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dandy Review

I’ll take a guess and say that you’re reading my dandy review because you love your dog, and that’s exactly why this brand was created. Offering personalized supplement plans for your four-legged friend, dandy’s vet-formulated supplements come in tasty treat form.

There’s a total of 15 supplements to support your dog with issues like allergies, anxiety, and inflammation, and you can either build your own pack, take the brand’s quiz, or select a pre-curated vet-formulated pack. If you’re thinking dandy is a smart idea, you’re not the only one. 

The brand has been featured in articles on Gear Patrol and Pet Food Processing. They’ve also made thousands of pups happy, not to mention their 20k social community. 

So what can you expect from my dandy review? Consider it a crash course on the brand. I’ll dish about their best-sellers, feedback, and more to give you the full scoop. 

Overview of dandy

dandy Review

Raising a pet can be hard. Unlike our kids, they can’t communicate with us or make their own nutritional choices. Although, I think if they could, they’d definitely eat too much cheese. 

dandy was founded in 2018 by Danielle Sobel. Stressed out while trying to ensure her dogs got the nutritional support they needed, she went ahead and made exactly what she, and they, needed. 

If dandy’s first priority is helping your pup feel their best, its second is making sure you feel good about what you’re buying. Helping you understand what’s in their supplements through a crystal clear lens, their approach is incredibly transparent and informative because they know what it feels like to worry about your pets. 

Offering subscriptions tailored to you and your pups’ needs, dandy makes it easy for your best friend to thrive. Since you now know a little more about what the brand is all about, I’ll walk you through a handful of their best-selling pupp-lements (yeah, I said it) up next in my dandy review.  But first, some of their highlights.


  • 15 different vet-formulated supplements
  • Supports common issues like anxiety & allergies
  • Effective, digestible, & bio-available 
  • Made in an NASC-certified facility in the USA
  • On a mission to save homeless pets (donate $1 at checkout)
  • 1, 3, & 12-month plans
  • Free shipping
  • Cancel any time
  • 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

dandy Treats Review

Before we dive into the proverbial treat bag, you should know that all dandy supplements are made with a similar all-natural base formula that includes brewer’s yeast, beef liver, cheddar cheese, coconut oil, and other ingredients to support your pup’s healthy lifestyle.

Offering a total of 15 different supplements, here are the details on their top 5.

dandy Chill Pill Review

We sing to them, buy weighted vests, and do our best to make them feel safe, but sometimes our pups need some extra help. That’s where the Chill Pill comes in. Made with skullcap and chamomile, it acts the same way your favorite nighttime tea does, only in the form of a tasty, beef flavored, pet-friendly treat.

After giving your pup these regularly, you may notice they’re less stressed, calmer during high-tension situations (meeting other pets, thunderstorms, etc.), and sleeping better. 

dandy Free & Clear Review

Allergies can be bothersome to the average human, so imagine how dogs feel when they experience the onset of a major allergy attack! That’s when Free & Clear comes in, one of the brand’s best selling products to help address seasonal allergies and boost immunity.

Made with plant-derived ingredients such as quercetin (“nature’s Benadryl,” according to dandy) and astragalus, Free & Clear soothes symptoms and gets to the root of inflammation so that your pup is happy and healthier overall.

dandy Thrive + Review

Seeing your dog living their best life is one of the best feelings in the world. Thrive+ can help make that happen. If you are familiar with the power of antioxidants for your own health, you will be happy to hear about this supplement.

Using N-Acetyl-Cystine and milk thistle to encourage proper liver function and decrease inflammation, this tried-and-true combination is great for pups who need a little extra support. This supplement will also help your pup’s general immunity according to the brand.

dandy B-Complex Review

Expertly formulated, dandy B-Complex uses L-Carnitine along with a complete B-vitamin complex to promote energy production. If you find your dog is a total couch potato, they may just need a healthy pick-me-up to get the ol’ gears turning. 

But energy isn’t the only benefit that comes with taking B vitamins. They can also help regulate healthy oil production which means you may notice less itching and scratching

dandy Hemp + Review

Hemp has become one of the most helpful supplements in the human world, and it’s scientifically proven to benefit dogs as well. dandy Hemp+ blends curcumin with hemp to help calm inflammation and internal stress.

Great for pups that deal with anxiety and chronic pain, these two powerhouse ingredients work together to help your little guy feel some relief.

dandy Quiz

If you’d like a little more support in choosing which supplements are right for your dog, I suggest taking the dandy Quiz. It’s short and sweet but uses a special algorithm to help you find the right mix of healthy treats.

To begin, you’ll be asked basic questions like your dog’s name, breed, exercise level, and areas they need support. Based on your answers, they’ll ask more questions about your pup’s conditions (allergies, anxiety, digestion, etc.). In the end, they show you their recommendations and plan options.

Prices vary depending on if you have a small or large dog, so I’ve included the monthly costs for both below:

  • One month: $42 // $56
  • Three months: $38 // $49
  • 12 months: $30 // $38 

No matter what plan you pick, it auto-renews. If you’d like to cancel, be sure you do it before your billing date.

Who Is dandy For? 

dandy Review

dandy makes food-grade supplements in the form of treats for dogs. Don’t give these to your other pets or dogs under 6 months old.

