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About K9 Dog Training

The K9 Dog Training Institute is an online dog training program for family pets based on techniques used to train service dogs.

The company describes itself as a “social impact organization,” with a goal of improving dog owners’ relationships with their pets through training practices that help develop good behavioural habits. 

My K9 Dog Training Institute review will introduce you to this unique company, whose science-based approach to dog training draws from principles of animal behaviour psychology.

K9 Dog Training’s program focuses on teaching pet parents how to use body language to communicate with their dogs.

Their top trainer, Dr. Alexa Diaz, has successfully trained dogs for decades. She previously used her animal behaviour knowledge to train rescue dogs to become Emotional Support Animals.

Service dogs often amaze people with their calm demeanour, and excellent obedience and attention. The K9 Dog Training Institute promises to help you understand how to teach your dog the same model behaviour as these service dogs, all in the comfort of your own home.

This company offers a free introductory workshop to anyone interested and, for a tuition fee, you can then register for their highly rated Total Transformation Masterclass to access the full program. 

Their courses are all online and there is no limit to how many times you can rewatch them – once you’ve signed up, their resources are yours forever

My K9 Dog Training review will cover this brand’s background, their program, and some brand highlights. I’ll also look at what real customers have to say about this company, so you can decide if their training system is right for you and your pup! 

Keep reading my K9 Dog Training review to learn more about this company.

Overview of K9 Dog Training

Dr. Alexa Diaz is the main expert behind the K9 Training Institute, and you can see why – she has an impressive resume training dogs for specialized services.

Dr. Diaz is an American dog trainer with a PhD in animal behaviour. Her work has been published in academic journals and she has over 20 years of experience using her expertise as a professional dog trainer. 

She previously trained service dogs with one of only two organizations in all of the US who perform this kind of specialized training! Dr. Diaz was responsible for working with a variety of service dogs, including those for people with hearing impairments, mobility problems, and ASD.

Dr. Diaz explains that what sets the K9 Dog Training Institute apart is their emphasis on body language. In the brand’s initial free workshop video, Dr. Diaz tells viewers that dogs mostly communicate with each other through their body language and physical expresions, and rely minimally on vocalizations. 

She says that successful dog training mimics a dog’s natural communication style by including more hand signals and fewer vocal commands.

K9 Dog Training’s free workshop is intended to introduce customers to Dr. Diaz and her training philosophy. You’ll also learn even more about K9’s team of experts and how their methods and training could help your dog overcome their bad habits and mature into a calmer, happier companion

Join this K9 Dog Training review as we look at the highlights of learning from this training institute! 


  • Understand dog-human communication through body language 
  • Science-based approach from highly qualified trainers
  • Programs address common behavioural issues like chewing, biting, and leash pulling
  • Offer a free workshop to get to know K9’s trainers and methods
  • This company supports animal welfare charities such as the ASPCA

K9 Dog Training Review

Let’s take a peek at K9 Dog Training’s best-selling program! This course will give you access to advice from highly experienced animal behaviourists. 

Keep reading this K9 Dog Training Review to find out more about how to register for this program.

Total Transformation Masterclass

K9 Dog Training’s Total Transformation Masterclass is designed to help you identify and target your dog’s bad habits while building a positive relationship based on mutual understanding

This convenient online course is video-based and can be completed at your own pace and in your own home

The Total Transformation Masterclass will give you access to one lesson per week as well as three bonus lessons. When you register for your course, you will receive the following:

  1. 10 lessons designed by K9’s animal behaviourists
  2. Rewatchable video content
  3. Personal coaching from K9 Dog Training experts 
  4. 3 Bonus Classes

The K9 Dog Training Institute’s bonus classes offer tips and lessons in three areas many pet parents will find familiar:

  • Housebreaking: Puppy potty training
  • Anxiety: How to deal with separation issues and other triggers of pet anxiety
  • Socialization: Helping your pet get more comfortable around children

You can also access personal advice and guidance from some of K9’s coaches during the 10 week duration of your course, should you have any additional questions or need some more support. 

Once you have completed the full course, you will still be able to log in to your K9 account and rewatch their training content whenever you need to

The K9 Dog Training Institute also wants their course to be a risk-free purchase. If you aren’t happy with the training program, you can contact the company directly for a full refund

Purchase your access to the Total Transformation Masterclass for a one-time payment of $497.

Who Is K9 Dog Training For? 

K9 Dog Training is a great resource for dog owners who want to help their dog become calmer, more attentive, and better behaved. 

