Libbey Glassware Review

About Libbey Glassware

Libbey Glassware Review

Focused on blending durability and functionality with beauty, Libbey offers a variety of carefully designed glasses. Options include everything from barware to stemware for fancier events, as well as themed and seasonal styles.

This glassware company has been around since 1818, so it’s no surprise that it has gained

19.2k Instagram followers and 463.6k likes on Facebook featuring all sorts of fun drinks and mixed cocktails, all of which look even better in the stunning glassware they are contained in. 

Ready to find out more about the collection this brand has to offer? Take a glance at our Libbey Glassware review. We’ll be your guide through the company’s history, some of the top-selling drinkware it has to offer, highlights from customer testimonials, answers to important FAQs, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Libbey Glassware

Libbey Glassware Review

The market is flooded with glassware, but there is rarely a happy medium between luxurious styles and affordable prices. With that being said, Libbey was founded in 1818 by William Libbey himself, on a mission to create just that. 

Originally named the New England Glass Company, the brand was first established in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, though William’s son, Edward Drummond Libbey, moved the company to Toledo, Ohio, in 1888 and renamed it the Libbey Glass Company.

After that, Ohio was deemed the “Glass City,” producing some of the highest quality, carefully crafted stemware, barware, drinkware, and more. The brand has since continued to innovate, developing the first computer controlled blowing machine for stemware, as well as acquiring World Tableware to expand its dinnerware collection.

Now that we’ve got the brand’s history under wraps, this Libbey Glassware review will cover some of the top highlights to keep in mind.


  • Wide variety of drinkware, barware, serverware, and bakeware
  • Unique silhouettes and styles
  • Curated collection of themed glassware
  • Blog with cocktail recipes 
  • Drinkware for every occasion 
  • Seasonal designs
  • Made in high quality manufacturing plants across the US, Mexico, China, Portugal, and the Netherlands
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
Libbey Glassware Review

No matter what kind of glassware you’re looking for, you’ll find them at Libbey. The selection includes durable classics, as well as geometric shapes, colorful touches, and unique details. The brand makes it easy to shop, too, since you can filter through types of glassware, sets, capacity, and more.

While we can’t cover the broad selection of all different glassware, serveware, and bakeware in our Libbey Glassware review, we’ll do our best to share the deets on some of our top picks. 

Libbey Wine Glasses Review

What goes best with cheese? A good bottle of wine. And whether you’re a lover of Pinot Grigio or Cabernet Sauvignon, a quality set of wine glasses is a must-have. Fortunately, Libbey wine glasses fit the bill, and we’ve rounded up some of their most popular styles.

Libbey Glassware Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses 16-Ounce Set Of 4 Review

Sleek and simple, the Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses 16-Ounce Set Of 4 belongs in every kitchen. Made from state-of-the-art Libbey ClearFire glass composition, these stunning glasses have a thinner, yet ultra-durable wall that feels lightweight and clear.

The wide foot adds stability, ideal for busy homes and anyone a few glasses of wine deep. The classic shape is versatile and simple, ideal for any type of wine, sangria, or cocktail. And they can be easily used for every occasion, from everyday use to weddings and celebrations. 

Made BPA-free and lead-free in the USA from durable and dishwasher safe glass, the Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses 16-Ounce Set Of 4 retails for $45.

Libbey Glassware Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glass 17.75-Ounce Set Of 8 Review

For a more modern and textured take on a wine glass, opt for the Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glass 17.75-Ounce Set of 8. The hammered effect on the bottom of these glasses creates dimension, and which refract gently onto the surface they are placed upon, adding a delicate and mesmerizing touch.

The tapered shape and wide base make these glasses ideal for any beverage, whether you’re interested in a stemless wine glass or a juice cup. Plus, the hammered effect is more than eye-catching–it also adds a grippable texture to the durable glass.

Ideal for adding an elegant and unique touch to your glassware collection, the Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glass 17.75-Ounce Set of 8 retail for $45.

Libbey Beer Glasses Review

More often than not, regular highball or lowball glasses aren’t exactly the right size for a beer. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your fav craft brew at home. Luckily, Libbey beer glasses have a functional design and classic look that you’ll love to keep in your cupboards.

Libbey Glassware Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses Set Of 6 Review

If you’re looking to add an eclectic touch to your barware collection, opt for the Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses Set of 6. Featuring 6 of the most common beer glass designs, this set is ideal for parties and hosting since you’ll never mix up whose drink is whose again.

