Ollie Dog Food Review

About Ollie Dog Food

Ollie Dog Food Review

I never questioned what was in my dog’s food until later in life. I assumed the people making it knew what they were doing. It turns out they did—they just didn’t have the health of my dog in mind.

Ollie Dog Food is a fresh dog food delivery brand. It makes subscriptions of human-grade fresh food made from real ingredients for healthier pups.

Ollie caters to furry friends and their owners who want mealtime to be simple, delicious, and nutritious. It takes the guesswork out of meals and helps owners rest easy knowing their pups’ bowls are filled with high quality food portioned just for them.

The brand has been featured in numerous notable media outlets such as Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Martha Stewart, and Business Insider, while their social community is up over 120k. There’s obviously something to Ollie, but is it the right fit for your dog?

In this Ollie Dog Food review, I aim to help you find that out. I’ll take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, along with customer ratings, promotions, and more so you can decide if their products are good enough for your furry friend. 

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Overview of Ollie Dog Food

Ollie Dog Food Review

Randy Jimenez, Alex Douzet, and Gabby Slome are dog moms and dads obsessed with their pets. They created the brand in 2015 and run it from their HQ in New York.

Inspired to create food that gives dogs the nutrition they need to live as long as possible, the dog food delivery service offers meal options for every kind of eater.

There are a variety of dog food types out there, such as dry, wet, and raw. Most dogs eat dry kibble[1]. However, more and more pet owners are beginning to avoid this type of food. If you’re thinking of switching up your dog’s diet to something fresher, Ollie Dog Food might be able to help.

Ollie’s fresh food is made and hand-packed in the USA and contains real food with no fillers, by-products, or artificial flavorings to hide. The brand promises never to put anything in your dog’s bowl that they wouldn’t eat themselves. Though Ollie is known for its fresh food, it’s recently added baked kibble to its roster as well.

And if you thought they’d stop at making a difference for your pets, you’ll be happy to know they want to make a difference in the lives of all dogs—pets or not.

You can find them supporting and giving back to dog rescue organizations and no-kill shelters. These causes are personal to the founders as they’ve all rescued animals themselves.

The brand is committed to donating 1% of the company revenue to help rescue dogs in need across the country. They also partner with incredible organizations that relocate and rehab pups, helping them find forever homes. Since Ollie launched, it has donated over 10,000 meals

Before I dive into the finer details of what they’re all about in this Ollie Dog Food review, let’s go over the brand’s highlights. 


  • Quality ingredients with no by-products or fillers 
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Minimal processing 
  • Human-grade food 
  • Delivered fresh 
  • Hassle-free subscription with the option to pause or change delivery at any time 
  • 100% money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied
  • Free shipping on subscription orders 
  • Quick delivery times 
  • Helpful customer service

How Does Ollie Dog Food Work?

Ollie Dog Food Review

Ready to hit the ground running? Up next in this Ollie dog food review, I’m going to give you a rundown on how the brand works. Don’t worry, the process is effortless and straightforward and I’ll walk you through the whole thing:

  1. Tell Ollie about your pup: Take the quiz, and the brand will create a customized meal plan designed just for your puppy. 
  2. Sign up for your starter box: Ollie will send you two weeks of food that’ll help your pup start realizing all the benefits of a fresh food diet.
  3. Ramp up your routine: After the starter box, you’ll receive regularly scheduled deliveries of fresh food right to your door. No more last-minute trips to the store. Easily change or pause your delivery schedule at any time. Use your Ollie dog food login to manage your subscription.

See, easy-peasy. Ollie has various plans with different frequencies available for you to select to accommodate your schedule best. Sadly, Ollie does not offer one-time purchases but you can cancel your subscription whenever.

Doesn’t your fur baby deserve the very best? If you wouldn’t eat the ingredients found in generic dog food, why should your dog? Seriously, what even is butylated hydroxyanisole? It doesn’t sound appetizing to me.

Luckily, Ollie creates premium human-grade dog food. Even you will be tempted to take a bite of it. Do your pup a favor and leave for them, huh? Just below in this Ollie Dog Food review, I’ll explain the details of the Ollie Dog Food Subscription. Don’t be surprised (or ashamed) if you find yourself drooling.

Ollie Dog Food Subscription

The Ollie Dog Food Subscription is paws down, the easiest way to feed your fur baby fresh food. To make this Ollie Dog Food review crystal clear, I’ll briefly remind you how the process works. 

