sections on its website, providing opportunities for customers to purchase its products at reduced prices.
  7. Wide Range of Clothing: Silk Maison offers clothing for different occasions, including leisure, work, and special events.
  8. Unboxing Experience: The brand aims to provide a pleasant unboxing experience by shipping products in a beautiful box. However, it’s worth noting that the provided reviewer did not receive the box with their order.
  9. Elegant Design: Silk Maison focuses on elegant designs in its clothing, aiming to enhance the wearer’s style and provide a glamorous look and feel.
  10. Accessibility: Silk Maison aims to make high-quality silk clothing more accessible to customers, allowing them to incorporate silk into their everyday essentials.


Now, let’s get into it. Browsing through the brand’s collection, I took in hundreds of pieces, all made from high-quality “Grade 6A Mulberry Silk” which is loved for its luxurious feel.

Silk Maison focuses on delivering high-quality silk clothing that combines innovative craftsmanship, elegant cuts, and versatile designs. Silk is a natural fiber known for its luster, shine, strength, and durability, making it synonymous with luxury and high-end fashion.

7 Best-Selling Silk Maison Apparel

Perhaps the company’s most beloved offering is its selection of silk dresses. They’re definitely high on my wish list.

Ranging in length from thigh-high minis to floor-length gowns, each garment is designed to be flattering and timeless, lasting you season after season. I’ll highlight customer faves, including camisoles and bralettes, just below in this Silk Maison review.

Silk Maison Lounge Cowl Neck Mini Silk Slip Dress Review

Stylish, modern, and elegant, the Silk Maison Lounge Cowl Neck Mini Silk Slip Dress is the perfect fit for any date or night out on the town. It features a mini length and an open, strappy, corset-like back for a seductive yet elegant look.

My favorite thing about it? It’s flattering for all. The fabric loosely drapes across the front of your body to complement your figure. Thanks to the tie-back, you’ll be able to adjust the straps to your unique shape.

Available in 16 colors that range from champagne to black (I’m in love with turquoise green) get this Silk Maison Cowl Neck Dress for $119 (previously $149).

Prefer something a bit longer? Check out the maxi-length Silk Maison silk dresses.

Silk Maison Low-Back Midi Silk Sleep Dress Review

The Silk Maison Low-Back Midi Silk Sleep Dress is perfect for the woman who wants to feel luxurious, even at bedtime. Reminding me of the elegant fashions in the 1920s, who says bedwear can’t be a form of self-care?

Truthfully though, this dress could even be worn casually in the daytime. Throw on some nude heels and a leather jacket—no one will know you’re meant to curl up in this garment, thanks to its chic and elegant design. I’m pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw wore something like this in her escapades, and of course, it was incredibly fab.

Featuring a low-back cut and an underbust seam, this Silk Maison silk slip dress is available in four flattering colors, including a deep teal and a soft purple-grey. Pick your favorite for $289.

This style is currently sold out but you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Silk Maison Red Desire Slit Bias Cut Silk Slip Dress Review

I’ve found that there’s nothing quite like the power of a red dress. Red dresses are designed to grab attention, and the Silk Maison Red Desire Slit Bias Cut Silk Slip Dress is no exception. Though it falls to your shins, it features a high slit on the left side to add some flare to this otherwise classic cut.

With a low-back design and a slight scoop neck, this dress pulls attention to your décolletage. Though, I appreciate you’ll be able to customize how much cleavage you show off, thanks to the adjustable straps.

For anyone looking to be the belle of the ball and catch the attention of all in the room, the deep burgundy Silk Maison slip dress is available for $219 (previously $239). You can also get it in 5 other colors and this is one of the brand’s pieces that is available in plus sizes, up to a 3XL.

Don’t forget to grab a matching Silk Maison silk face mask for your special event.

Silk Maison Orange Piped Splicing Split Silk Dress Review 

Easily the boldest of all designs I’ll include in this Silk Maison review, the Orange Piped Splicing Split Silk Dress offers a unique take on the brand’s classic style. The garment’s deep teal color is complemented by asymmetrical orange piping that runs partially around your waist and the dress’s slit.

Though the dress is mid-length and falls below your knees, it is cut with a deep v-neck and a low-cut back. The flirty slit travels up your right leg, revealing your knee and providing the dress with some movement. I love how attention-grabbing this design is but in a totally classy way.

The Silk Maison splicing dress is sexy and effortless for $289. While this particular design is out of stock, I suggest looking into the Geometric Splicing Split Silk Dress for a similarly show-stopping look.

For a more traditional piece, check out the Silk Maison cowl neck midi dress.

Silk Maison Petite Silk Camisole Review 

Effortless and easy, the Silk Maison Petite Silk Camisole can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with a midi skirt and heels for a date, or throw on some jeans for an elevated casual weekend look.

