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About Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros Review

Hats off to Goorin Bros. Or should I say hats on? This almost 150 years old American, family hat retailer continues to stay at the forefront of headwear fashions since their inception in 1895

Their hats are unisex and are about making a statement and being noticed. Just a few celebrities recently wearing this brand include Ne-Yo, Omar Sy, Messi, and Neymar.

With more than 100K Facebook followers and another 269K on Instagram, they’re no slouch when it comes to social media. The brand has also been featured in the LA Times, The Insider, Esquire, WhoWhatWear, and The Wall Street Journal. 

By going over their promotions, products, and customer reviews, my Goorin Bros review will look to help you to make an informed decision before buying.

Overview of Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros Review

The story of Goorin Bros is a tale of a business that has lovingly been passed down from generation to generation. In the late 19th century, Cassel Goorin, a man with a passion for hats created his own brand under the name Goorin, Shapira & Co. 

They opened in Philadelphia in 1895. In 1921, Cassel’s sons took over the business and renamed it Goorin Bros.

The sons opened the business to wholesale across the US. The company got a huge promotional boost when they become the official hat of the 8th Winter Olympics games held in California. 

The brothers then passed the business to Cassel’s grandson, Alfred Jr., who in turn passed it to his son Ben. Today, Ben Goorin is the president and owner of Goorin Bros.

What Ben brought to the hat-making company was more direct to customer retail by opening ten more retail stores across the country. Goorin Bros continue to make their old-style hats in Philadelphia and design them in San Francisco. The ‘80s and ‘90s saw a rise in interest in fedoras spurred by Morris Day.   

The brand enjoyed a resurgence of hat-wearing in the US due to celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jason Mraz, Idris Elba, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bella Hadid making hats stylish again. 

Goorin Bros hats have also appeared in popular shows like on Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad and Omar Sy in Lupin. Ne-Yo and Omar Sy also both wear this brand in their off-time from the set/stage.

Supported by Goorin Bros fans and loyal customers, Ben recently made news for cutting ties with a retailer in Nashville who tried to sell hats with an offensive image on them. Goorin Bros also opened up to making clothes and backpacks more recently. Those, like the beanies and caps, are made in China.

Now that you’re intimately familiar with the brand, use my Goorin Bros review as a guide for some of their best hats. Before that, though, let’s take a quick peek at what makes this almost 150 years old company so special:


Goorin Bros Review
  • Stylish, quality hats
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Made in the US
  • Company with good core values
  • Almost 150-year-old family business
  • Financing available with Afterpay
  • Virtual one-on-one appointment with a style expert

Goorin Bros Review

Goorin Bros hats come in many styles from fedoras and flat caps to beanies and baseball hats. The old-fashioned styles are made in Philadelphia, as the original headquarters for the company. 

The more current designs are designed in San Francisco and made in China.

The brand has also moved into making clothes and backpacks but continues to focus mainly on hats of all sorts. With all of that to keep in mind so far in this Goorin Bros review, let take you on a tour of a few bestsellers from this fun brand.

Goorin Bros Colonel Pierce Review

Goorin Bros Review
Goorin Bros Colonel Pierce

Command attention in the Colonel Pierce. This Goorin Bros fedora, made from 100% merino wool, is the commander of BLOCK N.25. 

Fun fact: when using the old-fashioned way of making hats where fabric is pressed over a woodblock mold, hat shapes are in BLOCK collections. This popular style has a teardrop shape that makes it look a bit like a crown.

The signature pencil curl and 3¼” wide brim give it added style. Since getting their start in the 1880s, fedoras were unisex and now is no different. Available in sizes S to XXL and in colors black, brown, and taupe, there is a size and neutral color to suit any interested party. 

They’ll be tipping their hats to you in the Colonel Pierce for $250

Goorin Bros Wolf Man Review

Goorin Bros Review
Goorin Bros Wolf Man

This Wolf Man is for the ladies. In pink, with their signature The Farm collection patch of a baying wolf, this beanie keeps you warm and dry in the cold weather. It is 100% acrylic

The Farm collection is any of the Goorin hats with a rounded-edge square patch, usually with an animal image, sometimes a saying. It is the signature Goorin Bros style.

At one-size-fits-all you can look cool while you stay warm in this stylish beanie for $35.

Goorin Bros Black Panther Review 

Goorin Bros Review
Goorin Bros Black Panther

Look sleek and stealthy in the Goorin Bros Black Panther baseball cap. Also known as Ninja Kitty, this The Farm cap is all-black with an image of a yellow-eyed panther. It has the standard curved bill and mesh at the back for breathability. 

Made of 57% polyester and 43% cotton, it has cotton head and sweatbands and a snap-back closing.

This is, of course, a unisex hat. You can expect the color to fade over time, which makes it even more beloved to some. You can pounce into this fashionable trucker’s cap for $35.

Goorin Bros Galactic Review

Goorin Bros Review
Goorin Bros Galactic

Another one for the ladies, or men who like unicorns, the Goorin Bros Galactic backpack is another way to take The Farm with you. The unicorn Legend patch is a popular image with Goorin Bros fans, a symbol of unlimited possibilities. 

Available in grey and 100% polyester, this backpack is durable, moisture resistant, and holds its shape.

As a stylish, yet functional backpack, the Galactic has an inner pocket, sized for a laptop and deep water bottle pockets to keep even tall bottles from falling out. Go interGalactic with this backpack for $90.

Who Is Goorin Bros For? 

Goorin Bros Review

Goorin Bros is for anyone looking for a stylish and quality hat. They are, of course, also functional keeping out the sun or in the warmth. From fedoras to trucker caps, they are all unisex in style and very fashionable and trendy.

