Hollander Sleep Products Review

About Hollander Sleep Products

Hollander Sleep Products Review

Hollander Sleep Products manufactures the best in the bedding world, partnering with brands you love (like I AM and BeautyRest), as well as some you may want to know (like Protect-a-Bed). With a wide, varied collection, the company makes it easy to find exactly what you need to have the best sleep of your life.

The brand has a growing community of 4k followers on Facebook, and you’ll find its products sold at big-box retailers like Target and Kohl’s. Will it have everything you’re looking for? Read this Hollander Sleep Products review to find out.

You’ll learn all about the company and its best-selling bedding, read up on customer feedback, learn about promotions, and more. Get ready to be cozy, we’re about to dive in.

Overview of Hollander Sleep Products

Hollander Sleep Products Review

You’ve probably snuggled into Hollander Sleep bedding and didn’t even know it. Sinking into your favorite pillow, you might have cozied up into the covers and wondered who made such heaven-sent bedding.

Hollander Sleep Products has been around for over 100 years. Making bedding for hotels and many of the companies you know and trust for quality, its name is behind the go-to greats you choose for comfort.

Manufacturing products that meet modern trends, needs, and comfort levels, its collection spans incredibly different brands. You’ll find them all on its website. Whether it’s eco-friendly, asthma-approved, or breathable comfort you’re looking for, Hollander Sleep offers it all—and for an incredibly affordable price.

Hollander Sleep has traded hands in the last few years. It’s now owned by Centre Lane Partners LLC., and calls Boca Raton, Florida home.

Now that you know a little bit more about what this brand is all about, this Hollander Sleep Products review will keep moving. Up next are the highlights.

Hollander Sleep Products Review


  • Great selection of bedding (comforters, pillows, sheets, and mattress covers)
  • Has eco-friendly options
  • Carries an asthma-friendly line
  • Offers down alternatives
  • Uses RDS-standard down
  • Eco-friendly practices
  • Tons of deals and discounts
  • Sale section
  • 30-night money-back guarantee

Hollander Sleep Products manufactures bedding for brands like BeautyRest, I AM, and GreatSleep. Offering a wide range of comforters, pillows, sheets, and mattress covers, you’ll discover tons of variety within each collection, including down alternatives, allergy-friendly collections, and even eco-responsible charcoal sheets.

The next part of this Hollander Sleep Products review will walk you through a selection of the brand’s pillows, as well as a handful of favorites within the Live Comfortably line.

Hollander Sleep Products Pillow Review

Hollander Sleep Products Review

Pillow needs are about as personal as they come. Yours can either wreck your sleep or give you the greatest one of your life. Hollander’s pillow selection is huge.

With down, memory foam, cooling, and even body pillows, you’ll have tons to choose from to find your perfect fit. We’ll introduce you to its best-sellers below.

Hollander Sleep Products I AM A Back Sleeper Pillow Review

If there’s one thing sleeping over at a friend or relative’s house has taught us, it’s that there’s a huge difference in what people find comfortable. More so, comfort is dependent on what position we sleep in. The I AM brand was created for that very reason, developing products to support your head and neck in your preferred sleeping position.

The I AM A Back Sleeper Pillow is pretty self-explanatory and delivers medium-firm support with NeverFlat® technology to prevent it from going flat. Made with a 100% cotton cover, the entire Hollander Sleep Products pillow is machine washable and is filled with cluster fibers that fluff back up after you wash it.

Since the brand is having a 25% sale on pillows, right now the standard size is only available for $19 (normally $25). It usually comes in king size as well, but it’s currently sold out.

Hollander Sleep Products I AM A Natural Latex Pillow Review

The I AM A Natural Latex Pillow doesn’t distinguish itself by sleeping position, but rather by sleeping preference. Latex is known for its adaptive qualities, and it’s a high-quality choice for any sleeper.

Made from Talalay material, the pillow is OEKO-Tex certified for fabric safety and encased in a 200-thread count cotton cover for breathability and comfort. Toss the cover in the wash for easy cleaning.

Allowing airflow through its cellular structure, this natural latex pillow is a great choice for those concerned with environmental health since it uses fewer resources in production. It’s also sourced from strong and healthy trees—none need to be cut down.

Oh, and this pillow also won the House & Beyond Best Latex Pillow award for 2022. It comes in standard, queen, and king sizes, though only standard is available right now for $38 (on sale from $50).

Hollander Sleep Products Great Sleep® Hydrocool™ 3-Inch Gusset Pillow Review

If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll want to check this pillow out. The Great Sleep Hydrocool 3-Inch Gusset Pillow is 5-degrees cooler than your average pillow. Super soft and comfortable, the pillow wicks away moisture for a sweat and stress-free snooze.

The temperature regulating pillow insert is covered with a 300 thread count cotton cover, which only makes it even easier to dream. Right now, only the standard size is available, but it usually comes in king too.