  1. Tell Ollie about the dog: age, weight, breed, and allergies 
  2. Ollie designs the plan:  creating customized recipes for your dog 
  3. The food is delivered, arriving on a flexible regular schedule
  4. Use the Ollie feeding guidelines to give your dog their customized portion

Ollie’s dog food will use the profile you create for your dog and recommend the ideal meal plan to fit your pup. The programs are based on their weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies.

Ollie then recommends a precise portion according to how many calories your dog needs. I like that you can use the login to manage your shipping schedule and always have the right amount on hand.

What’s in your first shipment? The Starter Box includes two weeks’ worth of food packs. You can store them in the freezer until you’re ready to serve them. A feeding guideline, which comes with your order, includes custom feeding instructions based on your dog’s profile to ensure a smooth transition to fresh food. I’ve heard this process can be tricky, and it’s not because they truly don’t like fresh food, it’s just because it’s completely different.

You also get a pup-trainer with your first order, which is a food storage container that keeps freshness and flavor in and your fridge organized and clean. Smart. Lastly, the scoop, a handy serving utensil, makes dishing out your dog’s custom portion a breeze. 

Now, for the food: There are four fresh recipes to choose from. Each high-protein recipe is carefully crafted to provide a complete and nutritious diet for your dog. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Beef: this recipe contains key ingredients such as sweet potatoes, peas, and rosemary. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and essential minerals. One study showed that potato starch improved the digestibility of nutrients in dogs[2].

Additionally, peas have been shown to improve metabolic health[3] in dogs. The last star of this recipe, rosemary, has been shown to have antimicrobial properties[4], meaning that it can fight illness-causing microorganisms.

Chicken: The stars of this recipe are spinach and cod liver oil. Spinach has a variety of known health benefits, including anti-cancer and anti-obesity properties[5]. Cod liver oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, has been shown to improve skin conditions in dogs.

Additionally, one study[6] showed that dogs with osteoarthritis whose treatment was supplemented with omega 3 fatty acids required less medication compared to dogs who were not taking the fatty acids. 

Turkey: a lean protein, turkey is perfect for building and maintaining healthy muscles. In addition to the meat, this recipe contains nutrient-rich ingredients like blueberries and carrots. In one study, dogs who were fed blueberries showed less oxidative damage after exercise compared to dogs who were not fed blueberries[7].

Carrots have a good wrap as well: one study[8] done on Scottish terriers showed that intake of yellow-orange veggies, like carrots, is associated with a lower risk of developing canine cancer.

Lamb:  an adventurous recipe for adventurous, active pups! In addition to the base ingredient of lamb, this recipe contains superfoods like butternut squash and kale. As I mentioned above, yellow-orange vegetables have been shown to have possible anti-cancer properties.

How Much is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie Dog Food Review

According to Ollie, I read that the price depends on the size of the dog. The brand calculates how much food they need based on the exact number of calories they need to consume daily, which dictates the subscription cost.

For example, a small dog starts at $3/day. However, high-quality ingredients aren’t cheap, but I was reassured that the brand will provide you with the best value. 

This Ollie Dog Food review is nothing if not thorough, so I created a fictional American Bulldog named Zuko. I took the quiz to figure out an approximate cost for a 50-lbs 2-year-old dog.

The price came to $39/week, which includes 3 recipes and 14 packs of food. Not bad. I wish my own grocery bill was that low.

Ollie Dog Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ollie Dog Food Review

In this part of my Ollie Dog Food review, I intend to reveal what customers honestly think of the brand. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s begin.

Ollie dog food reviews on sites such as Trustpilot give the brand 4.4/5 stars (894 reviews). Here’s how that score breaks down:

  • Excellent: 75%
  • Great: 10%
  • Average: 5%
  • Poor: 3%
  • Bad: 7%

Customers applaud the brand on numerous fronts. Positive customer reviews are delighted with…well, quite a few things actually. I’ll sum them up below:

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Variety of recipes
  • Absence of preservatives or fillers 
  • Customizable subscriptions
  • Quick deliveries
  • Helpful customer service 

Primarily, customers are thrilled with the fact they’re providing premium human-grade dog food to their fur babies. 

One Ollie Dog Food review on Trustpilot complimented the brand on the customizable subscription and customer service. “Switching to Ollie dog food has been a great experience. I can feel confident about what I’m feeding my dog, the company is very responsive, and there is a lot that you can customize.

This review from Trustpilot nearly made me cry: “My senior Pomeranian is toothless and loves Ollie! His coat has become dense and shiny again. He is more playful too! We were given a great price too, which is important as I am a disabled senior on a limited income. My dog is getting the best as he is my best friend.