I think it’s a must-have no matter what your personal style is. Girly? Opt for dusty rose. Romantic? Violet is an obvious choice.

Described as “irregular from the traditional cut,” this cami features a cropped, flared waistline that I’m totally loving. This design element gives the top delicate movement as it drapes around your waist. Dainty straps finish the look, showcasing your décolletage.

Though it is available in five colors, I’m particularly enamored with the deep navy hue which I think would complement various skin tones. Add this versatile staple to your collection for $85.

Silk Maison Non-Padded Silk Bralette Review

Flattering, comfortable, and elegant—these are just a few words I can use to describe the Silk Maison Non-Padded Silk Bralette. understated, sexy, and versatile are a couple more. This piece offers wireless triangle cups and a long-line design that hits the top of your hips.

This bralette comes equipped with adjustable straps to ensure a personalized fit. Available in midnight-black and pearl-white, this Silk Maison silk bralette retails on the company’s website for $59.

Silk Maison Padded Straps Silk Bra Review

A silk bra is the epitome of luxury. Reminding me of elegant, vintage undergarments, the Silk Maison Padded Straps Silk Bra offers adjustable straps and a triple hook-and-eye closure.

The deep-v cut and convertible straps ensure a seamless appearance under most blouses and dresses. Plus, the padded inserts are removable and can be adjusted to fit your modesty preferences.

You’ll also find mesh paneling for an added feminine touch. Available in pearl-white, olive-green, and midnight-black, upgrade your bra collection with this Silk Maison silk bra for $59.

Who Is Silk Maison For?

Silk Maison Review

Silk Maison is a women’s clothing brand. But, it does not design its products with a specific type of consumer in mind. Regardless of age, sexual orientation, or ethnic background, anyone is welcome to purchase and wear this company’s items.

Since the brand also uses real, high-quality silk fabric, its clothing is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. I think it’s worth noting that Silk Maison does not have a plus-size line, and only a handful of products are offered in 2XL or 3XL.

Comparison: Silk Maison vs. LilySilk

Silk Maison Review

Silk garments are an investment. So, you want to ensure you’re shopping from a brand that delivers on long-lasting pieces, quality fabrics, and versatile designs.

There are numerous silk-focused brands on the market, so to see what makes my featured option stand out, in this part of my Silk Maison review, I’ll compare it to a competitor.

LilySilk is another e-commerce platform that delivers high-quality silks. The company has admirable sustainable and ethical practices that it adheres to. Having launched in 2010, this brand has a few years on Silk Maison.

Both Silk Maison and LilySilk use Premium Mulberry Silk in their designs. The price of their garments is also incredibly similar. But, the competitor has a much wider product range that includes men’s clothing, bedding, and slippers.

Silk Maison also has a smaller size range. While most of the company’s garments range in size from S-L (and occasionally XL), most of the Lilysilk items include XXS-3XL sizing.

Finally, though both companies offer international shipping, an order from LilySilk will typically arrive at its destination between 6-8 business days. For international orders, a Silk Maison product may take up to 30 working days to arrive.

All in all, the two companies are incredibly similar in quality, design, and operations. When deciding whom to purchase from, I’d say it really comes down more to a matter of taste—which one has the garment that best catches your eye?

Silk Maison Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Silk Maison Review

Anyone who has bought a luxurious silk product knows that the shape, fit, and feel are incredibly important. To find out how the brand delivers in those areas as of June 2023, in this section of my Silk Maison review, I sourced testimonials from the company’s site, Trustpilot, and Reddit. Let’s dive in.

The brand’s clothing hasn’t yet garnered a ton of reviews online. But, from what I found on its website, shoppers that have left ratings are extremely satisfied with their purchases. Here’s how some of the best-sellers stack up:

  • Red Desire Slit Bias Cut Silk Slip Dress: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 44 ratings
  • Lounge Cowl Neck Midi Silk Slip Dress: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 57 ratings
  • Front Slit Lace Hollow Silk Dress: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 37 ratings
  • Silk Bralette Top: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 29 ratings
  • Cross Halter Silk Jumpsuit: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 8 ratings
  • Maxi Silk Slip Dress: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 25 ratings

I chose to take a closer look at the Lounge Cowl Neck Midi Silk Slip Dress because it’s one of the brand’s most-discussed garments. Customers report that it is exceptionally flattering and covers their trouble areas. Plus, the fabric is luxuriously soft. Take this glowing example:

So I bought the Lounge Cowl Neck Midi Silk Slip Dress for a wedding, and can I just say I’m in love. I’m 5’3 and 110 lbs so I was a bit scared the S would come out too long/big, but it fits like a glove and ends mid-calf. It’s easy to adjust it in the waist with the straps though. I want one in every color!

