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About LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness Review

The Western world is being gripped by a newfound addiction the likes of which nobody has seen before. It’s haunting families, dividing loved ones, and driving people to an escalating series of health problems.

Take back control of your life from those pesky Levian cookie recipes by getting on the right track to a more sustainable future. And by right track, I mean a LifeSpan fitness treadmill.

Their unique line of home workout products has earned them nearly 3k Instagram followers. These are all brave souls who are making the effort to shift their baking addictions into fitness addictions.

So, if you’re tired of spending half your days cleaning dirty measuring cups when you could be spending half your day marching towards a healthier body, then keep reading my LifeSpan Fitness review. I’ll cover what the company does, why they do it, who they do it for, whether those people appreciate it, and more.

Overview of LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness Review

For over two decades LifeSpan fitness has been helping customers stay mobile and productive. As our working lives have become inseparable from our personal lives it can be difficult to find the time to exercise.

Since their founding in 2002 in Salt Lake City, UT, LifeSpan Fitness has asked “why not do both at the same time?” Their line of walking treadmills, foldable fitness gear, and treadmill desks seek to marry increased productivity with better health.

I’ll continue onto the next section of this LifeSpan fitness review by covering some of the brand’s highlights.


  • A sublime selection of foldable treadmills
  • Most of their products come with expertly designed fitness programs
  • Free ground shipping within the United States
  • International delivery options
  • Can install products for you for a fee

Don’t let this LifeSpan fitness review’s focus on treadmills lead you to believe that’s all that the brand has to offer. They also manufacture ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and other fitness accessories to provide that comprehensive workout experience. 

LifeSpan Treadmill Review

The products I’ve included in my LifeSpan fitness review are the ones that’ll get your feet tingling with excitement. They should motivate you to dust off your running shoes and pump some blood into your body.

LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Review

The LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Review might be the easiest device you can add to your life to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

For starters, you can easily stow it away by folding it and placing it against the wall. Out of sight, out of mind, but when it’s in time to go then this treadmill will have your back, legs, feet… the works.

Additionally, this item has 21 fitness programs built into its interface. These 21 programs offer workouts of varying difficulty so that you can maintain control of your fitness without having to design your own training regimen.

Begin walking, or running, the path towards enlightenment on the LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding Treadmill Review for $1,180, which is a discount on its usual $1,400 price.

LifeSpan TR5500i Folding Treadmill Review

This item is built for runners who don’t live close to prime jogging paths.

The LifeSpan TR5500i Folding Treadmill Review has a huge running surface and an even bigger selection of built-in running workouts on its 10” touch screen. This screen offers multiple different viewing options, meaning you can watch your progress like you’re running around a track, study your stats, or even measure your heart rate as you go.

With 13 incline levels and a maximum speed of 13.5 mph, this treadmill could turn you into the most dangerous runner on the block. Give this bad boy a chance for $2,430. That’s a marked-down saving from the $2,600 you’d normally pay for this product.

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill Review 

If you’re not looking to break the bank on a new treadmill but still want to bust your buns through some killer workouts then consider looking into the LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill.

It’s the brand’s most affordable folding treadmill, costing only $1,100 per the company’s Holiday Sales event. That price will increase to $1,200 once the sale ends.

But just because it’s easier on the wallet doesn’t mean that this item skimps out when it comes to features. It holds a 7” touch screen display, can link up to your devices via BlueTooth, and houses over 20 preprogrammed workouts. 

LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill Review

Something you may notice when I later go over some Lifespan Fitness reviews is that most people want to increase their activity levels without disrupting their days. That’s a commendable goal.

However, the LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill is for those who want to improve their bodies by disrupting their comfort zones. It’s the machine for the running addicts and fitness maniacs who derive pleasure from pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion.

These worshippers at the iron temple will love that the LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill has over 50 workouts programmed into it, that it features a 22” by 60” running canvas, and that it can be folded up for easy storage.

If you know someone who’s looking for the best home treadmill workout, why not mention to them that this item is currently on sale for around $2,225. They might enjoy that more than everything else this product can do. 