Formulating their product line to help with conditions like allergies, joint problems, inflammation, and anxiety, dandy lets you customize your pup’s regimen based on their habits.

dandy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

dandy Review

To find out what folks really think about dandy, I set out in search of comments and ratings from around the web.

My first stop was, and though the brand doesn’t state exactly how many shoppers award its supplements what rating, it does show 5/5 solid stars and 10,000+ happy dogs. Previewing a handful of comments made by happy customers, one of them reads:

“She used to constantly suffer with allergies and would limp because of her joints. She doesn’t have that issue anymore and she can get around better than ever. I’m happy that she can do much more now and have a better quality of life! She actually had her first beach day yesterday BECAUSE of her supplements.”

…I’m not crying, you’re crying. It’s really uplifting to hear about the positive changes that products can make, especially for our pets who we love so much. Watching our animals suffer is hard, and I’m just so glad that new innovative companies like dandy are here to help.

So we know that the feedback on the brand’s website is great, but what about elsewhere? To be honest, there isn’t a ton of it online for dandy, but I checked out Product Review’s two ratings for the brand nonetheless. 

Both customers who awarded dandy 5/5 stars on Product Review are, obviously, very happy with what they got from the brand. And while one simply said they’d recommend them, the other dandy review read: “Best dog treats, and our dogs have been loving it since starting last month!”

I know this particular comment is a little short, so for my next stop, I checked out a dandy review on a blog called Sirius Dogs Silly Kat. Of the differences the author saw in her pups after giving them Dandy, here’s what she wrote:

“One big noticeable difference is that their poops have been fantastic. As we all know, dog poops can tell you a lot about their health. Neville’s poops have improved since converting to fresh food…and they’ve become even better on these vitamins. The best part is that they are basically treats so the dogs love taking them.”

She continued to write that she felt good about feeding her dogs dandy treats instead of others that are usually made with junky ingredients. And she’s right, by the way, you can tell a lot about your dog’s health by what their poop looks like, so be sure to keep an eye on it (however much you may not want to).

Based on the majority of comments I found, dandy gets two paws up from pet owners and pups.

Is dandy Legit?

dandy Review

Sniffing out iffy brands is kind of our thing here, and I wanted to make sure there were no red flags I needed to report in my dandy review. To do that, I searched high and low on the brand’s website and external review sites.

In terms of being legit, dandy passes with flying colors

Is dandy Worth It?

Dandy Review

From the moment I discovered dandy dog vitamins, I pretty much fell in love with the company. As someone who swears by supplements, I treasure the idea of giving my pets the same support I get.

Aside from the brilliant concept, dandy is truly an awesome brand. They go to lengths to ensure your pet is cared for, and not just that, to make sure you’re happy about your order. That’s why they have a happiness guarantee, make it easy to cancel, and ship every order for free. 

Along with the fact that their treats are vet-formulated, made in the USA, and all-natural, I think it’s safe to say dandy is more than worth it. Since research on the topic is still young, there is still some question about if supplements do indeed benefit dogs. If you’re on the fence, ask your vet.

dandy Promotions & Discounts 

dandy Review

Discounts are like the dog treats of the human world, so I couldn’t just leave them out of my dandy review, now could I? To track down every last morsel, I snooped around the brand’s website. Here’s what I uncovered:

  • When the pop-up strikes, enter your email for 10% off
  • Consider subscribing for longer to get 30% off
  • Use the code 2WEEKSFREE  for 50% off your first month
  • All orders are shipped for free

Where to Buy dandy

Dandy Review

Since getting your pup hooked up with dandy requires a quick (yet super thorough) quiz, you’ll need to buy directly through the brand. To get started and shop dandy, head over to


Dandy Review

Who owns dandy?

dandy was recently purchased by Fuzzy, a digital pet health company offering tele-vet services to pet owners. This further signals dandy’s serious commitment to dog wellness.

Why should I give my dogs supplements?

While our dogs may not look exactly like us, they’re living beings who depend on us for food. Just like how we sometimes miss nutritional marks in our diets, sometimes the food we feed them does too.

On top of filling nutritional gaps, dandy supplements are formulated to target specific issues like anxiety, inflammation, and arthritis. In the same way you might take ashwagandha, turmeric, or omega-3s for those conditions, you can help your dog with products developed specifically for them.

Where Does dandy Ship To?

Right now, dandy ships to the continental US. From the time you place your order online, you should expect to see it within 5-7 business days.

After your first box arrives (if you’re signed up for a recurring subscription), you can expect your next one to show up on your doorstep every 30 days. All orders are shipped for free.

What is dandy’s Refund Policy?

Depending on your subscription plan, you can either cancel your account after one, three, or 12 months. Gentle reminder: because dandy treats are food-grade supplements, the brand cannot accept returns.

So if your pup wasn’t too stoked about dandy’s treats, don’t send them back, donate them instead. If you’d like a refund, send an email to [email protected] and include your name and order number. A customer rep will get back to you about what to do next.

How to Contact dandy

You’ve reached the end of my dandy review, what’s next? If you still have questions, you can get in touch with the brand by one of the below methods:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Text: 1 (909) 377-4713
  3. Direct Message: @DANDYPET

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