Pet Plate Dog Food Review

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Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Dog food was always…just that. I didn’t think twice about what I was feeding my family dog—I didn’t think I needed to. Of course, I’ve since learned that conventional dog food isn’t as healthy as it could be, and it may not have been doing much for my pup.

Pet Plate doesn’t make dog food—they “make food for your dogs.” Their nutritious meals for pups are made from high-quality, human-grade ingredients prepared in USDA kitchens, flash-frozen, and delivered right to your door

The whole thing is kind of incredible. The brand has a loyal social following of 100k+ and has sparked attention from media outlets like Forbes, Fox5, CBS News, and Newsday. You may have even seen the Pet Plate Shark Tank episode. In other words, this brand is on to something.

In this Pet Plate dog food review, I’m going to find out what that is and if it’s worth it for your fluffy pal. I’ll look into the company, its subscription, feedback, deals, and more to give you the full scoop.

Overview of Pet Plate

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Before I get into the brand basics in this Pet Plate dog food review, I want to cover the details on pet food in general. Commercial pet foods are usually safe as they meet the Food and Drug Administration and the Association of American Feed Control Officials standards. However, in the last few years, there has been concern about the high content of mercury[1] present in some pet food products. Moreover, a recent study[2] found through genetic methods that adulteration of pet foods is also common.

More recently, pet owners have become interested in feeding their pets natural fresh foods[3]. If you are planning to start preparing fresh meals for your pet, be aware of the foods you should avoid. Experts from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center published a list of human foods that should not be given to pets such as avocado, coconut oil, grapes and raisins, milk and dairy, nuts, and yeast dough.

Opting for a company that makes vet-approved pet food may be a safer bet that whipping it up yourself. I’d recommend consulting your vet if you have more questions. Now, on to the brand:

In 2016, Pet Plate owner Renaldo Webb was appalled to realize what ingredients were included in his dog’s food. After conducting some tests in his kitchen with nutritious foods like chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, and ultimately receiving positive feedback from his pup, Ronaldo began his fresh dog food delivery service.

It wasn’t until after Pet Plate appeared on Shark Tank that his dog food creation took off. Pet Plate’s dog food delivery has cooked up over 15M meals and treats for pups across the US. Pretty crazy, right? Ronaldo started Pet Plate with the mission to “make better food for dogs so they can live longer, healthier, happier lives with their families.

So what’s in them? Pet Plate ingredients come from whole food sources like pumpkin, apples, and chicken. The company has a commitment to quality, safety, science, and promises to deliver an exceptional taste that your dogs will thank you for. Additionally, Dr. Streeter, a veterinarian, has been a part of Pet Plate from the very beginning to ensure standards are kept and met. 

But let me be clear: Feeding your dog human-grade foods is not the same as giving them any human food. In a recent article, the English veterinarian M. Davids warns that 80% of pet owners do not follow professionals’ feeding guidelines. Feeding pets leftovers, not controlling the amounts of food given, and providing treats every day can lead to serious health problems.

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

With that little bit of housekeeping done and dusted in this Pet Plate dog food review, let’s now take a look at some of the brand’s highlights:


  • Dog food made from whole-food ingredients like pumpkin, broccoli, and real beef
  • Customizable meal plans
  • Made in the USA
  • Satisfaction guarantee includes a refund on your first order if your dog is not satisfied
  • Many reports on great customer service
  • Free ground shipping

How Does Pet Plate Work?

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Pet Plate lets you personalize your pet’s meals before they cook them up fresh in their USDA kitchens. Here’s where it gets really cool though: Each recipe is kettle-cooked in small batches to make sure the nutrients are retained and make it into your pup. After cooking, Pet Plate flash freezes the meals and ships them directly to your door. Talk about a personalized service!

Upon ordering, you can choose the frequency at which you’d like to receive meals and whether you’d like a Full Meal Plan or the Topper Plan. As of right now, Pet Plate for cats does not exist.

Depending on your pet’s needs, you can feed them a full diet of Pet Plate but you also may just want to add some extra nutrition into their diet.

