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KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

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KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

KiwiCo develops and sells projects for children to help cultivate their creativity and curiosity. The brand has recently released the Yummy Crate—a food-focused subscription aimed to encourage a love of science and cuisine. 

The company is well loved among many families and has been featured across media outlets such as The New York Times, Business Insider, Wired, and Vogue. They’ve also earned the Best Toy Award from Dr. Toys.

Are you looking to enjoy some quality time with your little ones while preparing a tasty meal?

This KiwiCo Yummy Crate review can help you out. First, join us to learn more about the new subscription, the topics it covers, and the science behind cooking. Then, you’ll be able to find out if the box is worth the buy.

Let’s get right into some pros and cons before diving into this KiwiCo Yummy Crate review.


  • Change it to: Kid-friendly recipes that teach kitchen skills and explore the science of cooking
  • Covers a wide age group (6 to 14 years old) 
  • An award-winning company with multiple other learning options  
  • Subscriptions are available in many international countries
  • Budget-friendly kits compared to competitors 
  • Flexible sign-up plans available
  • Free US shipping 

It’s time to put your aprons on! Stepping into the kitchen can be intimidating for kids and even some adults, too.

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But, with the KiwiCo Yummy Crate, you’ll be able to demonstrate easy techniques and boost your own confidence while getting to work. 

As a side note, this KiwiCo Yummy Crate review found out that these delicious instructionals are designed for kids aged between 6 to 14 years old.  

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

As we mentioned, the Yummy Crate exposes kids to the science behind cooking. Plus, you and your little chef can bury your heads (and hands!) into a kid-approved recipe that helps with learning some fundamental kitchen skills.

A few of these options leave a ton of room for experimentation—coming with pancake art supplies and colorful rainbow smoothies. 

If you’re already familiar with KiwiCo’s enriching toy subscriptions, this tasty service is just the icing on the cake.

A Yummy Crate subscription starts at around $17.50, and you can choose between 1, 3, 6, or 12-month options.

What Do You Get With The KiwiCo Yummy Crate?

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

Of course, a subscription box is not the same without some additional guides and goodies.

Each box comes filled with instructions, recipes, activities, and other fun stuff the whole family can enjoy.

Here’s a more detailed list of the extras you’ll receive in your crate: 

  • 3 recipes to learn basic kitchen skills and discover the science behind cooking 
  • 2 STEAM activities to foster learning in and out of the kitchen 
  • Specialty cooking tool included 
  • A kid-friendly magazine called Yummy Zine, full of comics, history tidbits, and more
  • A Grownup Guide (or shopping list) that can help you adjust recipes to your preferences

What Topics Will the KiwiCo Yummy Crate Explore?

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

This KiwiCo Yummy Crate review found that the subscription service explores STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) topics through hands-on activities.

While your children aren’t required to stand over a stove, following the recipes and learning lessons along the way can keep them mentally stimulated. 

With the 3 included recipes and 2 STEAM projects, everyone at home can get involved and experiment with some food-centered science concepts.

Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s sample crates to really get an idea of what to expect! 

Tasty & Toasty box

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

The Tasty & Toasty box teaches kids about browning patties, creating smashed potatoes, cooking chicken tenders, and more. Through this delicious box, you’ll learn about the Maillard reaction, which is responsible for giving browned food its distinct flavor. 

Rise & Shine Box

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

Another example is the Rise & Shine box. This is a more creative activity that teaches your tot about leavener agents and how they can make food items light and airy. This recipe will produce a heap of fluffy pancakes for the table. You can even get artsy while topping the pile off with some tasty strawberry syrup. 

Who Is KiwiCo Yummy Crate For? 

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

Evidently, KiwiCo’s Yummy Crate was designed for children aged 6–14. But, the activities it offers can be shared with the entire family.

Of course, parental supervision is a given in the kitchen, but engaging with the exercises will cultivate a stronger relationship with your little one as you both learn about food science. 

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

What would a KiwiCo Yummy Crate review be without some customer feedback? As the Yummy Crate is a new product launch we’ll share some of the reviews the brand receives overall.

On the main website, the brand boasts a whopping 4.7/5 star rating among 29.9k reviews. Many customers were reviewing different crates from KiwiCo, but they’re still glowing ratings. 

One customer writes, “It has been a great experience watching my kids learn through these boxes. I recommend them to everyone I know.” 

