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Jayson Home Review

Have you ever wanted to redecorate, but the idea of all those stores, styles, and shops all start to blend together? Or maybe you just worry that by buying online, you won’t really know what you’re getting, especially if you’re trying to coordinate one store with another.

What if you could get insight and assistance with not only matching your current space to your purchases, but buy everything in one place at a reasonable price? Would you be less overwhelmed? In that case, you may want to give this Jayson Home review some consideration.

With a unique approach that blends modern décor with vintage designs, and units to suit any space, inside or out, Jayson gives customers everything all in one place plus advice to go along with it, if that’s what you need!

Jayson Home reviews and customer service feedback says the experience with this interior design company is above average — not to mention their features in Elle Decor, Real Simple, and Goop.

With 57.2k followers on Instagram and a portfolio like no other, this home décor brand will be your one and only store on the list, if a one-stop-shop appeals to you.

But is it too good to be true? A mecca of gorgeous and diverse interior design techniques, textiles, and services, all available at a low price? Let’s take a deep dive into this rare company and see if they stand up to everything they’ve promised, starting with a quick look at their history.

Overview of Jayson Home

Jayson Home Review

Jayson Home is a Chicago, Illinois-based furniture and interior design company that launched back in 1997, and their flagship location there still stands today.

Owned by Jay Goltz, the company has blossomed into a unique service that offers customers modern and vintage options, along with an endless portfolio of inventory, including lighting, rugs, and paintings.

By giving customers plenty to choose from while keeping the prices low, Jayson Home reviews and consumer loyalty has soared, along with their popularity.

Giving advice and great service is only the beginning of Jayon’s offerings, as you’ll see from this list of highlights:


  • Wide variety of new and vintage home décor
  • In business for over 25 years
  • Great sales page
  • Swatches available
  • Payment plans available
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Lots of great Jayson Home reviews
  • Gift wrapping options
Jayson Home Review

We understand that shopping around for the perfect accents in any space can be overwhelming.

Not only are there too many stores to choose from, but buying from a handful of respective retailers can be frustrating and difficult to coordinate, in terms of purchases and design techniques. But Jayson Home eliminates those worries by creating an all-in-one experience.

To give you a better idea of what their shopping experience looks like, this Jayson Home review has simplified it below so you can decide whether their unique customer service and portfolio feels right to you. 

Jayson Home Review

Jayson Home Review

We want to explain to you what Jayson Home truly offers customers, at the core of their mission, but the truth is, they do so many different things, it’s hard to sum it all up into one idea.

The company is based on a design-oriented platform, we can tell you this for certain. With the intention of helping customers rejuvenate their space using modern or vintage accents, Jayson Home and garden inventory allows its clientele to decide what, where, and how much.

In most traditional shopping settings and experiences, decorators must choose a single retail outlet to ensure synchronicity in a single space.

But when you choose Jayson Home, this will never be the case. Rather than making customers bounce between one store to the next, Jayson Home offers it all in one place, and with plenty of options at that.

Since Jayson Home has such a vast and unique selection of options, their online store can be your one-stop-shop for, well, everything home décor. Due to their prestigious and affordable portfolio of what seems like infinite design selections, including lighting, rugs, furniture, and other soft textiles, it’s hard to imagine why you might shop elsewhere.

For example, the inventory for Jayson Home pillows includes throws of all kinds, including geometric, paisley, and modern designs. The furniture and home textile company also offers vases, mirrors, and wall décor accessories that will surely grab attention and excitement from any of their shoppers. With new and vintage options, it will be easy to decorate any space.

This online mecca doesn’t stop at textiles either — they’ve got a mass of furnishings and interior units, including Jayson Home coffee tables, beds, tables, desks, and other assorted furniture. Not only that, but they have a home and garden center, where plants and outdoor finishings can be found in mass supply. When we say Jayson Home has it all, we really mean it.

One of this company’s most unique approaches is their combination of vintage pieces with more modern furnishings. This allows for authenticity and inventory that suits any style. Whether you visit their Chicago store or shop online, you’ll find a surprising and refreshing portfolio of interior design accents, core furnishings, and one-of-a-kind units you won’t find anywhere else.

