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About Jed North

Jed North Review

How you look can define who you are, so it’s important to consider which clothes you’re putting on your body. Jed North wants to make you feel proud of the body you have with their line of athletic wear.

The proudly Canadian company is an affordable athleisure manufacturer that promotes healthy living through clothing. Their comfortable materials and fits have earned them some popularity online, with 684k Facebook followers and 374k Instagram followers.

I’ll take a look at whether they’re deserving of that follower count in this Jed North review. I’ll do this by looking at some of their best-selling products, their prices, their quality, and what customers think about them.

Overview of Jed North

Jed North Review

There are many aspects to fitness. It’s not just bodybuilding, yoga, or running on the treadmill every day. Jed North recognizes this and makes apparel for any type of fitness enthusiast.

Their products cater to everyone from Crossfit athletes to people who do a single pull-up every other week and then order a few pizzas. Fitness clothing is all about balancing good looks with mobility. It’s easy to only wear old t-shirts to the gym, but you want to look good too, and sometimes those worn-out tees just don’t cut it.

This Canadian company rides the fine line between function and fashion, also known as athleisure. They make clothing that can boost their customer’s confidence by helping them look good. Plus, their clothes beg to be moved around in, so they subtly encourage people to break a sweat.

Jed North is more than just a clothing company. Their website contains multiple blog posts penned by respected experts in the field who cover a variety of fitness-related topics. These include issues as complex as cutting and bulking to more accessible topics like how to pick the best tank top for the gym.

They also publish guides that can help beginners tip-toe into a more active lifestyle. Jed North’s team has written great introductory articles about yoga, meditation, and core exercises, among others. These pieces provide people with the inspiration and information they need to make fitness a fun part of their life.

Speaking of information, I’ve got plenty of it for this Jed North review. I’ll go over some of the brand’s highlights so that you can see what makes them such an attractive company.


Jed North Review
  • Athleisure clothing items built with movement in mind for men and women
  • Huge selection of products
  • Large outlet section online for savings
  • Free shipping on all Canadian orders over $80
  • Able to ship internationally 
  • Rewards program to earn savings

I won’t cover every item in this Jed North review simply because there are so many available. Beyond athletic clothing, the company also makes yoga apparel, streetwear, casual clothes, denim, hoodies, and more. Let’s take a look at some examples!

Jed North Shorts Review

If you’ve been interested in fashion long enough then you might’ve heard some heretics call shorts the “brostep of clothing.” Don’t listen to people who try to bring you down like that. Clearly, they’re uneducated, because not only is brostep great, but they obviously haven’t seen any Jed North shorts.

I’ll spend the next section highlighting some of our favorite shorts from the company. 

Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets Review

Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets Review
Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets

Why would you even squat if you’re not gonna flaunt your quads? The Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets is the perfect way to show off your gains.

These shorts can do more than accentuate your legs. Their short length is great for functional movements like squats, deadlifts, or Olympic lifts where you don’t necessarily want any material to get in your way.

They’re a slim-fitting pair of shorts which is great for both aesthetics and performance. Not only do they look great but there’s less fabric draping off of your body compared to other athletic shorts. So if you want to run in these shorts then you shouldn’t lose any speed due to wind resistance.

The best part about the Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets is right there in the same. They have two deep side pockets with zippers to securely hold onto your belongings. 

This pair of shorts is made out of 100% cotton and comes in gray, black, and camo.

The Jed North Shorts Active With Pockets are currently only available in XL, but you could see that as motivation to train your legs more. These are shorts I’m sure you’ll want to fill out. They can be yours for $29 but are currently on sale for just $10.

Jed North Shorts Serene Purple Review

Jed North Shorts Serene Purple Review
Jed North Shorts Serene Purple

Step aside, dudes, it’s time for the ladies to take the center stage. Once you cast your eyes on these shorts then it should become obvious why they’re so enticing.