The collection includes a pilsner glass, an English pub glass, a Belgian ale glass, a porter/stout glass, a wheat glass, and a craft pub glass. So whether you’re sippin’ different brews or looking to add a fun touch to your collection of drinkware, you’ll be all set.

For a variety of different options every time you have a drink, the Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses Set of 6 retails for $35.

Libbey Glassware Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs 16-Ounce Set Of 4 Review

Reminiscent of Oktoberfest, the Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs 16-Ounce Set of 4 feature the classic German style, with a thick and durable design. Toss them in the freezer for a few minutes and the chilled glass will keep your drink cold until it’s finished.

Plus, the wide shape will enhance the flavor and experience of full-bodied beers, ideal for birthdays, bachelor parties, and more. On top of that, the comfortable handle and thick glass are ultra durable and will hold up over the test of time.

Great as a gift, the Heidelberg Glass Beer Mugs 16-Ounce Set of 4 retails for $30.

Libbey Drinking Glasses Review

A versatile drinking glass belongs in every kitchen cupboard, whether you’re enjoying an early AM mimosa or a homemade espresso martini. Below, we’ll cover some of the top selling Libbey drinking glasses, from champagne coupes to martini drinkware.

Libbey Glassware Z-Stem Martini Glasses 9-Ounce Set Of 4 Review

Designed to add a little fun to every cocktail, the Z-Stem Martini Glasses 9-Ounce Set of 4 puts a little twist on your classic martini glass. Literally. This style features the traditional wide brim and narrow base, but the stem has a zig-zag detail.

The curl in the stem is ideal for pairing with fruity drinks and garnishing with a classic orange twist, but the style will look great paired with any cocktail. It’s a great talking point and photo-ready detail for every party, celebration, and gathering.

The Z-Stem Martini Glasses 9-Ounce Set of 4 is sure to add a twist to your evening, retailing for $25.

Libbey Glassware Capone Speakeasy Coupe Cocktail Glasses 8.6-Ounce Set Of 4 Review

If you haven’t heard, champagne flutes are out and coupes are in. While a flute is still a classic style, a coupe can be used for so many more cocktails. And if you’re on the hunt for a quality option, try the Capone Speakeasy Coupe Cocktail Glasses 8.6-Ounce Set of 4.

With a rounded shape and diamond-cut stem, this style feels classy and elegant, adding a little decorum to any event. Whether you want to mix a few cocktails or even pop a real diamond in the glass, this style is sure to make the evening sparkle.

Adding a sophisticated touch to the presentation of any drink, the Capone Speakeasy Coupe Cocktail Glasses 8.6-Ounce Set of 4 retails for $30.

Who Is Libbey Glassware For? 

Libbey Glassware Review

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends and family, throwing a themed party in preparation for summer days and nights, or simply need new timeless glassware in your collection, Libbey is a one-stop shop for it all. 

There’s a broad variety of styles, from classic and sleek silhouettes to themed party options and funky glassware designs. Plus, there is drinkware for all occasions, from barware to everyday to fine dining.

Libbey Glassware Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Libbey Glassware Review

It’s hard to find any faults when perusing through Libbey’s classic and durable collection of drinkware. Of course, this also applies to the brand’s serveware and bakeware. 

But before you decide on which glass(es) you’re going to buy, we suggest you take a look at the rest of this Libbey Glassware review. Below, we’ll cover some highlights from customer testimonials to help you make a more educated shopping decision. 

To start, we’ll feature the ratings posted on the brand’s official website:

  • Signature Kentfield Estate All-Purpose Wine Glasses, 16-Ounce, Set Of 4: 4.8/5 stars out of 17 reviews
  • Craft Brews Assorted Beer Glasses, Set Of 6: 4.8/5 stars out of 34 reviews
  •  Z-Stem Martini Glasses, 9-Ounce, Set Of 4: 5/5 stars out of 10 reviews

One reviewer recommends the martini glasses they bought because of the unique design and high quality finish: 

The stem instead of being perfectly straight has a twisted stem giving these martini glasses a unique look that is sure to impress. The quality of these glasses are impressive, they are built strong and are dishwasher safe.”