So, if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one shop that carries stylish, modern, and affordable designs, you may have found your ultimate destination for everything you need in terms of interior design.

How Does Jayson Home Work?

Jayson Home Review

Jayson Home has a fairly standard operational process: you just go to their website and get shopping, like any other online retail routine. However, their service is not limited to your average in-store or online experience. They go about their customer service in a dedicated and serious way by opening up an option for their consumers to get in touch.

They’ve opened the door to their customers to not only call them to complain, but to consult them. If you aren’t sure about a couch, they’ll send you swatches to coordinate the best options for style and color. If you aren’t certain about a theme, you can send them photos of your space and the designers can help coordinate a color or scheme.

Not only does Jayson Home offer consultations to their customers over the phone, they also encourage consumers to stop by their Chicago location. Yep, they want to see you, understand your style, and help you choose. That’s what makes them so different.

An additional layer to Jayson’s offerings is their combination of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, as well as their collection of new and modern furniture and textiles.

They’re a company that understands the importance of uniqueness, and aims to cater to every person’s taste by creating a diverse portfolio of new and antique inventory.

Who Is Jayson Home For? 

Jayson Home Review

Jayson Home is for people who love vintage accents and unique units. Jayson is also for people who want to be able to buy plants, rugs, and paintings at one store. Oh, they’re also for shoppers who are big into fresh, modern finds at low prices. Did we mention that folks who like lighting, soft textiles, and other accents might also love Jayson?

In all seriousness, Jayson Home has targeted their marketing to just about anyone by keeping their costs low and their inventory impressively high. With a goal to have something for everyone, this interior design company wants to be able to offer their services and décor to the masses, so everyone can enjoy fresh and unique taste in their spaces.

With plenty of attention being directed at their prompt and helpful customer service in most of their Jayson Home reviews (most of the other feedback is targeted at their massive selection) this home furnishing company is undeniably accessible thanks to their online stores and prompt delivery, and their entry level prices, because who doesn’t like a bargain?

Jayson Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Jayson Home Review

As you can probably tell, we can go on about how great Jayson Home appears to be, especially considering their program, products, and highlights. And, well, their customer service is pretty great too, which is likely why they have so many great Jayson Home reviews, as you’ll soon see.

The most important part of this detailed research on the popular home furnishing company is to not just get an idea of what the brand thinks of itself, but of what customers are saying about the brand.

That’s why we tracked down some of the most recent and influential Jayson Home reviews — we wanted to see what this brand was really made of.

Sure, any company can brag about itself, but the most honest feedback will always be found with their fans and others who aren’t fond of them. If you’re truly interested in what this brand is made of, and find out if they’re right for you, here’s a catalog of reviews that sums up what a buying experience with them is really like.

On Facebook, Jayson Home has secured some great reviews, and we mean great. With an overall rating of 4.6/5 stars on average out of 15 total reviews, this furniture company has plenty of 5-star ratings to choose from, including these top-starred raves:

“Unique items, amazing customer service and items always shipped with great care.”

And this:

“The employees here are ALWAYS a pleasure! My partner and I purchased a plant for the new year and it was the sweetest experience.”

Next up on our review platforms to recognize is the website Houzz, where one can find some seriously helpful insight on most home furnishing help, including their opinion on Jayson Home, where they’ve got 6 reviews from recent customers and an average of 4.3/5 stars, including this 5 star feedback:

Jayson Home is such a fantastic resource! They have the best profiles for upholstered pieces. I have used them on a number of occasions when clients needed pieces quickly. They stock quite a bit – which is rare with other vendors! They have consistent quality, and always have beautiful looks! On top of upholstery, they have a fantastic selection of accessories.”

“In October, I was thrilled to be able to visit them in person (I am a designer in California), and their showroom does not disappoint! So many beautiful things to see! Their staff is so gracious, friendly, and helpful – arranging quick shipping for furniture, and tracking down answers. It was worth the trip to visit, for sure! I hope to be back soon!”