I’ll note here in this Pet Plate dog food review—Pet Plate works as a subscription service only. So while you aren’t able to buy their meals individually, you can pause or cancel them any time.

What’s next? When you receive your delivery, place one week’s worth of meals in your fridge and the rest in your freezer. You can serve them to your pup cold right out of the fridge or warm them up in the microwave.

Pet Plate provides supreme nutrition in their whole-food meals for your pets. Feeding your dog a healthy diet will lead to a longer and happier life. A study[4] on the impact of diet on longevity compared the outcomes of dogs receiving a healthy low-fat diet with those receiving a regular diet. After 14 years of follow-up, researchers found that dogs on the calorie-restricted diet lived 1.8 years longer than those on a regular diet. 

It’s no secret that traditional dog food is made with fillers and byproducts. Your dog is designed to eat meat and their diet should be just as important as your own. To me, that means you should be looking into ingredients of your dog’s food the way you would scan labels in the grocery store. Take this for example:

In another review[5] published in the Journal of Medical Toxicology, the authors describe several pet food recalls backed by the FDA. Some of the adulterants were aflatoxins, methionine, melamine, and cyanuric acid. Contamination was related to poor testing for toxins, use of inappropriate mixing equipment, and wrong formulation of raw materials.

Though some of these causes don’t come from ingredients, it explains the importance of choosing a dog food brand with rigorous testing. Reading up on the brand for this Pet Plate dog food review, I was happy to learn that the brand is committed to safety and tests all of its food to USDA standards.

Pet Plate Subscription

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Ready to get going? To begin the subscription process, head to the Pet Plate subscription page by clicking Start Now on the website. You’ll need to enter some information on your furry companion starting with their name.

If you have more than one dog, you’ll need to create individual plans. Pet Plate will ask for your dog’s gender, breed, birthday, current and ideal weight, if they are spayed or neutered, activity level, and what their waistline is.

You then have the option to choose the recipes your dog likes most. Choose from Beef, Turkey, Chicken, or Lamb. Not sure which to choose? I suggest picking all four to let your dog decide.

Now that you have your recipes sorted, enter your email and Pet Plate will tailor a plan to suit your dog’s weight, breed, and activity level. To finish, you must pick from either the Full Plan or the Topper Plan. What’s involved with each?

  • The Full Plan delivers 100% of your dog’s nutritional needs. Depending on your dog, Pet Plate will recommend different amounts of food. I used my 87lb American Bulldog named Sam for example. He will need two containers of freshly cooked meals per day. This Pet Plate complete feeding system will deliver 28 (16oz) meals every two weeks for a dog of that size.
  • The Topper Plan delivers food for you to add on top of your dog’s current food. For example, if you typically mix wet food into dry food, this follows the same principle. This plan provides 25% of your dog’s nutritional needs. Based on the 87lb American Bulldog, the company would deliver eight containers of food every three weeks. 

After you’ve selected your plan, you’re given the option to add treats to your order and choose whether you would like them included in each shipment or just in your first. You can add up to 6 bags of treats. Next, enter your payment and shipping details and your order will be delivered on your scheduled date. 

You can reschedule, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. If you are unsatisfied with your order, Pet Plate offers a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a thorough process but it ensures your dog’s needs are met.

How Much is Pet Plate?

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Pet Plate pricing ranges depending on the size and nutritional needs of your dog. Full plans start at $2.83/day. Below is an example for Sam, my 87lb American Bulldog with Pet Plate’s 60% meal plan discount applied

  • Full Plan: $4.54 (from $11.35)
  • Topper Plan: $1.50 (from $3.76)
  • Treats: $3.58 (from $8.95)

Pet Plate Dog Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

This is the part of my Pet Plate dog food review where I provide examples of customer reviews regarding Pet Plate meals, the subscription service, and customer service. To get the full picture, I hit up the brand’s website, Consumer Voice, and The Goody Pet.

Pet Plate is rated at 4.3/5 stars among 365 reviews on One 5-star review noted that the food made the owner’s dog lose “some much needed excess weight.” The customer included that their pup is now much more peppy” and “his acid reflux has greatly decreased.”