Let them know, however, that this treadmill will jump up in price to $2,400 at the end of January.

LifeSpan TR1200-Power Treadmill Desk Review

What do you get when you combine LifeSpan fitness’ best-selling walking treadmill with their magnificent standing desk? You get a treadmill desk that can transform office malaise into episodes of elevated productivity.

The LifeSpan TR1200-Power Treadmill Desk can stand at heights between 22” and 50”, features a conveniently small frame, and comes in six different colors.

This item can also track your steps and save your custom workouts. This allows you to stay busy at work without needing to mess with increasing or decreasing the speed. Just find the tempo that stimulates your brain and kiss those additional calories goodbye.

This ingenious product can be yours for around $1,900 as it’s on sale at the time of this LifeSpan Fitness review. Please note that it will increase in price to $2,080 following the event’s conclusion.

LifeSpan TR800-Classic Treadmill Desk Review 

My three favorite words that begin with C are compact, convenient, and clean. The LifeSpan TR800-Classic Treadmill Desk is all three of those, assembled into a product worthy of its own star on the Hollywood boardwalk of fitness.

This treadmill desk has a shortened treadmill, meaning it fits better into tight home office spaces. You can manually adjust the desk’s height between 33” and 52”.

You can’t increase the treadmill’s incline and it only reaches max speeds of 4 mph. Those may seem like negatives, but in our eyes, they designate this product as the prime candidate for those looking to purchase a low-impact walking treadmill desk.

The LifeSpan TR800-Classic Treadmill Desk can be yours for $1,400.

Who Is LifeSpan Fitness For? 

LifeSpan Fitness Review

LifeSpan Fitness is for anyone looking to increase their daily activity without taking time away from the screen. Whether it’s for work or for pleasure, these treadmills are perfect for those looking to combine fitness with productivity.

LifeSpan Fitness Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LifeSpan Fitness Review

The old verbiage that the customer is always right has led to numerous headaches among the foodservice industry. However, it’s a statement that rings true when it comes to shopping. 

Companies will pretty up their products with as many bells and whistles as they have, but the only decoration that matters is the one that reads, “customer-approved.”

That’s why this section of my LifeSpan Fitness review will peer into what real-world people have said about the brand and their products.

This customer exposé will start with the deep pool of fan testimonials found on the LifeSpan Fitness website. While there isn’t a cumulative score available for display, one quick scroll shows that most customers rated LifeSpan products 5/5 stars.

Most of these positive reviews spoke about how LifeSpan treadmills allowed users to remain active without sacrificing time. They didn’t have to book time off of work or give up on plans with friends to exercise. 

In particular, products like the TR1200-DT3 Treadmill Desk were praised for how they helped customers maintain their healthy lifestyles. 

LifeSpan Fitness Review

One 5/5 star review wrote, “My husband also has a treadmill desk here in Texas. We both want our own treadmill desk because on Saturdays we both spend at least half of our Saturday, up until about 1-2 pm, walking at our treadmill desk. It’s part of our lifestyle – and I bet that our lifespan will be better because of our LifeSpan treadmill desks!

Another customer mentioned how their TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk helped them lose over 100 pounds without stressing over time management. They captured LifeSpan’s goals perfectly by writing, “I tell everyone, movement is life. That is why dead people don’t move. If work gets in the way of working out, combine the two. Lifespan Fitness allows you to do that… with ease.

Other reviews touched upon how quiet the machines were and how convenient they were to fit into most living spaces. 

If you think our hunt for the most honest LifeSpan fitness customer reviews ended with their website then have I’ve got a surprise for you. I also studied what people wrote about the company on TrustPilot.

There, over 1,600 customers gave the brand an overall score of 4.3/5 stars. I found that many of the positive reviews highlighted LifeSpan Fitness’ speedy delivery times.

They also commented that in the event of a product delay that LifeSpan fitness could be relied upon to keep customers informed as to the status of their delivery. 