Another shopper agrees that the sizing is spot-on in a Silk Maison review: “I love this dress, the size is right, very great design.

Similarly, another woman shared her praise for the Red Desire Slit Bias Cut Silk Slip Dress. She “highly recommended” the product, and wrote, “I wanted a nice silk dress at an affordable price. Here it is. The dress arrived sooner than expected, and the color is a vibrant, beautiful red. Really great quality.

To see how well these positive sentiments hold up, I turned to Trustpilot. Here, Customers report that each garment “looks just like the pictures.” Shopping online can be tricky, especially when trying a new brand, so this is definitely reassuring!

Finally, I took a look at what shoppers on Reddit were saying about the brand. Here, Silk Maison comes recommended for those looking to purchase affordable silk garments. Commenters report great success with exchanges and returns.

In one Silk Maison review, a Redditor confirms that the brand’s dresses are of good quality for the cost: “The quality is pretty good, the longer slipdress was a bit too nightgown looking, but the mini dress was excellent. I would say the price matches the quality.

All in all, customers are incredibly happy with their Silk Maison purchases. High quality, sexy, and trendy, it seems every woman could benefit from a well-made, stylish silk garment in their wardrobe.

Is Silk Maison Worth It?

Silk Maison Review

Silk is a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. Whether that’s an elegant little black dress, a luxurious pajama set, or a hair-protecting scrunchie—there’s certainly a silk garment calling your name. Silk Maison is here to help you add that elegance to your wardrobe for a more competitive price than other retailers.

Plus, the brand still uses high-quality materials—100% Mulberry Silk, in fact. Silk Maison describes this material as the “queen of fibers” due to its luxurious feel. Customers across the web complement the way this material feels and drapes across their bodies.

To sweeten the deal, the company also offers multiple ways to save on your order. For all of these reasons I came across in this Silk Maison review, I believe the company’s products are absolutely worth the investment.

Silk Maison Promotions & Discounts

Silk Maison Review

Look—silk can be expensive. Though Silk Maison offers affordable garments in the realm of luxury goods, an extra discount or two won’t hurt. Here’s how you can save on your order:

  • Students receive 20% off their orders
  • Sign up for the e-newsletter to save 10%
  • Head to the Sale page for up to 30% off select pieces
  • Silk Maison Loyalty Club: every $1 you spend gets you 1 point—redeem 100 points for $1 off your next order

Where To Buy Silk Maison

Silk Maison Review

The brand’s products are only available at


Looking to shop around? We’ve got you covered:

  1. LilySilk: LilySilk is a renowned brand that specializes in silk products, including clothing, bedding, and accessories. They are known for their high-quality silk and offer a wide range of options for both men and women. LilySilk products are highly rated and trusted by customers [1].
  2. Lunya: Lunya is a brand that focuses on creating comfortable and stylish sleepwear, loungewear, and intimates. While they offer a variety of fabrics, including silk, Lunya’s products are designed with a modern aesthetic and innovative features to enhance comfort during sleep and relaxation. Their garments combine luxury and functionality [2].
  3. Natori: Natori is a brand that offers a range of elegant and luxurious lingerie and sleepwear. They incorporate silk fabrics into their designs, providing a sophisticated and comfortable option for those seeking high-quality silk garments. Natori products are well-known for their attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship [2].


Silk Maison Review

Where is Silk Maison Made?

Silk Maison does not disclose where its products are made. But, I found reports that shipments are sent from China, which may be where its manufacturing facilities are located.

Does Silk Maison Fit True to Size?

Most customers report that the brand’s garments fit true to size, including the Silk Maison silver slip dresses. With that said, some pieces are designed to fit differently, so be sure to read the size guide for each item before making a purchase.

What is Silk Maison’s Shipping Policy?

Silk Maison ships internationally. Orders are typically processed within 5-7 days. Once your package is on its way to you, you’ll receive a tracking number.

US orders over  $188 ship for free, with delivery expected within 7-15 business days. For orders under that amount or outside of the US, your shipping costs and expected delivery times will be calculated at checkout. The typical international shipping estimate is 7-30 working days.

Duties and customs fees are usually the customer’s responsibility. But the brand may cover them in some cases.

What is Silk Maison’s Return Policy?

Silk Maison offers a 14-day return policy. Any returns or exchanges attempted after that 14-day period will not be accepted. It is worth noting though that sale items, silk lingerie, and customized items cannot be returned.

Return shipping costs are at the customer’s expense.

How to contact Silk Maison

If you have any questions for the brand after reading this Silk Maison review, you can reach out to its team through the following methods of contact:

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