Another reviewer says, “My sons are really enjoying their crates. They are constantly learning something new, and it’s hands-on.”

The blog sheKnows review discusses the Tasty & Toasty Yummy Crate. They received a utensil that could press burgers and smash potatoes. After realizing that the tool is designed for children, the author states: 

I can see myself using it for all sorts of things in the future, especially whenever I make crispy potatoes or Brussel sprouts…If you’ve always wanted to get your kids excited about food and cooking but weren’t sure where to start, this is a great option.” 

Additionally, there are more reviews about the company as a whole on third-party sites. Here’s how they rate on the websites we mentioned above: 

  • Trustpilot: 4.6/5 stars from 3.5k ratings
  • My Subscription Addiction: 3.8/5 stars from 23 ratings

One Trustpilot reviewer writes, “My kids are thrilled when they see a KiwiCo crate in the mail. They’ve found these kits to be fun and appropriately challenging for their ages (7 and 9). We have an ongoing subscription, and in our experience, we’ve found the kits to be complete and as described on the Kiwi site.”

Customers on My Subscription Addiction also give the brand some praise. A reviewer writes, “Bought a 6-month sub for the kids to keep busy this summer. We love it! Great interactive STEM activities. The kids really look forward to it!”

BBB reviews are mixed but mainly positive. One customer writes, “I have subscriptions for my 3 grandchildren. They absolutely love their crate! Whenever any issues have arisen, whether minor or more complex, someone has always handled the problem immediately and courteously.” Additionally, complaints on the Better Business Bureau have received prompt responses from KiwiCo representatives. 

Is KiwiCo Yummy Crate Worth It?

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

As a parent, you want to spend time with your children while also teaching them some useful lessons that will help them later in life.

Through the hands-on recipes provided in KiwiCo’s Yummy Crate, everyone can have an enriching bonding experience. 

Based on the research we did for this KiwiCo Yummy Crate review, we think that the brand’s new subscription is definitely worth checking out.

Not only do you receive engaging instructions and zines, but your children can develop their creativity while indulging in some science-related fun at the same time. 

From what we’ve seen, their customer service team is quick to respond to any concerns from buyers, especially on the Better Business Bureau.

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Promotions & Discounts 

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

This KiwiCo Yummy Crate review discovered that customers can take 30% off their first month by signing up for the brand’s emails!

Where to Buy KiwiCo Yummy Crate

KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

Ready to whip up some magic with your mini-me? You can get your hands on a KiwiCo Yummy Crate at


KiwiCo Yummy Crate Review

Do All The Ingredients Come With The KiwiCo Yummy Crate?

Ingredients are not included with the KiwiCo Yummy Crate. This allows families to accommodate different dietary needs. Before you receive your crate, you’ll be sent a shopping list with potential alternatives if needed. 

Are There Recipe Options For Different Dietary Restrictions (Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free)?

This KiwiCo Yummy Crate review found that the brand offers alternatives to most recipes and activities in order to accommodate allergies, preferences, and restrictions. Additionally, some recipes can be made without nuts. 

What Cooking Tools Or Equipment Will Be Needed?

Each Yummy Crate comes with an appropriate cooking tool that can be used to create your recipe. Apart from that, your basic kitchen tools and appliances should work just fine. 

Does KiwiCo Yummy Crate Ship Internationally?

KiwiCo’s Yummy Crate subscription is indeed available for international customers. We’ll get more into that in the following section.

What is KiwiCo Yummy Crate’s Shipping Policy?

The KiwiCo Yummy Crate, along with their other subscription boxes, ship for free within the US. Unfortunately, international customers are responsible for covering any delivery costs and customs fees. Depending on your location, shipping may cost between $4$7

For locations like the UK and the EU, there is an added Value-Added Tax due to the changes in import taxes. This percentage varies from 18%27%. KiwiCo is also required to collect a 5% fee on all orders from Australia and New Zealand. Once your crate is shipped, the brand will issue tracking information in a confirmation email. 

What is KiwiCo Yummy Crate’s Return Policy?

The KiwiCo Yummy Crate is not eligible for return. But, customers can cancel their subscription through the company’s website. 

How to Contact KiwiCo Yummy Crate

If you have any questions beyond this KiwiCo Yummy Crate review, feel free to reach the brand directly via their live chat or online contact form.

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