Like, come on—so sweet. It’s really meaningful to see how quality food makes a difference. It has the power to change lives.

While the majority of customers are satisfied with Ollie, a few complaints are swirling around, mainly surrounding shipping delays. However, I was happy to find that the number of positive Ollie reviews outshines the number of customer complaints. 

Is Ollie Dog Food Worth It?

Ollie Dog Food Review

So, is Ollie Dog Food worth it? With everything I learned throughout this Ollie Dog Food review considered, I certainly think the brand is worth buying. Ollie pet food creates specially curated premium human-grade recipes the founders themselves would eat.

I love that there are no harmful ingredients such as fillers, artificial flavors, or by-products in the meals. The subscription service is entirely customizable to your dog, and you’re able to change the frequency of deliveries or even pause deliveries if you’re headed out of town. 

Compared to generic dog food brands, Ollie food is more expensive, and rightly so, high-quality ingredients don’t come cheap. You can’t go to a restaurant and order a cheap steak and expect it to be high-quality. So why treat your dog differently?

However, the reports of problems with canceling subscriptions are concerning. Taking care of a dog is a great responsibility and hard work, so canceling a subscription should not be difficult. Right now, you can only do it through customer service.

I think Ollie should consider allowing customers to cancel subscriptions via their profiles manually. There is definite room for improvement, but that isn’t a bad thing. 

Don’t let the negative reviews deter you. For every negative Ollie Dog Food review, there are hundreds of positive ones that cancel out the negativity. In this case, the pros outweigh the cons.

Trust me when I say this: Taking a chance on Ollie will not only make your doggo happy but you, too. 

Ollie Dog Food Promotions & Discounts 

Ollie Dog Food Review

Currently, Ollie Dog Food is offering 60% off your first box of fresh, baked, or mixed meals. That’s pretty huge. 

Sign up for Ollie Dog Food

Ollie Dog Food Review

In case you’re tuning in with me here, I’ll give you another brief rundown on how to sign up for Ollie Dog Food

1.   Tell Ollie about your dog 

2.   Ollie designs a plan catered for your dog

3.   The food is delivered!

It’s really easy. Once signed up, use your Ollie login to make changes to your subscription at any time.


Ollie Dog Food Review

Who owns Ollie Dog Food? 

The owners of Ollie Dog Food are Randy Jimenez, Alex Douzet, and Gabby Slome.

Where is Ollie Dog Food located? 

Ollie Dog Food is located in New York. 

What does Ollie’s sell?

Ollie sells premium high-quality human-grade dog food subscriptions. 

Is Ollie Dog Food good for dogs? 

Ollie Dog Food is high-quality fresh food with an impressive ingredient list. There are no fillers, preservatives, or harmful ingredients. The short answer, yes, Ollie Dog Food is good for dogs.

How long is Ollie Dog Food good for? 

After you put the food in the fridge, it is good to serve your dog for up to 4 days opened or unopened. Or you can keep it in the freezer for an extended time and thaw when you need it. 

Can you refreeze Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie recommends storing the packs in the freezer. They will last up to 6 months unopened. You can refreeze the food if it has been partially defrosted by the time you’re ready to put it back in the freezer. If it has reached room temp, keep it in the fridge for up to 4 days

Does Ollie price match? 

No, Ollie doesn’t price match. 

Does Ollie have online ordering? 

The only place you can get an Ollie subscription is online. So, yes, Ollie has online ordering. 

How much does Ollie Dog Food cost? 

The cost depends on the size of your dog and the number of calories it needs per day. Prices start at $3/day for small dogs.

How do I cancel my Ollie Dog Food subscription?

To cancel, you simply just need to contact their customer service team to get started.

What is Ollie Dog Food’s Shipping Policy?

Ollie offers free shipping and only ships within the U.S. The food is delivered on a regular schedule according to your meal plan. However, the date may change if there is a major holiday or inclement weather. Ollie doesn’t deliver on Sundays or Mondays due to weekend limitations.

Does Ollie’s have a Return Policy?

Ollie does not have a return or exchange policy. However, I was pleased to learn there is a money-back guarantee in place. The money-back-guarantee only applies to your Starter Box. You will not receive a refund for any unwanted packages you receive after your starter box unless Ollie has shipped them to you in error. 

How to Contact Ollie Dog Food

For Ollie support and to contact Ollie customer service, you can use either the Ollie dog food phone number or email: 

Ollie phone number: (844)886-5543

Ollie email: [email protected] 

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