The Jed North Shorts Serene Purple are made from a pristine blend of nylon and spandex. That blend is basically engineered to not only have the comfiest feel available in a budget short but to move along with your body as you exercise.

These shorts have a flattering shape that comes in around the waist and thighs while giving your hips enough room to strut their stuff. And even if you don’t think you’re going to be moving much then you can still rock these Jed North Shorts Serene Purple with style.

Jed North designed them with comfort in mind so they’re just as good for lounging as they are for intense workouts. They equipped these shorts with a drawstring so that they can sit right above your navel with comfort. Oh, and they have the one thing sorely missing from most women’s bottoms: pockets!

The Jed North Shorts Serene Purple come in three different colors, but I’m only talking about the purple variant today because it’s currently on sale. You don’t need a Jed North discount code to save. They’re currently available for $32 and their regular price is $45.

Jed North Workout Clothes Review

An outfit needs more pieces than just shorts. That’s why the next section of my Jed North review will look at what else the company offers. These are the items that can round out your closet and turn you into an athleisure fashion mogul.

Jed North Momentum Tank Top Review 

Jed North Momentum Tank Top Review 
Jed North Momentum Tank Top

You have to put a lot of thought into selecting your gym attire for the day. Do you wear the t-shirt that’s tight around your biceps to flex your arms, or do you wear your deepest v-neck because you’re doing chest flys and want everyone to see your pecs?

That’s why I’m thankful that there are shirts like the Jed North Momentum Tank Top. It’s a cotton-blend shirt that’s designed to be your go-to gym piece. It’s soft and light but holds a rigid shape. It should last you through all your workouts regardless of how many tires you flip or raw eggs you drink.

This tank top’s cut is a proportional marvel. It flares out at the bottom to cover up the area where most of us store fat. That puts the emphasis on your upper body.

This shirt sheds a ton of light onto your arms, shoulders, and traps to give you a complete look. It’s subtly tighter around your upper chest and back as if to tell people, “Hey, this guy lifts.”

The tie-dye top either comes in gray or a bright pink option. You can buy either version of the Jed North Momentum Tank Top for $28.

Jed North High Waist Jogger Pants Review 

Jed North High Waist Jogger Pants Review 
Jed North High Waist Jogger Pants

These joggers are the final item in my Jed North review. A few years ago joggers took the world by storm, and this pair builds upon that strong foundation.

The Jed North High Waist Jogger Pants are a step towards comfort and versatility in the jogger domain. They’re a composite blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex, meaning that they should fit you as if they were made just for you. 

They’re more a casual piece than anything else given that their material benefits from a relaxed fit. They should stretch and sway along with you. Plus, they have a high-waisted fit and a long cuff bottom hem to give off the coziest of vibes.

You can grab the Jed North High Waist Jogger Pants in dark gray, navy, or khaki for just $24, on sale from $60.

Who Is Jed North For? 

Jed North Review

Jed North is for people who don’t just want to look good without clothes, they want to look good in them. The brand’s products can help you feel more comfortable in your skin. Since they’re less expensive than other athletic clothing brands, it’s likely that people who don’t want to spend tons of money on workout gear will enjoy Jed North.

They’re also a great company for Canadian customers because of their fast shipping times and free shipping on orders over $80.

Jed North Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jed North Review

If there’s one crowd that’s tough to impress it’s fitness junkies. They’ve suffered through enough ripped pants to know when a product is good and when it’s as useless as calf raises. So I took to various websites to find what people said about Jed North.

The first place I looked for Jed North reviews was on the company’s website. Here are the average scores from the products I included in this article:

  • Active Shorts With Pockets: 4.9/5 stars from 17 reviews
  • Serene Shorts: 5/5 stars based on 4 reviews
  • Momentum Tank Top: 4.75/5 stars from 4 reviews

People frequently praised the comfortability of Jed North clothing. They also loved how good it felt to move around in their new clothes. This is how one customer described the Momentum Tank Top: “Love the style! Perfect fit and fabric is A1! Perfect in every way! Definitely going to order some more styles and colorways.”

