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Kardiel Review

Let’s be honest, IKEA had a good run, but it’s definitely time to upgrade to something that doesn’t look like it came out of a stock warehouse. Kardiel is a furniture company specializing in quality goods and a mid-century modern look, making sure to combine comfort and style at the same time.

With an impressive list of features in magazines and platforms such as Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, and Town & Country, their brand is becoming well-known and people are starting to notice. Plus, with over 60k followers on Instagram, it’s hard to deny that this furniture brand is getting massive and fast recognition for what they do.

Sure, there’s plenty of furniture companies out there, but that’s why this Kardiel review will help you understand what makes them different, their company policies, answer any FAQs, and let you decide if the style and quality the company possesses is enough for you to invest in their furniture.

Overview of Kardiel

Kardiel Review

Founded in 2011 by four siblings – Debbie, Brando, John, and Jason – who decided that their love for well-made modern furniture was lacking in today’s market.

They each had a vision, and wanted to bring quality to the concept of furniture design, with one common idea — mid-century modern. And so, Kardiel was born.

With a headquarters located in Lacey, WA, not only does Kardiel ship worldwide but they also source a lot of their materials from around the world as well. From Australian wood to genuine leather for upholstery from Italy, the company doesn’t skimp on the basics. 

The brand has plenty of bragging rights when it comes to the construction, design, and manufacturing of their furniture.

So, to start this Kardiel review off, let’s take a look at some highlights to give you a better idea of what they do best:


  • Delivered to your doorstep with special care
  • Much of their products come (mostly) assembled 
  • Kardiel uses American oak, walnut, genuine leather, and vintage twill
  • Can fit anyone’s aesthetic
  • Founded and run by siblings
  • Timeless pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s
  • Payment plans through Affirm available
  • International shipping
  • Up to 365-day return policy
Kardiel Review

Hard not to be impressed, right? We think so too. With such a brag-worthy list of accomplishments and qualities, it becomes clear why furniture and design enthusiasts are choosing Kardiel whenever they can. And if you’re wondering what exactly it is they do, we’re one step ahead of you.

Stay tuned to get an up close inspection of some of Kardiel’s best-selling furniture, including sofas, chairs, and tables.

Kardiel Furniture Review

The below Kardiel furniture reviews will showcase a few of this company’s best-selling items, so you can get a better look at what this company does best, and what their customers are raving about.

Kardiel Woodrow Box 87″ Leather Sofa Review

Kardiel Woodrow Box 87" Leather Sofa Review
Kardiel Woodrow Box 87″ Leather Sofa

Modern and sleek, the Kardiel Woodrow Box 87” Leather Sofa is the epitome of style. With firm, reinforced cushions and a solid wooden frame, this couch is built to last through the years. As added accents, the sofa has brass reinforced legs, along with matching leather piping and buttons.

Measuring at 86.5” x 31.5” x 27.5” high, the couch comes in 11 different materials — 8 fabric colors, including jade velvet and urban hemp, and 3 leather colors, including black, tan, and white.

All 8 fabrics are priced at $2,797 (normally $3,690), whereas the 3 leather options retail for $3,597 (normally $4,750). 

Kardiel Miranda 82″ Fabric Sofa Review

Kardiel Miranda 82" Fabric Sofa Review
Kardiel Miranda 82″ Fabric Sofa

For anyone who has always wanted their living room to appear like they live in the future, the Kardiel Miranda 82” Fabric Sofa is the perfect companion for you. This gently curved couch is family-friendly with a sturdy frame, and can welcome three people at one time. 

Made from polyester and acrylic, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting their dirty hands or paws on this fabric as it’s stain-resistant. Available in three fabric options, including revel velvet, and boucle in white or gray, the sofa stands at 82” x 31.1” x 30.3”. When you relax into this sofa, you won’t ever want to get up. 

  • Revel velvet: $1,897 (normally $2,550)
  • White or gray boucle: $1,997 (normally $2,680)

Kardiel Tripod 36″ Fabric Chair Review

Kardiel Tripod 36" Fabric Chair Review
Kardiel Tripod 36″ Fabric Chair

For any bonafide minimalist, a simple chair that looks slick and modern, yet is super comfy to sit in has to consider the Kardiel Tripod 36” Fabric Chair for their living space. 

The modern design features an American walnut frame, finished with a vintage twill tailored for the minimal shape. Measuring at 36.2″ x 29.5″ x 29.5″, this low-profile chair can suit any room with its beautifully sanded wood structure and tripod legs. With the sides of the chair curving upwards, anyone who comes upon this chair will smile as it smiles back at you. 

