Halo Collar Review

About Halo

Halo Collar Review

Just because we love our dogs dearly doesn’t mean we can always trust them to do as we’d like. Sometimes dogs run wild and we need to heighten the observation and training.

Enter Halo. This business is all about using Smart Tech to help track and train dogs to follow boundaries, keeping an easy eye on their habits as they run free.

Featured in Gadget Gram, USA Today, and other well-known publications, there’s no wonder this relatively new brand already has 25.5k followers on Instagram. Working not only for but also with customers, this company has seen steady improvement on its journey through open communication and customer care.

This Halo collar review won’t be easily swayed by fancy gadgets. We’re all about learning the history, practice, prices, and other key details to determine whether this one is a worthy investment. You’ll find all that info below.

Overview of Halo

Halo Collar Review

Founded by Ken Ehrman in 2017, Halo came to the world with one mission in mind: dog safety. After witnessing the devastation of his niece after losing her pup when it escaped the yard, Ehrman joined forces with his brother Michael to co-found a simple solution that would save dogs and owners further stress.

Essentially the Halo Dog Collar helps to track and train pups. In addition to the technological aspect, this brand also has a strong research backing. Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan joined the team, and the product utilizes his methods for training while bolstering tracking through a smart collar system.

This innovative product saves thousands of dogs from a leashed life while still allowing owners the satisfaction of keeping tabs on their beloved pets.

Of course, this winning combination isn’t the only reason Halo collar reviews seem to be a hit. There are a few other highlights we spotted amongst the crowd in our research:


  • Smart tech collars for dogs
  • Pairs with app
  • Owners can set up personalized virtual fences to limit leash-free wandering
  • Payment system in place
  • Positive customer comments

Halo Dog Collar Review

We can’t call this a Halo collar review without taking a look at the product itself. There are two main parts—the collar and a subscription.

The Dog Collar consists of smart tech that functions as a GPS, training collar, tracker, and more. Though it sounds complex, it’s pretty easy to see how it works. On your app, you’ll set up wireless “fences” to keep your pup safe.

With your Halo Dog Collar, you’ll receive:

  • Collar strap
  • Halo beacon
  • Wall charger
  • USB-C charging cord
  • Three pairs of collar attachments

You’ll get access to the brand’s plans with your purchase (for an additional cost), as well as a 30-day trial of the Gold Plan upon linking your first collar to your account. We’ll dive into the plans a little further down in this Halo collar review.

This initial kit is currently on sale for $699 (down from $999).

Halo Collar Plans Review

Halo Collar Review

While the Dog Collar seems like the most important part of what the brand has to offer, their plans are equally as necessary for keeping your four-legged friend safe. This Halo collar review will now dive into your monthly subscription options before covering the protection plans.

  • Basic Plan ($5/month): Allows for up to 20 automated fences stored
  • Silver Plan ($10/month): Custom beacon ranging and support with additional instant feedback to communicate with dogs at all times
  • Gold Plan ($30/month): Everything included in the above plans plus premium monthly training lessons and live training sessions

We’d argue Gold is the way to go for all those perks, but all plans come with solid customization options to assist owners in tracking their pets throughout the day. Below, you’ll find some handy add-ons.

Halo Collar Halo Protection Plan Review

Halo Collar Review

The Halo Protection Plan ensures your Dog Collar is protected. Included in all subscriptions, this plan ensures any lost collars can be replaced for a lower fee ($450 per collar, or $400 for Gold Plan members).

Should your collars see any damage, theft, or loss, or if you simply want to upgrade to the latest model, the reduced price exists to make that next purchase lighter on your wallet.

Halo Collar Halo Care Review

Halo Collar Review

If you don’t feel like the Protection Plan is enough, look at Halo Care. You have to enroll in this monthly plan within 60 days of activation, but once you’re part of the program, you can purchase a new collar for just $150.

To enroll, customers head to your online account and enable “Halo Care Auto-Enrollment.” Once that’s done, the monthly fee will be added to your subscription costs to cover any future collar purchase. It costs $10/month.

How Does the Halo Dog Collar Work?

Halo Collar Review

This Halo collar review has learned that the program and products work in four parts:

  1. Collar: The collar is all about connection. When you slip it around your dog’s neck, these collars store virtual fences to guide your dog within boundaries without fear of it stepping outside its limits. No Wi-Fi or data is needed—it’s all stored internally.
  2. App: To create those fences, the app comes into play. Owners can create, edit, and pause fences at any time to customize the boundaries. Change different fences for different pets, all from one easy location.
  3. Training: Designed by dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, owners have access to 21-day programming with lessons, training features, and even sessions with expert trainers for assistance.
  4. Beacons: Enabled through a Bluetooth methodology, these beacons are all about training for pets. Establishing safe zones and boundaries, these beacons work first as training and later as reminders of where your pup can venture.

Who Is Halo For?

Halo Collar Review

You probably won’t need the Dog Collar if you don’t have a dog. Working through behavioral training and leash-free practices, these collars keep things free and fun for your pup so it can explore and gain independence while remaining within comfortable ranges.

