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Goodmylk Review

Goodmylk has one mission: to bring truly good food to the world. Using diet as a form of medicine, they do away with unhealthy binders, thickeners, emulsifiers, and preservatives; instead offering clean and plant-based milk alternatives to its customers.

This Goodmylk review will focus on their bestsellers, the integrity of their mission statement, pricing, customer feedback, ingredients, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth purchasing.

Overview of Goodmylk

Goodmylk Review

Goodmylk founder Brooke Rewa launched the company in 2018 after she was disillusioned by the diet culture of LA. At a time when she was experiencing some health issues, she decided to try out common plant-based beverages and foods to aid recovery. 

That didn’t work, because all the filler ingredients and preservatives present in them actually caused her condition to deteriorate even more. That’s when she knew she had to put something better on the shelves.

It all started with Brooke experimenting in her kitchen, using real food recipes. Those endeavours led to opening a plant-based cafe in Southern California: Made With Love Wellness, which sold non-cow milks and fresh juices. But that was only the catalyst. After that, Brooke created Goodmylk, designed to disrupt the dairy market with successful alternatives. 

For the time being, there is no Goodmylk vegan butter, or any other tasty plant-based food up for offer. Now that this Goodmylk review has filled you in on the brand’s backstory, let’s take a look at highlights


  • An comprehensive range of milk-alternatives for dairy-sensitive customers, as well as those who are on keto diets (including goat, almond, oat milk, and matcha lattes)
  • 100% organic (no chemical fillers, binders, or preservatives)
  • Customers love the taste and hassle-free preparation of the powders
  • The brand offers accessories such as a milk frother or non-toxic glass vessels to accompany the mylk products
  • Refer a friend and membership programs can help you save $10 and give exclusive perks 
  • Free shipping on US orders over $100
  • No-waste packaging
  • Subscription option for a discount paired with regular, automated deliveries

Goodmylk Products Review

Goodmylk offers a niche range of milk-alternative products and merchandise. This review will now go over nine bestsellers in detail, including pricing, customer reactions, ingredients, and flavor. 

The brand offers Afterpay to pay in 4 interest-free installments. You can also save upto 12% on certain concentrates with an auto-delivery subscription

Goodmylk Almond Mylk Concentrate Review

The Almond Mylk Concentrate is the second-best option for people who want homemade mylk, but always have one foot out the door. It’s still homemade (just not in your home) and you can’t go wrong with the simple, wholesome formula. 

Coming in 10z, the Almond Mylk Concentrate becomes a tall 32 fl. oz glass of mylk after thawing and adding water. Certified organic—with sprouted almonds, alkaline water, ancient mineral salt, and dates—it comes in original and pure (unsweetened) format.

The versatility of this GMO-free almond mylk makes it great for a range of things. Try a dairy-free ice cream recipe on the weekend if you’re feeling ambitious, or just splash it over cereal. One happy Almost Mylk Concentrate customer writes, “Absolutely the best tasting almond milk I have ever had. And great to know that it is also the purest as well.” 

You can buy the Almond Mylk Concentrate as a 2-pack which costs $28.50, or grab a 6-pack for $67.49.

Goodmylk Black Cat Instant Almond Latte Review

The Black Cat Instant Almond Latte is a high-quality product that comes from Goodmylk’s partnership with Intelligentsia. It’s made up of a coffee blend directly sourced from Brazil and Costa Rica. From there, it’s roasted by Intelligentsia and crystalized into an instant espresso with rich notes of dark chocolate and caramel

Goodmylk comes in and adds instant latte creamer to give it flavor. In the words of one happy customer, “We bought the black cat latte before our summer road trip. We loved having super high quality, delicious lattes for our camping mornings.”

It combines the excellent coffee and taste of Intelligentsia with the healthy formula of Goodmylk. There are only 4 simple ingredients in the Black Cat Instant Almond Latte: almonds, maple sugar, Himalayan salt, and coffee. This Goodmylk review recommends keeping an eye out for when it’s back in stock for $25

Goodmylk Hemp Mylk Concentrate Review

The Hemp Mylk Concentrate is frozen fresh and comes in 10oz packages. When water is added, each one generates 32oz of fresh Goodmylk. There are no binders, fillers, gums, or preservatives. It gives you a boost of protein, while helping keep nails, skin, and hair strong. 

100% organic, the Hemp Mylk Concentrate creates a smooth drink that’s perfect for those late night cookie-dipping cravings. You can also use it in post-workout smoothies, or make a batch of lattes to share with friends. Some find hemp milk ideal for weight management. 