Coming in 13 different materials — 9 fabrics, including citrine, gray boucle, and velvet, and 4 leather options, including cream, black, and cowhide — you can show off your personality through your seat finishes. 

  • Fabric: $587 (normally $780)
  • Leather: $747 (normally $990)

Kardiel Dream 17″ Bedside Table Review

Kardiel Dream 17" Bedside Table Review
Kardiel Dream 17″ Bedside Table

Having the right table by your bed helps to complete the aesthetic in your bedroom, helping you drift off to sleep with ease. The same can be said for the Kardiel Dream 17” Bedside Table. With its smooth American walnut surface, two drawers that close softly, and brass legs, you’ll wonder what you ever used before this table.  

With measurements like 17.7” x 15.7” x 21.7”, you won’t want to pass up on this gorgeous accent to finish off your mid-century modern bedroom. The Kardiel Dream Bedside Table retails for $637 (normally $830).

Kardiel Protractor Jr. 67″ Desk Review

Kardiel Protractor Jr. 67" Desk Review
Kardiel Protractor Jr. 67″ Desk

Protractors aren’t just for school anymore. The Kardiel Protractor Jr. 67” Desk creates a space free from distraction with its simple yet modern design. Made from American hardwood, you’ll love the smooth and uncluttered surface and single drawer.

Measuring at 66.9” x 29.1” x 29.9”, this desk comes in two color stains — natural oak or walnut. No matter where you place this work space, you’ll admire its stunning lines and architectural prowess. 

  • Natural oak: $1,097 (normally $1,450)
  • Walnut: $1,197 (normally $1,580)

Kardiel Asher 47″ Dining Table Review

Kardiel Asher 47" Dining Table Review
Kardiel Asher 47″ Dining Table

The only accent you’ll ever need in the kitchen is your dining table. And Kardiel does not disappoint when it comes to this particular surface. Coming in two shades that will complement any kitchen, you’ll love how the finish reveals the natural grains and accents of the wood. 

The Kardiel Asher 47” Dining Table is 47.2” x 47.2” x 29.1”, big enough for your family or friends to do puzzles or play games on. Coming in natural oak or walnut, you won’t be able to stop running your hands over this polished surface. 

  • Natural oak: $897 (regularly $1,190)
  • Walnut: $927 (regularly $1,230)

Who Is Kardiel For? 

Kardiel Review

Kardiel is for anyone looking for modern, well-made furniture that lasts, complementing any room with style. Although the brand isn’t as cheap as the sofas, couches, and tables found at mass box stores, they’re still affordable. Plus, they have payment plans through Affirm if you find you’re not able to pay for the entire amount upfront. 

Though Kardiel doesn’t market to a particular age group, they focus more on those looking for a certain style. Their low-profile, simple, and chic furniture can be placed anywhere, whether it’s inside a cozy room or as the centerpiece of a workplace or waiting room. The variety and quality of Kardiel furniture speaks volumes for those who invest in it.

Kardiel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kardiel Review

Since Kardiel reviews are expansive, folks all over the globe reach out and give feedback on how they feel about what the brand does best (and worst).

To make this Kardiel review the most thorough it can be, we’ve added a compiled list of detailed customer feedback, speaking to all corners of what they do. First, a breakdown of the product reviews at a glance:

  • Woodrow Box Sofa 87”: 5 stars, from 8 reviews
  • Protractor Jr Desk 67”: 5 stars, from 8 reviews
  • Asher Dining Table 47”: 5 stars, from 6 reviews
  • Miranda Fabric Sofa 82”: 5 stars,from 3 reviews

On TrustPilot, where there are 197 Kardiel reviews, this happy customer gave a positive 5-star rating regarding the company’s furniture fitting elegantly into their small space:

Thank you, Kardiel. I purchased a Jackie MCM Armchair. I am so excited about this chair. I have just under 1000 square feet to work with and now owning this chair, I’m more than willing to make the accommodation for its size. A quality piece of furniture. Shipping and delivery was flawless. Lots of bad reviews. I’m glad I took a chance.

Another customer on BBB was excited about ordering products for their workplace, gave a great 5 star Kardiel review and general feedback regarding their service: “We have used Kardiel in the past for several expansions to our business. Even though there were some delays during covid they always communicated with us clearly and got what we needed.”