Last on the list for Jayson Home reviews was Yelp, which always has a plethora of awesome and informative details regarding any well-known business. On Yelp, we discovered that this furniture and finishings company had collected 88 reviews, with an average rating of 4/5 stars. That includes this 5 star feedback from an excited buyer:

“After purchasing a new home, I didn’t know where to begin. Allie at Jayson Home was an incredible partner. We first chatted on the phone and over emails, exchanging room dimensions, design inspiration, and budgets. Two weeks later we went to Jayson Home where she showed us two beautiful design options and all the fabrics and furniture pieces.”

The final verdict?

“We are SO happy with the end result and Allie made it simple.”

While we are no stranger to bad or negative reviews, and Jayson Home is no exception, we were pleased to find out how few ratings hung this company out to dry. Most of the brand’s overall reviews were positive, complimenting their unique offerings, customer service, and wide variety of styles that can suit any space.

Even in their worst reviews (of which there are so few), we can’t help but recognize how swiftly and expertly Jayson Home has helped interior designers, both professional and personal, and how they’ve offered up their services to ensure that every client is happy, no matter the project.

Is Jayson Home Legit?

Jayson Home Review

With a flagship store in Chicago, Illinois, Jayson Home started their brand with an idea to accommodate endless styles and designs to appeal to most audiences.

Since then, they’ve grown and moved against the competition (of which there is plenty) to stand out and get noticed by some big names, no less. And they’ve done a great job.

Not only have they grown into a successful online market in addition to their in-store offerings, they’ve achieved notoriety through their unique practice of retailing new and vintage pieces.

With so many fantastic reviews and plenty of positive feedback regarding customer service, this Jayson Home review couldn’t find any glaring red flags.

Is Jayson Home Worth It?

Jayson Home Review

If you love to walk into a store where the approach to interior design is minimalism, offering edgy and sparse units, and an intimate collection that comes in one color and size, for an extraordinarily high price, then you won’t like Jayson Home — they won’t be for you. This is because Jayson offers, well, everything else but that.

By hosting an inventory that’s colorful, endless, and affordable, Jayson Home makes the effort to please any customer that loves beautiful home furnishings at a low price. If you love vintage, then Jayson is for you.

If you’re big on modern, find it at Jayson. If you want plants and soft textiles, Jayson Home has an array of styles, and bright, bold colors to suit your space.

What we’re saying is, Jayson Home makes their shopping experience worthwhile and unique by choosing not to target their inventory to one single audience, like some interior design stores. Rather, they’ve opened up their minds and lowered their prices to suit the masses, which is likely why they have so many positive Jayson Home reviews.

Jayson Home Promotions & Discounts 

Jayson Home Review

With so much inventory available at all times, it only makes sense that Jayson Home would have a fantastic clearance page on their website, where you can find a serious portfolio of desirable merchandise at a reduced rate. 

At this time, Jayson Home coupons and discounts aren’t readily available, but if you choose to sign up for their newsletter, you’ll stay up-to-date with any promotions the company frequently hosts.

Where to Buy Jayson Home

Jayson Home Review

Jayson Home operates under its own umbrella brand, Goltz Group, which means that they are the overarching retailer of their furnishings. For this reason, you can only find their units and interior decorations online, or at their original Chicago location.


Jayson Home Review

Who owns Jayson Home?

Launched in 1997, Jayson Home is located in Chicago, Illinois, and owned by Jay Goltz. 

What is Jayson Home’s Return Policy?

The Jayson Home return policy is simple: if you don’t like what you’ve got from them, contact their return-specific customer service at [email protected]. In most situations, Jayson Home is willing to either exchange or assist you in returning your unwanted items.

If the return is of a non-furniture nature, you have 30 days from the delivery date to initiate your return by using the same contact method as above.

On the other hand, if you’re returning furniture, you have a 14 day window from the delivery date to send your item back. It’s important to note that you’ll have any return shipping charges taken from your refund total. 

What are Jayson Home’s accepted forms of payment for online purchases?

Jayson home accepts most forms of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, and assorted payment programs such as Affirm and ShopPay.

How to Contact Jayson Home

There are a few ways to get in touch with Jayson Home, and we’ve listed the most effective ones below:

You can also visit Jayson Home in-store from Monday-Friday, 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, or Sunday 11 am – 5 pm EST.

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