LifeSpan Fitness Review

Here’s a 5/5 star review that includes everything this customer loved about their purchase:

The ordering process was straightforward and I was kept informed of delivery expectations and progress. Once received I found the assembly instructions were quite clear and had no problems. Now that I have started riding the Spin Bike daily I find it very smooth and quiet in its operation. Overall I am very pleased with all aspects of this purchase.

Speaking of assembly, some customers claimed that the assembly instructions were not helpful, or that they struggled to put their treadmills together. In those cases, there was the option of having the deliverymen install the LifeSpan treadmill (for an elevated cost, however).

In fact, this one reviewer found that the LifeSpan team was a pleasure to speak to. They said, “The boys at Lifespan were great to work with. They replied to my emails promptly and were very clear with all that was required to get me back on track. Thanks guys.

This section of my LifeSpan Fitness review will end on a high note – a few high notes, actually. I’ll gloss over the main points that customers loved about the brand:

  • Helped them remain active during the workday
  • Straight forward assembly 
  • Plenty of exercise options are available through the LifeSpan treadmill

Is LifeSpan Fitness Worth It?

LifeSpan Fitness Review

Given how much of our lives we spend strapped to chairs – a lifestyle humans did not evolve to live, by the way – I can’t help but recommend LifeSpan Fitness.

LifeSpan Fitness Promotions & Discounts 

LifeSpan Fitness Review

Luckily for you, finding a Lifespan Fitness discount code doesn’t require searching high or low. All it takes is a few additional seconds at checkout. By entering the code NEWME10 at the payment page of your Lifespan Fitness purchase you’ll save 10% on your purchase.

If that code wasn’t enough for you then you’ll jump with joy at this next bit of news. I discovered that the website has an entire subsection dedicated to discounted items.

Some of these products are bundles, allowing you to save more by purchasing more than one product at a time.

Others are part of the currently ongoing LifeSpan Fitness Holiday Sales event. The event runs until the last day of January and you can save up to 30% on items like the LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill and the LifeSpan TR7000i Commercial Treadmill.

Where to Buy LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness Review

In the quest to pen you the most informative LifeSpan Fitness review on the internet, I came across a few reputable retailers that sell the brand’s goods. They include:

  • LifeSpan Fitness’ website,
  • Online shopping centers like Amazon
  • Brick-and-mortar fitness stores like Fitness Town


LifeSpan Fitness Review

Who owns LifeSpan Fitness?

Dave Peters, a lifelong fitness enthusiast, owns LifeSpan Fitness.

Does LifeSpan Fitness ship internationally?

Seeing as how the brand lists multiple different web addresses for countries on different continents, I can safely assume for the purpose of this LifeSpan Fitness review that they do ship internationally. 

What is LifeSpan Fitness’ Shipping Policy?

This segment will only cover the company’s US shipping policies.

Standard delivery is free and usually takes around 5 to 10 business days. LifeSpan Fitness offers the option for other curbside delivery (useful if you are receiving the item at your workplace) or regular ground delivery.

They also have an upgraded delivery service that includes three different options:

  1. Threshold delivery: $99
  2. Room of choice delivery: $199
  3. White glove delivery: $299

These options are more convenient on the customer’s end as the company will do everything from placing the package inside your living abode to fully installing it, depending on which delivery package you select.

What is LifeSpan Fitness’ Return Policy?

If you need to return any LifeSpan fitness item for any particular reason (I won’t judge what you’re doing with your treadmill) then you must return it within 30 days of delivery. The company will only provide refunds on products returned within that 30-day window.

Please note that the company will not cover any associated shipping fees.

How to Contact LifeSpan Fitness

We’ve reached the end of this LifeSpan Fitness review, but this conclusion may not coincide with the ending of your curiosity. If you wish to learn more about LifeSpan Fitness straight from the horse’s mouth then here are all the ways you can reach out to the company:

  • Fill out a support contact form on their website
  • Fill out a shipping contact form on their website,
  • Chat with one of their customer service representatives through the chat function on their website
  • Email the company at s[email protected]
  • Call them directly at 801-973-9993

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