Whether you own a puppy or have had an adult dog for years, K9 Dog Training will help you understand animal behaviour so you can communicate effectively with your pet regardless of breed, age, or any previous training

The K9 Dog Training Institute’s workshops will appeal to anyone whose dog exhibits behaviours that cause needless stress for them and their owners.

This company employs two dog training experts to design and present their programs, and promises to show you the training secrets behind how service animals are so calm and polite

If your dog barks excessively, has accidents inside, or is chewing your house to the ground, you will want to get Dr. Alexa Diaz’s advice on how to turn these poor habits around.

They also promise to address problems such as biting, pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, and chasing other animals or vehicles.

Families who’ve just bought or adopted their first puppy will especially appreciate K9 Dog Training’s many resources. It can be overwhelming to care for a pet for the first time while also fostering a healthy, happy relationship.

The K9 program will be helpful for these customers by giving them valuable advice on how to deal with their dogs from day one.

How Does K9 Dog Training Work? 

When you visit K9 Dog Training’s official website, you’ll be directed to a free workshop. After viewing this free video and getting a sense of their approach, you’ll then be offered the chance to register for their Total Transformation Masterclass. 

To do so, fill in the enrollment information and decide if you would like to pay your tuition fee at once or in three monthly installments.

K9 Dog Training will accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards for payment. Once your registration is confirmed, K9 Dog Training will give you access to your first lesson.

This course is designed to empower you to be able to train your dog effectively and it takes place entirely online. Once your online payment and registration is complete, K9 Dog Training will send you one lesson per week for 10 weeks total, and a few issue-specific bonus classes too!

Our K9 Dog Training review also found that the Institute will send you emails with helpful tips throughout the duration of your course, and you’ll also be able to receive some personal coaching from their team if needed. 

Once you’ve finished the whole course, you can always go back and rewatch their content at any time, which is helpful if you want to revisit any lessons or need a bit more flexibility or time to complete the program. 

Is K9 Dog Training For Service Dogs?

No, these programs are not designed for service dogs

Our K9 Dog Training review found that this company’s courses use many of the same principles, methods, and techniques that instructors use to train service animals, but their programs will not count towards a service dog certification for your pet.

Is K9 Dog Training Free? 

Yes and no!

K9 Dog Training offers a free workshop for new customers who want to learn more about K9 Dogs’ trainers and their methods. You can access this workshop by visiting the site’s homepage and following the Free Workshop link at the top of the page. 

This workshop will introduce you to the training style and offer some basic lessons and tips. 

Once you have viewed the free workshop, you may want to commit to the full K9 Dog Training Course, which will cost a tuition fee of $497.

K9 Dog Training Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

There are some customer testimonials on the K9 Dog Training official website, sharing largely positive experiences from dog owners about the program

One customer writes in her K9 Dog Training review that the Total Transformation Masterclass was very effective for her dog, whose bad habits were causing her family a lot of stress. 

She shares in her K9 Dog Training review:Thanks to your masterclass, Bruno is now fully housebroken and hasn’t had an accident for more than 2 months now and counting. The constant barking has also stopped, which is frankly an even bigger relief! My husband and I (and Bruno!) can’t thank you enough for what your masterclass has done for our family.”

On the review site Sitejabber, this company has a solid 4.93 stars out of 5 based on an impressive 1,199 reviews. Most of these customers reported positive experiences after purchasing their Total Transformation Masterclass

Many of the Sitejabber reviewers note that the emphasis on body language helped their dog remember training signals and learn new positive habits

They’re also fans of the brand’s affordability and accessibility, especially in comparison to more traditional training methods. One K9 Dog Training review says:

“I like this company. They offered information that makes complete sense. Their rate is cheaper than a live dog trainer and the training allows you to train your dog at your own pace.”

Another buyer appreciated the clarity of K9 Dog Training’s video presentations. They comment in their K9 Dog Training review:

“The information was clear and loved the incorporation of videos to show examples of before and after behaviour. I also liked how they outlined what you would be learning in the masterclass. They definitely have an ace up their sleeve if they are providing training advice from a service dog perspective.”

This training institute also has an excellent rating on, where customers have given it 4.9 out of 5 stars

Customers on TrustPilot love that this company makes their training steps so easy to understand and apply. One person writes in their K9 Dog Training review, “The videos and homework are easily understandable and my pup is responding rapidly. Excellent program!”

Another customer shares that this program’s tips made some concrete changes in her dog’s behaviour. They write in her K9 Dog Training review, I have already seen improvement in a very short period of time…my dog likes to jump when I get home,I followed the training and simply walk by her and ignore her …she doesn’t jump anymore!!!”