Goodmylk’s Hemp Mylk Concentrate comes in original and pure (unsweetened) format. A 2-pack costs $28.50, while the 6-pack costs $67.49 or $59.39 on a subscription, for savings of 12%.

Goodmylk Almond Latte Creamer Review

The Almond Latte Creamer is a pure product that creates frothy, whipped, and delectable plant-based lattes in seconds. It’s made of three 100% organic ingredients (sprouted almonds, maple sugar, and Himalayan salt) and offers a simple way to create your favorite drink at home or at a red light. It’s also keto-friendly.

When the midday lull starts rolling around, simply add 1 heaping tablespoon into your beverage and whisk, spoon-stir, or blend—depending on what you’re using it for. One customer writes, “This is the first plant-based creamer I’ve ever seen with real ingredients, even better, it tastes AMAZING!”

The Almond Latte Creamer is only 50 calories per serving, and is low glycemic (good news for those with underlying heart conditions, or type 2 diabetes). You can buy a tin with 20 servings for $22.49.  

Goodmylk Super Oat Mylk Concentrate Review

The Super Oat Mylk Concentrate is a frozen fresh classic. It’s called “super” because it’s organic, allergen-free, oil and chemical free, and never processed. One 10z concentrate pack produces 32oz of oats flavored alt-mylk.  

The ingredients are simple: certified gluten-free oats, tigernuts (apparently this is a vegetable), dates, alkaline water, and ancient mineral salt. Packed with bone strengthening minerals and high in fibre, this blend leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Even if you’re not intolerant to cow’s milk, making a switch to this oat concentrate will provide you with significantly more nutrients. 

After thawing your pack of Super Oat Mylk Concentrate, use it with 22 ounces of water and stir; making sure to use it up within 5 days. A 2-pack costs $29, while the 6-pack costs $67.49

Goodmylk Ceremonial Matcha Latte Powder Review

This Matcha Latte Powder is a mix of pure ceremonial matcha and almond powder latte creamer. Combined, they create a rich and appetizing plant-based matcha latte. In terms of health benefits, these ingredients improve brain function and protect your liver. 

Goodmylk partnered with MatchaBar for this product, in order to get specially sourced ceremonial-grade matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. There are only 13 tea masters in the world with grade 10 certification, and one of them is in charge of blending these very batches. Be very honored.

You can buy the Match Latte Powder for $43. One tin gets you 20 servings of tea blends and creamer. 

Goodmylk LA T-Shirt Review

This Goodmylk review didn’t expect to cover clothing, but it turns out that the brand makes quality shirts. Made from 100% combed and ring-spun cotton (except for the heather colors), the LA T-Shirt uses pre-shrunk fabric and side-seams for a comfortable and flattering fit.

The LA T-Shirt comes in the following sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL

The product details list different fabric combinations depending on the T-shirt color—ash is 99% cotton and 1% polyester, for example—yet it seems that Goodmylk has not yet set up a color selection option or dropdown menu

In any case, you can buy the LA T-shirt for $25 or in four interest-free instalments of $6.25.

Goodmylk Glass Quart Bottle – Goodmylk Review

Healthy food is important, but so is having a safe container for it. Most plastics contain all kinds of toxic chemicals, but not the Goodmylk Glass Quart Bottle. Made in the US, it is BPA-free, durable, and tempered. It can be used for storage or as a regular pitcher.

The design is reminiscent of traditional glass milk bottles, bringing this Goodmylk review back to a simpler time. The zero-waste, non-toxic bottle can be purchased for $10 or, if truly necessary, in four interest-free instalments of $2.50.

Goodmylk Electric Frother Review

The issue with Goodmylk products is that they need to be mixed. Not a big deal, you say? Perhaps not—but when you’re drinking their mylk or lattes every day, multiple times a day, a sophisticated frother can make a world of difference.

This “pretty little hand-held rechargeable frother” can be in the comfort of home, or at your work desk. All you have to do is dip it into your beverage and press the button to create a perfectly mixed and foamy-topped latte.

It’s unclear what this Electric Frother is made from. All the same, it’s a fairly simple product that comes to $20.

Goodmylk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Goodmylk Review

Goodmylk reviews are hard to come by. It’s a new company with limited distribution, and most customers don’t leave feedback on customer service or the shipping experience. The conversations mostly center around individual products, found on the company’s official website.

Some don’t have any reviews, but the ones that do have 5/5 stars on average. People have described their easy-to-prepare concentrates as a “game-changer”, and prefer the taste of Goodmylk to other milk-alternatives. 