Similar to the other 4 reviews round on BBB, this customer went on to praise the quality of Kardiel products, and how they stand up against the competition:

“We have ordered from multiple vendors and the cardio furniture is very nice and holds up well. We have priced multiple vendors and Kardiel always comes out on top for the quality and how long it lasts. Even though some of the other vendors look nice the build quality is not great with West Elm or Modway. The Kardiel furniture has good fit and finish inside and out.”

Since genuine customer loyalty and founder connection is so rare these days, here’s a great example of one from the 77 consumers on Google giving a 5-star Kardiel review regarding their stand-up promise to quality:

“The delivery arrived in perfect condition. The measure on the website were also exact making it easy for us to turn a tight corner and bring the couch into our home as planned. The customer service is also excellent with the CEO, John Sanders reaching out to us to inquire about our experience. We will definitely keep Kardiel in mind for future furniture/accessory purchases.

With all those reviews in mind, we hope you can see how Kardiel is shaping up, and how customers are enjoying not only their products, but their quality as a brand. It’s important to know what’s out there, and what consumer feedback looks like.

While the company has its share of not-so-peppy reviews, the overall vote for Kardiel furniture is a thumbs up heck yes.

Is Kardiel Worth It?

Kardiel Review

Today’s market is flooded with a variety of furniture and home accessories, so what’s to say Kardiel is any different in making its way to the top of the furniture food chain?

Well, for one thing, it’s definitely not what you would find at IKEA. And thank goodness for that because why would we all want to have the same look at home? 

It’s safe to say that most Kardiel reviews out there show how the company is a safe, dependable, and quality choice for your furniture needs. Plus, they treat their customers with respect, making sure they’re taken care of in every way possible. 

Sure, you can buy a cheaper set of furniture from alternative vendors, but will those products stand the test of time? Kardiel’s main claim to fame is its ability to last, not to mention their use of genuine leather, linen, and wood materials in the creation of each of their pieces. It appears that Kardiel is the way to go if you’re looking for fresh, modern, and simple furniture.

Kardiel Promotions & Discounts 

They have a desk promotion at the moment where you can get 15% off your purchase with the Kardiel coupon code: DESK15. There’s even a dedicated section for monthly specials.

And you can even find third-party platforms featuring some pretty hefty discounts on their furniture. At the moment, most of Kardiel’s best-selling furniture is currently 25% off.

Where to Buy Kardiel 

Kardiel Review

It’s best to purchase their products through their website, since Kardiel gives warranties and return benefits. However, they do sell their goods through a number of third-party partner retailers, including the list below:

  1. Walmart
  2. Wayfair
  3. Amazon
  4. Houzz
  5. Real Simple


Kardiel Review

Who owns Kardiel?

Kardiel was founded by a quartet of siblings, Jason, John, Debbie, and Brando, and is still operated by the same family, with Jason as the CEO and John as the principal of Kardiel Inc.

Does Kardiel ship internationally?

Yes, Kardiel ships to Canada and works with freight forwarders for people who live outside North America.

Unfortunately for anyone outside of North America, Kardiel is unable to extend a warranty to any international buyers so make sure to take care of your items after they arrive. You’re responsible for any taxes and duties charged. 

Where is Kardiel made?

Kardiel furniture is constructed and manufactured at two locations in Vietnam. The company also imports wood frames from Australia, with their leather coming from Milan, Italy. Kardiel also integrates a variety of textiles and fabrics they source from around the world. 

What is Kardiel’s Shipping Policy?

For in-stock furniture at Kardiel’s warehouse, they guarantee 7-10 business days for delivery within the continental US, and 9-12 business days for anywhere in Canada. Since Hawaii and Alaska are outlying states, shipments there take a bit longer, more like 12-18 business days.

There is no mention of set prices for shipping cost. Depending on your location, it will be calculated at checkout.

Unfortunately, Kardiel is unable to ship any pieces to any APO/FPO addresses, PO boxes, or US Territories like Puerto Rico. 

What is Kardiel’s Return Policy?

Kardiel offers a 15-day return window if you don’t like your product. You can start the return process through their website, without paying the restocking fee (but cost of shipping is still your responsibility).

After 15 days or within 365 days of your delivery date, they’ll still refund you but you’ll be charged a 15% restocking fee and shipping is on you. As with any returns, the item(s) has to be in resellable or new condition.  

For accessories, bath, or outdoor furniture, you only have 15 days to return the items. Kardiel also offers exchanges on items within 24 hours of purchase.

How to Contact Kardiel

There’s a few ways you can get in touch with Kardiel. They seem easy to reach via email or telephone. The details of contact are found below.

The customer service team is available Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm, and weekends from 9 am to 4 pm PST.

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