Hats are no longer a symbol of wealth, but rather one of style and individuality. And the prices reflect that. They are a premium hat retailer with affordable prices. This brand is also great for people who care about the core values of the companies that they buy from.

Goorin Bros Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Goorin Bros Review

No Goorin Bros review would be complete without hearing from their loyal customers. Starting out on Zappos, the folks on this site gave the brand a perfect score of 5/5 stars based on 88 ratings. 

Here you’ll find the low-down on why the well-designed Goorin Bros snap-backs are superior. One reviewer wrote: “Are these hats worth the extra money over other snap backs? As a fat head, I say yes… 1. The hold on the snap back is the best ever… 2. The hat isn’t too small for heads that need the last notch… 3. The materials are excellent.”

The return to hats being unisex ignites a passion that couples can share. This Goorin Bros reviewer on the brand’s website says that it was a ”Gift for my wife. First time my wife wore it i n public she was showered with compliments.  Smart looking. Well made.  I just mounted a hanger on our wall to display it when it’s not being worn.  “Never leave a hat on a bed.” – Bob.”

This is the sort of passion and enjoyment of hats that leads to treating them as a piece of art, while wearing them or not. But fans aren’t off their heads only for the hats. They also love the stylish backpack. Check out this Goorin Bros review of the Galactic Legend backpack:

“Legend is the best bag I’ve owned. This bag is so cute.  I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the website and people have actually stop me when wearing it to the gym to ask me about it.  I use it for my laptop – and it fits great in the sleeve on main pocket.  I love the water bottle holders on the side because my water bottle is long and never falls out.”

Making fashionable and quality hats earns this brand their 5/5 star rating on Facebook from over 10 reviews. They amassed many fans who are now collecting their hats. A Goorin Bros review like this one is hardly a rarity amongst their customers:

“I’ve been a huge fan Goorin Bros Caps and Hats for over a decade now. To date, I’m almost positive I have 37 hats total. I especially love their Animal Farm collection. I’m on a mission to collect as many as I can. I HIGHLY recommend”

On Nordstrom, the Goorin Bros Laying Low hat has a respectable score of 4.3/5 stars from over 8 ratings. One reviewer wrote how the quality and function are across the board with these hats: “Good fit. LOVE that it is made of part hemp fabric so will keep its shape even when crushed when traveling.”

Before wrapping up this section of my Goorin Bros review, I feel that this one testimonial on their website really sums up why people love these hats: “Awesome! This hat speaks and makes people speak and that’s a nice hat!”

It doesn’t get better than when it comes to why we wear hats in public. As the cherry on top, let’s take a quick look at some of the product rankings from the Goorin Bros website:

  • Goorin Bros Colonel Pierce – 153 reviews – 4.7/5 stars
  • Goorin Bros Wolf Man – 1 review – 5/5 stars
  • Goorin Bros Black Panther – 39 reviews – 4/5 stars
  • Goorin Bros Galactic – 4 reviews – 3.8/5 stars

Is Goorin Bros Worth It?

Goorin Bros Review

Without a doubt, this Goorin Bros review team believes that this brand is worth your money. To start, the money isn’t much more than the regular-quality brands and, on average, considerably less expensive than other premium brands like Stetson. 

Also, by going through their website you can save with free shipping and on your first purchase.

According to the customer reviews, Goorin Bros make high-quality, stylish, functional headwear that can ignite a serious passion for hats for both men and women. With that being said, you have been warned before you fall in love and become a collector.

Goorin Bros Promotions & Discounts 

Goorin Bros Review

Hat enthusiasts, rejoice! At the time of this Goorin Bros review, I found a few ways through the website that you can save money and be the first with the latest styles:

  1. Free shipping
  2. Fresh drop Fridays
  3. 10% off your first purchase when sign-up for their newsletter
  4. Financing options available with Afterpay

Where to Buy Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros Review

The best place to buy Goorin Bros is on their brand website at as they offer free shipping and other ways to save money. They have 11 stores across nine states and are in high-end department stores and hat stores online and in-store. 

You can also find them on online retailers such as Amazon and Zappos.


Goorin Bros Review

Who owns Goorin Bros?

As the great-grandson of the company’s founder, Ben Goorin is the owner and president of Goorin Bros.

Where is Goorin Bros from?

Originally started in Philadelphia, Goorin Bros now has shops across the nation.

Does Goorin Bros ship internationally?

Yes, Goorin Bros ships internationally using Freight Forwarding Services. You will need to set up a free account with and take it from there.

What is Goorin Bros’ Shipping Policy?

Goorin Bros offer free shipping anywhere in the US through FedEx Ground service. You can pay a fee determined at checkout if you would like faster shipping with the 2Day service.

Orders are shipped within one business day. Shipping times are not guaranteed. You can easily track your order online through your account.

What is Goorin Bros’ Return Policy?

Goorin Bros offer a 14-day return policy from the date of order fulfillment. Return must include the original paper or digital receipt and must be in the same condition that you received it. To initiate a return, visit the brand’s return portal on their website. Unfortunately, international returns are not accepted. 

Damaged or defective items, not from wear and tear, have one year for exchange or return. 

How to Contact Goorin Bros

Goorin Bros Review

If you have questions that my Goorin Bros review didn’t cover or would like to set up a virtual appointment with a stylist, contact their customer service team. Their hours are Mon – Fri: 6 am – 5 pm and Sat – Sun: 8 am – 3 pm PST. Here are the easiest ways to get in touch:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form
  • Use the Live Chat function on their website

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