Great for both back and side sleepers, slip into slumber town with this cooling pick for $45 (normally $60).

Hollander Sleep Products Great Sleep® Twice Cool™ Memory Foam Core Pillow Review

Spring is upon us, but that means summer is soon to follow. Even though the sunny season is fun, sleeping at night isn’t—especially on ultra-hot nights.

The Great Sleep Twice Cool Memory Foam Core Pillow features a premium memory foam center with phase change technology that wicks away moisture. Drawing warmth and sweat away from your skin, you’ll sleep more comfortably and wake up less throughout the night.

This one is ideal for back and side sleepers and adds comfort with a removable knit cover that’s cool-to-the-touch. Enjoy the comfort of memory foam without the heat it’s known for. Made in standard as well, right now, it’s only available in king size for $64 (normally $85).

Hollander Live Comfortably Review

Hollander Sleep Products Review

Those with allergies know that the slightest change in environment or the wrong material can set off a sneezing fit, blocked sinuses, and itchy eyes. That’s not how you should feel when snuggling into bed.

The Hollander Live Comfortably selection includes the brand’s range of pillows, comforters, decor, and mattress pads so you can truly rest comfortably. You’ll meet its best-sellers next.

Hollander Live Comfortably Asthma & Allergy Friendly Comforter Review

Allergies are the worst. Especially when you’re trying to sleep. The Live Comfortably Asthma & Allergy Friendly Comforter is kind to your system, made from a down alternative which also happens to be kind to animals too.

Wrapped in an organic cotton cover, the comforter is hypoallergenic and certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. You’ll enjoy perks like a 233 thread count which lends a balance of crispness and softness and a sewn-through design ensuring the fill won’t shift and collect in lumps—meaning you’ll stay cozy from head to toe.

Normally, the comforter is available in king size too, but right now, you can get the full/queen size on sale for just $37—it’s usually $105.

Hollander Live Comfortably Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Pillow Review

There’s nothing worse than sinking into a comfy pillow only to start sneezing a few seconds later. If you’re allergic to down, then consider the Live Comfortably Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Pillow.

It gives you the luxurious comfort you love about down, but it’s animal-friendly and easy on allergies. With a soft 240 thread count cover made from PEACHY® polyester, this one is easy to snooze on. The whole pillow has been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and repels pet dander and dust mites for a comfortable, clean sleep.

And if you thought an allergy pillow couldn’t have it all, you’ll be happy to know you’re wrong. It’s filled with luxury-level fill that cradles your head and neck while you sleep—no matter the position.

Alleviating stress and pressure, this Hollander Live Comfortably pillow comes in a set of two in standard and king sizes for $47-$49 (on sale from $62-$65).

Who Is Hollander Sleep Products For?

Hollander Sleep Products Review

Hollander Sleep Products makes bedding for a clean, thoughtful home. With a selection of allergy-friendly products and down alternatives, this brand shows it cares. It’s also working towards being more sustainable, so it’s a great choice for those who want to make their home a little greener.

Hollander Sleep Products Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hollander Sleep Products Review

When buying anything online, it’s nice to have the comfort of feedback that tells you what a product or a brand is actually like. In this part of our Hollander Sleep Products review, we set out in search of comments and ratings from around the web to do just that.

Our first lot comes from You’ll find a list below of its best-sellers and their ratings. After that, we’ll jump into the comments.

  • Live Comfortable Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Pillow: 4.7/5 stars from 6 reviews
  • Live Comfortable Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Comforter: 5/5 stars from 3 reviews
  • Great Sleep Twice Cool Memory Foam Core Pillow: 5/5 stars from 1 review
  • Great Sleep Hydrocool 3” Gusset Pillow: 4.6/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • I AM A Natural Latex Pillow: 4.5/5 stars from 178 reviews

Since the I Am A Natural Latex Pillow has the most ratings, we figured it was a great place to start. Though there were tons of comments about how comfortable this pillow was, what we wanted to know about was what the brand is like to deal with. This first Hollander Sleep Products review comes from a new customer. It reads:

When there was a shipping snag I was concerned. But I have to say their customer service is amazing. First of all, it’s easy to get a live, knowledgeable person by phone. And she passed the problem to someone who fixed it and stayed in touch with me, emailing updates until the day it arrived.

Hollander Sleep Products Review

No matter what company you buy from, shipping troubles can happen. Especially if it’s a popular one. What matters is how that company deals with it. In the case of Hollander Sleep, it sounds like it has an efficient customer service team in place that deals with issues promptly.

Our next bit of feedback comes from Target. It’s for the Chaps Down Alternative Bed Pillow that’s made by Hollander Sleep, which was given a 4.9/5 star score from 7 shoppers.

Pretty much all of the comments for the pillow said similar things. It’s a comfortable pillow and there’s not much arguing that can be done about that.

One Hollander Sleep Products review read: “This is a great pillow. It is very comfortable. I was having some back and neck pain, and since switching to this pillow, it has helped alleviate the pain. Another shopper wrote, “Got this for my husband as he has bad allergies. This pillow helps us both sleep better as he is snoring much less.”