Allowing owners to track their location at any moment, these collars also keep dogs fenced in a restricted area.

But, this Halo collar review should note the Dog Collar doesn’t work for smaller dogs. The sizing seems to start at 11” (width) and 20 lbs, meaning they’re too big for smaller puppy pals.

Halo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Halo Collar Review

This Halo collar review wasn’t surprised to learn that the brand is quite big amongst the dog owner crowd. Their website boasts a 4.7/5-star score based on 275 ratings.

Owners seem to appreciate how these collars help them care for their favorite furry friends. Take this glowing testimonial:

I absolutely love them! I have one escape artist and one nanny dog that will follow him around so he stays out of trouble until he goes running off. They give my boy the reminders he needs to go back to the yard BEFORE he trots into the neighbors corn or bean fields.

Allowing owners to track their dogs’ routines and location, these collars allow for observation in daily schedules. Noting sleep time versus activity time, it’s easy to see exactly how much action dogs have seen each day helping us understand exactly why they seem to be bouncing around constantly at the end of the day.

Here’s what another Halo collar review had to say: “I love the Halo collar for my dog. It has given us both great freedom. He gets to run free within the bounders I have set up for him on our 20-acre property. I can see where he is at all times and call him home when I want him to come home.

But, not only the Halo Dog Collar reviews on the brand’s site are glowing. Covered by TechnoBark, this brand also saw 4.7/5 stars from the reviewer. Here’s an excerpt:

I love everything about this Halo dog collar and am very grateful as the various features really helped me in correcting my dog’s negative behavior (especially my bulldog) and encouraging the positive ones.

The helpfulness from these collars not only comes from the training, but the constant reminders of behavior to keep things in practice. Righting wrongs, these collars are all about opening the link between owners and pets to keep training constant.

This Halo collar review has found that customers really seem to love this product and can’t get enough of it.

Halo Collar vs SpotOn Collar

Halo Collar Review

We understand that this brand isn’t the only one on the market in terms of smart collars. In fact, there are a few other big names out there offering similar deals. Rather than focus on just one brand all the time, we’re going to do a Halo collar vs SpotOn collar segment to see just what each brand offers.

Halo Dog Collar:

  • Neck sizes 11” to 30.5”
  • 21-hour battery life
  • Made to withstand chewing and rough terrain
  • 15 correction levels
  • Recent updates for GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections

Spot On Dog Collar:

  • Neck sizes 10” to 26”
  • 18-to-24-hour battery life
  • Create 1,000 fences with overlapping
  • 30 correction levels
  • 90-day free trial of subscription plan if you sign up for a one-year plan

Both brands have their pros and cons to them, but overall, they do come out on a pretty even ground. We will say that Halo offers slightly cheaper subscription costs, so we have to give the bone to them.

Is Halo Legit?

Halo Collar Review

As far as this Halo collar review can tell, this one is legit. We’ve found only good ratings, and customers seem to adore the products and services.

Is Halo Worth It?

Halo Collar Review

We’d argue that dog owners who fear their pups might escape their perimeter should give this brand a good look.

What really sells us on the Halo collar isn’t just the smart tech for boundaries and tracking, but the bonus training courses that accompany the collar. Designed by professionals, these expert programs are all about kind management and training for favorite furry friends—what else could we ask for?

Halo Promotions & Discounts

Halo Collar Review

At the time of this Halo collar review, there are two active promotions:

  • $50 for every friend you refer, up to $250
  •  $699 per collar (on sale from $999) with code HALOFREEDOM*

Where to Buy Halo

Halo Collar Review

Head to to shop for the brand’s products and subscriptions.


Who owns Halo?

This brand is owned and operated by one of its co-founders, Ken Ehrman. Ehrman started the business with his brother Michael in 2017.

Does Halo Collar ship internationally?

Currently, Halo does not ship internationally. It may be looking to expand in the future.

What is Halo Collar’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping with this brand is nice and easy. Customers are charged:

  • $15 per Dog Collar kit
  • $10 for accessories

Those who order both kits and accessories can rest easy as the shipping fees for all products in the order will be $15 for the whole package. Orders should ship within two weeks, but tracking (available after ordering) will provide a more accurate timeline.

What is Halo’s Return Policy?

Something not working as planned? Don’t be too concerned as this brand does accept returns within 60 days of original receipt. The one caveat to keep in mind is that fees are required.

To return an item, customers need an RMA, meaning it’s best to go through customer service. Reach out with an intent to return and someone will be in touch with the number, instructions, and a prepaid label via email. It can take up to two days to receive an RMA number, but any later than that and customers should follow up.

As for costs, all returns do require a bit of cash:

  • New and unopened: $25 fee
  • Opened and lightly used: $40 fee
  • Used, but working: $80 fee

Costs here come from return shipping and restocking fees.

How to Contact Halo Collar

Any concerns or questions lingering in the back of the mind? Don’t start fretting about unanswered topics and instead reach out to the brand’s customer service via:

This brand is known for its receptive customer service who work 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, and 10:00 am to 3:00 pm EST, Saturday and Sunday.

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