Overall, K9 Dog Training reviews show that customers are very impressed with the professionalism and fantastic quality of this brand’s dog training videos. Most clients have reported quick, concrete changes in their dogs’ habits and enjoyed the training process, too.

Is K9 Dog Training Worth It?

This K9 Dog Training review has found that this company’s training method is based on established animal behavioural science, which has been successfully applied to all kinds of dogs for decades.

Their techniques have even been used to help dogs build the good habits they need to be certified as Emotional Support Dogs for people in need. 

Our review also finds that the K9 Dog Training Total Transformation Masterclass has impressively high ratings on review sites. Customers report that their videos and lessons were easy to understand and put into practice, with great results.

They also love that K9 Dog Training’s expert tips help solve many common problems, including: 

  • Leash pulling
  • Potty training
  • Biting 
  • Separation anxiety
  • Jumping up on people
  • Running away
  • Distractions
  • Socializing your dog with children 
  • Excessive barking
  • Poor recall and disobedience

Better yet, you can feel good about making a purchase from this brand since they support worthy animal rights charities such as the ASPCA and American Humane. 

For these reasons, our K9 Dog Training review can definitely recommend this brand!

K9 Dog Training Promotions & Discounts 

K9 Dog Training is currently offering their intro workshop for free. Sign up through their official website to access this free video and learn training tips for you and your dog!

This company also occasionally puts their Total Transformation Masterclass on sale. Most recently, it went from $497 to only $297 for a New Year’s sale.

Where to Buy K9 Dog Training

You can access all K9 Dog Training classes through their official website

First, the company encourages you to watch their free workshop linked on their home page to see if the program is right for you. 

At the end of the video, you will be offered the chance to register in the Total Transformation Masterclass on their enrollment page.


Who owns K9 Dog Training?

Dr. Alexa Diaz, an expert in animal behaviour, and Eric Presnell, an experienced presenter, make up the K9 Dog Training Team.

Who trains dogs for K9 Dog Training?

Our K9 Dog Training review found that this company employs two animal experts to create and deliver their courses. 

Dr. Alexa Diaz holds a PhD in animal behaviour and is a professional dog trainer who brings decades of experience to the table. 

Diaz is an accomplished trainer who has contributed work to animal behaviour journals. Before working with the K9 Dog Training Institute, she specialized in training service dogs for people who need emotional support, such as veterans suffering from PTSD.

Many of these dogs were rescue dogs who were not bred specifically for this big responsibility!

Eric Presnell was the presenter of a television dog training show airing on Animal Planet called Who Let The Dogs Out? Now, he contributes to K9 Dog Training as a program presenter. 

According to the K9 Dog Training Institute, Eric has also collaborated with celebrities like Greg Kinnear and Betty White on animal rights causes.

He brings his professional experience in presenting and working with animals and pet parents to the K9 Dog Training Institute’s engaging and easy-to-follow video lessons.

Which shelters and charities does K9 Dog Training support?

This company donates some of their earnings to animal welfare charities. According to their website, K9 Dog Training contributes to the ASPCA and American Humane, both of which rescue and rehome stray dogs and cats

If you operate an animal rights charity, you can apply for funding on the K9 Dog Training website. Click the Donations tab on the top right and fill out their form with a description of your organization’s activities and mission.

The K9 Dog Training Institute will then decide if they can support your organization with a donation.

Does K9 Dog Training ship internationally?

As this is an online-based program, K9 Dog Training’s products are available to people around the world! Once you establish your membership, you will be able to access your class content online anytime, anywhere.

What is K9 Dog Training’s Shipping Policy?

None of K9 Dog Training’s products require shipping. All of this company’s workshops and programs are accessible online from the comfort of your home computer.

What is K9 Dog Training’s Return Policy?

According to the K9 Dog Training website, some of their classes and workshops are returnable, while others are not. They recommend carefully reading any return or refund details for each product before you purchase it.

If you have paid for a returnable product and you are not happy with it, fill out the form on their contact page to begin the refund process. See below for more details on how to get a refund for their Total Transformation Masterclass.

What is K9 Dog Training’s Refund Policy?

Our K9 Dog Training review has found that their Total Transformation Masterclass has a generous 90-day refund policy. 

If you are unhappy with your masterclass purchase, you can contact the company within 90 days of registering and ask for a refund.

To request your refund, head to the K9 Dog Training’s official website and write a message into their contact form. They will respond with the next steps to complete your refund.

How to Contact K9 Dog Training 

If you have any questions for K9 Dog Training, you can contact the company through a form official website’s Contact Us page.

You can also reach K9 Dog Training by snail mail at their US address:

K9 Training Institute

4283 Express Lane, Suite 359-156 

Sarasota, FL 34238

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