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Hatch Review

Sleep can be a sensitive topic for anyone. Regardless of whether you’re a new parent, an oversleeper, or an insomniac, sleep affects our mood. It’s one of the most influential parts of our routine.

Yet most of us aren’t getting enough of it or struggle with the fine tuning process. Which is where Hatch comes in. They’re a sleep enhancement company that cares about your routine.

In less than a decade, they’ve grown in popularity, enhancing their offerings from strictly baby sleep machines to something for everyone. They’ve also been featured in BuzzFeed, Women’s Health, and Refinery29. On top of that, they’ve got 115k followers on Instagram. But their real skyrocket to fame came from their debut on Shark Tank

But there have always been a ton of companies who claim they can help your sleep, why would this one be any different?

That’s why this Hatch review will go over all the essentials of the company, their shipping and return policies, plus any other FAQs to help you decide if you should be counting on them for a good night’s sleep.

Overview of Hatch

Hatch Review

Hatch is an American sleep product company, launched in a small-scale way by founders Ann Crady Weiss and her husband, Dave. Originally a baby-centered company, Hatch has grown into an all-around sleep help brand that helps anyone in need of implementing a sleep routine.

With their plethora of lamps, clocks, and sleep machines comes their app-controlled technology, all designed to add ease and peace to a good night’s sleep.

Among their modern approaches are a few other impressive highlights that we wanted to share about Hatch:


  • Wide variety of sleep machines, clocks, and lamps
  • Compatible with Android & iPhone
  • Newsletter offers exclusive information & sales
  • Products for adults & babies
  • Free 2-day shipping (continental US only)
  • 60-night sleep trial
  • Membership options available
  • Available through global retailers
Hatch Review

When you’re trying to find the best sleep solution for yourself and your little one as well, it’s important to find the right product. If you’re frustrated or sleep deprived, anything might sound appealing. But with this list of highlights, we hope that we can help you clearly see the facts on Hatch, and whether they’d be right for you.

Next up for this Hatch review, we’ll dig into their best sellers, as many people have used them to help get a good night’s sleep. Ready to hit snooze?

Hatch Adult Sleep Review

Whether you’re considering Hatch sleep products for yourself or your family, this sleep tool company has something for all of you. That’s why we’re going to show you a little bit of everything that this brand does, starting with their best-selling product for adults. 

Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant Review

The Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant is a brilliant and modern alarm clock that does more than just tell you the time and wake you up for work.

With its gentle LED glow and library of calming sounds to wake up to, this digital clock can be programmed to work with your phone so you can control all the meditations, stories, and sounds you prefer to use.

As a soft touch lamp, this sleep assistant has dimensions of 7.5” x 2.75” x 5.75” and offers up a glowing reading light, so you don’t have to have harsh overhead lighting. You can wake up feeling rested and refreshed with the Hatch Restore clock, which retails for $130.

Hatch Baby Review

Now, for something that would suit both adults and babies alike. It’s pretty common to have sleep concerns as first-time parents, especially when you’re trying to coax your little one into a routine that suits both you and your child. That’s why Hatch is so focused on making a variety of sleep products to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Now we’re going to take a peek at their Hatch sound machines and other sleep products that are geared toward your little ones. They’ll help your baby or toddler fall asleep in no time. 

Hatch Rest Mini Smart Sound Machine Review

The Mini Smart Sound Machine is this company’s standard model, and it offers users a wide variety of settings and options for sleep. Compatible with the Hatch membership, this unit can be programmed to your phone to allow an ever-growing library of sounds, as well as remote control options directly from your device.

Coming with 8 soothing sounds, this device has easy to navigate controls and a customizable timer, so that you don’t have to do all the thinking. With dimensions of 4” x 4” x 2”, the Mini machine will have you dozing for $40.

Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine Review

The Rest Smart Sound Machine is a hybrid of awesomeness. Built to be used both as a sound machine and a nightlight, this gently glowing lamp offers up 11 different sounds and has the option to build your library through the Hatch app. Using your device, you can set custom timers and sleep routines right from your phone with ease. 