This 5/5 star Goodmylk review echoes the sentiments of many, “I was spending a ridiculous amount of time and money making mylk from scratch for my dairy-sensitive kids. This is a game-changer for us.”

One customer had this to say about the Goodmylk Almond Milk Concentrate: “Absolutely the best tasting almond milk I have ever had. And great to know that it is also the purest as well.”

Another appreciated the consistency of the Matcha Latte Powder. They wrote, “The matcha flavor is SO GOOD! I also like the creaminess compared to matcha just w/hot water. It mixes best with a frother or blender.”  

The praise continues with a reviewer who left Goodmylk Cat Latte 5/5 stars and commented, “I was surprised that this tasted so good mixing with just water. The taste is great and it’s creamy. I would highly recommend it for a quick and easy latte. I would pay more to get it in a larger size.”

A Redditer also recommended the brand’s products to others in the thread, Goodmylk is a good option for non-dairy milk and they have a bunch of other dairy free alternative products too.” While a customer left a 5/5 star testimonial on Facebook and focused on the preparation process, “Love that there are little to no ingredients! The frozen Mylk is so convenient, just add water and you’re ready to go!”

Is Goodmylk Worth It?

Goodmylk Review

Goodmylk is 100% worth it for customers seeking healthy alternatives to milk products and fed up with all the unhealthy fillers. By offering plant-based alternatives, the company puts themselves in a unique position with clean and simple products that are perfect for your daily needs, whether that’s smoothies, coffee, lattes, cereal, baking, and more.

This Goodmylk review found interesting details from their packaging, as well. According to their website, they use pouches made from BOPA, a recyclable material. They wish they could compostable or biodegradable packaging, but that doesn’t yet exist for frozen products. Still, we are told, their materials are less wasteful than standard tetra paks that other alternative milk brands use.

Goodmylk Promotions & Discounts

Goodmylk Review

Goodmylk discount codes are hard to come by. As a new company trying to establish itself—made even more difficult by the pandemic—they don’t have much in the way of sales, promotions, and discounts. And we can’t blame them for that.

The biggest discount you can get is 12% in savings on every purchase, which comes with a subscription to Goodmylk’s auto-delivery service

The brand also promises exciting perks and exclusive rewards for members. For example, you can refer Goodmylk nutrition products to a friend, and both enjoy $10 off a 6-pack. Once you’re hooked on a beverage, follow their Instagram page and keep an eye out for giveaways. They might even announce a Goodmylk peanut curd someday (one can dream, right?). 

Where to Buy Goodmylk?

Goodmylk Review

You can buy all mentioned products directly on the brand’s website:, and in stores across the US. Check out their Store Locator page to see if these delicious alt-mylks are sold at a store near you. For now, Goodmylk Amazon is not an option. 


Goodmylk Review

What is Goodmylk’s Shipping Policy?

This Goodmylk review found out right away that today’s situation has negatively impacted the company’s shipping. They use both FedEX and USPS, which are reporting shipping delays due to an overwhelming amount of online orders, closures, and staffing issues. It’s also important to know that they only ship to the continental US.

This is complicated by the fact that most Goodmylk products are frozen. So, they are only sending out orders that can arrive within 2 business days, to prevent them from thawing ahead of time. Still, they expect most products to be shipped within 2–10 business days.

If you haven’t received your Goodmylk Oat Milk Concentrate (or whatever else you ordered) within two weeks, send them a message with your order number and they will make it right.

What is Goodmylk’s Return Policy?

It’s unfortunate, but totally reasonable that Goodmylk products cannot be returned. Their products are perishable and can’t be restocked or resold, so it just wouldn’t make sense for them to allow items to be sent back. 

However, this Goodmylk review must point out that many of their bestselling products can be bought as a relatively inexpensive 2-pack, which is a great way to test them out before diving into 6-packs.

Here’s a breakdown of when and how Goodmylk issues refunds:

  1. Your item arrived damaged, and the carrier (FedEx, for example) was not at fault
  2. Delivery was late or not handled appropriately, causing the items to defrost or be otherwise damaged
  3. The package received was missing items, or the order was entirely incorrect 

Additionally, if you need to reship an order that was improperly addressed or not retrieved, you will be charged 50% of the cost for the replacement shipment.

How to Contact Goodmylk

For any questions about the brand that went unanswered in this Goodmylk review, reach customer service on the Goodmylk Instagram, or by filling out the contact form on their website.

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