This pillow carries the Chaps label but is made by Hollander Sleep. The above comment is a great indication of the caliber of quality our featured brand puts out.

Hollander Sleep Products Review

The next Hollander Sleep Products review we’ll include is of a similar style. It comes from Kohl’s and is for the Boomerang Pillow. Awarded 4.1/5 stars from 50 shoppers, one comment read:

My husband thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. Loves the cuddled up feeling when sleeping on his side, but finds it just as comfortable for back sleeping.”

Others say how comfortable and supportive the pillow is for side sleepers and one even wrote, “I can’t imagine going back to a regular pillow. I am a side sleeper and my boomerang pillow supports my front, back, and neck all at the same time.”

With the feedback available online, there wasn’t a whole lot about the brand itself. Judging from the lack of complaints on the BBB, it may be safe to assume that not many have reported issues with the brand. In regards to quality, from what we did find, it sounds like Hollander Sleep Products are loved by many for their comfort and price.

Is Hollander Sleep Products Legit?

Hollander Sleep Products Review

This wouldn’t be a true Hollander Sleep Products review if it wasn’t transparent. While there wasn’t much in terms of negative reviews for this brand, on its Better Business Bureau profile, there is a current alert telling customers that in 2019, Hollander Sleep filed for bankruptcy.

Now, this has nothing to do with the quality or customer service this brand provides, nor does it warn against issues with refunds. It’s simply something you should keep in mind as you shop. The BBB is monitoring Hollander Sleep and the number of complaints made to the service, and thankfully, only four have been made in the last three years.

It’s been awarded an A- score which means it does a great job at responding to and resolving issues. The lack of complaints to the BBB despite the warning shows us that customers haven’t felt the need to escalate issues. From our end, Hollander Sleep looks legit.

Is Hollander Sleep Products Worth It?

Hollander Sleep Products Review

Bedding is a personal thing. We all have preferences, but in terms of what makes a sleep collection worth it, we look for the variety offered, the reported quality of its products, brand practices like sustainability efforts, policies, and of course, prices.

It’s a long checklist, but we’re happy to report that Hollander Sleep Products ticks off every box. Manufacturing for a great variety of well-known, reputable brands, customers love what Birch has to offer.

It’s making sustainability efforts as well by implementing zero waste practices and giving preference to suppliers who put the environment first. The 30-night money-back guarantee, free shipping, and year-round sales seal the deal.

Hollander Sleep Products Promotions & Discounts

Hollander Sleep Products Review

By now, you already know that this brand offers some serious deals. But since no Hollander Sleep Products review would be complete without a complete list, that’s exactly what you’ll find below. Right now, you can get:

  • 25% off all pillows
  • 75% off select products in the Flash Sale
  • 60% off the BeautyRest line

Those kinds of sales pop up daily and monthly with the brand. All year, you can take advantage of:

  • 10% off when you sign up for the newsletter
  • Free contiguous US ground shipping for orders over $99

Where to Buy Hollander Sleep Products

Hollander Sleep Products Review

This shop carries a variety of brands, and you can find them at other retailers. You likely won’t find them for the same price, though. To get in on all of the deals our featured company has to offer, head over to


Hollander Sleep Products Review

Who owns Hollander Sleep Products?

Hollander Sleep Products is currently owned by a private equity firm called Centre Lane Partners, LLC. The firm purchased the brand in 2019 and has given it a new lease on life.

Does Hollander Sleep Products ship internationally?

Not currently. The brand only ships within the US, though it does service all 50 states. See the next section of this Hollander Sleep Products review for the details.

What is Hollander Sleep Products’ Shipping Policy?

The brand offers free ground shipping for the contiguous US on orders over $99. There’s no Hollander Sleep Products promo code required, just fill up your cart and the promo will be applied. If you’ve already applied another discount, the free shipping promo may not be valid.

Hollander Sleep ships only from Monday to Friday. Once you place your order online, it can take about 2 business days to make it out of the warehouse.

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Click the link to see where your package is on its way to you.

What is Hollander Sleep Products’ Return Policy?

Hollander Sleep has long been associated with quality and carries many respected and trusted brands. Offering a 30-night money-back guarantee, if you ever need to return anything you buy from them, you can, but there are some general guidelines around the policy.

  1. You have 30 nights to test out your products
  2. If you’re not happy, return them for a full refund (not including shipping)
  3. To make a return, call 1-866-355-2498 or email [email protected] and let them know what you’d like to do
  4. Returns are prepaid, but they’re not free—$13 will be deducted from your refund amount
  5. Final sale items cannot be returned

Once Hollander Sleep receives your order and inspects it, upon approval, they will issue your refund within 14 business days.

How to Contact Hollander Sleep Products

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Hollander Sleep Products review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

  • Phone: (866)355-2498
  • Website online contact form

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