With dimensions of 4” x 4” x 6.25”, this soothing unit has a time-to-rise feature that provides a multi-color glow, for a more stimulating wake up call for your little ones. This popular sound machine retails for $70.

Hatch Rest+ Ultimate Smart Sleep Machine Review

The Rest+ Ultimate Smart Sleep Machine is a voice-controlled lamp-clock/sound machine hybrid that uses the simple function app for easy controls and customizable sleep routines.

With 11 sounds available including crickets, rain, and ocean, you can add more to your Hatch library through the personalized app on your phone.

In addition to sounds, you can add an array of colors to the glowing LED lamp for vibrancy and fun with your child’s night light. With dimensions of 4” x 4” x 6.25”, this Rest+ machine retails for $90.

Hatch Sleep Membership Review

As an optional addition to your Hatch products, you’re able to sign up for a Hatch membership that gives you a variety of customizable options that will enhance your sleep routine.

With the membership, you can add sounds to your library, colors to your lamp, create sleep habit goals, and provide yourself with thematic sound channels to suit your mood.

By registering for your Hatch membership at checkout, the annual cost for the added conveniences of the product will come at a low price of $49/year.

Who Is Hatch For? 

Hatch Review

Formerly geared towards parents and babies, Hatch is now open to everyone. While their audience was primarily folks with little ones who are having some sleep concerns and difficulties with their childrens’ sleep patterns, they’ve also grown into a company that provides virtually anyone with snooze concerns an answer to their problems.

The company has created products for adults and children alike, which is probably why they have so many fantastic Hatch reviews. If you’re in need of a sleep tool that is affordable and easy to attain, you might want to consider this brand. After all, they’re for everyone.

Hatch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hatch Review

We understand as well as anyone that finding the right solution to you and your little one’s sleep concerns is among one of parents’ highest priorities.

That’s why it might be easy to get dazzled by descriptions and pretty products—if you’re eager to find an answer, anything could do. Not to worry, this Hatch review will go over all the opinions of what their customers really think.

By providing you with some top ratings and detailed feedback, we hope to add another layer to your research process, keeping you informed about what you’re investing your money in. Let’s start with some ratings on Hatch’s best sellers: 

  • Restore Smart Sleep Assistant: 4.4/5 stars, 662 customer reviews
  • Rest Mini Smart Sound Machine: 4.4/5 stars, 139 customer reviews
  • Rest Smart Sound Machine: 4.3/5 stars, 7,180 customer reviews
  • Rest+ Ultimate Smart Sleep Machine: 4/5 stars, 1,402 customer reviews

On Amazon, where a handful of Hatch products can be found, one of their best-selling items has gathered 21,557 reviews, with an average rating of 4.6/5 stars. Here’s an example of their typical 5-star review from a happy customer:

“Love our Hatch. So convenient to turn on the nightlight and sound while we are watching tv. When we bring the sleeping baby into the room it is dimly lit with sound already playing. Unbelievable colour choices and great sound quality. Customer service is top notch. They reply to you within an hour or 2. Every time it turns on it runs a diagnostic scan. “

They continued: “Hatch contacted me to say the scan showed our audio was a bit off ( I couldn’t tell) they sent us a new one free of charge. I repeat…..they contacted me and said we are sending you a new one because the diagnostic scan is reporting an error. Like I said, great customer service. Buy with confidence.”

Another example of your average Hatch review is found on Very Well Family, where they did a feature on Hatch, giving the company and its products an overall score of 4.8/5 stars. Along with such a great rating, here’s what they had to say:

“Get this multifunctional sleep solution. The Hatch Rest Sound Machine is a great investment that will grow with your child. With all the multi-functional features it offers and the high-quality sound it delivers, this is money well spent. If you like having the option to choose from several sounds, as well as the addition of a night light, this sound machine might be for you.”

Meanwhile, on Google, there’s a collection of Hatch reviews from all over, bringing in a 4.6/5 star average from 8,316 ratings. With such a broad reach and so much awesome feedback to consider, that’s pretty impressive. A lot of the 5-star reviews mirror the compliments of this one:

“I ordered the hatch machine for my (9 month old) daughter as it was starting to get chilly and we couldn’t keep her fan on every night but she needed the noise. I wish I had bought this when she was a newborn! Not only is the app easy to use (with a wide variety of options!), the customer service is unmatched!”

