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London Mint Review

Do you enjoy collecting limitededition gold and/or silver coins? Or would you like to complete that one collection that celebrates something you’re passionate about? If you’re a collector on the hunt for a dealer, then this London Mint review is for you.

The London Mint Office is the UKbased branch of the Samlerhuset Group. It sells coins of various makes and themes to collectors no matter how many years of experience they have or what their budget is.

While not a widely followed brand on social media, it still has a dedicated 2k Instagram followers and 22k Facebook followers. It’s also been featured in a few news outlets, including Business Wire, Fortune, and Daily Record.

But is this brand truly a good source for collectors? That’s what I’ll find out in this London Mint review. Up next, I’ll delve into its history, products, policies, customer feedback, and more.

Overview Of London Mint

London Mint Review

Ole Bjorn Fausa and Reidar Nilsen started out very young in the collecting game. They began collecting coins in the schoolyard, yet their passion continued to grow throughout the years.

This led them to found the Samlerhuset Group, which became a major European distributor of collector coins and medals. 

The London Mint Office (LMO) was founded in 2006 to act as the group’s UK base of operations in London, England.

The LMO itself has since become a leader in the field of collectible coins and banknotes. The company deals in both ancient and modern currencies that cover a wide range of themes and origins

What the LMO can’t acquire through its partnerships with major mints like the Royal Canadian Mint and The East India Company, it gets through auctions, private collectors, and prominent engravers and sculptors. And, with some of these entities, LMO even has exclusive distribution rights.

The brand is also known for being the official numismatic partner of many prominent British organizations, including Waterloo 200 and The Merchant Navy Association.

The LMO’s mission ultimately boils down to:

  1. Help collectors, new and experienced, obtain the coins they want—no matter their budget
  2. Provide a fun experience building collections and increasing knowledge of the collections’ histories
  3. Provide the best customer service possible

Here are a few key takeaways of this London Mint review:


  • A wide variety of commemorative gold and silver coins from different eras are available
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for quality, provenance, and limited mintage of products 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Direct Marketing Association member, offering easy and secure online ordering and payments
  • Customers can pay for and receive collections in monthly installments
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

With so many coins and coin collections available through the brand, it might be hard for some to know where to start. That’s why I’ve written this London Mint review. Moving forward, I’ll go over a few bestsellers to help get you started.

London Mint Coins Review

From World War I commemorations to celebrations of famous musicians, there’s something for everyone here. 

For this London Mint review, I’ll be looking at:

  • Diana 60 The English Rose 1/10th ox Gold Coin
  • The First Iconic One Pound Gold Banknote
  • The Remembrance 2021 Commemorative Crown
  • Celebrate The Extraordinary Life of ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Elvis Presley silver coin

London Mint Diana 60 The English Rose 1/10th oz Gold Coin Review

London Mint Diana 60 The English Rose 1/10th oz Gold Coin Review
London Mint Diana 60 The English Rose 1/10th oz Gold Coin

Diana, Princess of Wales, or the ‘Peoples’ Princess,’ was an extraordinary woman who spent her life helping others.

From being a kindergarten teacher to supporting young British fashion designers, leading or being a patron to no less than 100 charities and hospitals, to advocating for a ban on landmines, she was a royal who cared.

Now you can celebrate the ‘Peoples’ Princess with this 24-carat gold Diana 60 The English Rose 1/10th ox Gold Coin issued by Gibraltar.

Weighing 3.11g and having a diameter of 17.95mm, this Fairmined rose gold-layered coin comes showing the Gibraltar coat of arms on one face, with a stunning visage of Diana on the other.

One of these 9,999 coins would be quite the addition to your collection, so long as you’re willing to pay £495 (approx $607 USD).

London Mint The First Iconic One Pound Gold Banknote Review

London Mint The First Iconic One Pound Gold Banknote Review
London Mint The First Iconic One Pound Gold Banknote

Whether you want to celebrate Britain’s tradition of putting iconic figures on banknotes, you enjoy the revolutionary history behind the £1 banknote, or you just like Sir Isaac Newton and all his contributions to physics, The First Iconic One Pound Gold Banknote is for you.

Made from 24 karat gold in 101mm x 50mm dimensions, this limited edition banknote was issued in 2019 to honor the first in Britain’s initial pictorial banknote series. It’s perfect for fans of history-making currencies—assuming you can snag one of the 29,999 out there.

If you’re looking to get one, it costs £40 plus £3 P&P (approx $53 USD).

London Mint The Remembrance 2021 Commemorative Crown Review

London Mint The Remembrance 2021 Commemorative Crown Review
London Mint The Remembrance 2021 Commemorative Crown

In the aftermath of World War I, directly on the battlefields, countless poppy flowers sprouted. As a result, in 1921, the poppy was appointed as a symbol of hope and peace and has since been used to honor the sacrifices of soldiers. 

The Remembrance 2021 Commemorative Crown issued by Gibraltar is the centennial celebration of both the poppy and what it stands for.

Made of cupronickel with an outer layer of 24-carat Fairmined gold, this is a beautiful proof-quality coin with a 38.6mm diameter. It weighs 28.28g.