In their Pet Plate dog food review, Consumer Voice writes that while the brand’s food contains “all-natural ingredients,” has “great customer service and “free shipping,” it is a “more expensive option than other dog food subscription services, though I believe its prices to be competitive.

Regardless, the Pet Plate dog food review still awarded the brand a 9.1/10 star rating

The Goody Pet weighs the pros and cons of Pet Plate. Some pros include that its meals “are not only super tasty but also made from the highest quality, natural ingredients for your dog’s health. The subscription plans also allow you to switch things up which is ideal when dealing with fussy eaters that need variety.” 

One of the main concerns about the subscription service as stated in the Pet Plate dog food review on The Goody Pet is that there are no samples available. That’s pretty standard with personalized, fresh dog food. Overall, Pet Plate seems to hit just right for many return customers (and dogs!).

Is Pet Plate Dog Food Worth It?

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

So, is Pet Plate good? It definitely seems that way to me. From the information I found on and off the company website, it’s clear that Pet Plate meals are packed with nutritious ingredients, made in the USA, and seriously enjoyed by dogs.

In this Pet Plate dog food review, I also learned that shipping is fast, easy, and arrives on schedule. The main issue I found in reviews was in regards to samples, which, in the case of personalized fresh food, isn’t always possible. The brand’s money-back guarantee takes care of picky eaters.

While Pet Plate may get expensive for larger dogs, it’s much more affordable if you have a small to medium sized pup. My final verdict in this Pet Plate dog food review? If the price is right, I think this brand is worth checking out.

Pet Plate Dog Food Promotions & Discounts 

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

When you sign up for a Pet Plate meal plan, you’ll get 60% off your first order. Once you’ve gone ahead and placed your order, you can refer a friend to give them 60% off. When they sign up, you’ll get 1,000 PupPoints to use on your next order. FYI—that’s $50 off.

Sign up for Pet Plate Dog Food

Pet Plate Dog Food Review

To sign your pup up for the plan, visit and follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Start Now’ 
  2. Fill in questionnaire
  3. Choose meal plan and treat option
  4. Provide shipping and payment information
  5. Chow down!


Who owns Pet Plate?

Ronaldo Webb owns Pet Plate. He started the company by cooking his pet’s meals at home and now has made over 15 million meals for customers across the US. 

Where is Pet Plate located? 

Pet Plate is based in New York Hudson Yards. 

Where is Pet Plate made? 

Pet Plate’s meals are made in a USDA kitchen in upstate New York. Their meals use high-quality, human-grade ingredients. 

How do I cancel my Pet Plate subscription?

To cancel your Pet Plate subscription, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your dog’s name
  3. Head to ‘Manage Subscription’
  4. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ 

Does Pet Plate ship to Canada? 

Pet Plate does not offer international shipping to Canada as they only ship to the 48 contiguous states. 

What is Pet Plate’s Shipping Policy?

Pet Plate processes charges on Fridays and ships orders out the following Monday. If you need to make any changes to your order, it’s important to do so on the Thursday before your order ships. They offer free ground shipping on all orders. There are no other shipping options available for customers.

Pet Plate orders are packed with dry ice to ensure your pup’s meals stay frozen and fresh. Each container includes enough dry ice to last five days in transit. The containers should always arrive frozen and cold to the touch. If otherwise, reach out to the customer service team at [email protected]

What is Pet Plate’s Return Policy?

If your pet does not take a liking to Pet Plate meals, it’s important to keep in mind that it can take dogs some time to transition to a new food. Pet Plate provides feeding guidelines with your order to ensure you’re following the proper steps.

If you ordered only one or two Pet Place recipes, be sure to switch up your next order. Your dog may not enjoy the chicken meal but maybe they’ll love the lamb option. A definite no? If it’s your first order, send an email to [email protected] and they will give you a refund. 

Pet Plate asks their customers to always donate uneaten meals instead of throwing them out.

How to Contact Pet Plate

If you need any other information I didn’t include in this Pet Plate dog food review, you can send an email to [email protected], call 855-981-6109, or use the Live Chat on

Pet Plate’s customer service hours are 10 am to 5 pm EST.

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