The next place I looked for customer reviews was on the brand’s Facebook page. Users left plenty of love in the reviews section. The company held an average user score of 3.7/5 stars based on more than 60 reviews.

The main compliment that people paid Jed North was how affordable their products were for their look and fit. Facebook users said that the clothes hit the perfect sweet spot of quality, price, and comfort. As one user said:

“Just received a pair of joggers and two pairs of compressed underwear that I have ordered, excellent material and very comfy fit. Didn’t take very long to receive them and very inexpensive. Highly recommend to anyone.” was the last destination O checked out to find customer testimonials. Buyers there weren’t disappointed by Jed North in the slightest. In fact, the brand held an astounding 4.9/5 stars average from over 22k reviews.

Jed North’s clothes were so attractive that many people found themselves purchasing multiple copies of the same item. Chock that up to the brand’s reasonable prices if you want, but many people thought that they looked great and felt even better in their new clothes.

One buyer glowed over his new pair of Jed North shorts: “I’m glad to find Jed North … now I’m a super fan of their clothes guys…This short is look great for my leg day, highly recommended.”

Unfortunately, I did find some negative reviews as well. Some of Jed North’s items were deemed to be of poor quality, with a few customers complaining that their purchases fell apart not long after they started wearing them. This is disappointing to read, but these comments were definitely in the minority online. 

Ultimately, due to Jed North’s affordability compared to other athleisure companies, it can be assumed their clothing isn’t as durable as other brands. This isn’t necessarily a negative when you consider how much less you are paying for Jed North products versus other companies’. It just depends on what you are looking for.

Is Jed North Legit?

Jed North Review

As I mentioned in the previous portion of this Jed North review, there were a few customers who took issues with the brand’s quality control. I don’t think that makes Jed North untrustworthy, but that it’s something you should keep in mind if you’re considering purchasing their clothes.

Is Jed North Worth It?

Jed North Review

Jed North is definitely worth giving some attention to if you’re looking for clothes that are built for comfort and activity. You can find brands with better construction, but you’ll often be paying much more for them.

Jed North’s affordability is a huge plus to their business model and one of the main reasons why I think they’re worth checking out.

Jed North Promotions & Discounts 

Jed North Review

The easiest way to earn a discount is by signing up for their email newsletter. The brand will send you a 10% coupon that you can use on your first purchase.

You can also earn more savings if you sign up for the Jed North rewards program. It can provide you with points that you can redeem for future purchases. You’ll earn points by liking them on Facebook, following them on Instagram and Twitter, leaving product reviews, and purchasing their products.

Finally, Jed North will give you a $30 coupon if you refer a friend to their rewards program. 

Where to Buy Jed North

Jed North Review

You can buy Jed North’s garments on their website,, through online distributors like Amazon, or through one of the retailers that carry their products. You can find a list of wholesale retailers on the Jed North website.


Jed North Review

Who owns Jed North?

Company founder Jed Jin owns Jed North.

Does Jed North ship internationally?

Luckily for potential customers everywhere, Jed North ships internationally!

What is Jed North’s Shipping Policy?

As they’re a Canadian company, Jed North reward their home country’s customers. They provide free shipping on all Canadian orders over $80. For all other Canadian orders, standard shipping takes 3-8 business days and costs $8 while expedited shipping costs $16 and takes 2 to 4 business days.

Orders to other countries can take up to 4-8 weeks depending on a variety of factors. There is also an expedited shipping option which will get your order to you in 2-5 days.

What is Jed North’s Return Policy?

You can return any unused and undamaged Jed North garments by filling out a return request form on their website.

How to Contact Jed North

Jed North Review

I’ll wrap up this Jed North review by telling you how you can contact the company with any questions or concerns.

Their office is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. They should reply to your message within 24 hours.

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