The same customer goes on to comment on the value and results of the machine:

“I am in love with this sound machine! We love that we can preset her bedtime and it goes to the perfect sound and light combo we chose. She even crawls over to me when it comes on because she knows it’s bedtime! Overall amazing sound machine, amazing app, big fan of the company. 10/10 recommend!”

When you’re dealing with matters of your little one, and especially in matters of sleep, it can be a sensitive subject. You want the right tools that suit both your baby and yourself to help with sleep patterns and developmental opportunities. With all that in mind, the Hatch reviews seem to be, in a greater sense, fantastic, and we love to see it.

There are a few people out there who aren’t big fans of the mechanism. Many of the complaints came from people who were uncertain of the app process and in some cases, the method itself. But for the majority of all the Hatch reviews we discovered, folks are loving the peaceful sleep that this product brings to their life and for their loved ones.

Is Hatch Legit?

Hatch Review

This company has gone through the ringer of stages. Beginning as a small startup and then getting recognized on Shark Tank, Hatch has made their way up the popularity ladder, and they’ve worked hard to do it. The sleep market is a niche, and a sensitive one at that. No one likes their sleep routine to be messed with.

Hatch has landed in their market as a trustworthy and dependable brand: two words you want associated with your sleep tools. They are legitimate, and have no red flags.

Is Hatch Worth It?

Hatch Review

Though the brand was formerly known as Hatch Baby, the company has blossomed into a general sleep product brand that offers machines to not only parents, but adults in general. This means if you have any concerns about your snoozing routine, Hatch for sleep is well worth your while.

Between their affordable products, membership program, and the great Hatch reviews complimenting their fantastic customer service, this company should be considered if you’re having sleep concerns of any kind.

Their products have been created to not only aid babies and parents in sleep, but for folks who don’t sleep enough or can’t get out of bed easily as well. 

Hatch Promotions & Discounts 

Hatch Review

Although Hatch does not currently offer any specific promotions or discounts, they do have a newsletter that will keep you up-to-date on upcoming promotions.

By signing up to their exclusive offers program, you’ll be first in the know about future sales, promotions, coupons, or informative tips on best practices when using your Hatch products.

Where to Buy Hatch

Hatch Review

Since Hatch offers a bounty of products, plus a newsletter with exclusive information and a membership subscription, going through their website as your primary source for their goodies might be the best way to go. 

Since they don’t ship internationally, this may cause issues for anyone who doesn’t live in the US. Luckily, their products are carried in lots of global retailers, including the following:

  • Amazon
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Target
  • BuyBuyBaby
  • Big Apple Buddy
  • ModeSens
  • Walmart


Hatch Review

Who owns Hatch?

Ann Crady Weiss is the owner and founder of Hatch, launched in 2014. Now, along with her husband, they co-own and run the company together from Menlo Park, California.

Does Hatch ship internationally?

Currently, Hatch does not ship internationally. At this time, they offer free 2-day shipping within the continental US, with standard shipping for orders in Alaska.

What is Hatch’s Shipping Policy?

Hatch offers free 2-day shipping on any order placed within the continental US, with Alaska taking longer with standard shipping. Unfortunately, shipping to Hawaii is not available. They also offer an expedited shipping option, where the price will be calculated at checkout.

What is Hatch’s Return Policy?

You’ve got 60 days from the shipping date to decide if you love or hate your Hatch products. All you have to do is contact them using one of the methods below, and they will help you initiate your return. 

Additionally, Hatch offers a 1 year warranty after your registration on their products. If your Hatch gear is faulty or defective, just get in touch and they’ll guide you through the warranty process.

How to Contact Hatch

We hope this Hatch review has helped open your eyes to a new world of sleeping! If you’ve got further questions, or just need some help with your Hatch products, feel free to reach out to the company by submitting a request online.

The Hatch customer service team is available from Monday to Sunday, between 6 am to 9 pm PST.

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