Another patron shares that the style of their beer glasses make the experience all that much better, writing, “The novelty is cool, but it also really works. The head is better, the carbonation is better, and the aroma is better. It even makes cheap beer taste better!”

On Amazon, the brand earns an impressive 4.6/5 stars out of 6,275 reviews. One customer has nothing but good things to say about the functional and thoughtful design:

The glass feels great in your hand, looks good on the table, and is very comfortable to drink from. We wanted a glass with a wide mouth and narrow base so it would be easy to clean, but we did not want to outfit our cupboard with glassware that looks like it was made for swilling beer.”

Another reviewer shares that the durability is top notch, stating that they “found they held up well despite daily abuse. A couple of times the glasses were knocked over on a tile counter or tapped hard while moving them from the dishwasher without breaking. There’s no question that our other glasses would have shattered but these did not.”

Libbey is similarly rated on Wayfair, with 4.8/5 stars out of 1,016 reviews. One shopper states that the design is practical and beautiful, writing, “Love the Smokey color. It’s great that the bottoms are heavy so the glasses don’t tip over. Have them in our glass display kitchen cabinet.”

Another patron notes the affordable price and quality design, stating, “They’re extremely well priced for the quality and price. They look unique but casual, perfect everyday drinking glasses.

Overall, Libbey is highly rated for being a standout glassware company. We’re happy to share that shoppers have nothing but good things to say, noting the durability, functionality, and beautiful, thoughtful design that goes into every piece.

Is Libbey Glassware Legit?

Libbey Glassware Review

When you’re shopping for high quality glassware at an affordable price, it’s important to consider whether or not the brand is legit. Fortunately, this Libbey Glassware review deems this brand the real deal.

It is backed by over 200 years of experience, as well as a steady customer following and hundreds of glowing reviews. Plus, it is sold through many established retailers such as Walmart and Target. 

Is Libbey Glassware Worth It?

Libbey Glassware Review

Before we conclude this Libbey Glassware review, it only makes sense to consider some of the key details. First up, the company offers a wide number of different styles, silhouettes, themes, and shapes to suit any need. Plus, the prices are hard to beat.

But affordable pricing and a broad selection aren’t the only things that make Libbey glasses worth the buy. The company also has new drops on the regular, so you’ll be able to find some timeless pieces as well as shapes and styles that are in tune with every celebration and event. 

Libbey Glassware Promotions & Discounts 

Libbey Glassware Review

Looking to save on a few of the pieces in our Libbey Glassware review? Fortunately, we searched the brand’s website to find you the best deals and opportunities to save:

  • Shop the sale section for up to 50% off
  • Sign up for emails and gain access to special offers, giveaways, and more
  • Receive free shipping on orders over $50

Where to Buy Libbey Glassware

Libbey Glassware Review

Interested in shopping for a few of the pieces from our Libbey Glassware review? Fortunately, the brand is widely available. Here’s a few places you can visit:


Libbey Glassware Review

Who owns Libbey Glassware?

Our Libbey Glassware review found that this brand is a little more unique than other options on the market: in 1935, it was acquired by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, but in 1993 it became an independent company. That being said, CEO Michael P Bauer is currently at the helm.

Is Libbey Glassware made in the USA?

After doing a little digging online, this Libbey Glassware review found that the brand runs manufacturing plants in the US, Mexico, China, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

Does Libbey Glassware ship internationally?

At the time of this Libbey Glassware review, the brand ships within the US only. That being said, it is widely available at many stores that do ship internationally. 

What is Libbey Glassware’s Shipping Policy?

If something in our Libbey Glassware review caught your eye, you’ll be happy to hear that the brand offers free FedEx ground delivery on all orders over $50 within the continental US. Orders usually arrive within 3-5 business days and customers will receive tracking info once the order has shipped.

What is Libbey Glassware’s Return Policy?

If your Libbey drinking glasses aren’t the right fit, the brand offers two options:

  1. Cancel or modify an order: contact the brand within 1 hour sharing details as to why the order is being canceled or modified. After the first hour, no changes can be made to the order. 
  2. Return/refund: orders can be returned for a refund within 30 days. The brand asks that customers contact them if there are any problems to resolve them as soon as possible. 

How to Contact Libbey Glassware

We hope you enjoyed our Libbey Glassware review! If you have any further questions about the brand and its products, you can contact them using the email form or by calling 419-325-2100.

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