You’ll find a profile of Queen Elizabeth on one side and on the other a poppy and soldier silhouettes accented in red and gold, respectively, along with a line from the famous poem by John McCrae.

The coin has a limited run of 49,999, and you can get one for £40 (approx $49 USD).

London Mint Celebrate The Extraordinary Life of ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Elvis Presley Review

London Mint Celebrate The Extraordinary Life of 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' Elvis Presley Review
London Mint Celebrate The Extraordinary Life of ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Elvis Presley

“Jailhouse Rock,” “A Little Less Conversation,”  “Burning Love,” and so many other hits we enjoy today are all thanks to The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Whether you like him for his music, his showmanship, or his iconic guitars, all of these are honored within the design of the Elvis Presley ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Silver Plectrum Coin.

This proof quality coin is made of solid silver with 24-carat gold accents. It’s also shaped like a guitar pick at 26mm x 31mm.

Along with that nod to Elvis’ guitars is a sculpting of the musician’s hand with a microphone along with his signature on one side. And, on the other side, is the Gibraltar coat of arms.

This 1-crown coin will cost £175 (approx $215 USD) to buy. Unfortunately, these coins are currently sold out. However, you can choose to be notified when they become available again.

Who Is London Mint For? 

London Mint Review

With the variety of historical and cultural themes seen in the commemorative currencies, these coins are perfect for private collectors or devoted fans of subjects in those fields.

Museum and commemorative sites curators may also like displaying such memorabilia to honor their subjects.

London Mint Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

London Mint Review

While there is a sizable amount of positive feedback on Trustpilot, I discovered in this London Mint review that some customers hold mixed opinions about the brand overall.

On Trustpilot, the brand has a 3.5/5 stars rating based on 1,387 reviews. After browsing the customer feedback, I found several happy customers that were satisfied with their purchases

One of them wrote, “I have received several coins from the London Mint Office (purchased and free). Every single one of them are perfect in their own right for being exceptionally detailed and for the history they hold.

On, several individuals praised the company for its commendable customer service.

Here, the brand has a 3.7/5 stars rating based on 368 reviews. For instance, one person wrote, “I frequently liaise with Jennifer who is exceptionally helpful and always does her utmost to help with my selection or purchase.

Deliveries also appear to be prompt, as the one reviewer on BritainReviews mentioned.

After leaving a 9/10 rating they wrote, “I ordered a set of jewelry and within 24 hours they were delivered to me. It was exactly what I wanted.

With all of that in mind, it’s safe to say that like many of the prominent figures displayed on their coins, this brand has won the hearts of the people.

Is London Mint Legit?

London Mint Review

Yes, this company is legit. However, some customers have complained about price points of products not matching prices for the metals they’re made from, while others have questioned the ‘limited edition’ status of some coins.  

As part of this London Mint review, I’d like to remind readers of one thing: these are collector/commemorative coins whose value is intrinsic and not based on the monetary price of the metals.

And, since the brand does buy some coins from private collectors and at auctions, it may have to adjust its prices, setting them higher, based on what it bought those coins for.

While this may be a legitimate business, I recommend that customers be diligent in gathering information about exactly what they’re buying and how they’ll pay for it before deciding to purchase an item. And, if need be, you can directly contact the brand before placing an order to confirm details.

Is London Mint Worth It?

London Mint Review

The verdict in this London Mint review is that this company is worth it—assuming that you’re aware of what you’re paying for and how.

The London Mint Office has a wide variety of commemorative currencies celebrating all sorts of historical and cultural figures and interests.

And prices—while inconsistent at times—are reasonable. Plus, their customer service team has proven to be helpful when addressing issues, providing background info on coins, and helping you grow your collection.

London Mint Promotions & Discounts 

London Mint Review

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this London Mint review, I could find no promotions or discounts available.

Where To Buy London Mint

London Mint Review

You can purchase these special items from the brand via their website or their Facebook store.


London Mint Review

Who owns London Mint?

The London Mint Office is owned by Samlerhuset AS Group, one of the EU’s biggest distributors of commemorative coins and medals.

Does London Mint ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this brand currently does not ship outside the UK.

What is London Mint’s shipping policy?

For those able to purchase from the brand, you can order either via the website or over the phone. Shipping costs will vary, but typically the fee is around £3 (approx $4 USD).

Once shipped, you can check the status of your order via your LMO account. Your package is estimated to arrive within 28 days.

Depending on the value of your order, some deliveries will require a signature. If that’s the case, you’ll be left rescheduling details if you miss the delivery.

What is London Mint’s return policy?

While researching for this London Mint review, I found the brand has a 14day return policy.

You must initiate the return by calling their customer service team, after which you’ll receive a return label by post or email.

Orders must be returned in their entirety and in the same condition they arrived in. The brand also asks customers to obtain proof of postage in the event the returned order is lost.

Once the return has been processed and inspected, a confirmation email will be sent before a full refund is issued.

If you need to return your order because it arrived damaged, you should also call the customer service team. They’ll send you a return label and later a replacement for the order.

How to contact London Mint

If you have any further questions after reading this London Mint review, you can contact the brand through the following channels:

The company’s customer service department is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am- 5:30 pm (GMT).

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